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  1. If you select the real weather option, it will use the current weather conditions. Besides that, I believe the only other option is manually specifying the temperature.
  2. Regarding the sound, give this a try: With the oil temperature, we will be taking a look to modernize the flight model to XP11.50 with the coming update. Not sure what is going on with OAT. I haven't seen that as an issue before, are you set to using custom weather, and manually set the temperature?
  3. I've never seen that crash before. Nothing specific is being output to the log file, so I don't quite know what is causing it. Did you bind the Pocket Rocket custom commands to the Honeycomb, or are they all using the default commands?
  4. Hi Mark, Are you using any scripts or something that could be trying to set the altimeter setting? Based on that, it sounds like something is overriding the stby baro setting.
  5. Gizmo isn't used on Linux. If you can send your Log.txt file, that should help narrow down what is being failed to load.
  6. This is an obscure one, the most likely is if you have some sort of physical hardware installed that is turning off the underlying G1000. We also need the log.txt file to be able to debug anything, as well as screenshots of what is going on.
  7. Autopilot integration is not currently in the G5. We have worked on getting it integrated and it will ship in 1.3.0
  8. The G5 has its own altimeter setting reading off of the X-Plane Standby Setting. The G1000 and G5 are not cross linked and changing the altimeter setting on both would be required.
  9. The G5 for the M20 has a patch file to download with specific instructions, please see instructions and download link here, in the aircraft able at the bottom of the page: https://afmsim.com/g5/
  10. Something seems to be toggling one of the Entegra and/or autopilot popout commands before the aircraft is fully loaded and causing the crash.
  11. Hi Mike, Yeah, we figured out what was going on in certain cases, fixed and will be coming with the next update, 1.0.3
  12. Feel free to send us an email- sales@lecomp.net to discuss options
  13. In the top bar of X-Plane, there is a option titled "Cirrus SR22" (or SR20/SR22TN, depending on which aircraft you have loaded). Under there you will find the option. You can also open it by hovering your mouse on the left edge of the X-Plane window and a red tab should appear, clicking on it will then have an "Aircraft" button.
  14. Thanks for reporting back. We are looking into it, hopefully we will be able to generate a 1.0.2b with some other changes. I'll PM you when we have something to test. Compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  15. Slightly different generations, as our SR22s are all based off the G3. The SR22TN uses the IO-550 with the Tornado alley turbo-normalization kit. The SR22T uses the TSIO-550. We have done the SR22TN
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