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  1. They can be found here: https://afmsim.com/g5-user-guide/ (There is also an integration guide on the same site, check under the G5 tab)
  2. Thanks for the log, the appears to be a bug within X-Plane itself.
  3. Does this replicate if you try loading again? If so, can you share the full log.txt file?
  4. As I mentioned above, when Librain is updated for 11.50 we will integrate it.
  5. Hi, We have only modeled the Perspective system (as that is what shipped with the G3) with customizations over the base G1000. The numeric keypad works can perform standard GCU functions as implemented by LR. Make sure you are on X-Plane 11.50+ to have the GCU be functional. Regarding a crash, I would need to see the log.txt file to know what is going on with that.
  6. The only active date that relates to nav-data is the Aviation DB line. I have not seen the "(null-2020" error before but will look into it. Taxiway signs will not show on synthetic vision, it will show runways and terrain only. The actual navigation system is the default X1000, so if flight planning, etc. are working, you should be fine.
  7. Hi Cassio, The maintenance record logs will be output to the X-Plane 11/Output/SR22 folder with details on the maintenance action performed. We have it on our list to bring this in-sim as well.
  8. Coop

    Missing Click Spots

    Hi, We have a fix in the works for this, for some reason it looks like those manipulators were offset to the right of where they should be. You can click on these clickspots as shown below until the 1.0.1 update is out.
  9. That sounds like something might have broken the physics <-> systems plugin interconnect. If it happens again on load, try restarting the sim and seeing if a reload fixes it.
  10. Rain effects will come with Librain Vulcan compatibility.
  11. Different GPUs handle lighting differently, but yes, HDR lights in X-Plane can cause a performance dip.
  12. The difference in altimeters is expected, as the G1000 is based on the Air Data Computer (ADC) outputs, while the standby relies solely on the pitot-static system.
  13. Odd, thanks for the log. We will look into it.
  14. Hi Vu, Yes the aircraft works in VR.
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