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  2. On an Intel iMac. For some reason the author of the mod says no Mac or Linux. Looking at the file structure, I was not sure why, so I duplicated the Pilatus, installed the mod and then used the G500 installer. I loaded the plane, and the G500 looks fine on the panel, but the PC12 asks for activation. Seeing that there is a change in SASL, I suppose I should not be surprised, and the plugin changelog.txt talks about activation. So: (1) Why does the author say no to Macs? (2) How would my registration string work on the plane, which is no longer Carenado's coding? I don't want to waste an activation. I should ask "Ither", but as you wrote the G500 program, I think you may well know the answers, as you have obviously looked at the mod.
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  4. Oh God, I thought I was the only one having this issue. It's absolutely terrible and makes the airplane unflyable for me... I've been flying on the Apple Silicon Mac for 6 months with no other issues, got the Challenger this morning, and it's absolutely impossible to have audio enabled. Not only does buttons loop like has been mentioned, so does voices such as the FBO lady, the ground crew, FO, you name it. I had "FBI OPEN UP" shouted at me for FIFTEEN MINUTES On the ground trying to figure things out. Sound is also extremely delayed after switching views. We're talking multiple minutes from when I press a button until I hear the sound. Perfect example is the FO calling "positive rate" when I was 5 miles from the field, level at 2500 ft... And then him looping saying the same thing for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. have loaded the G500 in XP12, think the aviation database is not read correctly maybe needs adaptiion to XP12 ? thanks !
  6. Thanks Pils, that solved the problem, I pushed the breaker in and everything is working perfectly now. Except when I try to enter the origin Airport the program still crashes.
  7. Laterally, the AP will track GPS tracks, ILSs and VORs 'paths'. Vertical modes are always initiated / controlled by the pilot manually as you state. For lateral AP tracking purposes, a GPS track doesn't know if its its part of an approach/LNAV, an enroute segment, whatever...those are labels we put on the path....not the AP...its just a magenta line to "stay on" as far as the AP is concerned. So if you can enter some LNAV approach on a GPS unit and get it to display as a 'magenta' GPS track, then the AP will follow it laterally in GPSS mode. Vertical still needs to be manual though. In XP11, the GPS tracks do not display the approaches selected from the GPS units....they had to be entered 'waypoint by waypoint'. I'm unsure if that's changed in XP12, seems I heard it was but haven't tested that functionality yet. -TomK
  8. I think it's in the list of updates, but it's lower on the priority list than other items.
  9. Ping, has this been logged internally?
  10. Ping, let's hope this doesn't get forgotten, despite its relative triviality.
  11. now something new is happening that may have something to do with the crash. Only on CDU 1, and not 2 or 3, when I click on "Status", the screen goes blank and when it reappears, i get a message that says "FMS not responding". Could someone look into this for me please, thanks, Ed
  12. Will the aircraft follow the approach LNAV and the vertical component to be controlled manually by the pilot?
  13. Last week
  14. Please post a log.txt file immediately after the crash, so we can see what's happening.
  15. Thanks for the logs. We'll take a look with this with the recalibrations in the XP12 update.
  16. I noticed in Tim Morgan's video here he has the same problem. Maybe I am the only one who is bugged by this, but I think it looks like a pretty sloppy autopilot!
  17. Hi @Coop, I sent you a DM with the logs (let me know if it would be useful to post them here for others) Looking cloesly at the video, what's happening in roll is interesting - the autopilot is actually overshooting in roll. What happens in pitch at the end is also interesting - at first it undershoots considerably in pitch as the flight director bars move up.
  18. Thanks @Coop ! For sure - what's the best way to send the logs to you?
  19. Thanks for the video. It does seem to be a bit less responsive than we typically see. Can you send a log.txt of the loaded aircraft with and without your normal assortment of plugins (Noble, etc.)? Given that this is worse with clouds, this makes me think it is most likely just due to CPU saturation on the X-Plane thread, but I want to see if we can rule out other possibilities. Additionally, there is a fuel imbalance here, that can slow down roll responsiveness a bit.
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