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  2. Will the shadows work in VR? That's my main issue with SMP in VR at the moment, can't use ground shadows at all.
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  4. If you have AI enabled, can you try disabling it and testing again? Also, try it with xPilot removed. This is just a test. Not a solution. It helps us determine what may be the cause.
  5. I'm sure someone will do that on a stream pretty quickly once it's out there. Speaking personally, I don't have the time for it at the moment due to travel. Once I'm back I'm solely focusing on the release at that point. I'd also say no matter what software it is, an FPS counter with video is not going to be representative of performance. The recording of video alone is going to chew up processing power, therefore not giving you an accurate representation. Screenshots with FPS counters are probably better.
  6. Hi all, Have had problems with the TBM900 freezing midflight, usually when interacting with the PFD or MFD, but the log file hasn't thrown anything up, until now! I'm not sure what to make of it, but timestamp 2021-01-16 04:56:42 indicated a failure to load something/numerous items... Any ideas? Thanks in advance Log.txt
  7. would love to see a video of these clouds in action with an FPS counter thnx
  8. Hi, I have the same issue. All noises working fine in the cockpit (including the engines) but from the outside, no engine noise.
  9. Thank you. And round and round we go. Ok, let's answer these...once more. I hope you also read my responses. To be honest with you, I don't see this as a deal breaker at all. Actually, I hardly ever use the ILS. But to each his own. Relatively cheap compared to some MSFS add ons in the same category. And also, when compared to most other GA's out there, the value for money (what you get out of it for the money invested) is there. Absolutely, which is why I would direct my anger at Navigraph, for making a change so drastic in their AIRAC, that it brok
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  11. Hi, First of all I would like to tell you that I really enjoy your product. And I mean it. Unfortunately, the following part of the post will be a bit rougher... I read through the comments posted by other members, regarding the ILS problem. In reality this is a deal breaker, and maybe they use rougher language than they should, but especially the ones that bought the product recently, are extremely unhappy with this issue. First let me put this in perspective: The model costs about 65$, which is about the same price as the whole X-Plane game on Steam. That makes it relatively e
  12. I just went from 1070 to 2070 there helped me run AA at higher setting maybe a 5 fps gain, 1070 should be fine but more like 50 FPS. but than anything above 30 is fine as far as I can see.
  13. Right now the code is torn apart for the 3D overhaul that is *finally* getting close to release. Fixes for this and a plethora of other bugs will be integrated with that.
  14. hi, try to increase the texture resolution to the maximum level on graphics options on X-Plane...solved for me!!
  15. So, this means that SMP 5 is faster one CPU side than SMP 4? This is good new as I need a faster GPU anyway but sadly neither AMD nor NVidia can deliver their products. Do you think a GTX 1070 is good enough to maintain 60 FPS at 1080p? Currently I'm limited by my pretty fast CPU when using SMP
  16. Good news, thank you! Looking forward for next week I´m building a fullsize 737 homecockpit with 3 TV´s runing at 1080p with outside visiuals only. My question: Does V5 also support X-Plane´s Multi Monitor features like V4 did?
  17. Thanks for understanding! I think sometimes a friendly no is better than a politically correct - "ok, we will see what we can do" - and then never do anything .
  18. Thank you for your answer. Not all use cases are the same I guess I understand what you're saying and although I don't agree fully, I really respect the way you interact with the IXEG userbase. So thanks for looking at it anyway and as we say 'no is also an answer'
  19. Hi Goran, thinking in go for xEnviro, both masterpieces, the LES SAAB and the TBM own their weather radars currently working fine with xEnviro?
  20. In general I would say that the new volumetric clouds in V5 are usually GPU-bound instead of CPU-bound. So if CPU is what was maxing out your performance in V4, it's likely that V5 will perform better. That's the case on my system and the others we used to test it. We can't guarantee performance will be better though, as everyone has a different system and add-ons installed which can change the equation. But the odds are good.
  21. Yeah, I totally understand what you are saying - same for me. But when I take care of my kids, work, partner, pets, housework, or anything like that...I am far away from any of my computer controls. And IF I bump my joystick accidentially when sitting down or getting up or reaching for my coffee - all it takes is 3 seconds to recover the aircraft (it is usually well trimmed when the autopilot flies it) and then turn on the autopilot again. I can´t - for the life of me - understand how someone could bump or deflect the joystick "accidentially" long enough to get a 737 out of control,
  22. I understand Jan, and a thing like this should never be the default behaviour (which is also not what I suggested, to avoid confusion ). It would be nice to have the option to enable it, since not everyone is flying 1 hour flights with full focus in the cockpit. Especially on longer flights we have to deal with IRL situations that require attendance (be it in a pandemic or not): kids, work from home, partners, etc. Until I win the lottery, 5 hour focused flights will be rare
  23. Hi Christian, the speedbrake we use is really the default "spoiler" dataref in X-Plane, so it should be accessible with that dateref. I am using a joystick button to set the speedbrake to its detents, so this should already work, I think. Cheers, Jan
  24. Commands and/or datarefs for the speedbrake would be nice and very useful with additional hardware like the Honeycomb throttle quadrant: up down arm(ed) Flight detend Thanks a lot, Christian
  25. Hi, I recently purchased SMP and RWC so am pleased V5 is offered at a discount ! However I am unsure whether to upgrade because my system performance is already near its limit (i7 16Gb laptop with nVidia GPU). I've also had to turn down/disable some features of SMP v4 or use lower res clouds and even use some xplane defaults(eg skycolours) because of known bugs. So will I still benefit from V5 or does it require more system resources/higher spec PC ?
  26. If you also have Real Weather Connector installed, it has an option called "never change visible weather" you can enable. This will cause new METAR data to only affect new weather you are flying into, rather than redrawing everything around you.
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