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  1. Hi! I have encountered a problem as said in the title. v.1.71r1 All screens are black(Also include pop up screens), please see those images that include what it looks loke and panel settings I've present below: Not working with re-install. All circuit breakers are in. No difference with APU/ GPU power source. No failure in active. Give me a little help please!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Log.txt
  2. Hi! May I ask about the performance(Frames) aspect of the DA40? It really matters for flying experience. Is it similar to TorqueSim SR22 on FPS? Thanks!
  3. Yeah a private copy does sounds bad, and I deeply apologize about that. But anyhow I can't and will not spend 115 dollar on a unflyable aircraft. If it does gets more FPS after being activated, I will purchase it immediately.
  4. Hi! I let my friend send me a pure Cl650 file (Without activated) for me to see how's the performance goes in my PC And it only goes about 20 fps in cookpit and cabin, 25 fps outside ....... eh I tried to decrease my graphic setting, but still nearly the same fps So, is it get the same FPS after I purchase this aircraft and activate it? Will it be more or less? The current FPS is totally unflyable to me 2070s+i7 9700f+16g
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