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  • TAXI - HD Enhancement Pack By PierreLvx

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    This package features high definition, weathered textures that have been carefully crafted to make low resolution signage a thing of the past. For your convenience, 3 versions are provided (muted, balanced, vibrant), with slight color differences. Pick your favourite ! Includes XP9 and XP10 2k and 4k DDS textures. Please see the included Read Me for install instructions and details.
  • CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport By chris k

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    CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport 1.20 July 27, 2014 Build Chris K and the ISDG __________________________________________________________ Preamble: This is a generally stable build with no library conflicts; and all areas should be drivable and flyable. The ILS may be a fraction off due to repositioning of the runways to their orthophoto corrected locations, and verified with another 3rd party. It is also currently lacking ATC taxi-flow. However, these omissions are not “showstoppers” per se.
  • CYTZ Toronto Island Airport By chris k

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    CYTZ Toronto Island Airport Authors: CDN 791M and Chris K of the International Scenery Development Group (ISDG) Version 1.0 - Jun 25, 2013 __________________________________________________________ Features: - USGS 30cm/pix Hi-res Orthophotos. - An Updated Toronto City Centre (Billy Bishop) Airport by CDN791M (Ed). - FreddyV's CN Tower Replacement Object (credits below) - Extensive buildout of Toronto Island and Surrounding Environs (Ontario Place, Christie Spit, etc) - Additional Toron
  • Challenger forum notes compilations By XPJavelin

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    How to take command of this new aircraft as a complete beginner on the CL650 type ? All my compilations of forum notes that were very useful in the first hours ! March 2022 version.  
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