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  2. Hi Jan, Thanks very much for the fast response and the welcome back. I guess I'm somewhat comforted that the problem wasn't just on my end. Hope you are able to solve it without too mush hassle. I know myself and, I'm sure, lots of other people will be relieved to have them available again, hopefully. Thanks for the head-up on the other videos. I have been aware of them and watching them for a while. Having you, of all people, respond to my dilemma was kind of like having Paul McCartney respond to me on suggestions for a major repair I need to do on my Hofner bass guitar. : )
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  4. Same problem here and the SCEL scenary was the problem. Thank you!!
  5. No, the Ovation is not turbo charged, so as you get up higher in altitudes, the Ovations performance will quickly diminish while the Acclaim will keep producing higher power. At 8000ft this wouldn't be too noticeable, higher up it would be much more apparent.
  6. Thanks. I've already done what was suggested in the post and X-Plane has already loaded the plane. Thanks for the help.
  7. @TallTanBarbie You should probably post images with these descriptions. I don't think there will be any workaround for the cloud shadow issues. It's a multi display problem. P3D is entirely irrelevant.
  8. Well, not quite. I'm having several problems with SkyMaxxPro V5.1 / RWC running on X-Plane 11.5+ Vulkan with a NVidia EVGA 3090 and three 4K displays. I'm using either Active Sky XP or FSGRW for weather injection and no other weather, cloud or reshade programs (installed but not active — XEnviro also doesn't work with a multi-view setup — horrible flashing textures — and neither does UWXP). The problem is that none of the X-Plane cloud/weather/ programs work on a multi-view / multi-screen setup *except* for SkyMaxxPro, but it still has problems. 1. Cloud shadows don't wo
  9. It seems like maximum cruise power (based on the tables) cannot be achieved without exceeding 100% engine RPM. Case in point: I was cruising at 16,000 at 1250 prop RPM with engine RPM just below 100% (e.g., below the thick red lines). At -29 deg. C the cruise tables indicated maximum power of about 87%, but I was only up to 70% torque, with ITTs around 810. I could push torque higher with the ITTs staying under 850, but then engine RPM would go past the red line. The red lines tell me that's probably a Bad Thing, so I tend to watch both ITT and engine RPM when setting power, whichever get
  10. Noted. Does the Ovation have the same top speed of Acclaim? For I flew at the same level (not too high, around 8000 ft) twice and they have the same top speed. Thanks for clarification!
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  12. @N3752W Ultrawide is great for X-Plane. 34'' is what I've been using and really enjoy the more feel of immersion it can provide.
  13. Hi, new user of your fantastic SR22 here. I was wondering if you could provide a custom command for the parking brake. I know the default "Toggle brakes max effort" works, but isn't that technically wrong? The parking brake handle in the SR22 just 'conserves' the brake pressure you are putting in with the toe brakes, so you always have to step on the toe brakes before you pull the brake handle. Otherwise you'll be up for a nasty surprise at startup. Now, when using the xplane "toggle brakes max effort" command it will provide brake pressure magically without stepping on the t
  14. Hi there, I just checked - you are right, I can´t call the up, either... I will try to find out why that is! Welcome back to flying the 737, Jan Edit: In the meantime, here are some more videos I made about our 737, like what the "recent" updates brought and also some further system explanations... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGRsg_6rB1D6f7lKjdw5r9P99swJtryhQ
  15. Hi everyone, I'm getting back to flying after a few months away on "medical leave", and getting back in the groove learning the 737. Jan's wonderful 737 pdf tutorials that came with the plane and the imbedded (in the pdf) video tutorial links have, in the past year, been indispensable for me in that process. In getting back into them this week, I sadly discovered that when I click on the youtube link in the pdf's, a blank youtube page loads that says "Video Unavailable" "This video is private". I hope there is still a way we 737 wannabe pilots can somehow access them. It was l
  16. You have SCEL scenery installed. Please check this post.
  17. Hello and thanks for the nice words! The FD in TOGA mode will only work if both FD switches are on. This is the same as in the real aircraft. Make sure you turn the correct one on first (left if you are sitting in the left seat) - this will light up the little MA lights (master) and determine which flight control computer is master and references the on-site VHF nav radio. For example if the left FCC is Master and you tune the ILS on the right NAV radio, you can not engage the APP mode. The red gear lights are part of the gear warning...I don´t recall the EXACT logic off the top of m
  18. Hello! Loving the aircraft and excited to figure out what these issues I'm experiencing are. After loading in a coroute from Simbrief, appropriately setting weights and v speeds for take off, I'll arm A/T, switch on left seat Flight Director and engage TOGA power. I do not get vertical guidance -- only the lateral guidance. On the PFD, I see the N1 indicator denoting A/T is on but only lateral FD is on -- the north/south vertical bar. Not sure the issue is how I'm setting up the FMC or MCD. No TO/GA indicator appears neither does HDG SEL Additionally, the landing gear a
  19. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/75133-citilink-pk-ghs-for-ixeg-737-classic/
  20. Dear friends After I start X-Plane when I choose TBM X-pane starts loading TBM and while still in the .acf file the X-Plane goes down. I send x-Plane and TBM Logs together TKS for your help. José Pire Log X-Plane.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  21. Hi, this is what I have set up and what we recommend for the 737:
  22. I have been finding lots of posts on this topic but don’t understand some of the term etc . Been away for about a year with a new windows computer where I had an old Mac before. I have been fooling around with sensitivity but can’t control jet on take off. I may be to aggressive wirh movements . I have a ch yoke and peddle . Some posts say right side slider all zero and then the left is all over the place . Some top 2 zero bottom 100. , then some 30 20 40’etc. Doesn’t have to so realistic to start . Want movements like a beginner again where maybe over steering won’t send me crashing than
  23. Thanks Jan I reinstalled again and it works well.
  24. I have done a complete reinstall of windows as well as X-Plane and everything that goes with it and I happen to have the exact same problem, the sim loads, freezes and then crashes, but if I load the sim with a different plane and then change it to the IXEG then it works just fine with no issues. Glad someone found the source of the issue, I will try removing it and report back.
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