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  1. So far I haven't had any issues after unbinding the speedbrake axis to one of my throttle levers. I will leave it that way and manually control the speedbrake from within the sim. If the problem comes up again I will try the joystick shake.
  2. Hi all, After updating to v1.6.1 I am having vertical oscillations when climbing and at cruise. I have deleted and reinstalled and the aircraft still exhibits the same issue. I have tried it with no weather add-on (Activesky which I normally use), clear weather in X-Plane settings. I even tried changing airframes. This is with the autopilot on, if I turn off the autopilot I can hand fly it and it is smooth. Thanks for any help. Edit: I think it was the speedbrake that was assigned to a throttle axis I used. It worked without issues with the previous version. I probably have to reassign it again and go from there.
  3. After pressing the front button on the throttles as you just did, to clear the FAIL message, Press the TOGA button, not the ATS button. fly safe
  4. I remember when I first flew the TBM900, I was looking at my left wing and kept staring at the fuel cap not knowing what it was at the time, lol. fly safe
  5. I am getting the same issues as SteveDM. It did work once before though. fly safe
  6. Read second post of this thread. fly safe
  7. I hope you get it sorted, I'd hate to fly without the TBM over the weekend. fly safe
  8. 2019-12-12 22:30:18 TBM900[helpers.c:1076]: Cannot open directory E:\X-Plane 11\\Output\TBM900\state: The system cannot find the path specified. Did you throw away any of the folders (eg: Output, TBM900, or State or the whole directory)? The error seems to imply a missing folder, probably the State folder. fly safe
  9. You are perfectly within your rights to do so. I hope your issue is resolved. fly safe
  10. You folks probably already know this but make sure you turn off all anti-virus temporarily (especially real-time protection in windows security) and always install as admin. fly safe
  11. @rjsict My issue was remedied by lowering my AA, I had it full to the right. It is now at 4X. The changelog mentioned "added new glass reflections to PFDs & MFD screens, adjusted panel textures, etc", These new items put more of a strain to my GPU, thus causing my stutters. I noticed you use a 4K monitor setup with no AA, Of course your situation will vary as every setup is not the same. I hope you get your issues resolved. fly safe
  12. I always fly windowed mode and got these stutters. fly safe
  13. I have the same issues with stutters even at higher FPS (40 - 50). I went back to 1.0.9, smooth as glass. fly safe
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