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  1. Hi Turned on computer and started X-plane 11, I was greeted with the X-Aviation Licensing popup. I entered my X-Aviation E-Mail and Password and tried to activate. Which returned the licensing box again. The popup came up again and 3 boxes showed up in the upper right hand corner of X-Plane Messages were: TOP: X-Aviation Licensing - License Expired Please connect to Internet, Middle: X-Aviation Licensing data invalid Bottom: X-Aviation Licensing - Your License was updated I logged on X-Aviation website and my password works fine. The GIZMO plugin worked fine last night. Any idea what's going on?????? Tony
  2. I am having a small issue with the aircraft breakers (Challenger 650). When I put my mouse over the breakers it changes to pointer (selectable). However, I cannot pull the breaker out. They were working (pop out), but now they wont move. Anyone else have this problem? Please advise. Tony
  3. attached is the x-plane log file Log.txt
  4. I have a problem with activating the Challenger 650, the activation X-Aviation Licensing box and airframe manager shows up. However, both are BLANK no fields (see image). Any idea how to fix? X-plane is working, I can still get the menu at the top of the screen, and access other aircrafts in my hanger.
  5. I purchased the IXEG 737 from X-Aviation, I loaded the aircraft with no issues. However, the throttle is not recognized by my Thrustmaster quadrant or my mouse (Throttle Will Not Move). I've tried a re-installed with the same issue. I am running X-Plane 11; all my other aircrafts work fine. Not sure what's going on. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so how did you fix it?
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