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    • Cameron
      Orbx has recently released their first product for X-Plane 12, featuring a rendition of Brisbane International Airport (YBBN). As the primary international airport in Queensland, Australia, it serves approximately 20 million passengers annually. The airport is a hub for various airlines, including Alliance Airlines, Jetstar, Qantas, Toll Aviation, and Virgin Australia, offering a wide range of domestic and international destinations.
      Developed by their in-house experts using the latest techniques, the scenery offers a highly detailed representation of Brisbane International Airport. It includes features such as PBR texturing for enhanced visual quality, custom SAM jetways (including T-Style), and VDGS integration. The scenery also incorporates the newly opened runway 01L/19R, which debuted in mid-2020.
      The key features of the scenery include over 60 square kilometers of coverage, handcrafted custom mesh, 15cm orthophoto coverage, high-quality PBR textures, accurate custom ground polygons, an up-to-date airport layout for 2022, hand-placed buildings, lights, and autogen, animated vehicle traffic, animated radar systems, and custom dynamic night lighting.
      The product is available for purchase on OrbxDirect for $18.41 and requires a minimum of 2.11 GB of free disk space for installation.

    • Cameron
      AirfoilLabs has recently updated their C172NG aircraft for X-Plane 12, taking advantage of the new features introduced in the platform, including rain effects. The C172NG offers an accurate flight model, built with real-life flight data and recordings in mind, ensuring that the aircraft behaves realistically in terms of crosswind, air pressures, and stalls. The 3D model has been completely rebuilt for enhanced visual fidelity.
      The Cessna 172 is a renowned aircraft in aviation and is often used for training purposes. With its 2400rpm, 175hp piston engine, the C172NG can reach a speed of 125 knots and a maximum altitude of 13,000 feet. Equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics, an advanced maintenance and failures system, and even the ability to encounter a birdstrike, the AFL Cessna 172NG offers a comprehensive set of features.
      The update for X-Plane 12 brings several improvements and additions, including a reworked internal 3D model and textures, a brand new flight model specifically designed for X-Plane 12, enhancements to internal and external cameras, VR compatibility, Garmin displays commands for cockpit builders, X-Plane 12 rain effects, and more.
      The aircraft features exquisite PBR texturing, a detailed 3D model based on a real aircraft, FMOD sound with over 320 sounds, a flight model based on real aircraft recordings and performance tables, custom damage simulation, and realistic systems including fuel, landing gear, electrical, and engine logic.
      The AirfoilLabs Cessna 172 NG is available for purchase on the X-Plane Store for $49.95.

    • Cameron
      X-Works has recently released their A330-900neo modification for the Laminar Research A330-300 in X-Plane 12. This mod brings the newest variant of the A330 to the simulator, and the development team has worked diligently to bring this modification to users.
      During the development process, X-Works has provided sneak peeks and modeling updates to showcase the progress of the A330-900neo. However, it's important to note that X-Works has issued a warning regarding the latest X-Plane 12 beta update. They advise users on Windows not to update to beta 7 as it breaks the A330-300 and, consequently, their mod as well. Users interested in using the modification should wait for a fix to be released by Laminar Research.
      The X-Works A330-900neo mod offers various features and enhancements, including fully remade wings, engines, and fairings, custom wing flex, custom reverse, custom flaps/slats, custom speedbrake, and custom gear door animations.
      To obtain this modification, you can visit X-Plane.to to download it for free. The installation process involves duplicating the default Laminar Research A330 folder and replacing the files with the new ones when prompted.
      If you're looking to download liveries for this aircraft, X-Works provides a selection of liveries on their Discord server.

    • Cameron
      FlightFactor has recently released a new update for their popular A320 aircraft in X-Plane. This update brings a range of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and miscellaneous features to enhance the overall user experience.
      Originally released for X-Plane 10 in February 2018, the FlightFactor A320 was later made compatible with X-Plane 11. However, there was a period of no development for the A320 in X-Plane 11, resulting in some users experiencing performance issues. In response to this, FlightFactor released a major update in late 2021 to address these issues. With the release of X-Plane 12, FlightFactor has continued to work on updates for the A320, aiming to enhance the user experience within the simulator.
      The newly released version marks another significant step in the development of the Airbus A320 and is currently in an open beta phase for X-Plane 12. The update includes improvements to the flight deck, such as updated FCU controls, fonts for signs, cockpit texture enhancements, and lighting adjustments. Various fixes have also been implemented, addressing issues with messages, cockpit signs, pitch-trim wheel legends, MCDU screen, and window animations.
      The update is free for existing owners of the A320 and can be downloaded either through the X-Updater or the X-Plane.org Store. If you are interested in purchasing the A320, it is available for sale on the X-Plane.org Store.

    • Cameron
      Origami Studios has recently announced their upcoming rendition of London Heathrow (EGLL) for X-Plane 12, which is known as the home of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. As the seventh busiest airport in the world, it handles approximately 80 million passengers annually and offers a comprehensive route network that connects to destinations worldwide.
      The product page highlights several features that can be expected in the scenery. These include an accurate representation of the airport with custom buildings, a detailed interior model of Terminal 5, animated jetways, notable landmarks and points of interest, and utilization of modern X-Plane 12 features like dynamic snow and rain effects, reflections, and 3D forests.
      While the release date and pricing details are currently unavailable, the scenery is expected to be available soon on the iniBuilds store. As more information becomes available, it is advised to stay updated through official channels for the latest news on the release.

    • Cameron
      Axonos has recently released their rendition of Palm Springs International Airport (KPSP) for X-Plane, providing X-Plane users with the opportunity to explore this popular tourist destination. Palm Springs International Airport sees an average of 2.5 million passengers annually and is located in the renowned Coachella Valley. It offers a visually stunning and challenging arrival, as there is no Instrument Landing System (ILS) to assist in cases of poor visibility. The airport serves as an important transit hub, offering multiple route options and serving numerous airlines.
      The scenery package for KPSP includes various features to enhance the visual experience. These include Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials, high-resolution textures, custom ground clutter and weathering, performance optimization for smooth performance, enhanced orthophoto imagery, hand-placed vegetation, and full compatibility with both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12.
      To obtain the KPSP scenery, interested users can purchase it from Axonos' Gumroad Store for $19.95. The installation requires a minimum of 3.69 GB of free disk space.

    • Cameron
      FlightFactor has recently released a compatibility update for their highly detailed A350 Advanced aircraft, making it compatible with X-Plane 12. This update primarily focuses on ensuring the aircraft works smoothly with the SimBrief flight plan downloader. It is important to note that the A350 Advanced is currently in the beta stage for X-Plane 12.
      While this update may not introduce any significant new features to the aircraft, it is not surprising considering the recent updates for FlightFactor's 767 and 757 models. Unfortunately, there is still no news available regarding the progress of their upcoming 787 aircraft. However, it is worth keeping an eye out for possible sneak peeks in the future.
      For existing owners of the A350, the beta version can be obtained from the X-Updater, a tool provided by FlightFactor. To use the aircraft in X-Plane 12, make sure to enable the "BETA" option in the updater. If you haven't purchased the A350 yet, you can find it on the X-Plane Store.

    • Cameron
      FlightFactor has recently released updates for their Boeing 757 and 767 models, introducing several fixes and enhancements. These updates, implemented during the beta stage for X-Plane 12, aim to address any imperfections and provide an improved flying experience for users.
      FlightFactor's dedicated team has been diligently working on various tasks to enhance the performance and functionality of these remarkable aircraft. The updates are now available for users who own the current versions of the 757 V2 Professional and 767 ER Professional, and are provided free of charge.
      The changelog for the latest updates includes the following changes:
      FlightFactor 757 - Version 2.6.2:
      Added a glow effect to the FPDS displays for X-Plane 12. Fixed the camera position for the 753 variant in X-Plane 12. Rectified 3D reflections in displays for X-Plane 12. Addressed various issues with lamps in X-Plane 12. Resolved the hovering gear problem in X-Plane 12. Fixed a possible steering issue in X-Plane 12. Improved the behavior of the AT SPD mode in X-Plane 12. Updated the billboard effect for external lights in X-Plane 12. FlightFactor 767 - Version 1.6.2:
      Added a glow effect to the FPDS displays for X-Plane 12. Rectified 3D reflections in displays for X-Plane 12. Addressed various issues with lamps in X-Plane 12. Fixed the tiller animation issue in X-Plane 12. Resolved a possible steering issue in X-Plane 12. Fixed the dome light issue in the cold and dark state. Improved the behavior of the AT SPD mode in X-Plane 12. Updated the billboard effect for external lights in X-Plane 12. Made the chart light knob an override knob (400 variant). These updates from FlightFactor aim to enhance the overall performance, visuals, and functionality of the Boeing 757 and 767 models, providing users with an even more immersive and enjoyable flying experience.

    • Cameron
      SimHeaven has recently launched their highly regarded X-World America scenery for X-Plane 12. This comprehensive package, available for download, occupies a size of 7.4 GB and expands to 13.8 GB when extracted. The announcement was made through a post on their website, where they highlighted the following:
      The X-World series, which includes popular sceneries like X-Europe, X-America, and more, continues its success in X-Plane 12. Unlike traditional autogen rules, SimHeaven adopts a different approach by utilizing OSM (OpenStreetMap) data along with Microsoft building footprints to accurately place objects in the scenery. This meticulous method results in a more realistic and immersive look and feel, enhancing the overall visual experience for users.
      SimHeaven's X-World America scenery offers a vast coverage of the American continent, enriching the virtual flying experience with detailed and accurate representations of various locations. By incorporating real-world data, the scenery provides a heightened level of authenticity, capturing the essence of the American landscape.

    • Cameron
      The highly popular third-party addon, xOrganizer, has now been officially released for X-Plane 12 and is readily available through the X-Plane.Org Store.
      xOrganizer is a software tool designed to provide accessibility and peace of mind to X-Plane users by assisting them in organizing their files. While structuring X-Plane files can be straightforward, it can present challenges for new users on their simulation journey. xOrganizer helps users overcome this roadblock by offering assistance in organizing various aspects, including the scenerypackages.ini file and ensuring that all aircraft are up to date.
      Beyond maintaining the proper order of scenery files, xOrganizer also features a scenery map that showcases the installed scenery packages and the package currently being utilized by X-Plane. Presented through a user-friendly interface, xOrganizer provides an overview of plugins, aircraft, and scenery, granting users the option to choose whether or not they require the assistance of the software. Furthermore, the tool offers customization options, enabling users to tailor their experience for added convenience and accessibility. A comprehensive feature list can be found on their store page.
      For those interested in upgrading or purchasing xOrganizer, the product is available on the X-Plane.Org Store. Existing v2 customers can check their account page for a discount code that can be applied during checkout, providing an incentive for their continued support and upgrade to the latest version.

    • Cameron
      Geo Reality Design has recently launched version 2 of its Global Forests addon for X-Plane 12, aimed at enhancing the immersive experience of the simulator by revamping and enriching X-Plane's vegetation. Global Forests 2 covers three major regions: Europe, North America, and Asia-Oceania. This updated version seamlessly integrates with Ortho4XP, terrain, and X-Plane 12's seasonal variations, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing the environment.
      The Global Forests v2 addon employs over 400 .for files, which leverage various tree types, vegetation, and density data. By utilizing real-world information, such as vegetation height and density derived from global map data, the addon creates a vibrant and dynamic world, appealing particularly to bush pilots and users who seek a heightened level of realism. The addon's ability to provide a living world feel based on real-world data adds a new dimension to the simulation experience.
      Global Forests v2 is available for purchase on the X-Plane.ORG store for $15.00. For a more in-depth look at the addon and to see additional footage, viewers can check out the video available on Geo Reality Design's YouTube page.

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