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  1. Help I have two accounts, I have on one of these an aircraft I can not activate (MU2 Marquise). I asked for a special X-Aviation module to merge with my accounts by also providing the two accounts to merge. I never got a response. 15 days have passed. This assistance does not encourage me to make further purchases Best Regards Giancarlo
  2. Thank you it was worth the wait . Gianper
  3. Hello Cameron, thanks for your prompt answer. The plane is beautiful .... Best Regards Gianper
  4. Hello, Because when plugin with Gizmo "check for update" I get the response "you are up to date? What to do to load the patch for the version 1.1? bye gianper
  5. Hello answer: 1 - OK 2 - Vista Business 3 - X-Plane installed inside the Program Files bye gianper
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