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    • X-Pilot
      Carenado has released their Cessna C337H Skymaster for X-Plane. The aircraft is said to have similar behaviors compared to the real aircraft, as well as a detailed 3D exterior and interior model. This package includes various types of eye candy, five liveries, and more.
      For a full list of features or to purchase the aircraft, head on over to Carenado's C337H Skymaster page.

    • X-Pilot
      Laminar Research has released X-Plane 10.11 RC-2. A list of changes are as follows:

      Cessna windshield does not disappear when C172 is used as an AI plane.
      Fixed typo in joystick config screen.
      Fixed joystick bugs with various hardware.
      Changed default gamma for Windows to be 2.2 - the default of 2.5 was just wrong.
      Fixed occasional crash due in weather initialization.
      Fixed strobe light effect in clouds.
      Fixed scrolling of hail marks on windscreen in 2-d panel.
      Fixed joystick subsystem to work around ControllerMate issues on Mac.
      sRGB disabled for ATI Catalyst 12-10 drivers - it works in some cases but washes out the UI with HDR on.
      Put up error alert when x-Plane runs with Gallium drivers on Linux - we only support the proprietary ATI and NVidia drivers on Linux.
      Disabled HDR when the GPU can't support it _even_ if prefs have HDR enabled.
      Bumped version on situation format - the 10.05r1 situation format does not work with 10.10 and 10.11; this version change stops the files from being loaded in a corrupt manner.

      Start your updaters and download the latest version!

    • X-Pilot
      TropicalSim has released their first ever product for X-Plane! Long known for their scenery work in the Microsoft Flight Sim market, TropicalSim has chose to enter the X-Plane 10 market with Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA).
      This product is primarily a port of their already existing Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the scenery, and sells for a discounted price of € 14.99.
      More information for this product may be seen on the product page at Simmarket.

    • X-Pilot
      Butnaru has released San Andres Island as his latest scenery product. The island is a coral island among the Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea. “Geographically near Nicaragua, it is historically tied to England, and politically part of Colombia.
      More information on this product can be obtained on the product page at the X-Plane.org Store.

    • X-Pilot

      SSG Releases EMB-170

      By X-Pilot, in Aircraft,

      Super Critical Simulations Group has released their rendition of the EMB-170. This aircraft is primarily used in the airline industry as a regional jet, though has a great range to allow for longer flights.
      The project is considered more of a "lite" product where much of the simulation is default X-Plane systems, but most of it has been modified as much as possible to match that of the real EMB-170.
      You may find more information or purchase this product at the X-Plane.org Store.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation and Drawbridge Designs are pleased to announce a 35% Off super-sale for the Wilmington Int'l Airport scenery pack!
      This sale keeps the celebration of this latest release rolling as X-Plane's most advanced scenery for X-Plane yet! Many reviews have come in with overwhelming joy and enthusiasm for this scenery, so if you haven't got in on this product yet be sure to do so before the countdown for the sale hits zero!
      See more about Wilmington on the product page at X-Aviation.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation has a new blog post detailing the status on certain upcoming projects, including a never before seen screenshot of the upcoming Saab 340 project from Leading Edge Simulations. You'll also find news on the RealScenery NORCAL release!
      Head on over to the latest entry on the X-Aviation Blog!

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation has announced a free giveaway! Five people will be selected out of those who follow the extremely quick and painless way to enter the giveaway, and those five will be able to select ANY product on X-Aviation free of charge!
      You can learn more about the giveaway at the X-Aviation giveaway page.

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