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Found 16 results

  1. Good afternoon all, Last month I experienced my very first CTD because of an Out of Memory issue. It's really bizarre because I did not change the graphics settings nor had I installed anything as I recall. I treated it as a one-off occurance, today I had the exact same issue - this time after setting up the aircraft and taxiing to the runway, On rotation from EDDK in the IniBuilds A300 I received the following: BE ADVISED: X-Plane is totally out of memory. Next time, turn down your rendering settings or remove add-ons to avoid this problem. If you cannot restart X-Plane you may have to delete your preferences, found in the Output folder. (UTL_memory.cpp:1119) Please find attached: Log.txt I'm not particularly willing to lower settings because it's totally out of character and something is causing the crash as opposed to just running out of memory, I cannot figure out anything obvious. It's as you can imagine incredibly frustrating This error appears multiple times prior to the crash, however I'm unsure if its it's related - nor how to rectify if so 0:46:59.418 E/FMOD: C:/jenkins/design-triggered/source_code/app/X-Plane-f/../../engine/sound/soun_fmod_container.cpp(274): FMOD error 74 - The requested event, bus or vca could not be found. Your help is appreciated!
  2. I have my original account with my original purchases and without problem, but in my country when you change your internet provider your IP address also changes, x aviation blocked my account for alleged fraud I wrote more than 4 messages explaining what happened but I never even got a response on the part of said company, someone can help me ......
  3. I'm having an issue running the installer. During comp 1/2 i get a pop message stating "Unable to download component Fox Islands: Component file version does not math". I've tried downloading the installer multiple times to no avail. If i click ignore i get a second message. See attached images.
  4. Hello IXEG Team, I did a fresh complete reinstall of your addon. Now with latest X-Plane 11.32 R2 i noticed 3 issues now. 1) Autopilot Settings (displays) revert back to digit 0, when i enter for example 10.000 feet. 2) beacon lights (exterior) wrong flashing 3)Flap Indicator not moving 4) Flaps not moving Are you aware of that or am I the only one who experience this strange behaviour? Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Tom
  5. Hello, I am having an issue with password for this site. I have to do a reset every time, I use the same password as I do for other things and I reset it to the same thing. Once I logout I will have to reset it.
  6. Help I have two accounts, I have on one of these an aircraft I can not activate (MU2 Marquise). I asked for a special X-Aviation module to merge with my accounts by also providing the two accounts to merge. I never got a response. 15 days have passed. This assistance does not encourage me to make further purchases Best Regards Giancarlo
  7. I placed an order for several items costing $277.00. I could not install a single one no matter how many times I download the files. The problem is that after selecting the Windows setup file after extraction, The splash screen for X-Aviation is really tiny and you cannot enter your information to activate the product and there is no way to expand the window so you can enter the email and password. I sent a request into tech support for help and waited the week they asked for, not happy, but I did it since they said they usually answer in 3 days and not to submit another email because it would delay things. I waited 2 weeks and sent another email asking to get what I paid for, no luck, no response after 4 weeks I sent a note to the purported founder of this gaggle, no answer, waited another week and messaged him again, no luck, no reply. Good thing I paid with PayPal! There is no other way to contact them, no phone number, nothing. However, a search of Business records in Florida shows numerous complaints to which they did not respond. So beware, Customer Service will not email you back if you have a problem. Look elsewhere for product. There are more reputable dealers out there unless you want a product that only X-Aviation sells. My advise to X-Aviation, close shop and open under a new name because I'm filing a complaint with the NC Attorney Generals Office, easy to do online and they call you back in less that 2 business days. And PayPal is the best bet against not getting what you pay for from Internet shopping.
  8. Hi all, I want to purchase the Take Command! Saab 340A, however first I need to know whether it works properly with X-Plane 11.00 (NOT BETA). Does it work properly with it? Are there any major bugs? And when will there be an update for it to be compatible with v11? Thanks
  9. Hello to all Captains! Welcome to Icarus Simulations support forums! In order to provide you the best support, in the shortest period of time, please consider to follow the guidelines below: A. REPORTING BUGS/ERRORS/ETC: In your post, describe your problem in a detailed manner. Describe in extend you hardware specs as: CPU model and Speed/RAM installed and frequency/Video Card Make-model-VRAM/Hard disks. Include your Log.txt file, at the time you found/had the problem. If you restart X-Plane, the file is overwritten and we will not be able to investigate. If it is a scenery related problem, please post also your scenery_packs.ini file. If it is an aircraft related problem, please post also your GizmoLog.txt file. If required, include a screenshot to show us the problem. If required, include a screenshot of your settings. Provide us any additional info that might help us. B. PROPOSE A FEATURE/IMPROVEMENT: (Keep in mind that we will study your proposals, but might not be able to respond immediately) Post in detail the requested improvement or feature you would like to see. Provide us with any available material, link, etc, so we can study the possibility of your proposal. Thanks you for purchasing our products! We are promising to provide the best support possible, so you can enjoy them! Guidelines latest update: 03/22/2017.
  10. Dear X-Avation-Team, I've purchased my IXEG 737 on Saturday 23 April, 2016 and my link expired 7 weeks ago. One week after I had no link anymore, I've contacted the Support to reset my link. Yesterday, I tried it again. And still, I don't get one reply or a new link. Dear X-Aviation! I have purchased around 74,95$ to get my Airplane. And in fact of this, I want to use and download my product, my property, as often I want. I don't want to get a lawyer against you, but If I don't get my Download-Link, It's the only way to get my property, or my money. I like this plane, so I want to fly it. I would appreciate it, when you reset my link due this week. The ticket I've opened yesterday is Ticket #9URUA. Sincerely, Elias Trischan PS: Please excuse my not very perfect english because I'm from Germany.
  11. Hello Guys, I'm a big flight sim enthusiast like you, too. I bought a lot Addons and when I had no keys or something like that, it was no problem to reset this. But now I have a problem with the X-Aviation Support. I can't download the IXEG B737, because I have no more downloads. But I requested 2 Times in 8 weeks and they didn't responsed. This is not really a good support. Made someone the same experience? What can I do? I hope this is the right corner in this forum to put this thread in. Greets Max P.S. My english is not very good because I'm from Germany, sorry for that
  12. I am having a problem with missing sounds. The only 3 sounds that are working on the Overhead Panel are three single beeps when I turn on the Avionics. All the warning sounds are missing, too. The Console shows 103 sounds are not able to be found. I removed JARDesign Ground Handling (included with the A330), and then also removed the A330. I have tried reloading the Saab 3 times since, but the sounds are still missing. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the plane. Does anybody know what other plugins might be culprits? I'm new to X-Plane, and don't have many added items at this point. I have Enhanced Runways, Skids, Signs, and Vehicles loaded. Also some payware and freeware airports. My computer is quite up to the task, since it's about 2 months old. Also, let me know if more information is needed. John
  13. Hi! Sorry to post my request here but I already have open maybe 7 tickets on X-Aviation website about this problem without any answer. I work with IT and I reinstall my Windows and MacOS ALOT!!! Because of it from time to time I receive the message ALL LICENSED SLOTS USED, I understand that some developers use some method to watch how many installations were used, but you need to provide some method to the users reset the slots used. For example the program SnowTape for MacOS use this method too but there I can access the website and remove the computers that are registered and install again. So please! Or you answer the tickets to reset the licenses or provide a method to the users do that, or at least teach us how to backup the license to put again if/when we reinstall Windows or MacOS. Thank you in advance, []s VultUx Curitiba - PR - Brazil Ps.: sorry about the bad English.
  14. I love the new DC-3, but I have a couple questions. 1. I can get Nav1 and an NDB on the leftmost nav gauge. Where does Nav2 appear? Only on the copilot gauge? That's okay with me, I just want to make sure I understand how the gauges work. 2. I know the DC-3 appeared before the advent of VORs. Is that why I can't find an OBS knob anywhere? Or is there one and I'm just missing it? (By the way, thank you for not including a GPS. Much more immersive this way.) 3. What's the expected cruising speed of the plane? 4. Any general advice on how to manage throttle/prop/mixture? All three full on takeoff seems to work, but shortly after takeoff, I get engine warnings unless I reduce power or prop or both. In general, do we fly this like we'd fly smaller two-engine piston aircraft, like the Baron 58? "Prop on top", etc.? 5. Also, should I be opening cowl flaps on takeoff and on steep descents? 6. I'm nervous about turning her into a true tail-dragger. Maybe fly a bit this way first? Any advice on that? Thanks!
  15. Hi, this is my first post. I have searched for an answer but can't find one in here. When I start the engines on the dc-3 in x-plane 10 the oil pressure goes straight up to 85 psi at idle throttle. The only way I can take off is by getting the pressure to well over 100 psi. The manual says that you should wait till the pressure has increased to 40 before increasing rpm's. I have followed the checklist and can only conclude that there is a problem with the software. Perhaps there is an update that I'm not aware of. I did look for one but I couldn't find one. I would appreciate any help in this matter. I do really enjoying flying this but this problem does kill the emersion a bit. Many thanks. Gquann
  16. I have seen xplaneuser's videos (our aussie linux friend) made using his GTX680 and started drooling since last week. =) Hence - I have picked one up for the 'pro; un-boxing and hookup will be friday night; and will attempt to make mincemeat out of our XP10 photo-scenery. FWIW, GTX670s are now selling under $399 in Australia. To any Sydneysiders on the list - head to Ti Computers in Crows Nest. - CK.
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