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  2. @Goran_M I'm using version 1.1.12 and facing issues with pressurization system. the system is not working, looking to the picture below It seems the cabin rate climb in the same way as Vertical speed and cabin doesn't pressurize. I did a fresh install, created a new airframe (many times) but none of this actions worked. Log.txt
  3. Hi Fred, I would suggest that you watch my tutorial videos and try to mimic (refly) what I show there. Cheers, Jan
  4. From Jan's video I am learning to fly looking at the HSI instead of only the vertical speed meter. Now I have a "problem" I only do handfying without autopilot and without auto-throttle (except in the IXEG where I am not in a permanent state of war with the auto throttle ) I fly for most the IXEG 737, Tolliss A319, FF 767 and FF A350 but befor the IXEG I only flew bush planes and helis so still new on airliners, navigation etc I have problems keeping the speed down. By throttle did not work until I changed the curves of my Saitek throttle units. 25% for reverse and alpha, around 40% i
  5. Meanwhile I completely uninstalled and reinstalled M20 Pack. The afm/.. commands are available now (all for pfd/mfd & bezel/no-bezel) and the pop out works. The one room for improvement is the fiddling around to adjust windows to PSG (rev 3) screens. However & most important: it works! Regards, Matthias
  6. Sounds like you are a bit low on resources, but if it's generally running OK then we'll just go with it 15-20 seconds to apply changes is a bit much, but SMP is recreating all of the clouds during that time, so a pause of a few seconds is expected there. I didn't know users were being given a choice for the beta Gizmo. I'll have to ask X-Aviation about that, if it's causing problems.
  7. All sorted folks! Thanks for your help mate, most likely was the bleed switch being in the up position. Lesson learned...Always use a checklist!
  8. Ahh, fair play. I will start doing that. This may be a freak xplane issue as it happens as my PT19 wont start either now. Will run a repair and try again later
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  10. Yep; inertial separator comes off after engine shutdown and back on after start. The theory, I believe, is that this keeps ITT cooler during the start sequence. I don’t think this would impact your starter issue though.
  11. I see. Hope it can be solved in the future by them. Best of luck for us
  12. Inertial seperator off?? I have always started her up with this on. I will try the bleed though didnt notice that!
  13. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but you shouldn’t be starting with the inertial separator on. It also looks like you have the bleed switch on maybe. Engine bleed should definitely be off prior to start.
  14. Ok i did test just now. It'sreally better Just still 2 small bugs. i removed totally skymaxx and re_downloaded (same version, but, to be sure ... ) and installed it again. When i'm prompted for the gizmo choice beta or stable .. i rember i choosed beta before (there's written with no stutter ) , so this time i choosed the stable version. Was it this ? Now game run smooth, with shadows clouds too, no more stutter. i just unchecked lens flare and raised the clouds coverage to 16700 Note i let the lastest radeon drivers. Two problems still there (but i can play anywa
  15. no... had try every possible connections ways... without ISP routers. without windows build in firewall.. (That was disable at first) via 4g LTE usb and Wifi stick. a Friends internetconnection. VPN trough my works internet. Had try with and without antivirus. all leads to that "Error message"
  16. Hi, I have around 23 hours in the TBM and have never experienced this on start. Engaging starter sees absolutely no motoring. I can't figure it out at all. Any help is appreciated. Everything repaired/replaced in the maintenance manager though nothing was below "good" condition anyway. Thanks
  17. yes maybe. i'll do more test these days. But i'm nearly sure it was after updating radeon drivers. The problem is that the rest ok the game runs better with new drivers :(
  18. Hi all Is any one having the problem or had the problem of the g5 windows miss aligned in the Cessna 172. I have attached a screen shot of what i mean. Any suggestion's are most welcome. Thank you in advance Norman
  19. Hi Coop, Obviously I have screwed up the M20R installation meanwhile. No G1000 pop outs in any case Mouse click doesn't work anymore (maybe I made a mistake when renaming the files) afm/.. commands show no effect at all Maybe it would be wise to do a complete reinstall.. What would be the best way to proceed from your point of view? Regards, Matthias
  20. Well the menu is only using X-Plane's own menu system. If that is causing a slowdown it sounds as though the problem is larger than anything caused by SMP. I would roll back the driver.
  21. It's great to hear that it's now running! Yes, the Alpha Yoke has grown to be very popular, and i'll focus my attention to this hardware interaction that you described. Happy Flying!!! Dan.
  22. Thanks for the answer, but already done it, same problem. i tried too to lower many options in smp. Note that event just the smp menu slow down the game to 7/8fps and is very long to return to the game.
  23. Here is a description from the physics model programmer: It is normal for MP to overshoot the default target of 29.6“ on takeoff because the MP controller is an inert device and depends on engine oil pressure to close the turbocharger wastegates. When oil temperature is lower, as usually on takeoff if not thoroughly warmed up to ~180F before, oil pressure is higher and the MP controller target point shifts above 29,6“ (higher pressure closing the wastegate). It is indeed highly sensitive to oil temperature changes and will be unacceptably high below 165F. As the manual suggests it is acc
  24. Try turning off cloud shadows in the SMP configuration. That's the only thing I can think of that might cause a stutter every 3 seconds or so.
  25. Well I learned something, there is very little difference between a GTX1070 and a GTX 2070 in xplane, but at least it is the latest.
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