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  2. Hi, Sorry for the late entry to this thread but I've just had a similar experience. I'm using X-Plane 11 on Windows 10. I have the Gizmo64 plugin installed and enabled. When I move the crash bar up it comes back down again. When I select Plugins>Gizmo64 I can see that the 'Actions' option is greyed out. When I get the TBM900 cockpit showing there is a block of 7 symbols on the right side of the screen but hovering the mouse over them produces no hints. The only one that responds to a mouse click is the 'Shell' and this produces a shell window in view with '' written in it.
  3. Just did a quick count and you have 10 copies of SASL loaded through various add on packages and scenery extras. This isn't your fault. You just want your content. I'm just pointing out an absurdity in the X-Plane eco system.
  4. Delete these: X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/xAmbience X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery/w_HungaryVFR-Library/plugins/SASLFree X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery/Wonders of The World - pt2 - Giza/plugins/SASLFree And try again. You have basically trashed your X-Plane install with the amount of stuff you have installed that is conflicting. Gizmo, the plugin that runs the IXEG systems, is not reporting errors. Your multiple scenery packs and additional extra plugins ARE reporting errors.
  5. Question to this video at time stamp 14:41 when pressing the OBS button: This works in fact in the original (NON-X-Plane) Garmin530 simulator used in the video. But did someone try this in x-plane, with the x-plane stock - 530 (with stock Cessna 172) ? I tried, but the OBS button does not work in this exact situation. When you are inbound the OXJEF- fix of the hold, the OBS button is simply ignored and NO "SUSP" shows up, and therefore the sequencing continues to the next fix after the holding fix. Same problem with this situation and the OBS/SUSP Butt
  6. Last week
  7. I know I said I'd back off...but a few more screenshots of the cockpit with many texturing holes "filled in", giving it a busy look worthy of a steam-gauge IFR twin turbine. Its interesting to me how this version is what I wanted to eventually achieve back in 2005 when I started the original...but had to wait for the tech (and some help from friends) to catch up. Only took what? 17 years? I think XP12 and Version 2.0 of the Moo are going to get it done! Maybe I'll finally enjoy 'flying' it in XPlane for a change.
  8. Hi all, I am new to this aircraft, and have had some issues related to it. The main one is the resulting with X-Plane crashing completely and at once. I have experienced this doing the same flight from SCEL to SCCI. However, everything looked working fine before the crash. I tend to think of an incompatibility with some of my plugins (I had this same issue months ago with FF767). Besides this main issue, I have experienced some sound issues, e.g. no sound at all (I have fixed this applying the "engines running" start, and going back to "cold and dark" start). Up to my third attempt I thou
  9. There are certain instances (in our aircraft, not sure about the Zibo) where we disconnect the users input from the throttles - normally this is when the autothrottle is in control of them and we can´t have the user interfere with it´s operation (i.e. the autothrottle wants to set 50% N1 but the user´s joystick throttle is at 90%) This only happens if the user actually engages the autothrottle, though - and since you seem to be at least somewhat familiar with aircraft I don´t think that you do that? If you select "cold and dark" in the IXEG preflight menu the plane should be totally
  10. Hi Peter, X-Plane does not seem to allow what you're seeking. It's been a longstanding issue for plugins like Maxx FX and multiple monitors.
  11. After installation of VC_redist.x64 it works form me!
  12. Bolova: Thanks for the help. I did as instructed but no improvement. If you see my reply to Jan you will see that I am not seeking the luxury of throttles even, just trying to move controls at the most basic level, ie with the mouse or function keys.
  13. Jan: Thanks for the hint. I suspect the Honeycomb too, but I have disconnected it and following Bulva's suggestion deleted the dll files from the joystick directory but still no improvement. In order to eliminate as many variables as possible I have gone back to moving the controls with the mouse and/or function keys. The confusing thing is that other aircraft and airliners work fine but it is the 737s that give problems. I just wonder if there is something in the 737 that I am completely missing eg autothrottle or something?
  14. Hi, just purchased Maxx FX and installed it. I have a curved screen with 2 projectors and Immersive Display PRO for warping. Unfortunately only the left projector picture is affected by Maxx FX. This is in XP graphic settings the main monitor. How to get the 2nd monitor (right projector) included to Maxx FX? Otherwise I can't use it. Thanks a lot Peter
  15. Cameron. Thanks for the hint. I restored Gizmo64 but no improvement I am afraid. Log file attached Log.txt
  16. Sorry, I confused with our G1000 version. 1.0.3 is the latest build of the Entegra. There is no update pending for the Entegras currently.
  17. That was it! Thanks again @Ben Russell!!
  18. I suggest that you do the following (if you have Honeycomb Bravo): 1) from the folder: "...: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ joystick configs\ " delete two files (for safety, it is best move it a safe place (e.g. to the desktop)): - "HoneycombBravoThrottle_Mac.Joy" - "HoneycombBravoThrottle_Win.Joy" 2) then delete from the folder "...: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ plugins\ " "AFC_Bridge" plug (as above - put, for example, on the desktop) 2a) if you had any other Honeycomb Bravo configuration profiles, copy the whole folder to a safe place: "honeycomb_profiles" (it's inside f
  19. As far as I know this feature is only available with X-Plane running Vulkan, it will not work on OpenGL. Sometimes if you get a CTD X-Plane will automatically revert to the more stable OpenGL without you nececerally noticing.
  20. It worked! Is reinstalling the "turn it off and turn it back on" of the software world? I certainly didn't mean to delete anything if I did. It definitely didn't prompt me to authorize my license with Gizmo with the first install like it just did. It's a beautiful model, I spend my whole work day working in a Cirrus and I must say it's a spot on remake. Thanks for your help!
  21. It looks like the SR20 isn't being activated because the Gizmo64 plugin isn't in the X-Plane 11/resources/plugins directory. I'm guessing this might have been inadvertently removed? Re-running the installer will grab the latest version of Gizmo to install for you.
  22. Most likely the engine is either: Being flooded - make sure to use 3 seconds of boost maximum Not primed - make sure to run the boost pump for ~2 seconds. Not enough/too much throttle - make sure the throttle is set to 1/4" in-sim when starting, as that is around where the proper ratios are reached for starting. Feel free to slowly oscillate the throttle up and down slightly to see if it would catch. The 1/4" mark could be at a different spot on your hardware throttle if it doesn't have the same throw as the real throttle.
  23. OI'll give it a go when I get home, thanks mate!
  24. Yeah I found it, if anyone else needs it... in controls go to LES-sf34a-acft-aplt-mnp and you will see Control wheel Ap Disconnect Button Pilot and there is also one for co pilot.
  25. My money is on the Honeycomb Bravo causing problems...it seems to be prone to cause them, at least I got the impression. Maybe unplug it (does it have a dedicated software interface?) and try again?
  26. You do need to have Gizmo left in your plugins folder. Can you confirm that? Posting a log file here would be useful too.
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