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    Aviation business jets the g650 and global 7500 is my favorite

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  1. It will be coming soon in a another update
  2. Well I can't see it no matter how hard I look it's not there
  3. Does hotstart have a website like hotstart.net The cl 650 tutorial videos showed
  4. I was looking in the totally wrong panel lol
  5. got it i diddnt close the door on my next flight now i understand thank you
  6. I cannot find the click spot for the doors to close
  7. i didn't request deicing and il try to recreate the door not opening and im following the correct steps on opening the door.
  8. when i closed the ac main door i requested the fuel truck and a minute later i herd knocking and baning saying caption can i get in then i coudent get the door open what did i do wrong
  9. Contact bombardier possible I doubt that they will provide any official documents
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