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  1. I don't really follow the questions here, but I'll answer anyhow... 1. I assume you're asking why the PC 12 developer says no to Macs? Only they would know the answer to that. 2. We do not use SASL in our products. I don't follow what you mean by this not being Carenado's coding. The Carenado product and the G500 are both separate plugins entirely.
  2. When X-Plane is running at a low frame rate, the data feed rate to XTrainer is also going to be cut back. I wouldn't so much call it a "problem" as much as I would an expected result.
  3. Minimum requirements are kind of just that...the minimum required specs for something to even run. It doesn't mean run good. When you start piling any kind of add-ons to X-Plane, you are asking more of it. In such cases the minimum specs are really not going to cut it. Speaking specifically to the Entegra SR22, the minimum and suggested are: Modern CPU with 4+ Cores (6+ Cores recommended) 16+ GB RAM NVIDIA or AMD Graphics Card with 4+ GB VRAM (6+ GB recommended) AMD has been prone to issues at times in X-Plane, so I would stick with Nvidia. What's within your budget will be up to you, but the specs above are what will make your experience more enjoyable.
  4. This is what's killing you more than anything. The CPU is "okay." That GPU is...old (putting it very nicely).
  5. Engine surging is typically related to low frame rates. What are your computer specs?
  6. No, it's not like SASL where aircraft are version specific. All planes will work right away.
  7. I cannot find a legal purchase of this product from you. Can you please provide your order number?
  8. The product is currently going through beta testing. As soon as that's over, the update will be released.
  9. Cameron

    MU-2 rolls left

    We can start with the very expired medical and lack of multi engine rating if you like, let alone MU2 type. A private pilot certificate != MU2 pilot. That picture you posted appears to be from the 90's, which conveniently coincides with your PPL certificate. Likely a school pilots uniform on. Where you live has actually always had a pretty good school for that. In the event it's not a school uniform and you somehow finagled a way to be a safety pilot (MU-2 does not require two man crew) with no multi engine rating 30 years ago, well okay. But you also said you "fly the airplane in real life", then proceeded to post a near 30 year old picture. That's not very present tense, nor does it take away from the fact you are not a certified MU-2 typed pilot.
  10. Cameron

    MU-2 rolls left

    Actually, it was you who told the lie. I think that makes one of us full of ourselves, but it's not me. I don't think you want or need me to go into detail about how I know that unless you REALLY want me to.
  11. Cameron

    MU-2 rolls left

    No you don't. And yes, it's every bit about trim.
  12. Hold them in in the up position for 3 seconds.
  13. There is literally no reason to do this. That's not something we can answer for you.
  14. @tkyler probably has better insight for this, but are you sure you have AVITAB properly installed?
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