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  2. Hello, the parking brakes "On" works only mouse (no keyboard "V"). Correct?
  3. As posted in the saitek post, I did a flight yesterday, I found the plane tends to hold its speed 5 KTS lower than set by the speed bug.
  4. Hi had to update was using wrong control for speed bug, But there is an issue the IAS it tries to hold is always 5 kts slower than what you set. Any other issues please let me know. But now plane does hold IAS you just need to set it 5 KTS higher than what you want. xsaitekpanels.ini
  5. @rhalunen have you looked at this? https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/13851-general-aviation-p180-avanti-ii/?do=findComment&comment=148360
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  7. Cam

    V1.6.1 Anomalies

    Your absolutely right. I just checked the Saab 340B Instruments and Recorders Manual - 340A is likely the same as they are fed from the ADC. Thanks for that.
  8. I can't help you but I can confirm that this is a malfunction that I reported (see Cameron's post above).
  9. Ch.Cole

    V1.6.1 Anomalies

    3) seems to be correct according to archen on discord. Pilot Altimeter is digital, the other two are mechanical.
  10. Cam

    V1.6.1 Anomalies

    Hi, Just downloaded/flew v1.6.1 for a quick flight around the flag-pole and found the following issues: 1. ILS symbology not showing (reported on my other thread with JGregory) 2. ITT indication. When advancing the CLs from Start, through Unfeather, Min and to Max (slowly), the ITT seems to rise very rapidly to max temp - this seems like an anomaly. 3. Pilots Altimeter. The needle does not move until you have power on and turn on the LAVION switch (co-pilots is fine). The needle then does a rotation and settles on the correct indication. Same when you turn off the LAVION/p
  11. Hi Mate, Still no joy. No Runway or GS guidance symbology on either pilot or co-pilot displays using Nav 1 or Nav 2. Also, when using Nav 2, VOR2 is displayed vice LOC. ILS captures and flies the LOC and GS, but just no/wrong symbology. Cheers
  12. JGregory

    PFD Question

    From the AOM: "A Flight advisory IAS for Long Range Cruise will be displayed on the EADI when the ALTS mode is in track. The computed IAS is a function of altitude at medium aircraft weight."
  13. wgreen

    PFD Question

    Love this aircraft!! Was wondering what the white number that is next to the Green ALTS indication is on the PFD? It flashes on and off every so often. Couldn;t find anything in the manual about it. Bill
  14. Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.6.1 update for the Take Command! Saab 340A. All customers who have purchased the Saab 340A up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the Saab 340A from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.6.1 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our
  15. Can you convert your 767s to x plane 11 please?

  16. Hi, the latest update of the SAAB 340 works great but I am unable to spawn my SAAB in LFPO. The scenery is not the problem, I am able to spawn there with any other airliner or prop. When I try to load the SAAB in LFPO my sim gets stuck in the loading screen (preparing world message at the bottom). My sim does not crash or freeze, it just does not continue to load (I waited an hour and then I stopped XP11 via task manager). I have tried it several times with no success (reinstall did not help). When I try to load the SAAB somewhere else like LOWW, EDDB, EKCH or anywhere else it works. This is a
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  18. A380-800 View File This plane has a 3d cockpit lots of great liviries Submitter iloveplanes123456 Submitted 03/01/2021 Category General Aviation X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11
  19. I use 3 screens for scenery. Climbing through an overcast cloud layer the centre and left screens show top of clouds. The right screen shows the ground as if no clouds exist. Descending back through the layer, clouds then appear but they the "old" style with strange and jagged edges
  20. XP11.52r1 windows10 i9-10900 RTX2080 >40fps I liked v5 when it was released for the volumetric clouds. I have a problem whereby FSGRW reported weather does not show up correctly (reported elsewhere) and now during a flight over Norway (without FSGRW - using X-Plane real weather) the clouds have become visible in rectangular clumps with unrealistic edges. Any ideas what might cause this?
  21. Thank you for that information. And I need to correct some of what I wrote before. I checked with other aircraft that have the G1000 and in those where I am able to resize the popup windows they maintain the size of those popups for the flight but the size of the popups return to the default when a new flight is started. That is also the way the popups work in your aircraft. However, in other aircraft when I click on the PFD or MFD to generate the popup those come up within the screen area. In your aircraft they do not in all cases. In fact, many times, depending on my current view and h
  22. The in-sim window popups will show at the location of the mouse cursor when clicked. There currently isn't a method for saving locations of the bezeled-popups. With the 1.2.0 update (currently in development), the popup locations will be configurable for out-of-sim popup window configuration, both for bezeled and non-bezeled popups.
  23. Significant performance gain compared to the G1000 SR22, at least on my system (MacBook Pro). I would expect similar to better on all systems, assuming you aren't CPU thread limited.
  24. Hi THis works OK, but I'd like to do the 1.20 upgrade, so I can pop out the panels on the menu. Any chance of a new g5.cfg for me please? BTW, I notice that my Sundowner G5 was not working properly, but saw that you had already offered a new g5.cfg file for that, and it worked perfectly.
  25. Version 1.0.0

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    This plane has a 3d cockpit lots of great liviries
  26. I use keyboard shortcuts a lot. So hard to find. Thank you very much.
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