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    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation has announced a sale for the newly updated Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise!
      Boasting all new systems programming, a 3D cockpit, and 64-bit support, this is a great opportunity to get your copy of the MU-2 at an excellent discount!
      Grab yours today!
      The sale ends Sunday, August 25th, 2013!

    • X-Pilot
      Leading Edge Simulations and X-Aviation have announced the Saab 340A has entered into the beta testing phase!
      As one of the most anticipated aircraft projects for X-Plane yet, this is great news towards a final release! You can read more about this in the topic here at X-Pilot.
      Complete with custom simulated systems, this is sure to be an awesome product for the study sim enthusiast!

    • X-Pilot
      John from Maxx-XP has announced to the community the development of a revolutionary new cloud and sky engine product. A promotional video and discussion of it has been released here.
      Given all the features announced and intended this is sure to be an add-on to keep your eye on!

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation and Leading Edge Simulations have posted new previews of the upcoming Saab 340A! Along with the new previews, an announcement was made that Leen de Jager would be assisting in the development of liveries for this project.
      You can see the latest previews here!
      Be sure to also check out all prior previews here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here!

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation and X-Scenery are proud to announce the release of the 64-bit, version 1.5 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60!
      This long awaited update includes many features, including an all-new cockpit design, a new plug-in for the systems simulation, and much more!
      See screenshots of the new Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 on the product page at X-Aviation!
      General changes:
      New, friendlier activation system
      X-Plane 10 compatible only
      64-bit compatible only

      On the surface changes:
      Higher resolution textures on the cockpit panel
      New 3D clock
      New artificial horizon with working flight director bars
      High resolution altimeter with rolling digits and easier to read numbers
      New altitude selector with rolling digits
      Yoke is hideable by clicking on the base of the yoke
      Fuel transfer system/control panel is fully functional
      Com1/Com2 selector knob functional for VATSIM users
      New high resolution radio frequencies easier to read
      Nav1/Nav2/ADF audio switches enable audible nave aid tones
      New ADF with 3-stack knob for tuning
      New Garmin GTX330 transponder simulation
      Co-Pilot HSI coupled to Nav 2
      New Co-pilot attitude indicator
      Stall warning and test mode operative (yoke will vibrate)
      Overhead panel functional, anti-ice and lighting rheostats work.
      New custom sounds for FSB and NS "ding" and stall shaker
      All autopilot modes operative, roll and pitch knobs operative.
      Small "quality of immersion" animations for some needles and nav flags

      Under the hood changes:
      Electrical system refined so that equipment only operates when it is correctly powered.
      New master caution system

    • X-Pilot
      UPDATE: April 22nd a new beta release has been provided for download!
      X-Plugins and X-Aviation are pleased to announce the release of a public beta copy of Gizmo for X-Plane 10.2+ 64-Bit!
      This moves many products that utilize Gizmo towards full 64-Bit compatibility, and we encourage users to assist us in this public beta. More info on the beta, as well as downloads, are accessible in the Gizmo forums here at X-Pilot.
      Additionally, incase you missed it in the past, Gizmo and SASL products have now been fully compatible since November. More on that can be found here.
      Thanks to all those who choose to assist us and participate!

    • X-Pilot
      DreamFoil Creations has released their Eurocopter AS350 B3 Plus helicopter.
      Along with a highly detailed 3D model, the aircraft has many features and accurately represented flight model for X-Plane. You may purchase it at the X-Plane.org Store for $34.95 USD.
      High quality 3D model for exterior and interior
      3D Panel and fully clickable switches/buttons
      Rotor animations (Starflex / Articulations / Links / Flapping / Coning / Cone drop / Wind)
      Turbine simulation (Realistic Arriel 2B1 simulation)
      Accurate Torque, Ng, T4 and NR/Nf values
      Realistic startup and shutdown procedures (can follow real aircraft checklist)
      Controls Friction and Lock - Trim System
      VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Management Display) fully simulated
      EBCAU (Engine Back-up Control Ancillary Unit) Plugin driven and fully simulated
      FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) Plugin driven and fully simulated
      CWP (Caution and Warning Panel)
      GTX 327 (Transponder) fully simulated
      Bendix KR87 (ADF) fully simulated
      Realistic Autorotations
      Hydraulics and Accumulator simulation
      Light circuit simulation
      Internal lighting
      Rotor brake with controllable intensity
      Customizable variants (Police, Medical, Hoist, Transport)
      Realtime spot light simulation for Search Light (HDR required)
      Venting system simulation (include audio)
      Working dynamometer for sling load operations
      Removable Doors
      Exhaust Heat Blur (HDR required)
      FLIR camera
      Realistic exterior lighting

      A new way to change your liveries, preview feature allow you to pick the one you really want to, no more guessing with names.
      Easy access menu, allow quick change of views, Ground Power Unit or SmartLivery.
      DreamEngine sounds
      Over 70 custom sounds for realistic simulation - Realistic startup sound with dynamic sounds
      Doors simulation (Increased noise / Frequencies attenuation / Wind), Switches and buttons sounds, Blade slap sound, Low and High rpm horn
      HeadPhone Simulation

      Arcade Mode
      Exclusive mode allow beginners to get help while training, this feature will auto correct flight attitude, just center your joystick while flying in this mode and helicopter will automatically fly stabilized. It is not limited to beginners, can be also used in other situations like:
      In forward flight as help to keep flying while you change any instrument like radio frequency or GPS.
      During hover as PANIC button, to recover from bad situations induced by pilot.
      For people who don't really want to worry so much about flying, just like an arcade mode from videogames, it allow you to takeoff without big corrections from cyclic, and forward speed is achieved by only moving cyclic forward.

    • X-Pilot

      World Traffic - Released!

      By X-Pilot, in Plugins,

      Classic Jet Simulations has released an innovative and much needed plug-in for X-Plane which controls AI traffic around your X-Plane world!
      World Traffic is an application designed to fill the skies and taxiways of your favorite airports with lots of planes.
      You can even create land and sea traffic. Flight paths are defined through flight plans which are simple to create by specifying the aircraft in the flight and some flight parameters. Arrivals and departures are controlled by World Traffic based on wind and aircraft type info so that aircraft will land and takeoff from suitable runways. More information may be found on the World Traffic product page.
      General Features
      Sample flight plans and ground routes are provided for KSEA. These illustrate almost all of the functionality of the application and may be used as examples for your own flights.
      Several default aircraft are provided with many more to come. Users may create their own aircraft as well.
      Flight plans can be grouped into zones to enable/disable flights for a specific region or to enable/disable flights for a specific vintage of aircraft. You can organize the flight plan folders however you wish and enable or disable whatever regions you are interested in.
      Custom sound engine with directional, multi-track aircraft engine sounds with doppler shift.
      Simple ATC system to allow you to interact with the World Traffic application so that it is aware of your position and can vector you and and assign you arrival/departure runways.
      Flight information window allows you to quickly find active flights, flight information about that flight, and it lets you view that flight with the track camera.
      Collision avoidance features for ground traffic so aircraft hold for approaching and departing aircraft, aircraft will overshoot if they are too high or too fast or if there is a plane on the runway, and planes will enter holding patterns if the airport is too busy or their crosswind landing limit is exceeded.

      Flight Plans
      User-defined flight plans to specify the flight path of an aircraft or a formation of aircraft.
      Settable altitudes for each steerpoint in the flight plan where altitude can be in feet above sea level or feet above ground level for terrain following flights.
      Flight plans can be defined for specific aircraft tail numbers so that a specific aircraft can be defined to follow a multi-leg route.

      Ground Routes
      User-defined ground routes to specify specific parking locations for aircraft. Ground routes can be specific to a general type of aircraft, a type of aircraft, or a specific tail number so you can have planes park in the parking spots you want

      Flight Model
      Simple, tunable flight model using aerodynamics and ballistics equations from the NASA web site to provide a natural looking flight model accurate enough that you can follow the World-Traffic controlled aircraft.
      Wind and turbulence affect aircraft so that they will bounce around in turbulence and crab into the wind in flight to maintain desired headings.
      Afterburner thrust is settable so afterburner-equipped aircraft can accelerate quickly when required, perform vertical departures, and fly supersonic.

      Aircraft Object Animation and Lighting
      Custom datarefs are provided to provide your aircraft with full animation of control surfaces, landing gear, canopy, nozzle, engine blades/prop, thrust reverser, lights etc.
      All types of aircraft lighting is supported and the lights will function correctly depending on the phase of flight and aircraft type. Landing lights will go on and taxi lights will go off when the aircraft taxis onto a runway for takeoff. The strobe lights will turn off when the plane arrives and turns off the runway. Cabin lights will stay and aircraft doors will stay open for a few minutes after an airliner parks until the passengers are all off the plane. Most other lighting turns off when the aircraft engines are shut down.

      Planned Features
      Random traffic generation based on an airport definition file specifying traffic type, connecting airports, and traffic volume to allow you to quickly generate air traffic for your favorite areas.
      Import tools to convert flight plans in other popular formats to work with World Traffic and to get real-world flight plans off of the web.
      Custom approaches for SID/STAR approaches from the web or your own custom approaches for arrivals and departures into mountainous areas.

    • X-Pilot

      MLADG Mig-15 Released

      By X-Pilot, in Aircraft,

      MLADG have released their Mig-15 (an aircraft originally designed in real life by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich) for X-Plane! The aircraft is available for X-Plane 10 only, and it simulates the advanced Bis version of the Mig-15.
      You may purchase the aircraft for a little over $15 USD at the simMarket store.
      General features:
      detailed 3D interactive cockpit
      detailed outside model
      instrumentation based on real counterparts
      in flight refuel possible
      JATO can be used for short fields
      Civil version features:
      western instrumentation (altitude in feet, speed in knots)
      equiped with western avionics: VOR/DME
      removed military equipment
      english labels available
      Military version features:
      metrical instrumentation
      gun sight available
      can be loaded with drop tanks, bombs, guns

    • X-Pilot
      X-Plane scenery designer Butnaru has released his latest creation: Tocumen Intl Airport - Panama.
      The scenery ships ready for X-Plane 10, but if you're still using X-Plane 9 you may write in and get a copy for that version instead.
      Features include:
      Enhanced for X-Plane 10
      Static aircraft throughout the airport
      v10 lighting system
      ATC layout
      Panama canal
      Moving vehicles and people (using ground traffic by Marginal)
      Detailed terminals and jetways
      Interior of buildings is modeled
      New 3D grass effect
      Insects around lights
      Airport Charts
      Option for HDR off

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