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  1. This has been documented with a solution for years (since 2016).
  2. There is no activation from you at all in our system. Are you sure it's correctly placed? In the log you previously provided us it wasn't even being loaded (or even attempted to load). Something isn't right here. Can you re-upload a new Log.txt file?
  3. It looks as though you removed the Gizmo64.plugin folder out of the X-Plane plugins folder and into the Resources folder. This is causing the issues you're experiencing.
  4. Do you have some kind of anti-virus or firewall running by chance? There is a plugin not being installed in your images above. If you don't have an anti-virus it would seem as though you have some write permission issues in your X-Plane plugins folder.
  5. Librain is for aircraft developers. It will do nothing on its own, so no, this is not for you. Those are good settings to have!
  6. Once things are dead they cannot be brought back to life. You killed it when you made this thread.
  7. I would imagine those aircraft have their own sound packs, and so SoundMaxx would not touch them. In that instance it would enhance the outside environment.
  8. You have no valid license for the G5. Do you have a multi monitor setup? It's asking you to activate, but you're clearly not seeing it.
  9. @TallTanBarbie You appear to be using the SkyMaxx Pro v4 style of clouds in v5, which has its limitations. One of those limitations is the fact they are texture based clouds. The opacity in them will not change. For most of what you seek, you'd need to use volumetric option, but given your rather large use of 4K displays I don't think it's an option. Shadows are a lost cause to talk about here as already indicated. Nothing can be done.
  10. @TallTanBarbie You should probably post images with these descriptions. I don't think there will be any workaround for the cloud shadow issues. It's a multi display problem. P3D is entirely irrelevant.
  11. @N3752W Ultrawide is great for X-Plane. 34'' is what I've been using and really enjoy the more feel of immersion it can provide.
  12. This is not in any way descriptive at all.
  13. Doesn't sound like you've actually ran the G5 installer after download.
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