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  1. are you seriously admitting to running a pirate copy on here? If you like the aircraft buy it, if being out 120 dollars is life changing for you then you have bigger problems than FPS on a sim plane. Anyway. it's not FPS heavy on my machine It runs fine in VR for me. 2080TI 9700k 32 GB ram
  2. I had the same happpen jenny called before I could fill in the prompt for how much fuel I wanted. Could not get rid of the fuel truck
  3. just tried out the vrconfig changes here and its much better now. Great work guys!
  4. Ok, I will install those tommorow. Is there anyway to make the controller less sensitive when turning dials?
  5. Hi, could someone please tell me where to find the vr config file?
  6. got a chance to try out 1.0.3 and I am happy to say my issue was fixed!
  7. Hello, I was wondering how 1.0.3 is coming along.
  8. Ok, thank you. Another odd thing. In the non turbo I can remove the 3d passengers but not in the turbo. Persistence is broken in both. Anyway, not a huge deal just figured I would let you know. BTW I love the way the plane flies and how the engine and systems are modeled. If I could make a suggestion a option for a used plane would be nice.
  9. Sorry, thought it was fixed but it’s not. Persistence still not working and the option to remove 3D passenger models not working FYI.. the files have data in them now and are saving the proper switch positions but when I open the sim it shows everything left off. It’s like the sim is ignoring the file.
  10. Thanks, the new update fixed it
  11. hello, I am having this same issue. Did Astur have any luck in solving it? I checked and my folders are not set to read only.
  12. Nevermind... got it to work. Not sure why but after reloading a few times it worked
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