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  1. It just means engage VNAV, sit back, relax, and let the plane fly itself.
  2. Assuming it’s installed correctly, you’d have to be sure to run the sim via Rosetta.
  3. Glad you figured out the issue, the fact it was a multiple monitor setup was definitely key missing information. But changing the resolution and having a single render window that stretches across the entire desktop doesn’t sound like how one is meant to set up XP for multiple monitors. That’s the whole point of view offsets. But maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’ve done. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Remove all third party plugins except Gizmo and try again? No-one else has reported this problem.
  5. Join the Discord and request access. https://discord.gg/MrES7vCm
  6. You may be doing yourself a disservice this time! There’s lots to like about 12, but maybe wait for 12.10.
  7. May I suggest joining the Hot Start community Discord server via https://discord.gg/XrXaC3Uz There is a channel dedicated to hardware setups, and also many knowledgeable and helpful community members, alongside other real world Challenger pilots, and the developers of the product itself.
  8. For XP11, using OpenGL seems to be the best choice, if there aren’t some other driver versions that resolve it. For XP12, there is no OpenGL fallback, unfortunately.
  9. When it's ready. Hopefully soon? I think the target is to be ready for when X-Plane 12.00 is in general availability (post-early access beta), and includes initial support for 12's features (maybe not everything new will be 100% ready).
  10. The first backtrace shows the Nvidia driver, possibly the original source of the crash? I'm not as proficient at reading crash logs from Linux unfortunately.
  11. V1.6 does not work on X-Plane 12 Early Access Beta. It predates X-Plane 12's availability by several months. Most aircraft will require dedicated versions for proper X-Plane 12 support, the Challenger is no different (in fact as the most advanced in X-Plane it is most in need of modification). V1.7 is in late-stage beta and will be released when it's ready. (Beta access is available via the Hot Start Discord server.)
  12. And existed long before the Vatsim client, who should have chose an original name.
  13. The release version will retain the option.
  14. The beta only includes the full resolution textures (suitable for GPUs of 8GB VRAM or more), only having 4GB such as yours is going to be a stretch, and not surprised it might result in blurred textures as you’re seeing. Suggest reducing your texture quality slider in graphics settings to Medium, if not already.
  15. Data output in the settings, display fps on screen.
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