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  1. Your impatience is not the same as lack of support. You've owned the product for 7 days. As you're aware from another thread, this has been addressed by the dev team as something being looked into. The reputation of TorqueSim to take care of its customers speaks for itself. Please discontinue falsehoods.
  2. https://support.torquesim.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500001375261-Hiding-the-SR20-SR22-3D-cockpit-for-full-hardware-cockpit-setups
  3. You do realize that folder permissions are an OS attribute, right? As far as I'm aware, X-Plane plugins cannot alter any of this stuff (and we have no need to).
  4. In order for Gizmo to do what it's designed to do, it cannot be in an aircraft plugin folder. It is also responsible for other aspects of our products, including global plugins like SkyMaxx Pro and Real Weather Connector.
  5. Well, I hope you get things sorted. I don't blame Laminar if they no longer have X-Plane 10 updates available though. It's been many years now, and we're getting closer to X-Plane 12. I don't think you'll be able to use this scenery until you can update though.
  6. Either the scenery is trying to load a custom library that you don't have installed, or it's trying to load a file from an old version of X-Plane. The best situation here would be to contact Drzewiecki. EDIT: I also see you are using X-Plane 10.21. Try updating to 10.5 first. That may solve the issue.
  7. C is okay. Program files is NOT okay.
  8. No, manual activation is not a thing. Sounds like your folders don't have proper permissions. You'll need to go over your Windows folder permissions for X-Plane and the directories within it.
  9. You mean TBM 900. The developer of that product is the developer of Librain. It has not been released to everyone else at this time.
  10. The issue is here: 0:04:32.313 G64: debug: Toast Message:(type:error) (X-Aviation Licensing) / (Could not save license data.) It seems as though maybe you have some permissions issues in your X-Plane folder (or X-Plane/X-Aviation folder) that prevent the file from writing, or you have a firewall blocking this. Your license is not getting saved to your computer.
  11. X-Plane is very good about pointing the finger at any plugin at fault. It's very possible that you're exhausting memory by re-activating and building the cache for SkyMaxx Pro when you are re-enabling at that phase of the simulation environment. Of course, the software is not designed to be used in the way you're trying.
  12. The log shows a crash within X-Plane, but not SkyMaxx. Can't say we can help you on that one!
  13. To be clear, the avionics you're having issues with are not "paid" for and are driven by stock X-Plane. Frustrating, yes. But, there seems to be something driver related at play here.
  14. Yes, this has been a long standing X-Plane bug dating back to X-Plane 10.
  15. Looking at your log your license shows valid. There is no issue I can see there.
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