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    • Cameron
      Boundless has announced the development of Glasgow Prestwick Airport (EGPK) for X-Plane 11 and 12. As the second busiest airport in Glasgow, Scotland, it serves an average of 445,211 passengers annually.
      Prestwick Airport officially opened in 1935, though it had operated as an airfield since the early 1910s. Passenger facilities were added in 1938 and later upgraded to accommodate jet aircraft. During World War II, the RAF used Prestwick as a trans-Atlantic gateway for US Army personnel and as a training base for RAF pilots. 
      After the war, Prestwick began commercial operations, including a transatlantic route to New York. The main runway was extended in 1960 from 2,100 meters to its current length of 3,000 meters.
      In the early 1990s, the airport faced significant challenges until Canadian entrepreneur Matthew Hudson took over, constructing a railway station that made it the first Scottish airport with direct rail access. Ryanair began operating at Prestwick in 1994, gradually expanding routes to destinations like Dublin, London Stansted, and Paris-Beauvais.
      Ownership of the airport changed several times, with the Stagecoach Group taking over in 1998, followed by Infratil in 2001, which revamped the terminal in 2005. The Scottish government acquired the airport for a nominal sum in 2013.
      Today, Ryanair serves Prestwick with flights to destinations such as Alicante, Faro, Lanzarote, Málaga, and Tenerife-South.
      Currently, there is no information on the release date, pricing, or features of the Boundless rendition of Prestwick Airport.

    • Cameron
      Laminar Research has previewed the upcoming X-Plane 12.1.0 update on their blog, currently in private testing and set for a public beta release soon. This update will bring several enhancements, including graphical improvements, flight model tweaks, and weather upgrades.
      Originally intended as a graphics-focused update, it also includes new aircraft systems, an improved flight model, enhancements to the weather and ATC systems, and the introduction of a physics-based camera that moves with the aircraft.
      Key graphical improvements include cloud shadows on water, bloom lighting effects, adaptive sharpening for better contrast, softer ground shadows, MSAA enhancements, improved CPU performance, and refined water opacity and turbidity. A new screenshot utility with depth of field and exposure controls is also included, alongside new particle effects such as sparks from pavement collisions, ground spray, and visibility effects during helicopter and powered lift operations.
      The update significantly upgrades aircraft systems, particularly the G1000 simulation, which now features ADS-B simulation, stormscope and traffic map pages, METAR flags, NDB and VOR pages, WAAS/Test Satellite Constellation, and improved plugin interoperability. Glass avionics will now be integrated via plugins, facilitating easier implementation by developers.
      The flight model will include a manual flap system, dial-a-flap functionality, electric clutches for helicopters, and single-lever control for turboprops, where applicable.
      The weather system will utilize a new server, improving METAR parsing for more realistic representation, and reducing blockiness in cloud visuals.
      Finally, the update introduces a physics-based camera system that adjusts based on aircraft acceleration, though this may arrive in version 12.1.0 or a subsequent update.
      An official release date for the update has not yet been announced.

    • Cameron
      NSS Scenery Studio has released their rendition of Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (ZSJN) for X-Plane 12. Serving Jinan in Shandong Province, China, the airport accommodates an average of 13.6 million passengers annually, ranking it as the 25th busiest in the country.
      The airport, covering 7,200 acres, was completed in 1992. Its terminal building, spanning 114,000 square meters, was developed in phases, with a new terminal in 2005 and an expansion in 2010. It is designed to handle up to 4,500 passengers during peak hours and supports 100,000 aircraft movements annually.
      Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is a hub for Shandong Airlines and serves numerous other carriers, including Air China, Beijing Capital Airlines, Cambodia Airways, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and many more.
      The NSS Scenery Studio’s rendition features:
      • Accurate airport layout with custom ground textures
      • Precise taxiway markings
      • Custom jetways and night lighting
      • Automatic marshaling
      • Detailed landside buildings
      This scenery is available on SimMarket for approximately $21.41 and requires at least 1.36 GB of free disk space for installation.

    • Cameron
      In an announcement at the X-Plane Developer Summit in Montréal, Canada, ToLiss Simulations and FlightFactor revealed their collaboration on developing a rendition of the Airbus A350 for the X-Plane 12 platform.
      ToLiss, known for exclusively developing Airbus aircraft for X-Plane, and FlightFactor, recognized for their Airbus and Boeing simulations, have joined forces. FlightFactor initially released their version of the A350 during the X-Plane 10 era. Traditionally competitors in the Airbus market, the partnership between these two developers aims to deliver a high-quality representation of Airbus's latest airliner for X-Plane.
      Details about the collaboration's structure and additional development information have not yet been disclosed. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Stay tuned to Threshold for further news and insights into flight simulation developments.

    • Cameron
      X-Codr Designs has released a significant update for their Denver International Airport (KDEN) scenery for X-Plane 11 and 12. This update introduces new custom ground vehicles, enhancements, and various bug fixes.
      Introduction of brand new custom ground vehicles with custom FMOD sounds. Addition of new TSA workers. Inclusion of airport employees at airline check-in counters. Remodeled entrance sign. Various other improvements. The scenery provides an accurate rendition of Denver International Airport, featuring detailed terminals, an up-to-date ground layout, custom ground textures, and realistic weather effects for X-Plane 12.
      The updated scenery is available on the X-Plane.Org Store for $29.95 and requires at least 7.5 GB of free disk space for installation.

    • Cameron
      Nimbus Simulation Studios has recently released their detailed rendition of New York's John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) for X-Plane 12. As the busiest airport in New York City, JFK handles an impressive annual average of 60 million passengers.
      The airport, initially known as Idlewild Airport, was established 74 years ago on an old golf course, featuring a single 7,365 square meter terminal and six runways. In late 1963, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the airport was renamed in his honor. This renaming coincided with JFK surpassing LaGuardia to become the busiest airport in the region and the second busiest in the United States.
      JFK serves as the busiest international gateway to the United States, with over 90 airlines operating flights to all inhabited continents. JetBlue holds the largest market share at JFK, with 28.8% (15,624,961 passengers), followed by Delta Air Lines with 28.4% (15,390,437 passengers) and American Airlines with 14.5% (7,870,971 passengers). Among foreign carriers, Air France leads with 1.9% of the market share, accounting for 1,025,339 passengers.
      The Nimbus Simulation Studios' scenery for JFK features a highly accurate rendition of the airport, including:
      Custom ground textures and PBR materials Custom night lighting 3D native XP12 trees Populated parking lots High-quality PBR vehicles Detailed terminals with interiors Native X-Plane ground traffic Native jetway system Water and snow effects Guidance lights for the Canarsie approach The scenery is available for purchase on the X-Plane.Org Store for $29.95 and requires at least 1.3 GB of free disk space for installation.

    • Cameron
      Verticalsim has released their detailed rendition of Ontario International Airport (KONT) for X-Plane 12, catering to the cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, and the Greater Los Angeles area. This airport handles an average of 5 million passengers annually.
      Ontario International Airport was initially established in 1941 as an Army Air Corps training and operations base. Post-World War II, it transitioned into a large storage, sales, and scrapping facility for Army Air Forces aircraft. In 1946, the airport's name changed from "Ontario Municipal Airport" to "Ontario International Airport" to reflect its role in outgoing trans-Pacific cargo flights. The same year marked the first international passenger flight, a Pacific Overseas Airlines service from Shanghai to Ontario, inaugurating round-trip air travel between the United States and the Orient. Western Airlines began operations in 1949, followed by Bonanza Air Lines in 1955.
      A new terminal was opened in 1998, replacing the old terminals which now serve administrative functions and the USO. The airport comprises 26 gates, with 12 in Terminal 2 and 14 in Terminal 4. Terminal 2 is home to Alaska Airlines, Avianca El Salvador, China Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, and Volaris. Terminal 4 serves American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Southwest.
      Ontario International is a significant cargo hub for FedEx and UPS Airlines, facilitating cargo transport across North America and Asia. Other cargo operators include Amazon Air, Ameriflight, Amerijet International, Asia Pacific Airlines, and Kalitta Air, making it the ninth-largest cargo airport in the United States.
      Verticalsim's scenery package offers an accurate depiction of Ontario International Airport, featuring:
      Updated weather maps for XP12 Accurate cargo ramps Current ground layout HDR lighting PBR texturing SAM jetways LOD optimization This scenery is available on SimMarket for approximately $17.50 and requires at least 1.61 GB of free disk space to install.

    • Cameron
      VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations, renowned for their unique and niche aircraft introductions in X-Plane, has recently launched an updated release of their Robinson R44 Raven II project, tailored for compatibility with the latest version of Laminar Research's X-Plane 12.0.08. This follows their previous success with the iconic SR-71, showcasing their ongoing commitment to delivering distinctive aircraft experiences.
      The Robinson R44, a four-seat rotor-wing aircraft manufactured by Robinson Aircraft in Torrance, California, builds upon earlier models like the R22, featuring a larger cabin and enhanced performance. With over 5,000 deliveries worldwide, it stands as one of the best-selling general aviation helicopters, serving diverse roles from sightseeing to government operations.
      In recent weeks, the VSKYLABS team has dedicated efforts to several key areas of improvement. This update focuses on fine-tuning the drive train simulation, refining aircraft performance and handling characteristics, and enhancing auto rotation and landing skid dynamics. Notably, engine power gradient accuracies have been improved, complemented by comprehensive graphical enhancements utilizing a full PBR setup to maximize visual fidelity within X-Plane 12. Additional default liveries have been included, enhancing customization options. Moreover, the update enhances sound quality by upgrading FMOD sound packs to v2.0x and introducing physics-based blade angle slap sounds.
      Existing customers can access this update through the auto-updater, with VSKYLABS recommending downloading the store build package to maintain alignment between user-end progressive versions and the base build version. For more details, including the complete update log and purchasing options, visit the VSKYLABS website at www.vskylabs.com or explore the project on the x-plane.org store website.

    • Cameron
      X-Crafts, renowned for their Embraer aircraft lineup in X-Plane, has rolled out a comprehensive update for their E-Jet series, focusing primarily on enhancing the autopilot and flight management systems while addressing various minor but persistent issues. This update precedes a larger feature overhaul slated for 2024, as hinted in their recent post on the X-Plane.org forums.
      The update, encompassing nearly 100 changes, introduces significant improvements:
      - Enhanced functionality in the autopilot and FMS systems to align more closely with real-world aircraft operations. Notable additions include refined FLCH behavior during climb and descent phases, and updated approach procedures featuring X and Y designations for precise approach tracking.
      - Optimization efforts to enhance overall performance, such as reducing CPU load by adjusting the frequency of fuel predictions on the FMS progress page from every frame to every 5 seconds.
      - Quality-of-life enhancements, including persisting settings for the localizer and ground speed selectors post-autopilot disconnection.
      - Preparatory changes for forthcoming updates, including improvements to the EICAS speed brake indications in anticipation of a steep approach mode implementation.
      X-Crafts is also offering a limited-time discount for current owners of V2.5 E-jets, valid until May 10th, 2024. This offer provides a 15% discount on the complete E-Jets collection, available for purchase on the X-Crafts website.

    • Cameron
      Axonos has recently released their rendition of Jackson Hole Airport for X-Plane 12, emphasizing its unique location in the Rocky Mountains and its status as the only commercial airport within a National Park in the United States. The airport, originally established in the 1930s and later extended in 1959, has become a crucial hub for accessing nearby ski resorts and sees substantial traffic, accommodating over 450,000 passengers annually.
      Axonos' depiction of Jackson Hole Airport includes several noteworthy features:
      - Correction of 500 square kilometers of high-resolution orthophoto for enhanced VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights.
      - Detailed apron and buildings featuring PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures.
      - Custom ground vehicles tailored specifically for Jackson Hole.
      - High-resolution and detailed ground textures.
      - Implementation of full SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) marshallers and seasons.
      - Compatibility with World Traffic 3 and Just Flight Traffic Global.
      - Hand-placed trees and houses surrounding the airport area.
      - Updated textures and signs optimized for X-Plane 12.
      The airport scenery is available for purchase at Axonos' store for $22.99.

    • Cameron
      VSkylabs Aerospace Simulations has recently introduced their SR-71 Blackbird for X-Plane 12, marking their latest endeavor in delivering an authentic representation of this iconic aircraft to flight simulation enthusiasts. Development on the SR-71 commenced in January 2023, aligning with VSkylabs’ commitment to detail and accuracy.
      Known for their specialization in unique and historically significant aircraft, VSkylabs recently showcased their Hungarocopter before focusing on the SR-71. The SR-71 simulation boasts a meticulous recreation of its systems, animations, and mission configurations, with the current flight model at version 1.0 (Early Access) and ongoing enhancements planned for future updates.
      Key features of the SR-71 Blackbird include precise algorithms controlling Air Inlet spikes, accurate ramjet characteristics, and a detailed propulsion simulation. The throttle settings accurately replicate operational procedures, with the Chemical Ignition System visually depicted during startup. Dynamic afterburner variable exhaust nozzles and the intricate air inlet system with moving spikes and fuel management systems are faithfully simulated. Animated flight control surfaces and simulated air-to-air refueling sequences further enhance the realism.
      The 3D model of the SR-71 has been meticulously crafted to incorporate extensive details, including the iconic A330 Start Cart and Lockheed’s D-21 reconnaissance drone. FMOD sounds of the Buick Wildcat V8 401 ci engines complement the immersive experience. The fully detailed cockpit is VR-compatible, replicating all aspects of the actual aircraft.
      Flight simulation enthusiasts can explore the comprehensive feature list and access the free flight manual on the product page to delve deeper into the SR-71 Blackbird simulation. The aircraft is available for purchase directly from VSkylabs’ website or through X-Plane.org for $37.00, aiming to set a new standard for accuracy and realism in SR-71 simulations across all flight simulators.

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