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  • TAXI - HD Enhancement Pack By PierreLvx

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    This package features high definition, weathered textures that have been carefully crafted to make low resolution signage a thing of the past. For your convenience, 3 versions are provided (muted, balanced, vibrant), with slight color differences. Pick your favourite ! Includes XP9 and XP10 2k and 4k DDS textures. Please see the included Read Me for install instructions and details.
  • CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport By chris k

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    CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport 1.20 July 27, 2014 Build Chris K and the ISDG __________________________________________________________ Preamble: This is a generally stable build with no library conflicts; and all areas should be drivable and flyable. The ILS may be a fraction off due to repositioning of the runways to their orthophoto corrected locations, and verified with another 3rd party. It is also currently lacking ATC taxi-flow. However, these omissions are not “showstoppers” per se. ______
  • CYTZ Toronto Island Airport By chris k

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    CYTZ Toronto Island Airport Authors: CDN 791M and Chris K of the International Scenery Development Group (ISDG) Version 1.0 - Jun 25, 2013 __________________________________________________________ Features: - USGS 30cm/pix Hi-res Orthophotos. - An Updated Toronto City Centre (Billy Bishop) Airport by CDN791M (Ed). - FreddyV's CN Tower Replacement Object (credits below) - Extensive buildout of Toronto Island and Surrounding Environs (Ontario Place, Christie Spit, etc) - Additional Toronto Downto
  • Hot Start CL650 Substance Painter Paintkit By Goran_M

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    This is the official Hot Start CL650 Substance Painter paintkit file.  It contains several liveries within the "Paint" folder" on each UDIM.  You are free to add to whatever materials or masks to those layers as you wish.  There are other folders that are set as default textures, with materials included.  These are the correct materials for the areas they are assigned to, but you are free to alter those as you wish. As usual, if you plan on changing anything, keep the original smart materia
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