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    So we have reached the "minimum" of what we need to put out an update. I want to make sure all understand the nature of this update. It is NOT a major fix of FMS stuff. This update has significance to us as developers, which will lead to significance for customers. From our perspective, its validation of our current toolchain, i.e. we can output code and flight model / 3D changes quickly with modern tools...being that the entire product has been generated from this new toolchain. From the customer perspective, it is mostly compatibility changes to the flight model given the changes in X-Plane 11.5....with a few visual enhancements added-in as able and tweaks to the coroute loaders, scrollwheel support, etc. Those visual enhancements, as of this post are simply some "sharpenings" of the engine 3D/animation and a tweak here or there to some textures. Between now and the update though (occuring soon after 11.50 goes final)....we will try and squeeze in fixes and enhancements as able. I am currently working on the front galley and main door animation...I'd really like to get that squeezed in to the next update if possible. If not, then it will be soon thereafter. We are also perusing some forum posts to see what else we can address in the estimated time-frame before release. I have also begun refactoring my VNAV code...in anticipation of addressing that (and holds) asap after the release. So to recap, the priorities after this update will be FMOD sounds, VNAV and holds. I am optimistic that being back full time on this, we can address the FMS deficiencies in a timely manner and get out some much needed improvements. Again, I am supremely grateful for our patient supporters and we will continue to work on making the IXEG the most immersive airliner simulation available.. -tkyler
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    So this is a heads up that it might go quiet for a few weeks. Not because we're not working on it, we definitely are, but the conversion of sounds to FMOD is going to be a very intense task. We wrote our own sound engine before X-Plane adopted FMOD....and our system is quite versatile and very quick to add sounds in code, but its also based on OpenAL, which is going away in XPlane 12 IIRC. Now we could probably distribute an openAL DLL as a solution; however, that is probably asking for more trouble trying to play alongside X-Plane's FMOD sandbox....so we might as well tough-it-up and make the change. We have over 1400 lines of code that control various sounds in the sim...and we have to go through each of these situations, audit the behaviors and then port that behavior to FMOD...probably having to write new code just to drive the FMOD inputs. In the same way we ported the 3D, we will chip away each day on this task until its done and report back as we progress. -tkyler
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    Hi everyone, starting today I will aim to make a video every week for your viewing pleasure...talking about IXEG development, flying our aircraft, showing you procedures, techniques and various other stuff. Stay tuned to this channel!
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    Hi all. This COVID thing has affected my employment and sent me in a different direction.....full time back on X-Plane! (note...I work on more than just the 737 though) We are working on the update every day as of late; however, we are still going to wait for some 11.50 stability before we release. In the meantime, we're cleaning up things we feel we can without putting the plane in the hangar with the major renovations like the FMS/holds/VNAV. We are back in the FMS code somewhat though and have made the coroutes loading more robust. We will be including that folder in our update so as to not cause confusion, but we also now support about 6 flight plan formats, X-Plane 10/11 (*.fms), PMDG and Quality Wings (*.rte), X-FMC (*.fpl), FSX (*.pln) and AirbusX (*.flp). Like the real FMS, if a waypoint can't be located because of database incompatibilities with the flight plan, then the FMS loads what it can until encountering such a point and then provides the message, "PARTIAL ROUTE LOADED". I was testing this code with random format downloads from Flight plan database...and nearly all of those flight plans contain out of date data, so getting the FMS to load a full route was a challenge. I had to go in and hand edit the flight plan files to 'up-to-date' data. Once done though, they can be saved through the FMS as before. These coroute. loaders do not load SIDs/STARS, only the enroute portions, which is typical. As time goes on, I'll continue to work on improving the route editing, which will have applicability for the holds and eventual "in air" vnav entries. More to follow as we get closer to our release point. -tkyler
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    So we finally have something visual to show for the next update. With our 3D toolchain in place, we are able to make 3D updates reasonably quick... thoughit still takes time to add in the detail. This is a screenshot showing a typical mesh refinment before/after. Whereas when we started the 737 10 years ago, we had to be conscious of our polygon count, its not as bad as it was and X-Plane and modern hardware can suppport more detail. So as we move forward with our updates, we will be making these kinds of refinements around the airplane...moreso out of the cockpit than in, because the cockpit was done pretty darn well the first time IMO. We'll show more sneak peeks as we have stuff to show. -tkyler
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    So the following screenshot tells two stories. 1). We have almost completed the conversion of all 3D assets to to the new Toolchain. Two assets remain and I'll probably knock that out over the weekend. The second story....is that with the upgrading of our assets, we finally have a workflow between 3D and Substance Painter® for texturing....in this screenshot the glare shield has a bit of a texture to it, nothing major, but adds to the immersion that's so important to us. We'll be able to start sharpening up several 3D elements that are a bit low-res by todays standards. The roadmap after this 3D conversion is to then convert the sounds to FMOD, upgrade the 3D a bit, including a revised cabin and working doors and make any adjustments required by the X-Plane flight model itself for stability and we'll probably put out an update then. Then I'll move back to the FMS to finish up my integration of the XP1100 data format and get the holds integrated, the VNAV cleaned up and several other FMS polish work. -tkyler
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    another update, for those who may not have seen discussions in other threads. As much as I've spoken about FMS work...that was mostly because all the other aspects of our project, the 3D, the sounds, etc....were bound up in deprecated technology and tools, making it VERY difficult to update things....whereas the FMS was just code work. This was not really a lack of foresight on our part regarding the 3D tools, but rather being so far ahead of the game way back when we started, we came up with our own solutions.....that were not quite compatible with the way X-Plane moved with regards to developer tools. WELL.....thanks to Ted Greene of Laminar.....he has coded up a "converter" between the old toolchain we used and the 'toolchain of today'. Only in the last week did we work out some critical bugs that allowed us to begin converting all our assets into the modern workflow supported by Laminar. We are currently in the process of converting all our work to this new toolchain and have converted some of the most complex aspects of it already...so we do not anticpate much resistance converting the rest of the work. This converter by Laminar is a huge lifeline of sorts and will allow us to again respond quickly to bugs and manage updates once we establish a new baseline with these tools. -TomK
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    So its been a while, time for another update. There was a pause after the rush of FMS work mentioned above. During this pause, I have finished up my NASA obligations...and demobilized from Houston back to San Antonio, where I live, and some much needed stability to my schedule. Last week, I dug back into the FMS code and started coding up the route editing features using the new XP1100 dataset. This is the backbone of the FMS future with regards to performance.....for VNAV calculations, performance progress and also holds. Its one of those things that I wanted to be real sure I was ready to dig into before doing so. This route editing coding will go on for a bit......'route editing' involves building the route data that the FMS will use during lnav and vnav tracking and so is critical to be flexible and correct. It is my belief that if carefully done now, the FMS will be functional and stable for many years to come, which is the most important thing. -TomK
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    Since the 1.3 update was released, we've been working to fix all the squawks that have been reported since the release. I want to extend my thanks to all who report items. While folks may wonder why we do or do not catch things, I can assure you the list is quite long of things we have to check constantly and I'm actually somewhat proud of the effort. Supporting VR and also integrating the mousewheel involved a little over 300 manipulators, each of which having anywhere between 3-9 parameters to enter/ check....easily over 2500 "fields" to look at when making these conversions, and that's just checking the manipulator interaction, not even checking their usability in VR, with mouse, with hardware, prefs on/off while also catering to cockpit builder needs, etc. The good news is once configured properly, things stabilize, so each successive update gets more reliable than the last, but being this is our first relatively big "conversion update" with features sprinkled in, the only way we'll really catch it all is with the community inputs. So....we are getting close to releasing our 1.31 patch, which definitely includes the reversed scrollwheel fix. We have several other fixes in addition and much better VR support also though some straggling VR features remain. After this patch, we will begin working on the FMS also with other items, whereas up till now, it was about just getting all our new workflow and converted stuff back to normal with XP 11.50 and Vulkan/Metal. I've seen a few posts facebook posts about the IXEG overshooting flybys. We do not have wind factors in our FMS code currently, Turn points are calculated with no wind so any form of tailwind on turns may cause the plane to go wide. Bankangle for lnav calcs are taken at 25º of bank, leaving a little margin if you have the bank limit set to 30º. We do track the crosstrack deviation from the route though, so if there's roll margin, the plane should track still with some tail/crosswind; however, late entries in higher winds will probably run wide. Given the outstanding VNAV work to be done, we did not implement the wind factorization as of yet. As we begin our FMS work, we'll focus on the holds and VNAV somewhat simultaneously. Improved algorithms there will naturally be reflected in the progress page output. Once we get some traction with our VNAV / holds, we'll start factoring in the wind corrrection to the route calculations, which will hopefully snap everything into place. -TomK
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    Windmilling Fans added. This example shows direct headwind and tailwind for simplicity. The magnitude is obviously diminished off-axis with practical limits..and the rotation speed is asymptotic, so 100 kt winds doesn't create unrealistic rotation animations. Tail winds are less effective on fan rotation than headwinds, due to wind turbulence through the vanes that saps energy. Also, alignment with the wind vector has to be closer for tailwinds than headwinds to yield fan rotation. -tkyler
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    We squeezed in native AviTab support. What a great product! We definintely encourage you to get it and support the software author with a donation. If you have AviTab installed, you should see a new preference checkbox to enable AviTab. If you do not have AviTab installed, you won't see this preference option available. The video below shows the implementation, along with a bit of coroute usage. -tkyler
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    With modern tools, comes modern features.
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    So with the update relatively imminent, I thought I'd go over some things that are on my mind, because I expect many folks will have some expectations of things in this update that are not there and may naturally wonder just what we do and don't care about. Way back when, we had to be quite conscious of our poly count and texture size, and while that is still true to some degree,, machines can handle a lot more now than they could in our early planning stages. As we've gone through this update, some of the things we defintely want to improve, and which you can expect us to continue working towards are (in random, brain dump order): wingflex, FMS performance (holds, VNAV, progress, etc), higher density and more regular 3D mesh and more accurate 'penetrations' modeling, i.e. NACA ducts, ports, etc, higher resolution textures, new paint kit (sorry, liveries will have to be done again for a V2.0), full cabin lighting and control, high rez cabin model, FMOD sounds, failure management. So just because we haven't put something in yet obviously doesn't mean we don't "see it" and know it needs improvement. We are very happy with how fast and efficient we have been able to move since porting our work to Blender 2.8 and expect to be able to make timlely 3D improvements and updates as we move forward with development. Improvements will be more regular and systematic rather than some "huge V2.0" type of thing with sweeping visual changes...nowadays release/patch cycles are much shorter and incremental. I can envision a V2.0 update essentially being the revised FMS using the XP1100 dataset and a higher resolution 3D model/textures with a new paint kit and not much else, maybe the FMOD sounds. Those are somewhat 'big ticket' redos and will take some time. Priority after this release will be the FMS work and the FMOD sound conversion. -tkyler
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    we reworked the animations during replay so you actually have decent replays to watch/record your landings. We have too much custom stuff to replay the "cockpit" of course, but all the control surfaces replay as expected. The video shows the changes. The landing was pretty bad, but I had a cheap joystick in one hand and was monitoring a bunch of stuff at the same time. Oh ya....new winglet shapes too.
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    Conversion of all 3D to the new toolchain is complete and we have exported out all of the 737 objects from the new version of Blender. Jan and I will begin testing the functionality to see what I may have missed in the conversion as I had to hand-edit an enormous volume of elements to prep it for the conversion software. Next up is converting the sounds. The attached screenshot shows a "quickie adjustment" I made to test drive the 3D update process......about 15 minutes of fooling around in Blender to see how quick I could make an update to the 3D with the new toolchain. (I know, the circle isn't perfectly round....but it was only 15 minutes) -tkyler
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    We have been very clear and forthcoming about our lack of updates and the reasonings behind, as well as stating the nature of this 1.3 update, so if you had high hopes, then you simply didn't come across our postings on the nature of the update before it was released...perhaps we should come up with more formal press release mechanism for IXEG....anyhow, whether or not any of us likes the situation or fallout thereof is irrelevant to the time still required to do the work. If given the choice to lament and say, "yea, its lacking, lets just stop working on it, or "keep going", I'll choose the latter, and once chosen, refrain from bitching about the past and keep pressing. I know folks need to vent their frustration, heck I do it all the time, so vent away, but it won't change our development process, only instantiate contention...its a predictable human thing. Re the cargo doors, they were implemented because they're easier and faster to model. You said the IXEG is (was) one of your favorites...this is because we obsess over details that take a long time to develop, and why we have a reputation as one of the most immersive environments ....and I have yet to see cabin doors that are really accurate and detailed as I know they can be, cause the shapes are so darn tough, and we have a few cool ideas we also want to implement that nobody else is doing...again taking time....but IXEG wants to do it right for that immersion factor. I can't do cabin doors and VNAV and holds at the same time, nor pay for a army of folks to do it (who still may not do it right)...so if I take a month to work on vnav and holds, someone will inevitably come back with, "what...you couldn't get the cabin doors done in a month"?" To be fair, we expect huffing and puffing, you sign up for that when you make products for the public.....but we have not abandoned it, despite appearances. We're back and bringing our attention to detail to the very things that made you like it in the first place. You can choose to be happy we're doing that and encourge the efforts, or keep venting. I myself am happy we've landed on the conditions that allow to work on it full time again and finish what we started. My hope is you can find that also. -tkyler
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    Hello all. I have not been able to get onto the FMOD sound conversions as of yet for personal reasons; however, things have transpired during the reorganization process such that we are now maintaining two development branches. A longer term branch which will use the new XP11 navdata I've written about above, with revised FMS and we'll also maintain a "now" branch which we'll use to make compatibility patches and small fixes as able until the major revision comes out. The 'now' branch is a combination of our current FMS code base, but with the new 3D development pipeline....and juxtaposing those two elements has been the focus over the last few weeks. As many have noted, this tact will allow us to not have to wait for "big ticket' items like the FMS/FMOD conversions in order to get the smaller improvements to the current product. Until we finished our "pipeline renovation" though, this wasn't as easy as it sounded. We have begun flight testing again and making tweaks to the flight model as X-Plane updates come out. In particular, we are working with the 'experimental' flight model in version 11.41+ as we feel that will become the norm. In addition, we have XP 11.5+ test builds so we can test the Vulkan and Metal graphics also. The plan now is to get a XPlane compatibility update out asap, with scroll wheel support. This patch will have small fixes for the exterior lighting/MCP issue and flight dynamics etc. After that, we'll resume our development in earnest. -tkyler
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    We had a request to resize the 'mini EHSI', and also be able to toggle it on and off. That is now in for the next update.
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    Ok..another week gone by. 60 more hours of rewrite on the FMS route editing and guess what, we're still easily 95% of the way done Seriously, we are into the more hardcore route editing features now, the really fringe type of data entry patterns...changing your mind "mid transition" selection for example, or selecting a STAR, then approach, going to other pages, then coming back to select another STAR, then TRANS, then swap to a runway with an extension, then shortcut points, etc. Testing earlier in the week had us redesign some other algorithms and we figured we should just power through the work now so it gets done right and we can move on to VNAV without worrying about fragile route editing. With the algorithm structure in place, what remains is simply comprehensive testing/debugging of those algorithms via diverse route entry patterns until the route builds as expected in all cases, for both Navigraph and Aersoft datasets. As soon as that happens, we'll get the patch out. We're working on it daily. -tkyler
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    Doing some testing and shakedown flights to make sure all new features and fixes work as planned. So far things are going really good. ...at least for the passengers on MY aircraft .
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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.3 update for the Take Command! IXEG 737 Classic. All customers who have purchased the IXEG 737 Classic up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the IXEG 737 Classic from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.3 for you. It is for X-Plane 11. If you use X-Plane 10, you can still install an old version of the aircraft from the installer, but this update does not otherwise apply to you. Caution: This update is optimized for XP11.41 and newer only! If you run it any previous X-Plane version it will still work, but the aerodynamic model gets changed and will not fly "by the numbers" anymore! Install at your own risk (make a backup of the aircraft folder first, especially if you run XP10)! What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original IXEG 737 Classic download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: Bug fixes: Stopped "brakes" helping with turns if no rudder pedals installed Fixed turnoff lights lighting up the MCP Fixed Standby Power logic Disabled engine reverse thrust when fire handle pulled Removed option for "show vortices" which doesn't work with XP11 Fixed stall warning test not working on ground Fixed external view not accessible if watching a saved replay Improvements: Adjusted flightmodel to work best with the "new experimental flight model" option enabled (disabled works too, but less accurate) Switched ground model to default for XP11 users (better handling of engine failures) Adjusted "runway shake" effect to not move viewpoint too much Adjusted sensitivity for altitude and vertical speed manipulators when mouse-dragging Increased intensity of landing, taxi and runway turnoff lights Several updates/polishing of cockpit 3D (smoothing, better material, etc.) Improved import ability for different company route formats Updated shape of optional "winglets" Removed logo light lens if winglets enabled (it was still peeking through in places) Updated mesh of engines and fan animations Improved representation of flight controls (avoid spoilers popping up), gear lever animation and weird sounds in cockpit during replays Enabled basic "hot start" functionality if fuel introduced at (way) too low N2 Improved windmilling start behaviour (now works for lower N2s) Additions: Added grab and move around flashlights(white) and maplights(red) Added mousewheel support to all twistable manipulators Added TAI ON WITH TAT ABOVE 10C warning to FMC Added "altitude reminder dials" on CPTs and FO yoke Added option to disable/assign button to "pop out" IXEG menu Added option to disable/assign button to "view presets" IXEG menu Added option to increase/decrease EHSI preview popups Added option to totally remove EHSI preview popups Added option slider to adjust yoke height Engines now windmilling on ground if wind strong enough Added default support (and option) for AviTab integration As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
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    Another weekly update. The rather rigorous testing of route editing over the last week had brough forth a few more issues, not unexpected during such a substantial rewrite though... but without a doubt, there are substantially less issues with route editing. Jan's last round of route testing, he was unable to get a gizmo crash when changing procedures aggressively and could swap any procedure at any time. Our goal here is for folks to not be scared of to push any buttons on the procedures page during descent / approach for fear of a gizmo crash, and be confident they'll get the route they expect. So, for example, you can select a STAR and transition.....and fly that without knowing your arrival... and then select your arrival later and it'll just get "added" to your routing. I know I say this every time, we have not begun the VNAV rewrite though....so we can't say how the VNAV predictions will turn out just yet. We have a very small list of issues to wrap up, which I will be trying to tend to this weekend so we can get this patch out asap. After, I will examine the waypoint restrictions and then finally analyze the VNAV and set upon improving that feature. -tkyler
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    Hello all. What started out as a 'quick bug fix" for our annoying gizmo '470' error has, over the last 80 hours in one week..... turned into a very significant rewrite of our route procedures editing code. I was hoping to have it done by this weekend, but we are not quite ready. We are easily 95% of the way though and will continue to push to get this rather significant FMS update out asap. Depending on the routes you enter, some may not notice much difference, but for others, the difference will be quite noticable with the "routes editing as expected". Of course there is no way we can try all the routes that all the user can. In one 14 hour day, I may enter 100 test routes, all at the same airport, so feedback after release will be much welcome. We have refactored our editing code to be much more maintainable and 'debuggable'. That being said, we are pushing the CDU entries pretty hard at lots of locations and will continue to do so right up until release. I MUST re-iterate...this is LNAV editing code, not the VNAV. VNAV calculations are built upon the LNAV route and so this is a major foundational step towards improving the VNAV. I suspect many routes will improve though with this update. After this route editing effort is stabilized, I will go over the waypoint restrictions and then the VNAV. Holds will come after. -tkyler
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    Captains, We are pleased to announce the Douglas DC-3 v2 is near release! This has been in development for the better part of a year and a half, and it will be a significant upgrade to the current DC-3 that LES has had on the market since 2012. In comparison, it will be multitudes more realistic in systems simulation that you have come to expect from Leading Edge Simulations, and further, the 3D modeling and texturing has huge upgrades as well. For those of you that have purchased v1, we will be extending a special upgrade discount to you and will announce the details of this soon. Now, let's go over the feature list and then some screenshots! The following is what you can expect out of v2. 1. FLIGHT MODEL a. Accurate flight characteristics. b. Accurate engines performance. c. Accurate weight and balance model. 2. SYSTEMS Complete simulation of all aircraft systems including: a. Electric. b. Hydraulic. c. Pneumatic. d. Custom Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot simulation. e. Custom fuel mixture logic for Auto-Lean and Auto-Rich functions. f. Custom lighting. 3. GRAPHICS a. Accurate reprecentation of the DC-3 aircraft. b. Full use of PBR materials with extreme weathering effects. 4. SOUNDS a. Complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP 5. EFFECTS a. Full custom effect package including: i. Engine exhaust smoke and heat blur. ii. Props vapor condensation depending on ambient humidity. 6. UI (User Interace) Modern X-Plane 11 type User Interface for: a. Maintenance: Keeping track of aircraft and engines operating hours and execute maintenance as required. b. Options: Hardware options for differential braking and/or throttling during taxi, external power connection, and more. c. Aircraft Loading: Adjust number of passengers per compartment, cargo weight per loading area, fuel loading per tank, with repspective CG diagram. b. Checklist: Complete checklist for all flight phases. And of course, screenshots! We plan to have consistent preview updates with loads of information leading up to release from here on out...and we'll soon have this in your hangars too!
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    Version 1.0.1


    NOT CURRENTLY COMPATIBLE WITH VERSION 1.1 - UPDATE W.I.P. A black panel, throttle pedestal and older faded 70's brown leather seats. Great for those dirty dirty liveries Unzip the file. drag and drop the contents of the "objects" folder into you Torquesim BN-2 objects folder to replace the default for all or for specific liveries just place into the liveries "objects" folder. Viola NOT CURRENTLY COMPATIBLE WITH VERSION 1.1 - UPDATE W.I.P.
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    I apologize for this one, we are aware...so how did it end up this way? Well...... I reverse my scrollwheel direction for my 3D work in Blender and so it worked 'normally' on my end and I simply didn't catch it during the exports.....I understand I'm the exception here. For those interested in a workaround, until we send out a patch, you can 1). use the manips as previously or 2) reverse your mouse scrollwheel direction in the OS before running X-Plane. This is on our list. -tkyler
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    Sneak peak - new material for throttles:
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    I'm quite annoyed and disappointed frankly, on the small amount of users, that come here uninformed, rude and entitled to write sensational posts concerning the 733. The team has been very, very open from the beginning for the "shortcomings" of the model. As well as providing a target and intentions for upcoming releases and updates. You simply haven't read it. It's quite the shame for these people, to come to this forum to address our concerns with any issues the update might have brought about, or simply request and features that come every day... and to see these kinds of reactions and posts. By all means provide criticism, even if it's about the timeline, but be at least a little bit decent for crying out loud... If you have even read any of the posts, especially by Tom, you would know how they feel about it, and how they are planning to remedy that as soon as is humanly possible. These people have lives you know. Making models for us, probably also for them, is their passion not their primary occupation. I'm really surprised by the courage and politeness of the team, that come here to read comments like that and still respond in a professional manner, like Tom has just done. I hope that the behaviour of some doesn't discourage you, IXEG team, from the continuous communication and support of your appreciative and happy users. The IXEG 733 is one of the few paywares that screams class and character, very few have that. If you don't recognize what has been achieved so far, and don't inform yourself about what is going to be implemented, at least read your post before you publish it and be civil at the very least.
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    + Vr config file + Custom particle effects
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    Good observations and everything noted! We will doublecheck and Tom can be lightning fast with these adjustments. We are down to the last 2 or three open issues for this next patch...and will finalize the "bugfix/improvement/additions" list in the next few days. I plan on flying the plane around for a few days before we launch it, but may take you guys along, showcasing the new stuff, in a little youtube video. Cheers, Jan
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    Version 2.3.0


    P.180 Avanti II for X-Plane 11 - CURRENT VERSION: 2.3.0 (uploaded at: February 125th, 2020) If you want to support P.180 Avanti development, please donate here: PAYPAL v2.3.0 Main Features Compatible only with EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT MODEL (11.40+), capable of flying up to M.67 at altitude. Terrain Radar operation via PFD/MFD buttons. Tablet for aircraft loading (engines must be off and the aircraft stationary), and access to AVITAB. Librain Support. See Change Log for more! If you don't have Gizmo already installed in your X-Plane copy, there is an version of Gizmo in the folder extra files. Put the Gizmo.plugin folder in you X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins folder. If you already have Gizmo, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE the existing one with this. MIGHT BREAK OTHER GIZMO ADDONS!!! If you find reflections too high, in the extra files folders are textures to change that. Copy the low reflections texture into the objects folder, and replace the existing one! v2.2.0.VR NOW VR COMPATIBLE with the help of SimVRLabs! OFFICIAL SUPPORT: Official Bug tracker: https://bitbucket.org/iliastselios/p180_avanti/issues?status=new&status=open Support Forums: DESCRIPTION: As you might already know this aircraft is based on X-Plane's default P.180 Avanti , originally designed for X-Plane 8, was included in X-Plane 9, and from that point has been overhauled to Avanti II version. This is aircraft is totally FREE! It is a "return" to the X-Plane community that supported us those last 4 years that we exist as a development team! This aircraft main features are: High quality visuals, cockpit all new 3D model and textures, including PBR materials. Simulated: a. startup and shutdown procedures b. engine controls and operations c. autopilot controls and operations d. partially operation of the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems. Emulation of Proline 21 avionics suite. Currently there is only one layout that will allow you to operate the aircraft in all scenarios. Many improvements will come in the future. Installation in the 3D cockpit of the default X-Plane 11 FMC. Improved flight characteristics. Internal custom lighting. Of course Avanti development is not stopping here! Actually the overall development will be continuous, and the aircraft will always be in beta stage. Updates and upgrades will be available frequently! Main planned future upgrades are: Adding more functionallity to Proline 21 avionics suite, heading from an emulation to a simulation. Custom NAV maps. Custom FMC. Fully simulation of all systems. New 3D model from ground up. Improved flight model. Avanti EVO. Special thanks to: Austin Meyer for giving his permission to use parts of the Avanti on this project and X-Plane by Laminar Research that gave us this magnificent simulator! The team that originally developed Avanti for X-Plane, Robert Pearson (aerodynamics), Massimo Durando (cockpit & 3D cockpit), and Javier rollon (External Model. JRollonPlanes www.jrollon.com) for his fantastic 3D work. @Hueyman for the propeller 3D model and the prop disc images. Ben Russell of Gizmo64 for his support and that made available to us that powerful tool (aka Gizmo), and Cameron Son of X-Aviation for the support. And of course X-Plane community for the interest in that project and patient to wait to be realized!
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    This is a lengthy post, explaining our VNAV situation, or at the least, how we arrived where we are today, and where we're going from here. This is a tale of how being too ambitious and trying to be all things to all people bit us and our customers. In the beginning was nav data in XML format....whether other formats were avail in the beginning, I don't know, I only know this was my beginning because I inherited the FMS work and this was the dataset that landed on my plate. It was from Navigraph. The first thing I did when I started was to open up a few XML files to get the lay of the land. I noted several differing "types" of data like so: and decided I needed to know every single type in the dataset so I could design algorithms around it. So I wrote a program to go through all the files and log each unique occurence of a data type, i.e. "Star" "Sid". "Sid_Transition", "Approach", etc. After I had that list (because I couldn't find any spec), I set about programming the FMS....for a few years. All was pretty well. THEN....somewhere towards the end, we loaded up the same XML format dataset...but this time by Aerosoft, thinking "hey, lets support both providers, since there are plenty users of each". ...and for a while things were good; however, we started seeing some issues related to the fact that Aerosoft had additional XML types that Navigraph didn't have...and for which I didn't have code to handle. So I started throwing up 'band-aids' to get the Aerosoft dataset integrated....which would lead to some anomalies for Navigraph users...OK...a few more band-aids ought to do it. And this went back and forth until I had all 10 fingers plugging up holes in the dike. But turns out I needed a few more fingers....OR a more robust dike (hint...that's where this is going). Over time, we'd see bug reports for navigraph users that aerosoft users weren't seeing and vice-versa. Without exception though, the most obvious problem spot was in "decent FMS entries", i.e. STARS, Star transitions, etc. Entering these procedures were frought with all sorts of bugs and gizmo crashes. For online users who frequently enter these procedures in the air, as they approach their destinations, this simply was a deal killer. So...fast forward to today when I'm revisiting the FMS code from a much higher level and seeing that these band-aids just didn't cover the wounds well enough. So..case in point. Here is how Aerosoft and Navigraph each represent STARs with runway transitions, specifically KBOS. Aerosoft uses a data type "RwyTransition" to denote a runway transition waypoint, whereas Navigraph does not. This is where things went south originally when we tried to support Aerosoft users late in our development process. Now when a user enteres a STAR, and no arrival runway has been selected, then you'd expect to load those waypoints in the STAR that are not unique to runways, i.e. "common points". If you're using NAVIGRAPH, you will note that each XML "block" is associated with a runway. So if no runway is selected, we have no way of knowing which block of code to load for navigraph users. If you're using Aerosoft, then I can load the STAR waypoints only (and not the transition waypoints)....except all my code was written for the navigraph formats....and trying to make this work "last second" ended up causing more code confusion and debugging difficult. If I had a bigger picture of all these types from day 1, I would have written better structured algorithms. The good news, is I can see it better now and CAN write better structures; however, better than both these XML formats is the XP1100 dataset that we plan to migrate to in the future. But there is still more good news. Looking at the code with clearer eyes and hindsight, I can see a few trouble spots that I can fix that should make this whole VNAV decent business improve significantly. Indeed one or two poor lines of code can bring down the house and does for a few instantces of entering STARS / Transitions. We are going to add a new message to the CDU, which is NOT realistic, but required in our opinion to avoid confusion. If you select a STAR that is associated with a runway, or has runway transitions, we will display a message "RWY SELECTION REQD". While Aerosoft has the necessary common points separated so as to load those without a runway selection, recall my code was not orginally written for it, and so for the moment, I am not going to create a fork to handle it just yet. Knowing we are switching to XP1100 navdata format, I'll have to gauge the effort of accomodating Aerosoft's transition points differently than the Navigraph data vs the effort of just focusing on the XP1100 integration. It could be, that accomodating Aerosoft's transition points is not so difficult...and in this case, a user could select a STAR and STAR transition without having an approach selected; however, Navigraph folks, we simply need to know the arrival runway before we can load up these "runway transition" STAR types. For STARS that are NOT associated with a specific runway, but serve all runways, this arrival runway selection is NOT required before STAR selection. Many times users don't notice that the STAR they are selecting are unique to a runway (and subject to the case described here) and so in the course of their simming would see inconsistent behavior with STAR selection as they flew differing flights around the globe. This "RWY SELECTION REQD" message will let them know. And finally....my code handling STAR transitions for these "runway transition" STARS was completely borked (by a poor band-aid), messing up the waypoint table and rendering any VNAV calcualtions / representation completely useless. This is why some folks see good VNAV behavior and others do not. It is dependent on which route your are flying, which STAR type you select and whether or not you selected a transition. I believe this CDU message will fix a lot in the interim, but ultimately the swap to XP1100 nav data format, with its consistency and basis in ARINC 429, will be our final and most durable solution. Aside from the issue described here, the other glaring issue is the waypoint altitude restrictions. We will be attacking those soon enough and with clearer eyes, I expect to get this cleaned up also. -TomK
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    so the 1.31 update has gone out, with the objective being to stabilize our "get back to where we left off with the new toolchain, but conformant to XPlane 11.5" update. Assuming we don't have really big show-stoppers, it is now time to start moving foward rather than just get stable. We have a few things we'll be working on simultaneosly from this point on. With an eye on X-Plane 12, we'll be working on swapping our sounds to the FMOD sound engine. This is a compatibility move, moreso than changing the way our sounds are played because we quite like our sounds. In addition, we'll be working on incorporating particle effects in spots. On the 3D front, the 3D changes will begin with the galleys, cabin and cabin doors and after that wing flex. On the FMS side, first up will be the remaining user-created waypoints, (PB/PB, ATD, LL), then probably VNAV work, including PROGRESS page predictions.. A better VNAV algorithm will make programming holds a bit more predictable and so HOLDS will be after our VNAV work. Once all that is working reasonably well, then we'll look at porting our navdata over to the XP1100 navdata format....which will probably be after the XP12 release and be a pretty heavy FMS rewrite. Thanks for the support and patience, its time to starting improving things again. -TomK
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    Hi Enrique, please don´t take this as an excuse that our VNAV is not working very well - it should be and we have full intent on fixing it. But I flew the 737 for 10 years, another 6 years of 747-400 and too many years A320... it is a very rare circumstance that I have descended (or seen my FO/CPT use it) using VNAV. Most of the time your routing is not predetermined (vectors, shortcuts) or you are subject to ATC limitations (early/late descent, advised rates of descent). So for me (and many of my fellow pilots) VNAV is a gadget that serves very little practical purpose. I think VNAV is so important to many flight-simulator pilots because they lack the ability to make accurate descent calculations in their head and they also think that it is "cool" to watch the plane glide down all by itself (and then autoland!). I think that is about as cool as using a Tesla´s autopilot when playing a car racing game . Oh and yes - we do eventually plan on making a cargo variant for the 737 (I see the pattern!) Cheers, Jan
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    Second one is up (sorry, forgot to post here):
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bush missions your thing? Look no further. Installation: Unzip contents into BN-2 liveries folder. N2119V - As seen in the video below.
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    After working with Ted from laminar to squash a few bugs in the 3D converter, we have it working and have successfully converted many objects over to the new Blender 3D workflow including some pretty complex ones as well. My hats off to Ted...this converter was a real lifeline for us. This was a very very big hurdle to clear. I expect to have all the objects converted before the weekend is out. This will effectively restore our 3D workflow and allow us to get back on the cabin / door work in the 3D department. We still have sounds to convert to FMOD and also our 2D GUI to rework to the new look. The FMS work will resume once all the 3D conversions are done. It is unfortunate that all this infrastructure doesn't have anything visual to show for it but I can assure you, its quite significant for IXEG ability to get back on track with improving things. -tkyler
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    Hello again. I'd like to give another update. During our investigation into updating our NavData to the XP1100 format, it became apparent that this must be the way to go for long-term future compatibility and more reliable route calculations, including holds, but would require a significant rewrite of the FMS base architecture to do so. So over the last 4 weeks, we have done exactly that. We now have the beginnings of a 2nd FMS running in parallel with... but independently of.... our original FMS. We are running 'newFMS' on CDU1 and 'oldFMS' on CDU2. We will NOT be simulating dual FMCs though. This old/new arrangement only exists so we can compare the new with the old while developing the new. It is much like building a new bridge alongside an old bridge...and when the new one is ready, we will remove the old. Much of the challenges we have faced with regards to drawing routes / vnav have been related to the limited nature of the navData format we have used since we began the project. Moving to a format which have been designed expressly for "navigation processing" will go a long way towards easing our algorithm development. The image below shows the two CDUs, both on the "IDENT" page, but clearly displaying differing data as they use differing algorithms/databases....and for those curious, the pilot CDU displays 'odd' formatting simply because we were testing our new display drawing code. We are very excited moving to this new XP1100 format. We have, in 4 weeks, accomplished what took us over 24 months to accomplish originally. Of course we have the benefit of experience, but the elegance and efficiency of the new navData format and architecture allow us to focus on the FMS functionality by orders of magnitude more than before. With the new infrastructure complete, we will begin working on the route editing. The current navData set only supports about 8 different waypoint types. Arcs are not supported, as is common in today's RNAV procedures, but the new format contains all path/terminator types typical in today's procedures. As usual, we thank you for any patience you have managed to muster as we work to improve the IXEG 733. P.S. Jan and myself will be at Flight Sim Expo in Orlando, FL/USA in a few weeks if anyone wants to talk shop. -Tom Kyler
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    TorqueSim and X-Aviation are proud to announce the BN-2 Islander! Initially started independently of TorqueSim, the inclusion of this beautiful bird into the new TS development pipeline has allowed for rapid progress and the seamless integration of custom systems, as well as boosting the quality of the 3D models and textures significantly! This aircraft will feature a high quality model, PBR textures throughout, a full custom electrical system with working circuit breakers, support for the AFM G5 avionics on launch, and of course the fantastic roar of its O-540s will be rendered in beautiful FMOD! All that, and more to come as we plan to update and improve our product throughout its lifetime! To stay up to date with what’s going on keep a close eye on the forum here! Stay tuned for more dev updates, screenshots, and insights, and of course for the big moment when the plane is available to fly on X-Aviation!
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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.31 update for the Take Command! IXEG 737 Classic. All customers who have purchased the IXEG 737 Classic up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the IXEG 737 Classic from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.31 for you. It is for X-Plane 11. If you use X-Plane 10, you can still install an old version of the aircraft from the installer, but this update does not otherwise apply to you. Caution: This update is optimized for XP11.41 and newer only! If you run it any previous X-Plane version it will still work, but the aerodynamic model gets changed and will not fly "by the numbers" anymore! Install at your own risk (make a backup of the aircraft folder first, especially if you run XP10)! What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original IXEG 737 Classic download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: Bug fixes: Fixed mousewheel scroll direction for all manipulators Various Gizmo Beta Changes/Fixes Fixed first digit of engine #2 manual N1 setting indicator to bleed over to engine #1 Removed "C x 100" labeling from Fuel Flow gauges Fixed two screws missing (CPTs EHSI frame and overhead panel) Stopped stickshaker assembly from clipping into footrest cover Re-enabled BetterPushback to work with this plane Enabled autothrust to set correct N1 at high-altitude airports for takeoff Fixed texture see-through bug with leather flaps on side of instrument panels Re-enabled lit texture for writing on mode control panel Hooked up right-side N2 and FF carots of electronic instrument version to correct engine again Fixed movement direction for rudder pedals DC meter selector on BAT will now show battery voltage even if BAT switch is off Improvements: Tweaked "fur" texture of pilots seats to avoid "see through" effect near edges Removed further "texture bleed" cases of bad UV mapping (APU fire control box in wheel well) Changed and improvement manipulators for flap and speedbrake handles (more intuitve to use, hits detents better) Tweaked APU fuel use logic (draws from left side fuel manifold when running, according to fuel system setup and pressures) Increased EDG oil temperatures a bit to avoid needle being pegged at left edge of gauge Several improvements to initialization setting of switches and rheostats (lights, TCAS/Transponder, DH, Radar system, etc...) Changed clickspots for sunvisors in eyebrow windows to the actual lanyards Allow use of "ground services" menu while in motion or even in flight for fuel, weight and CG adjustment Various minor texturing/UV tweaks Total makeover of many manipulators in the cockpit for optimal mouse and VR use. Additions: Added option to remove "ghost throttle" symbology Added option to have a mouse manipulator to move both thrust levers simultaneously (for VR or mouse fliers). Added option to use two separate hardware axis for throttles (no locking lever at idle). Added VRconfig.txt for optimal VR compatibility User created PBD (Place / Bearing / Distance) waypoints implemented on LEGS and RTE page As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.1.12 update for the TBM 900. All customers who have purchased the TBM 900 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the TBM 900 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.1.12 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php  2. Find your original TBM 900 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: Improvements / New Features: Got a modest framerate boost by avoiding an inefficient flight plan query every frame. Bug Fixes: Fixed a crash when using Vulkan on Windows with an Nvidia GPU Updated magnetic model to latest coefficients for the years 2020-2025. Updated RealSimGear config file we ship to the latest one and renamed it so it no longer overwrites an existing config file if you had it customized. Reduced AP panel knob sensitivity when spun in VR. Stiffened up pitch response to desensitize the pitch axis more on approach & in cruise. Reworked aileron trim model to be more linear with airspeed. Negative-G induced engine flameout was happening way too quickly. Limited the amount of pooled up fuel to prevent huge temp spikes during hot starts. As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
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    Kicking off a series of development updates, we will travel to the past, from when DC-3 was born to today, to understand the significance of this aircraft for the whole airline industry. Douglas Aircraft Company, after a TWA inquiry, started development of a new series of aircrafts, designated as Douglas Commercial (DC), the DC-1 in 1933, and DC-2 next year. Although DC-2 was successful, it was a bit narrow for what American Airlines wanted, which led to the development of one DST prototype. DST stands for Douglas Sleeper Transport! Yes beds in the airplane! Flew first time on December 17, 1935, the 32nd anniversary of Wright Bros first flight. The aircraft was fitted with 21 seats (instead of 14-16 sleeping berths), and designated as DC-3! Totally built, up to 1943, 607 DC-3 aircrafts. But WWII has begun and many DC-3s were put into military service. The needs for a military transport aircraft were huge, and with DC-3 fitting the bill, the C-47 Skytrain was created. It was based on DC-3 with few changes needed for the operations in the military, most notably the reinforced floor that allowed for higher gross weight, and the dual cargo doors. A total of around 10,000 C-47 aircrafts (and variations) were constructed. Many C-47s, after WWII, became available for civilian use, and even today, there are many DC-3s and C-47 in use! Later, in 1990, another variation was developed by Basler Turbo Conversions, retrofitting P&W PT-6 turboprop engines, and airframe modifications, designated as BT-67. Our Leading Edge Simulations DC-3 (v2) is based on the original, 21-seats, variants. The aircraft has a maximum gross weight (MGW) of 25,200 lbs for take off and landing, and can reach speeds up to 207 mph (180 knots). 2 Pratt and Whitney PW R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engines, providing 1,200 hp each, driving a 3-blade Hamilton Standard propeller. In the next weeks leading to the release, as development progresses, we will look into each area of the aircraft in more detail. For now, I will leave you with a few more random images. Keep in mind that everything you see here, up to the release, is work-in-progress, not final! (source: Wikipedia)
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    implemented. Video below shows effect with greatly exaggerated current draw through meter (3000A) for illustration purposes. You can see the voltage drop as the battery nears depletion and the ensuing dimming of the lights as it completely drains. The current draw is miniscule in reality, DC meters exhibit very high resistance for 'lead to lead' voltage measurements, usually several Mega-ohms, etc. It would be a poor meter design indeed if it could drain a battery overnight IMO. That being said, the drain and indication is now there per the wiring diagram; however, the drain is very small, you wont' see it discharging overnight. meter.mp4
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    Tweaked...speedbrake lever too
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    Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback and reports regarding our 1.31 update for the IXEG 737-300. Naturally some things slipped our quality control and some things we simply *** up . Rest assures, we are working on fixing those, for some there are already workarounds. I will post, update and maintain the list here for you - so if you encounter a problem, check it against this list and if it is already known, you can save yourself the time to post (unless you maybe have some further information for us!). Incorrect digit change on pressurization panel when scrolling down the FLT ALT with mousewheel White "...days remaining" message when using beta Gizmo. You can upgrade to latest beta (below) to get rid of it. coroutes folder missing if you didn´t have one before. You can make one manually (in the default IXEG 737 Classic folder). Gizmo code crash when trying to enter a waypoint that STARTS WITH "N" or "S" or ends with "E" or "W" (parsing error). Your error message will look like this: G64: error: Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: cdu1_lsk_1L_OnWrite: [string "xsLib.utils.lua.ra1"]:470: attempt to get length of local 'a' (a boolean value). You can work around this by manually editing your .fpl flightplan in the "coroutes" folder (make one if you don´t have one, see above). Loading those waypoints from a .fpl format will work. Sometimes entering a STAR first and then selecting the runway that goes along with it can lead to a crash. Always try to select the runway first, then the STAR. If you don´t know the runway yet, just enter your best guess and change it later (runway first, then STAR again). When using the new Gizmo beta, the left-side pop-out IXEG menu does not come out for some people. Try the very latest Gizmo beta below or revert to stable Gizmo in that case. When using the new Gizmo beta, the GPU will not connect to the left GEN bus after is was powered by another supplier. There are several other things not working right or missing (Doors, FMS, Wingflex, Particles, etc.), and of course they are still slated for improvement in the future. You can doublecheck your issue against this list: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/8526-things-that-are-not-going-to-be-in-v13/ Cheers, Jan Here is the very latest Gizmo beta - since the previous is about to run out of "days remaining". We were planning to release it with the patch 1.32, but we need to test it some more days so we won´t have another "gizmo error 470 Waterloo"... https://mailchi.mp/x-aviation/x-plane-free-gizmo_updater_from-x-aviation-3035086
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    Version 1.0.0


    This Livery is a fictional paint for the Torquesim BN-2 Islander. The Black panel and Brown seats can be found at the below link Simply extract the zip to a safe location and copy/paste the Private N428BN folder to your Torquesim BN-2 liveries folder. Enjoy.
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