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vSpeed callouts for HotStart Challenger 650 v0.105

About This File

Hello Captains!

A LUA-script for v-speed callouts for the HotStart Challenger 650 v1.2 or higher.
It includes callouts for 80 knots, V1, Vr, V2 (V2 is optional) and positiv rate / gear up.

Feel free to leave a comment if you liked the script (or not) :)

The script requires FlyWithLua: Download the correct version for your simulator.

FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11:
- https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/
FlyWithLua for X-Plane 12:

- Unzip the files in [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts

You should get a structure something like this.



Edit the Wizball_CL650_vSpeed.lua for the settings. 

-- Set to true to enable "V2" callout and false to disable. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters.
local Enable_V2 = false

-- Set to true to enable "Positive rate/Gear up" callout and false to disable. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters.
local EnablePosGearUp = true

-- Set to 1 for callout by totoritko(HotStart). Set 2 for callout by xplana.
local CalloutVoice = 1

-- Change "SoundLevel" to adjust volume for the callouts. Adjust between 0.10 min - 1.00 max.
-- Recommended value for CalloutVoice 1 - 0.70 - For CalloutVoice 2 - 0.30
local SoundLevel = 0.70

How to use:
Just make sure you set the vSpeeds in the FMS and you will get the callouts.


Known bugs/limitations:
- Non at the moment.


totoritko and xplana for the callouts

Edited by Tom Stian

What's New in Version v0.105   See changelog


- Fixed a bug that was introduced in previous version that could move the script to FWL Quarantine

- Fixed bug: in icy conditions you could get random 80kts callouts or other wrong callouts

- Minor tweak to the "positive rate, gear up" callout. Its now based on altitude and vertical speed. It was previous only based on altitude.

- Added new callouts. totoritko has kindly provided me with wav files of his voice for my callout script.

- Minor tweaks

- Initial release

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