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  2. Thats the safety switch for the pilot's door. If the magnetos are turned on and the door is opened, the alarm sounds (to prevent you from going outside and being potentially decapitated from the prop )
  3. Ben is right - the headshaking is simulated by moving the camera position in the cockpit - when using VR, the camera position is overruled by the VR headset.
  4. VR headset tracking is likely overruling the shaking effects.
  5. ok after the pained 12 hours of downloads (thanks to century link) I still have the same results. IDK if the attached files will help in any way but here they are. If there is something specific to look for i will be more than happy to do that as well Cycle Dump.txt Data.txt Gizmo64_ImGui.ini Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt airac_cycle apt_dats index.dat version PE_voltage.txt TBM900_prefs.txt
  6. um, you seem to forgot the thumbnail pngs. the livery appears black in the sim (whoops)
  7. So this seems strange. Loaded up cold and dark, but when i open the pilot's side door, an alarm goes off like a car alarm. If i close the door it stops, and so on. Video in action: https://streamable.com/3ef9nz EDIT: i tested the BN-2T and it doesn't have the door alarm. i tried restarting the sim but its still happening
  8. hi, what i ended up doing was a fresh install completely of XP and slowly loaded back reshade, plugins, and planes. now haven't had a crash in over 24 hours.
  9. Sorry, I found nothing on this. Does this effect work in the current version v1.33 ??? I didn't notice any difference when the effects is turned on. I only checked in VR.
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  11. Thank you very much for looking into this problem. It's not a big deal, but I know the fix would please Bravo users a lot. Lots of health and a good day ;-)
  12. Ah, I get it. Moving the reverse levers up will make the "normal" thrust levers control the amount of reverse thrust with the Zibo implementation. I used to have a button on my joystick mapped to "toggle reverse" - I would click it after landing and then use my regular thrust lever to control the reverse thrust. Then, when I was done with reversing, I would click the button again. So in a way I would do with a button what you would do with the reverse levers (toggle reverse). But I can see that raising them "again" to toggle OFF reverse is a bit counterintuitive. I can´t promise
  13. I keep the default of a 1000 hours for xp11 to simulate failures. Is there any resource out there or procedure checklist to fix problems for the SAAB340 - ie procedure if an engine fails etc. Thanks Tim
  14. Well, that's not exactly true. In Zibo, when I use the lever to activate the reverses, the Throttle levers (i.e. axes) take over the smooth control of the power of the reverses. Lowering the Reversing lever (button off) returns to normal power control. It is also not completely in line with reality, but it gives you the ability to smoothly control the power of the Revers and uses the reverse levers in Bravo. So, in short, it is done like this (in ZIBO + a small improvement in the lua skype): 1) Throttle at minimum -> idle position 2) Activation of the Reversers by lifting the s
  15. Yep, I see the problem...I wish LR also had a button for "hold for idle reverse". In 95% of all of my landings (both in 737 and 320) we use idle reverse only. This is mandatory at most airports for noise reasons and it also saves fuel. More than idle is only used when necessary for safety. If the reverse levers on your hardware were actual axis you could assign an analog reverse function to it. If I understand correctly, the reverse levers can also not control the amount of reverse thrust on the Zibo (since they are not an axis), right?
  16. What if you need to enter a key? What if you need to enter a key? What if you need to enter a key?
  17. Download a fresh copy of X-Plane. No scenery. Choose your desktop as the location (not just C:\X-Plane) Update it if it's needed. Once it's installed, reinstall the TBM to this new copy of X-Plane. (Don't worry about DRM. The install will go ahead without issue). Do not install any other plugins or scenery. This is purely a test install. Once this test is done, and we can confirm it works, we'll move forward. Test again, and post back.
  18. Yes of course. I am currently using this mode for lack of a better solution. The disadvantage of this solution is the lack of control over the power of the reverses. They always reach max. The second thing, less important, is the issue of the animation itself - the rever lever "jumps" to the maximum, and when turned off, it "jumps" to the minimum without smooth animation. ;-)
  19. Why don´t you assign the default X-Plane command "hold thrust reverse at max"? It should only apply reverse while the button is "held"?
  20. Thanks for the suggestion of no fuel, unfortunately both left and right tanks are full . Just switched to Laminar flow G1000 C172 and am having same problem. Tried to send email to Laminar flow, but they require I forward a log.text file ( or something like that) with email . Trying to determine how to do that, pretty computer illiterate sadly.
  21. Last week
  22. The problem with Revers in the case of Bravo is that pulling the Revers lever works like a normal button (not an axis) - so you can use it to run the LR command: "Toggle Thrust Reversers # 1" (or # 2), but lower the lever I'm not changing the state. So the engines are still in reverse. You have to pull the reverse lever again to deactivate this function - which is very unreal and strange. If there was a dataref function (as in the case of ZIBO) assigned to the Revers, a simple "trick" made in the lua script, allows you to turn on the Revers when the button on Bravo is pressed, and in the
  23. Goran_M

    TBM Crashes

    Try ONE of these... Remove reshade and test. Run X-Plane in OpenGL and test If it still crashes after trying either of those, post back.
  24. steady as she goes still. Working through flap mechanisms (the visible stuff) atm; however, its time for the Oshkosh airshow week, so no work for about 2 weeks. After though, I'll resume full time work on the Moo again. After flap mechanisms are complete is the nosegear 3D, then a final pass over all the 3d to look for any overlooked 3D "holes"...and once those are cleaned up, will start the texturing, hopefully by mid-August. -tkyler
  25. dresoccer4

    TBM Crashes

    Hello - I've had XP crash to desktop twice in a row while trying to set up the plane for takeoff. If anyone wanted to check out the logs and see if anything is glaring please let me know. Cheers Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  26. No new advice, really. The navdata packages from Navigraph and Aerosoft have installers that let you specify which add-on you want to install navdata for. After you provide the correct path it will install the navdata into the correct subfolder: /Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/fmc_data Good luck! Jan
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