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  3. Have a look at the Configuration Options section here: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/realityxp.html#realty-xp-gtngns-setup
  4. Good day, I'm sure I'm doing a few things incorrectly. I have flown the TBM 900 for 10--15 hours or so, but over the last 2-3 weeks, after setting up / starting the engine etc, and configuring for flight, just as I click the "Enable VR Headset" button so I can taxi for takeoff, the program crashes to the desktop about 70% of the time. This does not happen with any of the other planes / helicopters. I uninstalled X-plane a week or so ago, loaded a fresh copy and then installed the Quatam River add-on scenery pack by Propstrike. The first hint of trouble a few weeks ago, was when I launched X-Plane, loaded the TBM, selected the airport (Quatam RIver) . On a subsequent launch of X-Plane, the program booted straight to the VR activation screen (the hangar view). The only button avbl then, is the "Disable VR Headset" option. When you click that, it could either go to the normal startup menu for X-plane, or it could crash to the desktop. It also crashes to the desktop at other airports as well (JFK, MIA, ORD FLL) etc If I launch any other plane / helicopter, at any combination of airports, the sim seems to work ok. I am well aware that its possible to fly the sim with things that are not right, so not having it crash with planes / helis other than the TBM does not mean that my setup is ok. I'm wondering if my HTC Vive Pro Headset, or flight control hardware or Xplane software, computer hardware needs to have driver updates. I've done several updates recently, but I may have missed something, or gotten it wrong some other way. Happy for any and all suggestions. Kind regards, Konrad Log (1).txt
  5. I perceive the whole WXR thing is a bit of a minefield topic. I shall steer clear of it.
  6. I try to get the RXP 750 to work with the MU-2B V2. I hoped it would work with the GPSS activated, but if I activate the GPSS, the plane turns in a random direction and continues in that direction, whatever I do with the heading bug. Am I missing something?
  7. Then I'll also add something - I'm so free I understand both sides. Although I started simming with FS5 and A320 on the Amiga, it wasn't until FS 2004 and FSX that I really got into it. As life goes, there are phases where you don't have time to spend leisure time at the computer. Then, years later, you regain some free time and come back to the hobby... in that time, I found FSX replaced by Prepar3d and MSFS 2020, and X-Plane 11 was already replaced by the release of XP12. Emotionally, though, I was still attached to all the FSX addons and had to realize with "consternation" that I couldn't catch up on all the addons I wanted to. PMDG? FSX products gone. At first, I thought the same thing: Why? Just keep selling it and don't worry about it. But would that be okay? Would I spend $90 on an addon and have problems installing it or entering the key... but expect no support? To make it short: Development has also allowed me to discover addons that I would never have experienced otherwise. I spent some time with MSFS, but now I'm full-time (meaning the full time of sparse leisure time) in X-Plane. I would like to be more in XP12, but XP11 is currently running better. Hoping for 12.1 and further updates... but without the "forced" perspective change away from FSX, I wouldn't have discovered all the addons that I get to experience today. Yes, I'm still somewhat behind and want to treat myself to the Challenger next month (also because it still runs in XP11), but I am now firmly convinced that I will also experience the IXEG in XP12. Unfortunately, not today or tomorrow, but maybe in a year. It's a hobby that should be fun for us, and developers have to figure out how to best manage economically... hey, no question. I still come and feel that we are not customers in the classical sense. On the "other side" sit enthusiasts who program something for our community (which I will never understand how it works) and we have the opportunity to live with these addons this hobby virtually and still all be in the midst of a community where we have direct contact with each other. From this perspective, I pay for the time, work, ideas, and sweat with my purchase price, but unlike when I buy a car or whatever, I don't expect to be treated like a king. Most developers of addons of the quality of IXEG have such high standards for themselves and their work that you don't need to step on their toes when there are problems. But as individuals, we must accept that our own interests and perspectives cannot be the sole measure. Even if it's personally disappointing, if it's better for the greater good, then so be it.
  8. Is there any news about the update of the TBM900?
  9. Having to run X-Plane under Rosetta when using the DC-3 is a real hassle. It seams like everything basically exists to get the aircraft to run natively. The plugins that are part of the aircraft already are universal binaries (x86_64 + arm64) and a universal version of the Gizmo64 plugin seems to be in beta test but not yet fully integrated by X-Aviation. I'd really appreciate if LES and X-Aviation worked together to make this work so the aircraft can be fully enjoyed without the hassle and performance impact of Rosetta. Thanks!
  10. View File N604EX Hot Start Challenger 650 This is a livery for the Hot Start Challenger 650, inspired by https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/N604EX To install, extract the zip file into the "liveries" folder. You can supply your own registration, N604EX is not printed on the cowlings. Submitter pilotdeviation Submitted 04/19/2024 Category Hot Start Challenger 650 Livery For https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-challenger-650-p-212  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a livery for the Hot Start Challenger 650, inspired by https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/N604EX To install, extract the zip file into the "liveries" folder. You can supply your own registration, N604EX is not printed on the cowlings.
  12. Think? I know. I deal with customers daily. It's my job. It's not a statement about one's intelligence. It's about the common occurrence of NOT reading. 50 products is more than a few. My data is a lot more relevant and true than anything you'll get your hands on. That's about all I can say to that. I'm sorry you're displeased, but I've been doing this (selling products) for 16 years. I don't care to be right, I'm just stating the facts as they are. I hope you find products that make you happy, and while I find your future purchasing decisions a bit odd, that's your choice and I respect it. Happy flying!
  13. I do not believe your data is fully relevant either as you only sell a few aircraft so your data is very incomplete, it does not cover aircraft available from all payware sites. I don't think you can come to the definite conclusion that most X-Plane users are only installing all of their payware aircraft (from all payware sites) that are both XP11 & XP12 compatible into XP12 only just based on the limited data you have. It's your aircraft and you can do with it whatever you please, it just makes me very sad that you guys (and LES) are abandoning XP11 users just because a newer X-Plane version was just released. In my opinion, your reasons for not wanting to do it are kind of lame to be honest and sound more like excuses to me (just being honest, not trying to start a fight). You may not care but It makes me upset and I no longer want to buy any of your aircraft ever, whether they're XP11 compatible or not and even when I do finally switch to XP12 I won't buy any so you just lost at least one customer that was willing to spend good money. Yes, it does happen on occasion that someone will buy the wrong version but I believe most flight simulation users are smarter than you think (most do know how to read) and I don't believe it happens nearly as often as you think. Personally, I have never made that mistake and I use many flight simulators out there since 2002 and still buy payware for many of them. I also still use FSX:SE (this sim is near and dear to my heart and I'll never give it up.) and even though it's very dated, one thing I love about it is there's still to this day thousands of payware add-ons still available for it as well as thousands of freeware add-ons too allowing me to create my own unique flight simulator exactly the way I want it using vanilla FSX as the base, using add-ons and making my own modifications. If I had to estimate, I would say about 90% of the add-ons ever made (both free and paid) for FSX are still available on the internet, in fact you can still find many FS9 payware for sale too. At least the FSX developers are still willing to sell their add-ons (and fairly often still give support) and not abandon the community (and yes, the FSX community still exists even if it's smaller these days).
  14. Last week
  15. A website poll is not really relevant. The pool size is not indicative of add-on purchasers use behavior. My data is concrete and definitive of what actual buyers are doing. We aren't going to do this. People don't read fine print about "as-is" clauses, and many will begin purchasing the wrong one even if the supported version is in the title. I realize you think this would be simple, but on my end it's headache central. We're just not going there. I deal with customers all day long to know better than that.
  16. Lol good point. I believe you but I did a survey a couple months ago (from a popular flight sim website) asking me which simulators I use most and after I finished the survey it showed me the results which actually showed many more X-Plane users are using still using X-Plane 11 version 11.55 over X-Plane 12. Another strange result that surpised me is that some X-Plane users are still using an outdated version of X-Plane 11 (version 11.30 I believe but I could be wrong) for some reason. I am not asking for continued support and updates for XP11 add-ons. As I said before, I would be happy to buy the XP11 version of the IXEG 737 as is with no developer support or new updates. All I'm asking is that they make it available for sale, I don't think that's asking too much and it will in no way hurt development of current products.
  17. It may be that many still use 11 but its not financially good for developers to spend time on products that few are buying, for older vers, Most developers have moved on and most users have learned to live with it.
  18. I haven't intended to defend their decision or give a response against you. As both a customer and an entrepreneur, I want to make a point of view. Having two similar but not equal products can lead to slow development in the new product. After paying for the product, would you like to receive support? YES The development of the new version is slowed down, which results in buyers complaining. NO Then You agree to purchase it without any assistance? YES Surely, sooner or later, someone will complain about something doesn't work well that causes damage to reputation.
  19. I have the stats of many products and can see where installs go (the CL650, as an example, is multi XP version compatible). It's definitely a severe minority. The community has by and large migrated to X-Plane 12.
  20. See it this way, maybe? When you eventually upgrade to XP12...the IXEG will be there waiting for you (unless we moved to XP13 by that time )
  21. I do believe I'm in the minority but I wouldn't call it a severe minority. I've seen plenty of people on the different X-Plane forums talking about still using X-Plane 11. In fact, I just happened to look up X-Plane 10 on Steam and read the reviews, I was curious as I never used that version. What surprised me is that there were a lot of recent reviews of people talking about how they still use X-Plane 10 even today.
  22. I’m hoping for good news from the beta testers soon.
  23. Thanks @Coop That solved the issue. Thanks again.
  24. Thanks for your answer @Cameron though you did not answer the question: What is your threshold of complaints to address a bug? Cheers, C
  25. If we can reproduce it, we can likely fix it. That was also the case here.
  26. Good to know @Cameron What is your threshold of complaints to address a bug?
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