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  1. There is no discount offered for bundling the two. We did offer a special bundle price for existing G1000 SR22 owners at the beginning of the Entegra launch, but that has since long expired.
  2. Cameron

    iniSimulations Releases A310

    iniBuilds has released the A310 ON THE LINE, making it their third addition to their Airbus product lineup. iniBuilds states this is their "most complex, in-depth simulation to date”. A300 purchasers receive a 35% discount. Check this short instruction post on their forum for details. Alternatively, if the A310 is your first iniBuilds product, you can get the A300 at a 25% discount. For the full feature list, check the announcement post on their forum.
  3. This topic was last replied to in 2017. Let that sink in.
  4. About the only thing you can do is run your monitor at a lower resolution. That's up to the aircraft developer, and as the Saab has seen free updates from 2013 to now, there are no further plans to make updates. The next major version of the Saab 340A will have the new window system, but this is not slated to be a free update, and it's not slated for release anytime soon. No, this is not possible. The legacy X-Plane window code was not capable of detaching from the sim to pop out on other monitors.
  5. Fans are made to cool your computer down. Your computer is processing lots of data, thus creating heat. Fans running are not a bad thing.
  6. There are plenty of posts for you to go by here. The product page, descriptions, and more have been in place since the beginning. You had 5 years of reviews and data to judge your purchase by (and I'm sure you did your research given your post). I'm sorry if you misunderstood some marketing. There's no point in a topic like this. Closed.
  7. The issue was solved in the March update: You're sure you're seeing the same black rectangles? That would imply corruption somewhere.
  8. No, there are no refunds as explained and you agreed to during purchase. The SR22 has a very dense 3D model, which contributes to VRAM usage along with textures. What is your AA setting set to? Something obscenely high? That could be a contributing factor, even on a 1080p screen.
  9. Is this on a laptop? It sound like you may need to be holding down the function key (Fn) plus the actual F1 or F2 keys.
  10. It was addressed to be what it is now. Very few complain about this. Way too many complained about this when it was the other way around. There's no mistake as to why it is the way it is now.
  11. Updates will definitely be posted here and via email when sent out!
  12. Maybe you should actually read the replies in threads you post in before asking status of things. In a previous thread (coupled with your impatience to post multiple times about the same question), your question was already answered before you even posted....just above your own post! You know how you wanted a response of even just "we are aware of the problem and are looking into it?" It was already there...and that already proved not good enough for you: So, yes, we will absolutely disagree. Thanks for your feedback. We'll consider it against others.
  13. Read the notes section of this thread:
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