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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all. I started using X-Plane about 6 months ago and did my basic introduction training on Cessna. Around a month ago I discovered LES SAAB 340A and fell in love. It was really what I was looking for: a perfect combination of more complex aircraft modeled accurately and realistic as possible but not too modern and automated where you feel more like a programmer than a pilot I have been enjoying it since and I often catch myself thinking on my commute from work where I will be flying next this evening. Although still a complete beginner I really enjoy learning through playing with the simulation since before that all I really knew about airplanes was that they fly and occasionally unintentionally fall from skies. Now I want to "master" it all. I do not use engine auto-start since I really love pushing those switches in right sequence and follow checklist items. I try to do my own fuel calculations. I fly real weather and check weather conditions... There are two things that are still bothering me. I tried to find answers for myself but I am unsuccessful so I hope someone here will be able to point me in the right direction. First - I am having trouble understanding 6 charts referring to V1, VR and V2 takeoff speeds (pages 32-37) in "charts" document that is part of the aircraft package. While I know what V1, VR and V2 mean. I cannot figure out when each of the chart should be used - under which conditions? Second - in the same "charts" document when discussing various speeds for various parts of flight (pages 26-29) in reference column there are references to AOM and AFM. I guess that AOM stands for Aircraft Operating Manual and AFM stand for Aircraft Flight Manual. Is it possible to obtain those two documents? Or are they already a part of manual package that came with aircraft model? Anyway as you can see not a critical issues at all. I enjoy the plane almost every day and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate developers on the superb job and to let them know that they have huge fans out there who are having trouble waiting for new plane releases and updates and are all about realism and details. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Allerbmu
  2. Hi everybody! I was wondering, how do you guys fly your approach? Do you follow the STARs all the time (Every approach)? When do you lower the gear and flaps? I'm still trying to figure out a "standard", as my approach procedures are a bit random from time to time. Usually I lower the flaps to 15 and gear out at approximately 2500 ft above the field (Or at the radio altimeter call out). After that I just slowly slow down to a speed I feel flaps 30(40) should be lowered, then slow to landing speed. But the same goes to flaps 1 and 5. When do you lower them? Towards the Final Approach Fix / Downwind & Base? I'm still learning and hope to get some good replies.
  3. Hello, I'd like to thank you also for your great work, this plane is fantastic! I have a question, I didn't manage to use the speedbreak lever through my keyboard, despite a correct binding in the parameter and a correct functioning in the others aircraft. I've seen you have a special binding for the IXEG 737, but the speed break lever isn't there. Is there a way to use it/arm it through the keyboard? Thanks you a lot
  4. alexdm

    Slow Speed

    Hi, I love the Saab 340 and I just wanted to check if it is only me but I cannot get it to go faster than 140 kts max 155. Is it normal? The documentation included with this plane indicates a VMO from 210 KIAS (25,000 ft) to 250 KIAS (16,000ft). I tried at different altitudes and with different Condition Lever positions but still no faster than 140-155. Thanks!
  5. I love the new DC-3, but I have a couple questions. 1. I can get Nav1 and an NDB on the leftmost nav gauge. Where does Nav2 appear? Only on the copilot gauge? That's okay with me, I just want to make sure I understand how the gauges work. 2. I know the DC-3 appeared before the advent of VORs. Is that why I can't find an OBS knob anywhere? Or is there one and I'm just missing it? (By the way, thank you for not including a GPS. Much more immersive this way.) 3. What's the expected cruising speed of the plane? 4. Any general advice on how to manage throttle/prop/mixture? All three full on takeoff seems to work, but shortly after takeoff, I get engine warnings unless I reduce power or prop or both. In general, do we fly this like we'd fly smaller two-engine piston aircraft, like the Baron 58? "Prop on top", etc.? 5. Also, should I be opening cowl flaps on takeoff and on steep descents? 6. I'm nervous about turning her into a true tail-dragger. Maybe fly a bit this way first? Any advice on that? Thanks!
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