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  1. You mean it's in your account NOW. You just purchased it. Thank you. Piracy is unacceptable, so please don't attempt it again. The above error can be ignored. It's simply stating you already have something needed installed. As for the plugin showing, you need to read the manual. It is controlled within SkyMaxx Pro, not any Real Weather Connector plugin menu: http://x-aviation.com/downloads/RealWeatherConnector.pdf
  2. That's what needed to be said. In other words, you got impatient. This has nothing to do with anything else you said. As far as I'm concerned, your issues got resolved in under 24 hours, and that's good customer service. You coming in here and saying "I can't even download the igodispatch for the ixeg 737-300 from the x-aviation website and they aren't helping me fix it" is misleading without context. You give the impression in a public venue that we aren't helping you and you've waited an eternity. Reality is you waited 3 hours, posted that with NO context, and had people assuming anything they wanted. Really, it's not okay.
  3. And when you made that comment 8 hours ago, how many e-mails had you sent in general, and how long before making your post had you sent them? And, had you not already received replies to your general issues? Come on, man. Out of line.
  4. Well that's not true, is it?
  5. This is an X-Plane bug which Laminar has addressed but not yet released to the public in the beta run.
  6. There's actually quite a bit here about it. Anyways, seems to be a bug in the beta version of Gizmo. Re-install using the stable selection for now.
  7. Please explain how and why you have Real Weather Connector installed on your machine when you have not even purchased it. I'll give you a bit, after which if a purchase for it does not come through your account will be terminated.
  8. I'm confused how that has anything to do with this thread?
  9. For years the issue you have just described has been addressed here in the forums. A little searching would go a long way for you. Look up IXEG Windows Defender to get your answer.
  10. Hi there! Please post your log.txt file from X-Plane.
  11. The problem appears to be your rudders. You have them deflected, so your hardware is causing a left yaw. It's clearly seen in the video.
  12. Kind of a plain in the butt, but can you try this please: 1. Re-name x-plane/resources/plugins folder to plugins_backup 2. Run the X-Plane installer to let it restore a plugins folder for you 3. Move Gizmo64.plugin from the plugins_backup folder to your new plugins folder If the issue goes away, you can slowly add one plugin at a time from plugins_backup to plugins to see where the culprit may be.
  13. As I recall, this error is something Laminar resolved in 11.41 and higher. You'll need to update X-Plane.
  14. Thanks. I've logged this one!
  15. This makes no sense. X-Plane begins writing this file as soon as you start it. How quickly does this crash occur? Does X-Plane's loading screen come up?
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