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  3. Our 3D modeller was out of town getting resources on a future aircraft - he just got back in to work on this yesterday and it is at the top of the list. We will push an update with the fix in due time.
  4. Your impatience is not the same as lack of support. You've owned the product for 7 days. As you're aware from another thread, this has been addressed by the dev team as something being looked into. The reputation of TorqueSim to take care of its customers speaks for itself. Please discontinue falsehoods.
  5. Yeah. Been waiting for a while for an answer on this one. Great plane.. not so great support.
  6. @akatham, thank you very much! That works.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Same problem for me to. I can get the Avitab to show, but the screen is just blank/black. Seems like it won't turn on.
  9. I'm experiencing the same issue. My mouse cursor isn't scaled.
  10. Hm, I am seeing a lot of loading errors when loading the acf itself, did you do anything besides run the initial G5 installer to get the aircraft installed? The standalone G5 aircraft installer should not be run for the C172, in case that happened. Either way, I'd recommend re-downloading and re-running the installer from X-Aviation.
  11. Try editing the Aircraft\X-Aviation\TorqueSim BN-2 Islander\plugins\is_systems\settings\settings.cfg file (Path relative to the x-plane directory) and setting "disable_mtuploader" to 1
  12. I cannot use the autopilot heading knob. Although it shows the right and left arrows when the mouse is over the wheel all It does using the mouse wheel is zoom the screen view in or out when attempting to use the autopilot control. Any ideas?
  13. Hi, first of all I'd just like to say that the TorqueSim BN-2 Islander is an immaculate simulation, and I absolutely LOVE it. My mother-in-law used to manage the airfield in Bialla (Ewase) PNG back in the '70s and the family have many fond recollections of the aircraft. It flew in regularly, so of course I had to have this plane! However, I've recently begun crashing to desktop when loading the Islander. All my other X-Aviation products load well, so the problem doesn't appear to be a general one at first glance ... but I'm no expert lol! Please find my logfile attached, and thank yo
  14. Starting the Piper Archer III with a flooded engine. https://youtu.be/uygq4OvaCz0
  15. Last week
  16. From the log, it appears you are loading the Cirrus SF50, not the Cessna 172 G5. Please send on over the log from after loading the C172 G5.
  17. I am also having trouble getting newly purchased g5 to start on the 172 (with the avionics switches on). Any help would be appreciated. Log.txt
  18. make sure the throttles are "off the locks". See procedures/documentation. They defaul to "on the locks" and unless you explicitly take them off the locks, you won't get forward thrust. -tkyler
  19. Hello, I have a problem with the throttle, after the change to Idle, I can't move it back to grand idle position and reverse, even though on the control screen it shows that I moved it down, it does not show it move down in the plane. It seems to be blocked at the red line. Anyone know how to fix it or is it a problem with the update? :)
  20. I am not quite sure what you are talking about...sound sliders?
  21. I can't seem to raise them past this. How can I fix this? Thank you
  22. Full throttle setting on take off is causing the plane to reverse. I have recalibrated my joystick and mapped a reverse button. The joystick is working properly with other planes. Please advise.Thanks.
  23. hey! Thank you, for this app, I'll try it this evening! It sure looks promising
  24. All sorted my mistake i thought it would work with the Navigraph data but didn't realise IXEG had there own version on Navigraph simple mistake all working fine now
  25. There's an old bug left over in 1.2 where the GNS430 screen is misaligned with the bezel. The permanent fix will be included in the next update. In the meantime, drop the files attached here into your main Islander folder to fix the issue. TS_Islander_GNS430_fix.zip
  26. This will work with our TBM. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tbm-performance/id641403446
  27. In Cruise flight with the AP set I will get a pitch oscillation and see that the pitch trim is set to significant pitch down. I turn off the AP and the TBM900 pitches up significantly. I have been able to manually set pitch trim for level flight and turn on the AP. The pitch oscillation goes away. It appears the AP is flighting the pitch trim setting. I would have expected the AP uses pitch trim to control altitude and climb or descent. Any similar experiences. WRS
  28. Hi! I Guess this doesn't work in any of the x-plane planes, but I must confess I was couting on having it on the TBM 900 Any ideias on hot to get this to work? any addons? lua script, etc? Fly Safe!
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