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    • Cameron
      iniBuilds has released the A310 ON THE LINE, making it their third addition to their Airbus product lineup. iniBuilds states this is their "most complex, in-depth simulation to date”.
      A300 purchasers receive a 35% discount. Check this short instruction post on their forum for details. Alternatively, if the A310 is your first iniBuilds product, you can get the A300 at a 25% discount. For the full feature list, check the announcement post on their forum.

    • Cameron
      Captain Jan has posted a near 30 minute long video showcasing the features in the upcoming v1.3 update from IXEG. Items like new 3D enhancements, flight model adjustments, and various other aspects of the systems/programming are covered and worth a look!
      You can find the video in the topic here at X-Pilot.

    • Cameron
      Coop, lead developer at TorqueSim, has shown a new update for the SR22 project they are working on.
      In this update we discuss the RealSimGear Perspective Hardware integration, as well as a 3D and texture model preview. The update is also packed with more information about the engine model and electrical system.
      You can see all of this in the SR22 Development thread located here on X-Pilot.

    • Cameron
      SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 has been released and is a free update for all current v4 customers. Included in this update is numerous Vulkan fixes, as well as newly refined lighting on clouds. There have also been some cloud texture refinements to fix some artifacts.
      You can read more about the update here in the forums!

    • Cameron
      Leading Edge Simulations has officially announced the Douglas DC-3 v2 update is in the works.
      This update will be a realistic representation of the existing v1 DC-3 many customers have come to love.
      The entire 3D model and textures have been re-vamped, FMOD is being introduced, a much deeper systems simulation, all-new UI, and more is coming. To see all the details be sure to see the topic here at X-Pilot!

    • Cameron
      TorqueSim has released the BN-2 Islander on X-Aviation! You can pick up your copy today.
      The BN-2 Islander is a light twin regional airliner and utility aircraft and is still widely flown today. Thanks to its rugged construction and excellent short-field performance, this aircraft can be found with operators all over the world. The model simulated is the BN-2B-26, equipped with 2 Lycoming O-540 engines.
      Head on over to the store to purchase the BN-2 Islander!

    • Cameron
      X-Aviation has been re-designed from the ground up! The new site is intended to make your shopping easier by placing the information you really want to know at the top of each product page, and brings a modern, mobile friendly shop with it as well. No matter where you are, you can now shop with ease from any device!

    • Cameron
      In the latest SR22 development update, Coop takes us through explanations about the aerodynamics on this aircraft.
      TorqueSim states, "Aerodynamics is one of many reasons why we all love X-Plane. That’s also why, just like with the engine, aerodynamics on the TorqueSim SR22 have been designed to take full advantage of the simulator’s capabilities and get as close as possible to the real world equivalent. Therefore a professional flight model of the SR22 was created by X-Aerodynamics in 2018 – over many months of work using all available resources and documents. It is up to the most recent standards and greatly benefits of the flight model improvements introduced with version 11.41 of the simulator and is ready for 11.50."
      You can read more about the latest update in the SR22 forums here.

    • Cameron
      SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.1 has been released and includes experimental support for Vulkan. Mac users may still enjoy the latest update while using OpenGL.
      This update is free for all current v4 users of SkyMaxx, and includes numerous optimizations for better performance.
      You can find more information about v4.9.1 in the release notes in this forum.

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