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  1. The flight plan waypoint behavior is an X-Plane bug, as the underlying navigator is the X1000.
  2. No, the current released version is the final XP11 supported version of the SR22 series for the retail edition.
  3. BN-2 updates are almost complete so those should be coming out soon. No exact ETA though.
  4. Hi Rick, While the roadmap isn't certain, the current priority order is: X-Plane 12 updates for our existing aircraft (SR2X series, BN-2 Islanders, PR) CitationJet 525 TorqueSim Mooney M20R Realistically, the M20 is at soonest many months away.
  5. With X-Plane 12, X-Plane added an electrical item for the SBAS receiver that defaults to not being installed. This will be added in the next update with X-Plane 12 support.
  6. We've got the needed libraries updated and are completing final internal testing before pushing the update out to everyone. Finally in the home stretch.
  7. That's an issue with the XP11 FMOD pack being loaded in X-Plane 12. The X-Plane 12 update will release with fixes for that. Until then, that warning can be ignored.
  8. Largely yes there haven't been major issues with it. The update to get the intricacies tuned is almost complete at this point as well, so that should be going out shortly.
  9. Its not something currently on our roadmap
  10. Yes, RealSimGear has detailed instructions on the link here for installation: https://help.realsimgear.com/en/articles/4999380-g1000-pop-up-plugin
  11. We have a version of the rsg_pop plugin (https://help.realsimgear.com/en/articles/4999380-g1000-pop-up-plugin) for the M20R available here.
  12. It appears you aren't signed into your X-Aviation account through Gizmo in-sim, and thus the plugin isn't able to activate. Sometimes on multi-monitor setups the Gizmo sign-in dialog can appear off screen. To circumvent this, load X-Plane with only the single primary display (unplug any additional monitors and RealSimGear hardware) connected to your computer and it should present itself. Following that, you can restore your displays to as they were before.
  13. Hi Tim, You could bind these commands to a joystick or keyboard key through X-Plane settings, for keyboard specifically, look in the dropdown list for afm -> pr -> cmd -> .... To find them. A similar method for joystick setting, there you'd need to select the option to view all commands. When doing this, make sure the Pocket Rocket is loaded and running in-sim so the custom commands show.
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