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  1. As Cameron says above, the only update that’s potentially going to help is X-Plane 12, and that’s still theoretical. (Unless you’re talking specifically about the FBO van.)
  2. Download issues will need to be handled by X-Aviation support <support@x-aviation.com>
  3. These are from a bug in X-Plane that can’t be avoided, you can ignore them.
  4. They’re basically used for creating Place-Bearing-Distance waypoints in your flight plan. Or for getting the GPS coordinate of a location (press down one of the knobs if I remember correctly) to create a custom data base waypoint in the FMS.
  5. In the sim it’s primarily used as a staging location for the newest database to be activated as the primary, in-use database (“active data base”). Under the hood there’ll always be two databases available; one is the default nav data that comes with X-Plane (which changes when Laminar pushes new major versions of the simulator), the other is the content of your custom data directory, where third-party nav data is installed, e.g. from Navigraph. The CHK DATA BASE DATES message is showing (and the database date range text is in yellow) because your sim’s date is outside of the valid range for the nav data cycle that’s active. As you can see your sim is set to the 22nd of March (“DATE”).
  6. You can’t. Only active is updatable to cycle between the two.
  7. I’ll ask the developer but can you use commands instead? The raw datarefs are more for driving the animations.
  8. One log doesn’t really identify the cause, the other says it was SAM that crashed.
  9. It will, if you select “Track real-world date & time” from the Flight Configuration window.
  10. It matches the date and time from the sim, in the current year from the system clock, as obtained via the simulated GNSS receivers (I assume).
  11. Click on the Conditions header until you see Condition 1 & 2, then click Condition 1 or 2.
  12. Sure thing. Or, under 15,000 ft select TO while ATS is still engaged.
  13. This never worked for me, and shouldn’t have ever worked for you. The AP button on the FCP needs to be held for a fraction of a second and Xsaitekpanels is incapable of doing this. The lamps are a good indicator the active Autoflight computer has acknowledged the command.
  14. Please provide extracts from http://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/log.html showing the messages sent and received.
  15. Try clearing FAIL with AT disconnect (as you would on the ground any time previously) before reengaging.
  16. You’ll need to change the condition to be >0.9 or similar. Due to a minor electrical simulation change the brightness of the lamps fluctuates.
  17. Correct. That’s why the default commands have the same result so you can change them.
  18. As that’s an 8.33 kHz channel you need to tune using 6-digits. https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/Aircraft-ownership-and-maintenance/8-33-kHz-radios/
  19. You should bind the big red button that’s on the yoke, known as control wheel (contwheel) in the X-Plane command tree.
  20. By “engaged” you mean armed or on? Have you removed the nose gear door safety pin and have hydraulic pressure? Are you sure this isn’t from another addon or script? A log would help, as you suggested. Thanks.
  21. Pressing TO/GA (buttons on side of thrust levers) is applicable when ATS is not active on the ground. What you are actually doing is waking up the flight directors and giving them lateral and vertical modes (TO/TO). The arming of ATS to N1 TO (or FLX or MTO, if selected) is more of a convenience. So yes, on the ground, if you want to “reset ATS” deselecting the FDs and pressing TO/GA is a way to do it by virtue of resetting the automation entirely. Other times, say ATS is in FAIL, the way to “reset” it is to press the AT disconnect buttons (front side of thrust levers). Or if the ATS is off in flight, select a valid N1 thrust limit on the CDU and press the ATS button. On the topic of missing N1 limits, suggest this thread:
  22. Turning it back on (not arming on the ground!) in flight, assuming the ATS mode display is blank, is a case of selecting a valid thrust limit and pressing the ATS button.
  23. This is (now) the correct behaviour. From the V1.6 change log: 2884: Don't compute CLB, CRZ and MCT N1 targets when engine bleeds are off You need to follow the checklist and select a thrust rating that isn’t one of the above when it says “N1 TGT”, before the “APU / PACKS TRANSITION” is completed by the Virtual F/O.
  24. Sounds like it lost thrust rating. There’s many reasons why, such as running anti-ice when the TAT is too high. You have to manually select a new rating on the PERF page before it can be engaged again. I assume you mean AP button. Which one? On the yoke? A bind on your hardware? Please be specific. Screenshots help too. Thanks.
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