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  1. Ok, thank you. Another odd thing. In the non turbo I can remove the 3d passengers but not in the turbo. Persistence is broken in both. Anyway, not a huge deal just figured I would let you know. BTW I love the way the plane flies and how the engine and systems are modeled. If I could make a suggestion a option for a used plane would be nice.
  2. Sorry, thought it was fixed but it’s not. Persistence still not working and the option to remove 3D passenger models not working FYI.. the files have data in them now and are saving the proper switch positions but when I open the sim it shows everything left off. It’s like the sim is ignoring the file.
  3. Thanks, the new update fixed it
  4. hello, I am having this same issue. Did Astur have any luck in solving it? I checked and my folders are not set to read only.
  5. Nevermind... got it to work. Not sure why but after reloading a few times it worked
  6. I have tried several times now to install this and it shows as activated but all the click spots dont work and make the same loud noise. I cant turn anything on and the menu on the left is non existent.
  7. I found a few links but all were expired. Thanks
  8. Thank you for clearing that up. Makes sense to give the pilot a way to disable the lights.
  9. Hello, According to the manual the cabin light switch should turn on the overhead lights in the cabin when set to on, overriding the individual controls. It does not do this when I try it in the sim. You have to turn all the lights on individuals and then the switch can be used to shut them off
  10. I have noticed this on a few versions both in 11.26 and 11.30 and with older versions of the TBM as well as 1.0.8 When I try and change the tilt of the WXR the control gets stuck either in the full tilt up or full tilt down position.
  11. I updated to 1.0.8 and decided to try the new 11.30 beta at the same time so I don't know witch one is at fault but after I land it takes quite a bit of power to taxi. this only happens after I have landed and I have checked to see if there is any damage and everything shows like new. Even does it if I don't use the brakes at all on rollout.
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