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  • YPPF Parafield Airport and Adelaide City Photoreal By chris k

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    YPPF Parafield Airport and Adelaide City Photoreal Version 1.1 Update Mar 09, 2013 The International Scenery Development Group (ISDG) __________________________________________________________ 1.1 Update: - Made city replacement terrain files "less green" by tightening the shrub overlay textures. - Added night _LIT textures to the city; hence nighttime flying now looks like XP9 rather than completely dark. - Fixed an over-sized DDS Texture - This scenery now loads in XP9 via the Compatibility Li
  • Aerobridge-Meigs Field By Peter T.

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    KCGX is now available for v9 and v10. Aerobridge Studios-Meigs Field Developed and designed by : Peter Tram, John Spahn, Juan Menedez Manual : Peter Tram Photography: Online resources Version 2.0 Merrill C. Meigs Field Airport (IATA: CGX, ICAO: KCGX) was a single strip airport that operated from December 1948 until March 2003. It was built on Northerly Island, the man-made peninsula that was also the site of the 1933–1934 Century of Progress in Chicago. The airport achieved international notorie
  • LGSR Santorini By uwespeed

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    Currently my time is a little bit limited, thus I decided to release a version 0.9 of "Santorini X-Plane". Installation Place GR_LGSR_Santorini_0.9 and zz_GR_+36+025_GR_Thira_gx17 from the downloaded zip file into the Custom Scenery folder of your X-Plane installation. For updating to V0.92, see further below. You also should install (if not already done): 1. OpensceneryX library (http://www.opensceneryx.com) – latest version. 2. FF library (http://forums.x-plane.org/ind
  • American Airlines Old (N678AA) By scubajuan_new

    American Airlines Old Livery (N678AA) Simply drop inside the liveries folder    Enjoy
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