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  2. Look at the behavior's at this video with the latest version....looks like something wrong with Gizmo.... 312713093_2023-09-2718-17-34.mp4
  3. I forgot to change the version is the acf file. It is the 2.0.1.
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  5. @Pils I also missed the reverse lever animation in XP11 when I used the default "hold thrust reverse at max #1; / #2" command. If you use the FlyWithLua plugins, you might want to take a look at this tiny lua script of mine that adds a bit of animation for the reverse levers. You just need to assign commands to your hardware: - IXEG_REV1 - IXEG_REV2 (for individual engines). I use this script with my Bravo until professional IXEG animation comes out ;-) TB_IXEG_REV.zip
  6. It's the TOGA sim MU2. I tried it now and the green thingy you probably think is the knob is actually the inner rotating knob. I tried zooming in and operate it at various angles and I haven't seen a pointer mouse icon, only the curved arrow. Clicking it just rotated the knob.
  7. It depends... on your trim setting (trim should be set so that no force required during approach) on your center of gravity (forward CG will yield more pitch change per speed change) on your timing of thrust reduction (should not cut to idle above 10 feet or so) on the headwind (more wind will have more windspeed change in the boundary layer, making nose drop) on your control profile (the less linear it is, the further you will need to deflect your stick to achieve the same elevator displacement) on your break technique, the lower you do the break, the more pitch change you will need to reduce the sinkrate in time for touchdown On your target speed and speed decay before touchdown (especially with high speed additional you may not need to change the pitch much prior to touchdown
  8. He was using the latest. It actually said so in the GUI window that he is using 2.0.1.
  9. However it's important to note that for some reason he was using the old version, not the new one.
  10. Really? That means they sold even more copies than of XP11 that was very popular? That sounds really like great news if that is true :-)
  11. I expect sales will be steady and more people become aware of just how good this aircraft is in XP12. The market for "glass cockpit" XP11 & 12 is pretty much saturated with offerings plus there are more than a few who enjoy an analog panel. This creation is well worth the price and the satisfaction is there of operating it well.
  12. Hello, Since V1.51, the nose is less nose heavy when passing below 50ft RA which is a relief . However after retarding the throttle, 3/4 of back pressure is still not enough to maitain the pitch during the flare, my pitch attitude dropped at 2.5° instead of the 3.5° approx which result in a firmer touch down. do you need 3/4 to full back pressure on the yoke to maintain pitch during the flare ?? landing at 20:15
  13. A position that is shared with Tom here at IXEG... however in my position at LR as a technical advisor I find it under assault surprisingly often .
  14. That we mostly share, unsurprisingly. I can definitely appreciate that concern. A compromise would be to at least improve the animation of the levers to reflect the existence of the deploy/idle position and the interlock. I missed having that visual feedback in the 3D cockpit. Thanks.
  15. Recently found this web page! https://developer.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-database/?issue=XPD-14421
  16. You don´t really have to file it with LR, it is known as XPD-14421.
  17. OK, thanks. I'll file with Laminar as well.
  18. Been generating the UV maps for the various texture files, and trying the process out with a new livery - couple of very early WiP pics attached. It's an RAF aircraft, 267 "Pegasus" Squadron, FD857. The tricky part will be getting the camo pattern to line up across the joints, so lots of trial and error work! Main thing is I got it to work, with the .ini file and everything and the dds export works too! I Initially wanted to try out a livery for Alaska Airlines but ran into some difficulties.... :-)
  19. Bloody ripper! Thank you!
  20. Hi Pils, the reverse action is pretty much not changed or scripted by us - it is default X-Plane behavior. I agree that it would be more realistic to require the user to have the levers at idle first before being able to engage reverse thrust, but I also have to concede that the movement is much more natural in the real aircraft - you can´t really attempt to pull up the reverse levers with the throttle NOT at idle, the force pulling them up and back will automatically move your thrust levers to the aftmost position. In addition (although this is not a prime concern of me, as my stance is always realism > user experience), we would get a million bug reports "OMG, reverse is broken, WTF!!!!!!!" if we implemented this ;-) But yeah, you are technically correct! Cheers, Jan
  21. Same here for the Windows version. I downloaded the new installer, started it, after almost 40 minutes it claims that it cannot reach some URL and I had to start again (my previous install was now gone...). 3 times the same problem. Must be something with the installer or a file is missing in your repository. A lot of wasted time yesterday evening. Is this a known issue? I would wait now with installing it again until the problem is fixed. Can you let me know, please?
  22. The version which works is XPUIPC Version 64 bit. The latest one you can find is but this version interferes with the throttle axis. You can download it in another thread on this forum or google it as several sites still offer the Zip file. For example see here: XPUIPC - VASystem where you can get both versions.
  23. Yes please, can you make the nav data a seperate folder like ixeg nav it overwrites the new updates we make, and I didnt realise that. That way it wont delete it either.
  24. There is currently a bug with X-Plane where aircraft loose "parts" when zooming in on them from a distance. Nothing we have influence over.
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