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  1. Going to the BlackMagic would be a downgrade in your scenario. You would be better off with something like a Razer Core X with a 6900XT. The 5700XT is otherwise the next best thing, and being directly connected to your motherboard, you have an edge.
  2. We need a lot more info. Log files, screenshot of rendering options, and a screenshot of your fps bar in X-Plane.
  3. That doesn't appear to be the same issues. He seems happy about the clouds. His issue is the shadows (which are optional).
  4. No, volumetric does not use ANY textures.
  5. @Holger, My GUESS is a 1080ti with a 4k monitor. This video card isn't the best for this resolution, as you're already pushing things pretty hard without add-ons. That said, let's take a look at things. Can you post: 1. A screenshot of your FPS bar from X-Plane when the FPS are lowered. 2. A screenshot of you X-Plane rendering settings.
  6. Indeed. It needs to be fully removed.
  7. So you're saying with SkyMaxx Pro enabled, but volumetric disabled, the expected scene is present? As for shadows from aircraft, we actually don't control that in any way. That's simply X-Plane casting the shadow on its own.
  8. Can you please attach the FSGRW SMP file in your X-Plane folder, and to confirm, LEXJ is the airport you're at?
  9. You unsubscribed from our e-mail system in November of 2020. Therefore, you were not sent a discount. You will need to e-mail support@x-aviation.com
  10. Something is wrong here. Does this happen even after a restart of X-Plane? Volumetric clouds do NOT rotate like billboards. Whatever you're describing, this is not the expected behavior and sounds like a bug we need to look into. Transparency also doesn't sound right. There should be nothing transparent at all in the volumetric clouds.
  11. Hi there! It's possible that an old METAR was present and loaded prior to the new one being loaded. You can: 1. Go to the SkyMaxx Pro menu and force a weather re-load 2. Adjust the Real Weather setting to not change visible weather (I personally like keeping this active though) You also need to make sure you have FSGRW selected in the Real Weather settings of SkyMaxx Pro.
  12. That's down to AMD's drivers. You can ignore this. It's pretty much always been that way since day one years ago. Works perfect for Nvidia. I would think so. I know Laminar at least tries to have dialog with them!
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