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  2. Yes, the fix is in the coming 1.1 update (in Public Beta now)
  3. Is that the log file from an actual crash?
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  5. Hello, On the TBM 900, is it possible to adjust the brightness of the PFD but especially of the MFD (too bright), if so? How to do it ? Thanks in advance
  6. Any update on this issue?
  7. I’ve just installed the IXEG 737-300 and find that many of the switches are not switchable. The mouse changes to a full hand when hovering over the switch but does not change to a finger pointing. It seems this only concerns switches installed in the roof panel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. this is what I was talking about in my previous post: 0:00:02.209 I/SCN: Updated Navdata from your provider has an outdated format. You should download navdata made for X-Plane 11.50 or later. I'm really at a loss to why xplane is freezing up then crashing. Happens every flight in single player or on vatsim, even after a full reinstall to another drive. Only addons I'm running is X-Pilot, the TBM and HD Scenery mesh v4. I'll attach my most recent log, maybe you see something that I don't. Log.txt
  9. Ok thanks. I'm having an issue when flying the TBM that I'm trying to diagnose where Xplane will randomly freeze then crash. The only error in the log was saying something about updating the navdata to current standard.
  10. I also disabled the plugins you mentioned - and it did it to me again. I shut off apu after main engines start and gens on
  11. I dont have the instructor operating station. I had to google that to see how to do it and I dont or never have
  12. respected dev sorry for late reply to you thanks i gotit
  13. This is definitely something in your configuration. There is nothing that we've done that will prevent you from setting preset views. Make sure you don't have anything assigned to any hardwire, or any plugins that could be controlling your views.
  14. The TBM reads X-Planes default navdata format. If it's not registering the newest version, then you'll need to bring that up with Laminar.
  15. New with saab 340. Updated saab to 1.5.1 and the newest Gizmo. I try to map the preset views from the saabmenu to my hardware. Problem is when I click on the view I like to map, it is only visible in one or two seconds Too short to assign and also not usable. Of course I can use the home made screens from x-view but I like the presets more. Any ideas? Running X-plane 11.50, radeon1080TI with 11 gb, intel i7-8700
  16. Hello sujit, There is no need to take action now. Once you have built your new machine you can install X-Plane and then the IXEG 737 on it. When you try to run for the first time, the software will tell you that a new hardware system was detected, and it will ask you to specify a "name" for the new hardware system. You can name it anyway you like, but it should be a name that you can remember and that is unique. If you have already installed the 737 three times or more, it will also ask you to "lock up forever" an older machine (maybe the one you are using now, because you will never use it again). Then you need to specify the name for that machine (from the list) and also type FREEZE to confirm that you really want to lock it. Warning: Once you FREEZE a machine, you will never ever be able to run the IXEG on it again. Cheers, Jan
  17. respected developer in the near feature say around in 20days. q is should i need to deactivate my license for the above said period. If so what is the procedure to do this any help is really app. thanku
  18. PS: I just googled the problem a bit and it seems that there is a bug in X-Plane where if you have the "instructor operating station" open on another window, the plane will not use any fuel (as the IOS constantly "refills" your tanks). Could this be a factor in your case?
  19. Hmm - there may be a lead in your description - do you have the APU running while you fly? Maybe there is a bug in the fuel usage code with that - I will try that on my end... You are running two plugins that I would consider "suspect" in this case: RealityXP and XJet. However to really get to the bottom of this you would probably have to run a (lenghty) elimination process where you fly without any plugins to see if that fixes it - then bring in your plugins in batches to try and isolate the problem. I believe you when you say that no other planes suffer from this, but I dare to say that few other planes have an intricate system modeling that may be affected by these plugins in the way our 737 is. In addition this is a very isolated report - in fact it is the only report we ever had of our plane NOT using any fuel...so I deduce from this fact that it must be something unique to your setup/plugin environment. I will happily help you narrow down on the cause, of course! Cheers, Jan
  20. I've downloaded the new format for 11.50+ from navigraph, installed it, but the tbm is showing the default data that expired in 2016. Am I missing something or is the plane just not compatible with the new format yet?
  21. Well did it to me again tonight after like 10 flights with proper fuel usage. I loaded 25000 lbs fuel and when I was fly I only used the APU fuel and nothing else. Here is my log. I also looked at data refs but I didnt see anything funky and couldn't locate one that showed fuel used. I didnt take long looking at it before getting frustrated. If you see xplane quit its because I didnt finish flight. Got to the point where an aircraft thats not pulling fuel makes the challenge pointless. Its like xplane god mode. Not getting down on this plane - I have had it a long time and its getting sooooo good. I will try sdome flights tomorrow and see how it responds. I havent had this fuel bug in other aircraft and I do run the release vulkan. Log.txt
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  23. Getting closer and closer every day...
  24. For that use case, I recommend waiting until 1.2 is pushed (installer is being built) as it has a mode where the G5 panel rendering can be disabled and used only in popup mode.
  25. I wish I could, but I'm missing 2 things. The documentation of the EVO and the time to do it. Also a EVO pilot to help me with that.
  26. Thanks for the help Coop. However you over estimate my programming skills...I found the file, but no idea how to adjust it. Below is what it is set to now. What do I change to put it in pop out mode automatically? I assume the G5 can just be positioned over the top of the standard attitude indicator and HSI? # libacfutils configuration file - DO NOT EDIT! disablepersist = 0 g5_fps_a = 20 g5_fps_b = 20 g5_h_a = 480 g5_h_b = 480 g5_lts_max = 100 g5_mtr_h_a = 810 g5_mtr_h_b = 810 g5_mtr_w_a = 773 g5_mtr_w_b = 773 g5_mtr_x_a = 0 g5_mtr_x_b = 0 g5_mtr_y_a = 0 g5_mtr_y_b = 0 g5_nbzl_h_a = 480 g5_nbzl_h_b = 480 g5_nbzl_open_at_launch_a = 0 g5_nbzl_open_at_launch_b = 0 g5_nbzl_w_a = 640 g5_nbzl_w_b = 640 g5_nbzl_x_a = 500 g5_nbzl_x_b = 0 g5_nbzl_y_a = 500 g5_nbzl_y_b = 0 g5_w_a = 640 g5_w_b = 640 g5_x_a = 0 g5_x_b = 640 g5_y_a = 0 g5_y_b = 0 g5bat_a = 10000 g5bat_b = 10000 g5power_a = 1 g5power_b = 1
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