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  1. Toto showed this off in a few of his development streams. It is very likely that it was due to the wind gusts. In reality, the solution to this is "tow the airplane somewhere where it's not getting buffeted by the wind (like behind a building or fence), or at least point it into the wind so it's not yawing".
  2. For the time being, check your X-Plane UI scaling setting. I learned that at 150% the tooltips do not show, but if you set it to 100% they'll come up fine.
  3. I had some nearly full tanks and was starting the takeoff roll; once I had hit a point where (I think, I didn't have the time to check the study panels) the fuel sloshed around due to Gs, I got an AUX TANK HEAVY caution that lasted until I lifted off or thereabouts and then went away. This in itself makes perfect sense to me, but the bit that I don't think is right comes from the 605 FCOM I've been reading through. In volume 2, page 03-10-26, it shows the list of allowed cautions when on the takeoff roll. AUX TANK HEAVY is not one of them. But, I've been wrong before!
  4. When the fueler asks how much you want in your tanks, if you accidentally/purposely click "Give me this many gallons/liters" without moving the slider (that is, the number set is still zero), he will go out and pump until the valves close, as if you had told him to fill the tanks. I tested until the mains and aux tanks were full, and stopped him when I was down to just the tail tank so as not to spend 15 more minutes waiting. Granted, this is better than a divide-by-zero crash, for sure - but I'd prefer if he asked me if I was sure I wanted zero gallons!
  5. With the scaling set to 150%, the tooltips didn't work. After switching to 100% and not reloading the plane, the tooltips worked but overflowed their backgrounds. On switching back to 150% this evening (meaning in the freshly-loaded sim rather than last night's session), the tooltips stop working again. And then switching back to 100% yet again, they appear to fit their boxes as expected.
  6. Update - the text is fitting in the boxes tonight, after a fresh reload of the sim. There have been no changes since last night apart from it being a fresh load.
  7. While running in 4K, in the Study popups, the tooltips don't work if the simulator UI is set to anything above 100% scaling. And, if you set the scaling to 100%, while they will appear, on my system the text runs past the edge of the background shading. This is on Windows with an Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU, if necessary.
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