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  1. Laminar broke the window heating response and we are still waiting for a fix. In the meantime you can try a workaround script: https://github.com/pilsnerish/FlyWithLua-Scripts/blob/main/CL650_window_heat.lua
  2. Button on the multi function display bottom? Or on the keypad maybe?
  3. Just default GNSes I think. “Savings end on Sunday.”
  4. It might help the developer to hear what information you feel was missing from the documentation/assistance already provided with the aircraft files and in the sim (via the hint images and virtual first officer)? Thanks.
  5. Like you said, a timing issue, those datarefs aren’t created until after the script loads. https://docs.github.com/en/pull-requests/collaborating-with-pull-requests/proposing-changes-to-your-work-with-pull-requests/about-pull-requests
  6. Sounds about right. Send a pull request if you figure out how to fix it.
  7. That’s why it comes with a script! https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pilsnerish/Xsaitekpanels-Configurations/main/CL650_xsaitekpanels.lua
  8. I understand this effort is currently paused indefinitely.
  9. Seems nothing to do with Challenger and everything to do with Resources/default scenery/airport scenery/Dynamic_Vehicles/Master Bank.bank being broken.
  10. sim/flight_controls/pitch_trimA_up and down sim/flight_controls/pitch_trimB_up and down
  11. I mean that’s basically removing half the DRM so probably not wise…
  12. Screenshot? (Also holy Batman do you have enough plugins? )
  13. We don’t support this version of Gizmo so sadly you’ll have to go back to using Rosetta.
  14. You can contact their support and ask if buying the 12 version will let you have access to the 11 version. But let’s be real, the 11 version, like the sim itself, is end-of-life and will never be worked on again.
  15. The DRM is failing to validate your purchase. You should remove all other third party plugins and scenery except Gizmo64.
  16. I think you should use the volume sliders in the plane’s settings window, it has its own sound engine. But that might be unrelated to your issue.
  17. Maybe we will have to change something, but I have an official LR bug report number for this issue that says “fixed” in Beta 2. So maybe the X-Plane Support person isn’t actually doing any research before pointing the finger back at us. (Wouldn’t be the first time.)
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