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  • Air France Saab 340A By Leen de Jager

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    Air France livery for the Saab 340 by L.E.S ( a paint by Leen "Flybike" de Jager ) Unzip airfrance.zip into a temp. folder Place the folder LDJ-Air France-HighRes or LDJ-Air France-LowRes in the liveries folder of the aircraft. Have fun Leen de Jager http://www.flybike-paints.nl
  • CrewPackXP - Crew Callouts By N1K

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    **Updated 01/04/2022** CrewPackXP is a FlyWithLUA utility designed to add some crew communications for aircraft in X-Plane 11. This includes basic callouts, and in some cases assistance from the PNF in high workload phases of flight. Settings can be adjusted to enable or disable the whole plugin, or just certain features of each aircraft. Flight Factor 757 / 767: - Virtual FO to pre-flight aircraft - Take-off and Landing calls by both crew members - Flight Attendant PA's - Ground C
  • G-LGNA British Airways (Loganair) Saab 340A By Leen de Jager

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    British Airways (operated by Loganair) livery for Take Command! (L.E.S.) Saab 340A by Leen "Flybike" de Jager. Low and high-res folders included. Installation: Simply unzip the contents of G-LGNA.zip into a temp folder. Place the high- or low-res version in the Liveries folder of the aircraft. Have fun, Leen de Jager http://www.flybike-paints.nl
  • YPAD Adelaide Airport Photoreal (XP10) By chris k

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    YPAD Adelaide Australia Airport Photoreal (XP10) Version 1.31 Release Mar 04, 2013 __________________________________________________________ Features: Photorealistic terrain at 15cm/pix resolution Accurately modelled Taxiways, Tarmac, Markings, and Signage Accurately modelled Control Towers and Field Support buildings Complete X-Plane 10 Compliant ATC/AI Taxi Flow System Accurately Modelled Airport grounds and 3D Object placement Customized HDR Lighting w/accurate light-sta
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