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  1. steady as she goes still. Working through flap mechanisms (the visible stuff) atm; however, its time for the Oshkosh airshow week, so no work for about 2 weeks. After though, I'll resume full time work on the Moo again. After flap mechanisms are complete is the nosegear 3D, then a final pass over all the 3d to look for any overlooked 3D "holes"...and once those are cleaned up, will start the texturing, hopefully by mid-August. -tkyler
  2. still moving....wings and flaps are last of 3D before the fun of texturing/painting starts...beginning those now.
  3. make sure the throttles are "off the locks". See procedures/documentation. They defaul to "on the locks" and unless you explicitly take them off the locks, you won't get forward thrust. -tkyler
  4. V1.0 vs V2.0 Unlike my body, age has done better for the Moo. Work progressing heavily. -tk
  5. as far as "what to look forward to", my response is "what are we still inspired to do"...and subsequently...will want to try to get to. The answer to that is a lot actually. Certainly the VNAV/FMC is highest on our plate. After that, the 3D cabin/doors wrap up, etc. After that, wing-flex.....after that, 400/500 variants, etc. Those of us who are a bit older knows how fast life moves and things can get in the way. For years, I've been working towards the goal of Xplane being the only thing I have to do to get by and I can honestly say that as of last month, that has finally happened.
  6. not for V1.9; however, V2.0 is in the works and well underway. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/19322-update/
  7. OH...another possibility because it just happend to me. I forgot to de-active the parking brake. Indeed that keeps you from attaining takeoff speeds, even at full throttle. FWIW
  8. more 3D porn for the attentive. Nowadays, the 3D has to deliver excruciating detail, so its a big screenshot so nobody is getting faked out. Immersion is the name of the game! I'm getting close to wrapping up the cockpit geometry (texturing is another matter). After that I move to some details on the landing gear, then the wings...then FMOD sounds and the programming and texturing; however, with as much experience as I've had with this aircraft, I don't think the programming of the systems is the long straw. Its a relatively simple (but FAST!) aircraft and I have lots of legacy code from
  9. Our version models the "start locks" feature of these Garrett engines, which is the default setting when you load the MU2. When the start-locks are on, the aircraft will not provide any thrust when advancing the throttles....you will observe about 105% on the RPM gauges but no significant torque on the torque gauges with start locks engaged (the 106% RPM limit is the fuel governor keeping the engine from overspeeding with the prop pitch being 'flat', (i.e providing very resistance) The nominal procedure is to first move the power levers fully to the reverse position, which causes the p
  10. ....for the crickets.
  11. Quick update: We are deep into the VNAV rewrite. Not just poking around and tweaking....we're cutting out huge swaths of inefficient code....and I have to say, its going really well so far. I believe this will make the VNAV calculations an order of magnitude easier to perform.....and if there are any issues during testing, at least I don't believe it will be "whack-a-mole" where one bug creates another. We'll keep you posted. We are working on this regularly at this juncture. -tkyler
  12. we may have to move this one "up the chain" to Laminar. I know I haven't touched this particular object and even on my end the "triangles" just appeared at some point. That being said, it is probably something we can fix on our end...this is typical of Laminar tightening up their graphics code that exposes some weakness that wasn't exposed before... It is only on this one object on my end. We'll dig into it for sure. -TomK
  13. Holds / VNAV are in our current sights. What kind of progress we make remains to be seen, but we are actively focusing on it now. -tkyler
  14. I will yes. Quite a bit more progress on the cockpit. Finally some "downhill work" after messing about with the interior trim -tkyler
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