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  1. I also encourage you to use the search feature in the forums. It's been discussed many times.
  2. @Tim013 Look for changes like that in v2. After 8 years of free updates on this version, we are sunsetting any new visual changes. At this point it's purely a bug fixing and closing the door situation for this iteration of the Saab.
  3. That looks as intended. The lenses are also there on the lights. You can see them at various angles.
  4. But it's already been almost 6 years.
  5. Windows 7 as well? You guys really need to think about getting out of ancient OS's! If not just for future driver stability and enhancements for things like Vulkan. Sheesh, guys.
  6. I do not agree. Win 7 to Win 10 was the most painless transition of any MS OS I had ever done. Your mileage may vary, but trying to run a very outdated operating system that is not even supported by MS is not wise either. You should really upgrade before it becomes too late to actually safely migrate your data. There is likely NOT going to be a path from Win7 to Win11 (or whatever it will be called). THAT would be foolish and a hassle.
  7. That's the issue, unfortunately. The above poster also went through this. You can see the resolution here:
  8. What version of Windows are you on?
  9. @BillyJB The error is caused by you upgrading to Mac OS X 64-bit only since your last install of the Saab. You can delete the Saab uninstaller file located in X-Plane/X-Aviation. That should solve it.
  10. I guarantee you resolution on our end. At least then I can work with you if something is actually wrong, but I'm 99% confident this really is the problem.
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