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  1. With a customer base as large as the TBM, there's no need. It's big enough to be yelled at when something is wrong or out of ordinary. Goran has given you an answer. You need to accept that answer. He and I both are constantly in contact with customers enough to be in tune with any issues. This is simply a misunderstanding on your part based on the fact you don't understand how the X-Plane SDK works, or in this case, how the G1000 code to drive differing commands like this works. It's not worth getting into, because the reasoning or explanation won't change anything. But, "clearly diff
  2. You have a better chance of it working, but that video card is old, so I don't know how well. Either way, only you'll be able to tell. The relevance of other plugins is...irrelevant.
  3. I'd have to say that this is the problem: 10.14.6 <=====Too old of a Mac OS version This is also a problem: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M OpenGL Engine Too old and not really supported by Apple any longer for a few years.
  4. Your logic was flawed because you wrongly surmised that if default can do it we can too. No, there is not a fix in the works. We've done best we can on this one within the bounds we're given (unless you want to remove some monitors). Sorry!
  5. As I recall it was removed because the fix broke more than it solved. The difference is the default clouds have unlimited access to X-Plane. They are coded by the developers of the product for which they live. We are limited to a sandbox within that playground. In other words, no, your logic is flawed (unfortunately).
  6. Just so you're aware, this forum has nothing to do with the xPilot plugin. It's possible someone here may know the answer still, but if you're looking for the official support area this website is not it.
  7. The description of that is a stall. Pay close attention to your airspeed and any icing conditions. This is X-Plane simulating such an event, not us.
  8. Okay, STOP! You have now made numerous posts with one line sentences, nothing to backup any of what you're saying, or any steps you're taking. You have tried to argue with a 10 year 737CL captain that you know better on another issue. You need to be very descriptive, show videos, show screenshots, explain EVERYTHING. You are going to be placed on a 10 hour posting ban to cool off and re-gather your thoughts now. Come back here with details. They matter.
  9. That was already explained to @Robster here:
  10. Which comes back to my point earlier, and what was outlined in linked posts to you prior with that explanation. We're happy to help, but please do read what is presented to you. Let us know if you continue to have issues after the fact.
  11. You still have to move the latch to get to that phase on ground! It sounds like the stop is preventing you because you are not lifting the gate. les / sf34a / acft / engn / mnp / Right & Left Power Lever Flight Idle Latch
  12. You have owned this product for one day. I'm not sure how you know the technique "well", but it seems you are likely missing something. This is well documented, and if you did understand it well you likely wouldn't be having an issue. I have indicated in a prior post that a video of what you're doing would potentially be helpful, but alternatively you can read this: There is no bug.
  13. The alternative is assigning your joystick or other hardware button to a command where you would have to manually lift the latch (by pressing the button now assigned to the command).
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