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  1. It looks like the line you would need to replace in the file I sent is with line 71 on this (to line 33 of what I sent). Then delete the bundled file. The other option, would be to use the RealityXP settings menu, and check: Link HSI Link Autopilot Link Sim GPS Auto Nav/GPS Auto CDI Source
  2. The BN-2T G500 will be installed by the main G500 install (The direct download one from X-Aviation, not the per-aircraft installer). Just download and re-run the G500 installer and it will grab the BN-2T G500 for you.
  3. Hm, I'm not sure what GTN configs are in the PC12 mod, there are some base RealityXP settings that need to be set for the data to transfer over from the RealityXP GTNs to the G500. I've attached the GTN settings default file that we use in our Islander. The only thing I imagine different in the PC12 would be the screen coordinates (line 33 of this file for the primary GTN). RealityXP.GTN.defaults.ini
  4. Not really - this is the only report of its kind. I'm guessing something is messing with the volumes in X-Plane for some reason, or an issue with the audio driver/sound setup. I'd recommend temporarily removing all other 3rd party plugins (besides Gizmo64, as that is required) to see if that changes anything. Do any of the X-Plane audio sliders move around in the sim from where you initially set them? (Take a look when sounds are playing, then another when sounds aren't)
  5. X-Plane doesn't handle reloads all the time. In regards to the sounds, that would be something separate - I haven't seen that before. Can you try recharging the batteries (in the SR22 menu that can be opened via the SR22 item in the X-Plane menu bar, there is a button on the popup)
  6. Hi Corey, All of the datarefs are exposed to DataRef Editor, they can be found by searching afm/sr/ All of our commands are exposed to the X-Plane command binding interface, under afm/sr/cmd
  7. In the g5.cfg file for the aircraft you are using, you can set g5_draw2d to 1.
  8. Just released an hour ago
  9. Hi Lennard, The G5 is on NAV1/GPS1, so that would be the GNS530, not the GNS430. The G5 doesn't connect to the NAV2/GPS2.
  10. Hi, The config file should now be located in the aircraft's main directory, next to the acf files. It is called g5.cfg. It is the same format, just with many additional items, as the old acfConfig.cfg file, so if you are migrating from a V1 aircraft to V2, you can rename and move acfConfig.cfg to g5.cfg. This file is automatically generated on aircraft load if it isn't there already (just quit the same and make the modifications necessary).
  11. We've found the cause that affects some people and we have a fix that will come into the next update.
  12. Currently the knob functions as you described initially, its on our radar to update with the latest Garmin button-ology.
  13. Re-download the G5 installer from X-Aviation and re-run, and you should be set.
  14. The Pocket Rocket is not the same as the RSG G5 (or AFM G5), it doesn't currently have mb/hPa for the altimeter.
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