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  2. Please attach your Log.txt from X-Plane, thanks.
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  4. I did notice a minor issue that I believe that I may have created by playing around with the new "Robust Contrast Adaptive Sharpening" (RCAS) setting. After setting it to 100%, the Captain's FMC display seem to layer one display over another, the more key inputs I put in, the more the screen layered on top of the old display. After a while with no further input the display started to clear on its own. I did another flight after restarting X-Plane and left the (RCAS) setting on 0% and the problem did not reappear. Not going to file a bug unless others experience the same issue. Also, the first officer's FMC did not display any issues at all.
  5. I've tried that. No joy. I also tried removing the /Output completely and let X-Plane rebuild the files. Still the same. I went as far as installing XP12 and CL650 on my Win10 Virtual Machine and then copying the output of /Output/CL650 into my Linux host X-Plane/Output. That time I could actually see proper coordinates when selecting the airframe, but the sim froze after clicking "Confirm?" just like before. Now what's REALLY odd is the model works beautifully in "Non-persistent mode". I did 2h+ plus flight today, no issues. I'm suspecting the plugin or a function within that plugin responsible for creating and/or reading "state.bin" file is the culprit.
  6. Suggest deleting /Output/CL650 completely. (Creating empty state files may also be confusing it.)
  7. Hello On my takeoff roll my Vspeeds are clearing off the PFD. I don’t get any Vspeeds deleted message in the CDU. I was doing a Flex takeoff not sure if that’s anything to do with it. thanks
  8. I've been fighting with it for over a week now. I have hundreds of (mostly) problem-free hours with the CL650 on this exact machine. I took a little break recently, and now that I reinstalled my system I'm getting some weird errors. ------ MACHINE ------ i7-12700K, RTX3090 & ARC 310, 64GB DDR5, NVME SSD. I'm running Linux Arch (6.9.1), and Hyprland WM (Wayland). I have 2 GPUs in my system, I use ARC 310 to run the system on startup and for light work, the RTX 3090 if for heavy use in the host (Nvidia Prime) or in my Virtual Machines when need it. I can load and unload Nvidia kernel modules on-the-go and use the GPU when I need it. I know it sounds convoluted, but it works perfectly and it's officially supported by NVidia. X-Plane 12 runs very well on my system. When I run it via nvidia-prime it is the only process on the GPU, and I enjoy smooth 80fps+ graphics. I own multiple payware aircraft addons and they run perfectly fine (Felis 747, VMAX 767-400, X-Crafts E175) on this system. To be clear I've tried to run the CL650 on a vanilla XP12 installation first with the same results (crashes), so you can't blame the other add-ons. I have no extra Plugins installed in /Resources/plugins (besides what the installer puts there). ----- SYMPTOMS ----- (1) The aircraft (v1.7r1) loads just fine. I'm presented with the "Select Mode" screen. When I click the "Career Mode" i see the list of the Airframes, I can create/delete airframes and edit avionics options just fine. Now what's weird is on the right side (Saved States) the status is showing as "Parked" and Position "N00 00.00' E000 00.00' 0 KIAS at 0 ft. When I click "Enter FBO" the button changes to "Confirm?", and when I click that it hangs. It doesn't crash-to-desktop per se, just hangs. And as I later found out the X-Plane is dumping "--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Challenger 650 by Hot Start}==--" into Log.txt file at a rate of about 1GB per 10 seconds (yeah). Millions of lines. I have to issue a kill command to end the process and stop writing. (2) When I load the plane in "Non-Persistent Mode" it starts just fine (cold-and-dark). I did a couple of flights with it in non-persistent-mode and everything seems to be working fine... until it's time to shut down the sim (or change the aircraft) - when you press Alt+F4 (or select Exit from the menu) it hangs again just like in the Career Mode. ----- LOGS ----- I uploaded 2 logs - one from X-Plane (Log.txt) - I had to cut the end of it as it was over 500Mb of "--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Challenger 650 by Hot Start}==--". One thing I see right away is line 190: dlerror:/home/raf/X-Plane/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/lin_x64/Gizmo64.plugin.xpl: invalid ELF header Then I get a bunch of sound FMOD errors, but the system doesn't' crash on that, it crashes after line 3927 "BOOT: pl21_fini" I also ran strace on the X-Plane-x86-64 (X-Plane.strace), once again I had to cut the file as it was over 1GB in size, but you can see X-Plane plugin requesting state.bin file located in /Output/CL650/airframes/<airframe-id>/state.bin but the file isn't there. I manually created an empty state.bin file inside that catalog to see what happens, and once I did that CL650 did NOT crash in Career Mode after clicking on "Confirm?". I was presented with another window stating "You have checked "Restore position and trajectory" but the state was saved very far ... from X-Plane's current location. Clicking "OK" will move you to that distant location." And after clicking OK - it hangs... Log.txt X-Plane.strace
  9. I have fixed the issue I had, and already tested in 12.1.0b2. Needs a bit of clean up, testing for any unforeseen bugs, and then getting into release procedure. Here some late captures.
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  11. Disable Zink in XP graphics settings, and report bug to LR.
  12. For the future, I would recommend following the checklists, where the test procedure and which switches to check is explained in detail:
  13. ...many thanks akatham, zink was the culprit
  14. mike307


    Thank you Stall Protection Switch was off on copilots side.
  15. Halo after i update to xplane 12.1 and i fly challenger 650, xplane is crash many times, i tried many times, sometimes it works after i restarted my pc, but sometimes it keep closing the xplane what happen? here is my log, i hope someone can help me thanks Log.txt
  16. I thought I would start a new topic in case anyone else wants to add their comments. Just did a very short flight with the new x-plane update version 12.0.1 beta. All the systems seem to work well. The day and night lighting look good and I'm not seeing any dark cockpit issues in the daytime. I'm not sure if any modifications had to be done but the transition at least for me went well. Thank you all for your hard work.
  17. Either turn off zink (in x-planes graphics settings), it is now enable by default in xp12.1. Or join the hotstart discord and ask totoro for the cl650 beta, which works with zink.
  18. Mmm strange. what do you suggest? no custom scenery while running the sim. As I mentions only with this aircraft I'm having loads of issues since installation.
  19. Hi, after updating X-Plane to 12.1 the CL650 is not longer working! Batt Master on ,no MFDisplay on,no CDU on should the plane work with 12.1 ?
  20. The M3 Pro GPUs in the realm of GPUs are on the much lower end of specs, and this is a heavy aircraft. Are you using custom scenery? That is an odd crash, I've got that noted to take a look at for a future update.
  21. Can anyone here help with this crash in the sim. It happens while running replay mode and cannot find to get more that 15fps also with settings lowered to the left. I am using a MacBook Pro m3 pro16gb. All good with other aircrafts fyi. Cheers, Here is the crash log: 2024-05-16 18:19:43 SR22TN[dr.c:137]: assertion "!( sizeof(f) == sizeof(float) ? __inline_isnanf((float)(f)) : sizeof(f) == sizeof(double) ? __inline_isnand((double)(f)) : __inline_isnanl((long double)(f)))" failed: afm/sr/f/switches/flaps (dr.cpp294: &fDR->drt) --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Cirrus SR22TN by TorqueSim and RealSimGear}==--
  22. Check both STALL PROT PUSHER switches are ON (on both the pilot's and copilot's side). Check breakers CB1-N4, CB1-N5 and CB4-C5 are pushed in
  23. For future reference https://www.howtogeek.com/226280/how-to-take-screenshots-in-windows-10/
  24. Please post a log file that isn’t scrambled, thanks! Also, your system specs are very weak, let alone for VR…
  25. Request discord invite would like to use 1.8 beta?
  26. This sounds like the activation can't contact the server, but in order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file?
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