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  1. I see what looks like a click spot in your screenshot attached (it is slightly offset from the main circle, but can be seen behind the center of the knob. Which aircraft integration is this?
  2. With X-Plane 12, glass sometimes doesn't show clearly with low rendering settings
  3. Braking action is largely controlled by how you've calibrated your brake pedals. The braking force will be proportional to the pedals if calibrated properly.
  4. Yes, you need to enable the option for the GPS DTK to be automatically set. This setting needs to be set in Plane Maker for the aircraft being used, Systems -> Auto Adjust CDI to GPS DTK.
  5. Press the center of the right knob if the cursor isn't showing, when on a selection, you can use the inner knob to adjust the value for the brightness, the outer knob will scroll through the list.
  6. Check this thread, I believe it is related to this issue:
  7. This is an issue with X-Plane, certain graphics cards, and the SVS system. Keeping SVS disabled is the only option for now.
  8. User-triggerable failures are only part of our Pro licenses (the maintenance and wear-based failures are still part of the retail version).
  9. The data sources for the G500 are not adjustable. We do read from the X-Plane datarefs largely, so for certain datarefs, if they are write-adjustable by X-Plane, theoretically you could override them and then what you set there could show, but that isn't something we officially support.
  10. Our X-Plane 12 products require the latest MacOS version, Ventura (13.x).
  11. If you are trying to use the version of the Islander with the G5s integrated into the virtual panel, there is a separate aircraft file to load, that is labeled (G5) in the X-Plane aircraft selection interface. If you don't see that option, try re-running the Islander installer.
  12. Currently all X-A products need to run on Rosetta mode w/ Apple Silicon due to the Gizmo plugin from X-A that handles product activation.
  13. This isn't a feature that is simulated by the X-Plane X1000, which handles all of the navigation for our G1000. At this time, LR does not provide any mechanism whatsoever for us to modify their navigational behavior in the X1000.
  14. We have a pending bug that has been filed with Laminar Research on this, it is a bug on their end.
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