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  1. You are going to want to set these lines to 0: g5_nbzl_open_at_launch_a = 0 g5_nbzl_open_at_launch_b = 0 And change these values around to find non-conflicting coordinates so it isn't covering up other instrumentation: (I'd recommend higher numbers in X and Y) g5_x_a = 640 g5_y_a = 0
  2. The Entegra knobs use X-Plane commands to interface. If you are able to get those rotary controls to trigger X-Plane commands, then there shouldn't be an issue. I'm not familiar with the custom hardware side of X-Plane users, but I imagine there is a solution out there for using knobs to trigger X-Plane commands - if you find one, please report back what you find! The commands for the Entegra knobs: afm/sr/cmd/entegra/pfd_l_knob_left afm/sr/cmd/entegra/pfd_l_knob_right afm/sr/cmd/entegra/pfd_l_knob_press afm/sr/cmd/entegra/pfd_r_knob_left afm/sr/cmd/entegra/pfd_r_knob_right
  3. There are 3D integrations for aircraft shown on the table here: https://afmsim.com/g5/ TorqueSim BN-2B/2T Islanders AFM M20R Ovation II PWDT Zlin Z-142 LES C23 Sundowner The specifics on installation on these are shown on the table, the Islanders and Sundowner will auto-install with the aircraft's installer. The M20 and Zlin need some manual copy and pasting of files.
  4. We don't have any plans for MSFS
  5. Fix has been sent to the store, should be released shortly.
  6. Yes, switches are persistent. Something to remember, the magnetos being on does not necessarily mean that the engine is running. As magnetos are self energizing, with that switch on even with the engine off, opening the door and getting into the prop area is very dangerous - a strong gust of wind or pushing on the prop could cause it to turn over a few times.
  7. Thats the safety switch for the pilot's door. If the magnetos are turned on and the door is opened, the alarm sounds (to prevent you from going outside and being potentially decapitated from the prop )
  8. Thanks for reporting, that link should be fixed, as well as the liveries that were stuck in an approval queue on X-Pilot. Everything should be working now.
  9. You can just attach here and I can take a look.
  10. The values you will want to adjust are g5_x_a and g5_y_a to adjust the location of the PFD on the panel texture. These are coordinates in x and y. For the MFD, adjust the same, just the _b variety of the same.
  11. Yes, in this window, the top right corner can be clicked to pop it out as an OS window.
  12. Yes, just click at the bottom center of the DFC90 underneath the S&L button and it will pop out
  13. In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. Make sure to load the C172 G5 then grab this file after then closing X-Plane. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file?
  14. Yes. I do nearly all my development work on a MacBook Pro 16" with a RX 5700XT EGPU
  15. I'm guessing this is due to performance limitations on your computer. I can't say this for certain without knowing the CPU usage, FPS, and specs of your machine. When clouds are rendered in X-Plane, CPU and GPU usage increases (potentially dramatically based on specs), causing FPS to decrease. The saturation of CPU usage prevents our engine physics model from running at full speed thus causing engine roughness.
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