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  1. @Attitude Hi, thanks for your reply. To get rid of the border of the avitab is perfect. I think the click spot of the pump switch is big enough but it is only 1 rectangle and i can click with my controllers (HP Reverb G2) where i want and sometimes i can activate the prime function but it is nearly impossible for me to stop the pump or to activate the normal pump function. With the VR-Mouse it works after long „trial and error“.
  2. Hi Coop, thanks a lot for your fast reply. I will try it again with the Pump switch. I know that there is a floating VR window of Avitab but i like the integrated one, it is faster to open and looks way better. I only have noticed, that if i don‘t point exactly on the soft buttons, e.G. of navigraph charts, one has accidentally clicked on the green boarder and iPad is closed. So for me a locking function would be great.
  3. Dear developers, at first thank you very much for this great GA-plane! It is a pleasure flying with it. I am ony flying in VR and have two minor problems: 1. It is very hard to switch the fuel pump/prime switch with my controllers (HP Reverg G2), is there a trick? 2. When using the avitab tablett with my controllers, and since it is very small, i have to watch that i won`t click the green edges cause then avitab is disapearing immediately and i have to reopen it again. Is there a possibility locking the avitab tablett? Thanks inadvance for any help. Rolf
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