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  • G-LGNA British Airways (Loganair) Saab 340A By Leen de Jager

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    British Airways (operated by Loganair) livery for Take Command! (L.E.S.) Saab 340A by Leen "Flybike" de Jager. Low and high-res folders included. Installation: Simply unzip the contents of G-LGNA.zip into a temp folder. Place the high- or low-res version in the Liveries folder of the aircraft. Have fun, Leen de Jager http://www.flybike-paints.nl
  • King Air Glass Enhancement By Leen de Jager

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    Till now , the cockpit and cabinwindows seen from outside always have been invisible. Just holes to look though , without any "glass" to be seen. In the latest version X-Plane 10.20 (build 102014)adding some realness to the glass failed again. I did not want to wait any longer. Just place the contents of the objects folder from this downlaod in the main objects folder of the King Air. A backup for the default files is included. I am confident you`ll never want to use these back-up files.
  • Air France Saab 340A By Leen de Jager

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    Air France livery for the Saab 340 by L.E.S ( a paint by Leen "Flybike" de Jager ) Unzip airfrance.zip into a temp. folder Place the folder LDJ-Air France-HighRes or LDJ-Air France-LowRes in the liveries folder of the aircraft. Have fun Leen de Jager http://www.flybike-paints.nl
  • CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport By chris k

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    CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport 1.20 July 27, 2014 Build Chris K and the ISDG __________________________________________________________ Preamble: This is a generally stable build with no library conflicts; and all areas should be drivable and flyable. The ILS may be a fraction off due to repositioning of the runways to their orthophoto corrected locations, and verified with another 3rd party. It is also currently lacking ATC taxi-flow. However, these omissions are not “showstoppers” per se.
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