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  1. I did answer it. One is enough if we can reproduce it.
  2. If we can reproduce it, we can likely fix it. That was also the case here.
  3. To be frank, it's not developers' job to announce things publicly that Laminar has not. Please don't assume we'll do such a thing. At this time we know about as much as you do on that front.
  4. The issue in this thread is not related to the one you have. It's a bug in the DC-3 code where if the DC-3 is loaded prior to activation, a crash can occur because of initialization issues. It is known and will be fixed in an update. In the meantime, as has been indicated elsewhere and by others, the interim solution is as simple as loading another aircraft, then the DC-3 for the first time around.
  5. Speeds are not set by a server. They are dictated by the routings your ISP takes to get to a server. We cannot answer the question for you!
  6. Perfectly in your right! You're just in a severe minority.
  7. Nope. I'm pretty sure the whole X-Plane world will know when Laminar finally gets this accessible data in. Look for news from them, not us.
  8. There is no discounted upgrade path present for this product. If you'd like to have the Classic Plus, you'll need to purchase it new.
  9. You're taking away an element of the aircraft that enables all the systems to run. Just because you remove it and it loads does not mean you've solved the issue at all. Of course a Mac plugin is not going to run on Windows! I have no idea what you're talking about when you say "outdated". They are not. Unfortunately, it's quite clear you're throwing darts anywhere you can without a target even being present. Lots of talk that you don't have knowledge about, hence these strange accusations you've made throughout this thread about old items, and plugins not being 64 bit. The facts remain. There's three of you encountering this. That's a pool size so small I cannot help you and you're better off seeking a common denominator amongst one another. It's the last time I'll say such, and I'm going to close this thread. Please discuss amongst yourselves in private messages. Should things change or we have an "aha!" moment, I will unlock and update this thread.
  10. No, it cannot. For the error in your log with the CTD, you should now be able to get around that by opening a default aircraft first, then the DC-3. You couldn't do that before because you were not running under Rosetta.
  11. You will need to run the DC-3 with Rosetta enabled for X-Plane.
  12. There is no Linux version planned. I think FlyJSim has a Linux compatible 737-200, but otherwise, yes, the Zibo Mod would be the way to go.
  13. What does the airframe manager say about any maintenance needed?
  14. They have actively maintained products and have new stuff in the works, so yes.
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