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  4. They smacked me hard enough for me to get outta there...
  5. Sorry to bug you but It is still CTDing... Ive updated to the public beta 3 and reinstalled the 650, but to no avail.. any ideas?
  6. I now have a workaround for the immovable condition levers. I assigned the Slider on the X52 throttle to control the condition levers. I can now move them to their required position easily. That said, it does not seem reasonable that the Condition levers will not respond to the mouse while everything else in the cockpit does. Throttle, Flaps, Parking Brake and numerous switches and knobs. FYI, Manips with Hardware did the trick though. Condition levers respond to the mouse with Manips with Hardware selected in the Prefs. @meierzwoA Logitech Throttle Quadrant is out of the question. No budget for it. Thanks to all who chipped in with suggestions to my problem. Now all I have to do if figure out how to select NAV in the AutoPilot panel. Back to the Manual
  7. @VirtualGAaviator Ye got temporary smack over the wrist over there, i dont understand the mods over there. They wanted to "preview" all my posts for a month so I simply didnt post. Quiet here but so it is on the other forum.
  8. Good evening! Did my tests and unfortunately, excluding the install folder of XP12 didn`t have any effect. I`m attaching the log file and also a small video for refereance so that you can see the drop of frames. Again this test was made on a vanilla copy of XP without any plugins. Any advice would be appreciated! 516484125_ixeg737.mp4 Log.txt
  9. Just installed X-Plane 12 and TorgueSim Entegra on my iMac M1 (non x86). The button will not work. When clicked on you hear the sounds but nothing happens. I did make the folder read only.
  10. Since I don't know where to get rid of my frustration, I'm posting here! I've watched the 3 introductory videos up and down. But I already failed when closing the front flap of the landing gear again! I can move the switch under the small flap as much as I want, but the landing gear door won't close! I can't call up the picture shown in the video with the hydraulic unit! No matter what I have tried for hours it does not work! The airplane can't be brought back to the original cold and dark state by restarting everything! And without at least a basic manual I can't get any further! I have uninstalled the, expensive, airplane again! My time is too precious to try like a blind man where the exit door is! I find Camerun's reasoning almost impertinent! How can you offer such a complex airplane without instructions? And if so, then there should be a note with the offer! So, I had to get rid of that! Now I'm going flying. I'm not hoping for a refund, but I won't leave it unmentioned in my other forums. So long, Stefan
  11. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes (using Avitab) 4. Yes (on CPTs side, only) 5. Yes 6. No 7. For normal operation and normal failures only (not maintenance procedures)
  12. Hey guys. My arm is coming out of plaster tomorrow and I like to fly the plus version. But as it is years ago where I flew the IXEG last time I have some qustions: 1. Is ground service bus simulated? On the real 737 you have a switch on the 1L cabin light you can switch and hold while another switches off the GPU from cockpit so only cabin is lightened. The only thing working in cockpit is the dome light. But cleaning crew can make the work. Is this simulated? 2. I don't remember if this was in the original IXEG but is real time refueling simulated? 3. Is there an EFB for navigraph to minimize paper work? 4. Is there a weather radar? Years ago we prepared the aircraft for the cockpit crew, init the IRS, made coffee and oh... 5. Is the coffee machine simulated? 6. Do the brakes suffer brake fading because of temperatures? 7. Oh and is the hydraulic system simulated realistically? We regularily pumped hyd fluid from L to R or vice versa following the procedures. The PMDG 737 won hyd fluids out of nowhere so it is not a real simulation of the cycle which I was really not amused of. Can't wait until flying again this lady.
  13. Actually yes. Was on the back foot to release DC3, but now is getting ready. I'm implementing new UI, and as soon is ready, will go for release.
  14. Honestly, I miss participating in those forums, but not enough to go back. I often start conversations in the General Discussions area of this X-Pilot with the hope that people might wanna engage. Even without engagement, if I have something to say, I'll post there without hesitation. My observations in these forums are that the administrator stays busy assisting developers with various projects and, thus, over the past 15 years or so, has abandoned the idea of taking on the other forum, head-to-head. Since the other forum shares the name of the flight sim product, it has an inherent advantage. Nevertheless, we have an opportunity here, IMO. Another observation here is a lot of the regulars are also busy. This leaves them little time to be conversational, but they are super-happy to answer questions one has about products they support. Getting feedback on other products might be problematic; I have an issue with Better Pushback and have yet to get feedback to help figure out a resolution. Unfortunately, that compels me to go to the other forum, which I support ONLY for support. I'm long-winded this morning. Thanks for adding to this 10-year-old thread.
  15. 2 years have passed, any good news you can share with us?
  16. It’s been a year, any good news share with us?
  17. Hi Cameron, I`ll try this method and will report back tonight together with the log. I was about to ask if this covers Windows Defender, but you already confirmed it, as I don`t have any other third party anti-virus software installed. I`ll report back!
  18. Have you investigated if an anti-virus is at play? We've had situations in the past where when the FMS is doing NAV database indexing the anti virus can go nuts and cause these kinds of dips. An exception on the X-Plane folder can solve that. Even if it's Windows Defender!
  19. Hello, yesterday I purchased the IXEG 737 and installed it for some test flights. Unfortunately I met big problems regarding stutters caused by Gizmo64. The FPS which I get are around 30 to 35, but every 3-4 seconds I experience drop to 15 fps for around 1-2 secs and it jumps back again. By looking the Plugin admin tab I can clearly see that Gizmo64 is the culprit for these stutters. It doesn`t matter if I`m in densely populated area or sparsely regarding scenery objects and so on. For the purpose of excluding external factors I`ve done the following: Lowered my graphics settings - no change to the stutters (my normal fps increased as expected, but the drop to the 15fps written above still persisted) Removed plugins - I removed xenviro, visualxp, xprealistic etc - no change Tried to be at a default airport with clear skies - no change And lastly I`ve installed a second clean copy of XP12 without any addons / plugins except IXEG and again - the stutters are there For reference in the same scenarios (on medium settings) with Toliss Airbuses I get 30-40fps without stutters, same with Zibo and Felis 742 which in my mind exclude any bottlenecks caused by VRAM or CPU. I`ve found an older thread in the forum for a user experiencing the same problems, but his resolvance of the problem is not applicable for me. I`ve tried to play around with the garbage collector of Gizmo, without any success. I`ll attach my log tonight after I get back home and also video evidence if that would help. It would really be a shame to have bought a product which can`t run on my machine, because of Gizmo internal problems. PC specs: Intel I56600K OC4.0Ghz, GTX1070 8GB, 32GB Ram, XP12 on nvme SSD, running XP12 12.07
  20. Does anyone know when beta 2 will be released?
  21. I am a new TBM user. I had the same problem with the engine running. But now for some reason when I select New Flight I can a window asking me if I want to reset the plane to the current flight. If I select 'No' it puts me back on the runway with the engine off. The battery is usually death so you have to use the AUX Unit
  22. And I'll add on to this 10 year old thread with my opinion lol. I was just banned from the .org forum for mentioning that a reply to a new member from a community leader was a little bit rude (in my mind it was actually quite rude) and they banned me. I have no use for that forum over there also. I enjoy the store part and have kept them in business for the past few years. Brett is one of the biggest culprits over there, no sense of haha in that one.
  23. Last week
  24. In flight the AP, Alt Select, VS button and VS dial, as well as the HDG and FD buttons stop working. This seems to happen about half the time . I restarted my computer and that has no effect
  25. Thanks... I did not see that since I clear the yoke to view the panel
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