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  2. Hi, yes the RPMS are above 10% sometimes up to 30%. Yes I have charged the batteries to be 98-100% The screenshot shows how the status is after pressing the start button for about 60 secs or so.
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  4. I'm experiencing difficulty with the whole approach and landing. The plane simply will not descend and decelerate as expected when power is reduced and flaps and gear are deployed. Attempting to descend to pattern altitude, IAS remains very high even with the power pulled back to flight idle. I can't get it below 200 knots in a 500 fpm descent. I have to extend gear and flaps well above published speeds in order to slow down. Once full flaps are out, the nose wants to pitch up dramatically. Rather than slowing down, the plane simply starts climbing again. It requires nearly full nose down trim in order to descend. At flight idle, gear down, full flaps and following the normal glide path (VASI or PAPI - two red, two white) the plane will not go below 140 KIAS. It simply won't slow down. Pulling the nose up to flare just puts it back into a climb. Forcing it onto the runway at such a high speed results in bouncing and wheel-barrowing down the runway. Eventually it slows down enough to land, but it eats up most of a 10,000 foot runway. Anything shorter and I end up running off the end of the runway. It's like it either doesn't have any drag or the engines are producing way too much thrust at flight idle or both. The issue of the extreme nose pitch up that occurs with flap deployment and full nose down trim required to counteract this exacerbates the problem. I am an experienced X-Plane pilot as well as a real world pilot, so it's not that I don't understand how an approach and landing works. Anyone else experiencing similar issues or know what the problem could be?
  5. The MU-2 is a mechanical, analog masterpiece from the golden era of general aviation. The sounds in all phases of flight, the complex mechanical systems, the way you have to manage every aspect of flying the aircraft - makes the experience so immersive. There are a few issues that make it kind of a pain to fly, but I'm confident those will be addressed. Thanks to the developers for their excellent efforts.
  6. Fantastic. Thanks for posting these. I would be happy to convert your photos to JPEG, could provide a Dropbox to post them into. Don't hesitate to ask.
  7. you may be able to tweak them with a response curve on those axis. I've certainly done this myself on my hardware (Precision Flight Controls...*cough...#anythingbut) TK
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  9. Thanks for the quick response. I was checking the operation of my rudder pedals using the graphical display in X-Plane but when looked at the dataref values for brakes it turns out that the right and/or left brakes were intermittently sticking at .1 or so when they should have been 0. This brake drag was causing slow taxing in #1 above and also the issue I described in #3. Guess I'll have to look at some new hardware or somehow setup X-Plane to ignore brake values below 0.15 since I apparently have noisy rudder pedals.
  10. engine RPMs over 10%? 10% is the lightoff point and depending on the battery load or if you've attempted a previous start, the engines take a bit to get to the 10% point. This is one of the reasons I put the "charge batteries" preference in the GUI. For troubleshooting, consider hitting that button in the GUI to get maximum battery performance to get the engine over 10% as quick as possible. TK
  11. Or permanently “on”.
  12. Don't forget to remove the engine intake covers.
  13. That does sound like props still on the locks, though you did mention that you followed the procedure to remove them from the locks. When in ALPHA range and props off the locks, the torque meters should read about 15-17% at Flight idle and that should result in quite a bit of thrust and easily 10-20 knots taxi speed. The only way to be sure is to turn on X-Plane's 'data blocks' for thrust and/or prop pitch. Yes. There is a little blurb about why this is in the MU2 docs: specifically in the section titled "condition levers operation"....the paragraph beginning with: "For the most part....." I honestly couldn't say whats going on without looking at a bunch of dataref values simultaneously. ...i.e. braking values, prop pitch, thrust values, etc. TK
  14. Thanks @tkyler for so many great improvement in v2.0.2. The aircraft feels great to fly and it's great to see so many improvements, especially the ghost throttles. I have a few questions about the expected taxi behavior for the MU2: Is it normal and expected to have to move the condition lever from taxi up to takeoff/land to get the aircraft to taxi more than 3-5 knots? It seems extremely slow to accelerate when attempting to taxi with the condition levers in the taxi position and modulating the power levers in the alpha range. I've followed the procedure in the checklist to take the props off of the locks. Is it expected for the turbine rpm to jump up to ~95% when the power levers are moved to the flight idle detent even when the condition levers are in the taxi position? It seems like the brakes do not fully release after being applied once. During the first pull away from a stop of a new sim session the airplane starts to move as expected but after using the toe brakes to come to a full stop once, far more thrust is required to pull away again from a stop. I have checked my hardware and nothing is sticking when I monitor my toe brake axes. Thanks in advance!
  15. No smoking button = no annunciators in the cabin ?
  16. Yes inverter is set to MAIN Condition Levers set at TAXI Fuel Pressure does not exceed 40 PSI Aircraft does start using the default X-plane auto start menu...but that isn't the way I want to go.
  17. Inverter on? Condition Levers seem a bit low (set them to taxi, maybe? Fuel Pressure?
  18. Would be interested to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried it out.
  19. Thanks CaptCrash for this much interesting precisions and for your Siembrief submission.
  20. Yes and yes... Engine turns propeller turns whine is heard...no ignition
  21. Have you completed the perf pages in the FMS including the OAT, and made sure you have N1% for TO in the thrust limits page? Are you pressing the TO/GA button on the thrust levers?
  22. @danhenri The discrepancy you note is due to compression heating and the limited recovery coefficient of the temperature probe on the actual MU2. Based on the POH values I have identified the recovery coefficient of the temperature probe to be about 0.6. This is important for the following equation: T_static = T_total * (1 + 1 / (0.2 * C_recovery * Mach^2)) Where T_static is the static outside air temp, T_Total is the indicated outside air temperature, C_recovery is the energy recovery coefficient of the probe. Modern probes are 1 but those are aspirated types on jets, on stuff like the MU it would be between 0.6 or 0.8 depending on type. Regarding your performance issues, you may want to try out my FM modification, it gets the plane to within 1% of cruise POH values. I haven't evaluated takeoff or landing distances yet.
  23. What's the correct procedure for getting the ATS to show N1 TO as called for in the pre-departure checklist? I've followed the checklist steps meticulously and still can't get this to show in the ATS display.
  24. Just and update regarding simbrief. I did submit a request for an MU2 profile based on the POH and AFM. They said they'll add it but no idea on time frame
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