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    • Cameron
      Tailstrike Designs and Windsock Simulations have recently released Airport Bergamo v2. The airport brings updated terminals, animated jet bridges, and redesigned surrounding details. According to the scenery’s store page, Airport Bergamo v2 will reflect the latest layout of its real life counterpart in 2021, including the new north apron. It will feature high quality PBR textures, custom made signage, and full surrounding details instead of blurry satellite images. You can purchase the scenery on SimMarket for EUR 20.13.

    • Cameron
      Flight Sim Association has announced the dates and location of FlightSimExpo 2023! The event is one of the world's largest dedicated flight simulation conferences. Since 2018, over 3,500 attendees have attended Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Diego events. Similar to 2021, the event will be held in a hybrid online and in-person setting. 
      We are happy to announce that the venue and location for FSExpo 2023 is the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Airport (EFD) in Houston, Texas! According to FSA, "the 130,000 square foot museum and learning center has ample space for more than 2,000 attendees across two air-conditioned hangars." Other facilities surrounding the area are the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame and learning exhibits that include Redbird flight training devices. FSExpo 2023 will be held from June 23rd to June 25th, with the 23rd being an "add-on series of group discussions" before the in-person conference on June 24th and 25th. 
      Ellington Airport is approximately 15 minutes drive away from Hobby Airport (HOU) and 35 minutes from Intercontinental (IAH). FSA's Evan Reiter writes that the venue is working with hotels, airlines, and rental car companies to secure discounted rates for attendees. They're also anticipating that attendees will be able to "add-on" experiences at NASA, ATC facilities, and more. 
      Registration for the event will begin in December. More information regarding hotels, attractions, and travel will be available later this year. Hopeful attendees of FSExpo can monitor their website to keep up to date with all new information regarding the upcoming event!

    • Cameron
      Enhanced Skyscapes developer Biological Nanobot has published an update for the X-Plane 11 program. The "visual solution for X-Plane 11" replaces the default sky and clouds with realistic shader-based sky and fully volumetric clouds. It's fully compatible with weather injection add-ons, including but not limited to Active Sky XP and FS Global Real Weather.
      The update brings some hefty changes to the program, detailed below:
      Improved sky colors with brighter sunsets, sunrises, and depiction of Earth's shadow New sky color options for different ozone levels Added smooth weather transitions Clouds are now affected by ambient lighting at night. Users can now disable the custom sky of Enhanced Skyscapes. Added an option to limit the number of cloud layers to save performance Added an option to control cloud update intervals Added a command to reload presets Added commands for adjusting various parameters live. Improved visibility depiction Implemented a workaround for an X-Plane 11 bug requiring to reload weather for clouds to show up when using the default weather engine Shadow circle no longer shows up while in OpenGL mode. Fixed OpenGL coordinate shifts that cause clouds to move abruptly Fixed a bug that caused clouds to look flat when the camera is below a cloud layer Fixed black circle artifacts around the horizon Linux version

    • Cameron
      To complete the collection covering all 3 main simulators, orbx has released Prague for X-Plane. The capital city of the Czech Republic offers over 120 routes across Europe and beyond with 50 different airlines. Tourist can enter and visit one of Europe's largest cities to seek famous architecture as well as historical museums.
      The airport comes with a handful of features, including 21 Points of interest around the airport region. These add subtle features to the airport, adding an amazing approach and departure. Furthermore, the airport comes with a custom ground poly allowing variations in the runway and slopes and rises on taxiways. 
      Orbx Prague can be purchased from orbx direct for $27.83 AUD Excl Vat.

    • Cameron
      Astoria Regional Airport is a joint civil-military public. Currently, the airport is not serving any airline flights. It is mostly used as a military airport serving the United States Air Force and the US Coast Guard, frequently taking their helicopters out for search and rescue missions. The airport used to serve flights to Portland International Airport with SeaPort Airlines with fares as little as $49 each way. 
      The product has been ported over from MSFS, allowing users to be able to fly in and out across multiple platforms. However, with porting does come miss accuracies in the SDK. However, the team has done a good job to flatten any issues out, making it an all-around good product.
      Skyline Simulations have utilised the latest development tools when their rendition with fully detailed PBR ground textures, Landmarks, and detailed night textures. Along with this, the developer has also attached a feature list of everything included in their rendition of Astoria Regional Airport.
      You may purchase the airport for $20 from the Skyline Simulations website.

    • Cameron
      ADSimulations, known for their CRJ-700, has published their CRJ-900. The CRJ-900 is an extended variant of the CRJ series. The aircraft features "basic systems" but will contain "deeper systems" in subsequent updates. 
      The feature list includes:
      Realistic Mode Control Panel Crisp Displays  Accurate PFD MFD is fully functional, with all of its modes containing decent functionality Tablet/EFB Skunkcraft Updater Configurable cabin and cockpit lighting environment FMOD sounds Realistic flight model High-resolution textures A plethora of liveries including American, Delta, Scandinavian and more. VR compatibility. and more! If you're interested in purchasing the ADSimulations CRJ-900, you can do so on the X-Plane.org store for $49.95. 
      CRJ-700 customers can get the CRJ-900 for 30% off. Please find the discount coupon in the original CRJ-700 invoice at the store.

    • Cameron
      Verticalsim has released Ontario International Airport (KONT). The scenery features PBR textures, HDR lighting, and custom ground traffic.
      According to the product’s store page, Verticalism’s rendition of Ontario Airport will be based on the latest layout of the airport, including the recently added Fedex ramp. The scenery will feature SAM jetways, highly detailed models, custom lighting, and “usage of LOD’s for optimization”. For a complete list of features, check out the developer’s website.

    • Cameron
      ADSimulations has announced their next project will be the popular CRJ-900 Regional Jet. This will be their second aircraft, which evolves from their initial CRJ-700 release. They state the CRJ-900 will be released within weeks, and "after release, we will be updating both 700 and 900 packages and adding new stuff to both."
      More info can be found here.

    • Cameron
      Rotate has released a new update for their recently-released McDonnell Douglas MD-11. The update pertains to a few significant issues that users were experiencing after the product's initial release, mainly relating to LNAV and ILS bugs. They've also provided a list of issues the team plans on addressing shortly to complement this update.
      The changelist is as follows:
      Loss of speed during cruise, thrust has been adjusted to represent max weights and altitudes. LNAV flight path abandonment and erroneous waypoint/segment sequencing (some aspects of this issue are still being worked on). LNAV winding flight path and roll PID mistuning (some aspects of this issue are still being worked on). HDG guidance error when heading change crosses 360 degrees. Brakes and tiller not operating with hardware controllers (see chapter r12 in the Rotate MD11 Introduction and Product information.pdf) ILS CDI froze in ND. ILS courses are shown as true instead of magnetic on the NAV RAD page. Fixed Artificial Horizon issues.  
      You can find the MD-11 product page at X-Plane.org.

    • Cameron
      One of the most anticipated airport environment add-on's has been released. Stairpor & MisterX have released GroundService plugin.
      The plugin enhances the various aspects of airport life that has often been neglected in X-Plane 11 for quite some time. While other development teams have included basic ground services in their plugins, this release brings the whole world of ground services to light. With cleaning trucks, to passenger stairs for smaller airports, this plugin provides it all, with high accessibility for users through the SAM3 plugin.

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