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  1. Yes, the commands are all viewable through the command setting windows for both joystick and keyboard binding. All of our commands start with afm/islander/cmd
  2. The commands/datarefs are still there, no commands were removed from the plugin. We simply switched the in-sim manipulators to use the toggle datarefs to help with usability.
  3. The LR G1000 uses quite a bit of CPU time if you are CPU limited (which it sounds like you might be). With high objects set, X-Plane can really start to struggle. We will have some further tweaks coming, but our plugin uses a very minimal quantity of CPU resources besides the default LR G1000. It could potentially be a VRAM usage issue, we have 2K texture packs available, linked at the bottom of the page here: https://afmsim.com/m20-liveries/
  4. Can you check to see if the brakes have failed in the maintenance manager?
  5. Most people have had quite good results with the experimental flight model, both work well. We are going to be tuning for the experimental flight model soon, but for now you can go with either.
  6. Can you send your log.txt file located in the X-Plane root directory after attempting to load the Islander?
  7. The brake handling is configured through X-Plane itself, we don't have a custom braking logic in place. We do however have a custom chock system with the brakes to simulate the chocks. Perhaps the chocks are engaged?
  8. Hmm, I am not quite sure, what options are checked in RealityXP Settings?
  9. Coop

    No Power

    This latest log again does not show Gizmo plugin being installed. X-Plane plugins shouldn't be deleting themselves, so my guess would be some overactive antivirus seeing a false positive.
  10. I do not have access to a source object with GTNs integrated, as such I can't integrate it.
  11. Yes, the HSI is getting a rebuild with the new 3D following Cirrus release, same with annunciations on Nav 2. DME should be functional, same with fuel flow, can you send a screenshot of those not working, along with your log.txt?
  12. I have not seen an XSaitekPanels configuration created for it yet, but there are commands and datarefs available for every switch so it should be possible to create a configuration, assuming that it can be user-configured.
  13. Coop

    No Power

    The Gizmo plugin does not appear to be loaded/installed. This plugin is installed inside the global plugin directory and cannot be remove as it is what activates the aircraft.
  14. Oh, that is very peculiar. Where is your X-Plane directory installed? That sounds like it is failing to write the persist file or something.
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