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  2. Can't really add much to this conversation. I'd have to own a copy of the plugins you mentioned and install all your other plugins to even hope to reproduce this. Saab Version 1 is in a frozen state with no updates planned. Gizmo is under continual development and future releases might, or might not, fix the problem. If you can reproduce this issue without all your additional third party plugins I can log it as a bug for future review and reference to see if this issue ever appears again. As it stands, you're the only report of this I've seen and it's throwing a
  3. The reason is that topbraindumps GARP have made them just a piece of cake for you. Now target whatever the certification exam you require for the enhancement of your professional career. You will be never disappointed in attaining your target.
  4. Unfortunately, we don't officially support the integration of any 3rd party mods to the Saab. This is something that you would have to get help from RSG for, or someone else who may have had better luck with the integration.
  5. I will attach I will attach the PC-12 .cfg here if you could take a look at it. RealityXP.GTN.ini
  6. Hi ur35f, yes - and this problem is already fixed for the next build - but I don´t know when we will get around to publishing it because we have some other fixes for it that we want to include. For now please pretend that it the panel is INOP - it is possible to fly with this according to the MEL (I have actually done so in real life once, you have to confirm the position of the slats "visually"). Cheers, Jan
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  8. I'm having trouble getting the G500 suite to appear in the Turbo Islander. I've installed it using the G500 Aircraft Installer, but I'm still met with the standard gauges when I load in? Any advice? Attached are images of my folder structure and in game
  9. 1st off, There is nothing wrong with your Aircraft. But after installing the RealSimGear GTN750 Plugin, I think it has a compatibility issue with Gizmo. I get errors upon loading the aircraft. The only changes I made to the sim was installing the GTN750 plugins both RealityXp and RSG Hardware and plugins. This version of the aircraft doesn't come with a GTN ini file by default, so maybe that is the issue... Anyway, I can simply close out the error window and use the GTN750 without issue. The Aircraft handles the same as always. So no big deal, but if anyone has a understanding of what is goin
  10. Please disregard this thread, I've already read that it doesn't work yet. Sorry once again!
  11. Dear devs! I stumbled upon a minor problem. When I press the TEST button on the FLAPS/SLATS it doesn't light up. I tested all other buttons/knobs and they all seem to work, but this very panel seems dead. The button's animation is OKay, it's just there's no reaction on pressing it. Is it a bug or a feature? Best regards.
  12. Hm, I'm not sure what GTN configs are in the PC12 mod, there are some base RealityXP settings that need to be set for the data to transfer over from the RealityXP GTNs to the G500. I've attached the GTN settings default file that we use in our Islander. The only thing I imagine different in the PC12 would be the screen coordinates (line 33 of this file for the primary GTN). RealityXP.GTN.defaults.ini
  13. Bingo! It works! Now, try each of the plugin to see which one is responsible. Next step then. I will keep you informed. Thank you again for your dedication.
  14. Will do that asap and revert to you
  15. I see quite a few plugins that have me questioning whether or not one or some of them may have something to do with this. Please temporarily remove the following plugins (move them to your desktop or any other safe place so you can restore them later) and then shut down and restart X-Plane. Load the TBM at SCIP and re-test to see what happens. XPrealWX 124thATC Autogate AOS Terrain Radar Therm-X stkpconnector If it does the same thing, please send another series of logs. Plugins and enhancements can make the sim better, but sometimes too many
  16. Last week
  17. So, I see this Howard offered as freeware and think to myself, Gee, I wonder how badly they trashed up this venerable airplane. I downloaded it and pretty much expected a digital insult to Benny Howard. Boy, was I wrong! For freeware, this is one awesome representation of the Howard DGA 15-P. It flies great and the instrumentation is nearly spot on. You have to watch airspeed on takeoffs & landings, monitor oil temps, manifold pressure - the works. Okay, right rudder input on takeoff on the real airplane probably requires more aggressive input, and ground handling may not be a perf
  18. Hello! I have the G500 installed with my PC-12 along with the Garmin 750. For some reason the G500 will not show the next waypoint on the flight plan and only the one that it is currently tracking to. You can see this in the screenshots. Is this a bug? I planned the flight using the Garmin 750. Does anyone have a similar issue?
  19. Jan's tutorials seem to be marked private on YT?
  20. Hi, I read the description from update 1.6.4 and 1.6.5 and I understood the possibility to activate the "Use PL Auto Latch". But I want to use a button to release the thrust lever (toggle to reverse). Are there a button binding to toggle this switches? I didn't found any button in xplane? Thanks for your help!
  21. I had problems with my X-aviation software activation. Unfortunately, although X-aviation (Cameron) did reply to me in a timely manner, the email address I was using was playing up after a recent server outage and I did not get his courteous and helpful response. Email changed now. Customer support has now resolved the issue and following Cameron's advice my software is unlocked. Thanks again.
  22. As proposed, as joined files : The 3 last flightlogs from the X-Plane 11\Output\TBM900\flightlog folder TBM900_Log.txt, and, Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt log_211017_145148_LFBP.csv log_211017_145311_LFBP.csv log_211017_145321_LFBP.csv
  23. Good this was sorted by the update. All thats happened is Xaviation have alleged they have responded to customer service request, when other than ticket numbers nothing received. Now had to write off nearly £200 worth of purchases as they refuse to respond in a civil manner to request. Fortuantley other developers are not like these people.
  24. Yes, the original FMC only accepts "4 characters" as DEST (or ORIG) entry...so I guess this limits what we can realistically do. You can always navigate to your smallish airport by making a conditional waypoint in the FMS (radial/distance from a known waypoint or by entering geographical coordinates) to help you find it. Cheers, Jan
  25. Thank you very much! That's just the point, the airport in the database goes and if in the icao code there is a digit xieg 737 does not see it
  26. If the problem persist, please post a log.txt file as well as a TBM900_log.txt If it is needed, we will indeed update it.
  27. The regular FMS of the 737 (and most airliners) will not find small airports or show them if the runway is below a certain dimension. For the IXEG 737 we relaxed this a little and also read the information for the default airports - but if there is a new airport added to X-Plane (or a new navdatabase) then the IXEG 737 will not see the small airports in that database.
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