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  2. Hi just wondering why it’s taken so long to get the altitude boxes sorted in the Synthetic vision. Hasn’t worked for a long time.
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  4. I got the problem fixed after comparing commands in this ini file to the xsaitekpanels.ini in \Resources\Plugins\Xsaitekpanels. I had to remove the "off" between switch_ and cmd and that fixed it. See the changes below. ;command for alt master switch off command alt_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/alt1_Off <-- original command bat_master_switch_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat1_Off <-- replacement command ;command for alt master switch off command2 alt2_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/alt2_Off <-- original command bat2_master_switch_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat2_Off <-- replacement command
  5. That's not as easy as it sounds since it's moving around. Here it was inside the copilots shoes.
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  7. If you are getting an aural warning, then most likely the CHT is too high, (what was the CHT indicating?) Where did you have the mixture set?
  8. You can try deleting the State files in X-Plane/Output/SR22 If you do, note the Hobbs and flight time in the file (listed in seconds), if you don't want to lose your hobbs time on the aircraft (don't worry about it if you don't care about that) Let me know if this fixes it!
  9. Hi Bruce, That bug has been noted and we are working on a fix for the fuel prime switch. I haven't used nor have X-CPL plugin, but if it needs to configure weight and balance, flipping the "FSE Override" switch in the SR22 load manager reverts our custom loading system back to the default X-Plane system, so it can then be adjusted by other plugins.
  10. This picture is a bit too cropped in for me to see what is going on, can you take a picture of it from further away?
  11. Odd, we are looking into a state tracking bug on the physics plugin that this might relate to. Thanks for reporting.
  12. Commands can be found and bound in X-Plane keyboard settings (note, these only will appear if the G5 plugin is currently running, so it needs to be installed into the aircraft that is currently loaded):
  13. The log file you posted shows you are not using the gizmo beta. Post a new log file so that we can get useful error data and provide meaningful advice.
  14. When taking off in the SR22TN with full mixture and 2700rpm, I get an aural warning and red warning on the pfd, that my CHT is too high. Is this normal? I have as a result resorted to taking off at 2500 rpm only and not going full throttle. Possibly taking off at 2700rpm and then almost immediately reducing to 2500rpm is the proper way. A little unsure so any advice would be appreciated.
  15. hello, i have just joined the club of TBM900 owners, can i have the discord please thanks
  16. Hello everyone, 4 years ago I bought the IXEG 737CL with another E-Mail address/account. I lost access to that address. What should I say - I created a new account. I know each person should only have one account (sorry for that), but I did not see any different solution. Anyways, I bought the Hotstart TBM900 a few days ago with another account/E-mail address and I keep getting the following message: X-Aviation Licensing Your machine is registered to a different user. Can anybody help me with this? I already contacted the support but I got no useful response or help. Thank you!
  17. Sounds like you're running X-Plane 11.41. As the product page states, 11.50 beta is required.
  18. Mustang

    Livery error

    I have only the blank white livery out of the box though i have other livery folders. The 4th tab shows this error, screenshot attached. How do I enable a livery in the first place and make changes like tail number?
  19. I keep my setting for starting up the SR22TN plane to cold and dark. A couple of flights ago, the sim started up with the prop spinning and then stopping. Everything else is off, as it was left. It has occurred every flight since then. Not sure if a pref setting is munged or a bug. It started occurring in 1.0.1, X-Plane 11.5 latest beta, Windows 10. I've been absolutely thrilled with what you have accomplished with this plane.
  20. My PFD and MFD work, but most of the center console does not. Is that because it is still under development? Windows version.
  21. Hi alexdm, I looked at your log.txt and it looks like you are running out of lua memory. This is caused by running too many plugins that compete for lua memory, a fairly small part of the regular RAM. You also run a lot of plugins that have caused problems before - maybe you can check if they have an update available or if your really need them. If the crashing persists, follow the recommendations in this writeup to isolate the problem, please: Please let us know what you find out! Cheers, Jan
  22. Thank you @Coop and @oldflyguy for your attention Unfortunately I downloaded another small aircraft and the issue occurred again, so it is definitely not a problem with the Islander. Apologies for any inconvenience this caused you guys. I am back to square one. Thanks again. duck
  23. Same here. It started with 1.0.1.
  24. Good morning all, Looking forward to your next revision; and speaking of versions, look what I did yesterday... ________________ Best regard, Mark
  25. Yes, agreed on the engine sounds needing either updated or reverted back to 1.1.0. Also, has anyone else noticed the Doppler effect is now messed up with version 1.1.1? I'm sure they will address this but an update for the sounds will definitely be appreciated!
  26. thanks, I have installed the GIZMO latest Beta already
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