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  1. Finally, I found my 1.5 backup copy and manually installed in XP 11.41. So, now I can enjoy the slightly bugged 1.5 version in my XP 11.41 and the latest corrected 1.6.1 version in XP1.5. Regarding the importance of scenery, that is a very personal decision and I understand different tastes and approaches. Thanks for the assistance and comments, Best, Juan
  2. Would it be possible to install manually version 1.5 in my XP 11.41?
  3. Thanks. That is exactly what I did. The issue is that several scenarios (like Orbx) or Traffic Global, for example, do not work properly in XP 11.50. Therefore, I would like to keep using the Saab 340 in XP 11.41. Actually, I have not seen any warning thta the 1.6 version will not work in that version.
  4. What I want to know is if I can keep using the Saab 340 in my X-plane 11.41 after installing the new version (1.6 and 1.6.1) I attach an image of the screen where I get the message saying that I cannot do it. I was not aware thta the new versions only worked in XP 11.50.
  5. Hi, I have updated my Saab 340 to version 1.6 and shortly thereafter to 1.6.1 and I have realized that I cannot use it in my Xp 11.40 version, only in 11.50. How may I install the 1.5 version in XP 11.40? Thanks, Juan
  6. jarcelus

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 Update Released

    In order to install the last version, do I need to uninstall the one I am using before installing or the update is automatic? Thanks, Juan
  7. Thanks, but I do no not know what is a "vanilla installation". Doesn't it apply to windows?
  8. First, I did what you indicated in your previous suggestion and it did not work, as I mentioned in a previous post, (see attached) without answer from you. Second, I do not know whether I am being impatient. What is is a fact is that I bought a product that is not working. What is necessary is that it works.
  9. I have found a previously saved metar file. I opened it in XP weather setting and saw the clouds. However, with Maxx plugin I see always the same sky as shown in the pictures. No way to be able to see any damned cloud with this plugin!
  10. I wonder if I would see any different sky when using a metar file in the xp weather selector, but I do not have any.
  11. Now, with manual stormy conditions, this is what I see with Maxx plugin. Neither with manual settings or automatic real weather I am able to see any cloud
  12. these are the settings using the x plane real world with clouds (XP default real weather) and without (Maxx) using the same setting
  13. I have changed the visual effects setting HDR, but nothing happened. I have disabled the Goodway Planner plugin and the same lack of visible clouds. Based on the bad experience so far with Maxx pro, I do not want to take the risk of buying the RWC and end up spending almost 60 dollars for nothing. I am surprised that I am the only Mac user suffering this problem without apparent solution. By the way, based on other member of the forum question on "disappearing clouds", I have checked my resources/plugings/silverlining and the folder "saved settings" is empty- I do not know
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