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  1. The oxygen system has had an overhaul on the interface as there were some bugs that cropped up. These fixes will be in the next update. We also have made some significant tweaks/improvements to the engine tuning.
  2. Hi Rick, The system only works with RSG hardware as it relies on their plugin for placement details and needs two-way communication with that.
  3. This sounds like your GPU is being fully utilized, I would try adjusting X-Plane settings to see if reducing any sliders fixes the stutters.
  4. Here is a mod to get rid of the prop disc texture. Replace SR22_prop.png with the attached file of the same name in the SR22 folder, and SR22TN_prop.png with the SR22TN's file of the same name in the SR22TN folder. Transparent Prop Mod.zip
  5. If you go into the new plugin admin with the chart of plugin usage, does there seem to be a surge in microseconds per frame with X-Plane and/or our plugins?
  6. We are looking into the engine cutoff bug at near-idle power when taxiing, there seems to be something in the physics model that needs a bit more tuning.
  7. Are you running in X-Plane 11.50 in Metal/Vulcan mode or OpenGL mode?
  8. If you are getting an aural warning, then most likely the CHT is too high, (what was the CHT indicating?) Where did you have the mixture set?
  9. You can try deleting the State files in X-Plane/Output/SR22 If you do, note the Hobbs and flight time in the file (listed in seconds), if you don't want to lose your hobbs time on the aircraft (don't worry about it if you don't care about that) Let me know if this fixes it!
  10. Hi Bruce, That bug has been noted and we are working on a fix for the fuel prime switch. I haven't used nor have X-CPL plugin, but if it needs to configure weight and balance, flipping the "FSE Override" switch in the SR22 load manager reverts our custom loading system back to the default X-Plane system, so it can then be adjusted by other plugins.
  11. This picture is a bit too cropped in for me to see what is going on, can you take a picture of it from further away?
  12. Odd, we are looking into a state tracking bug on the physics plugin that this might relate to. Thanks for reporting.
  13. Commands can be found and bound in X-Plane keyboard settings (note, these only will appear if the G5 plugin is currently running, so it needs to be installed into the aircraft that is currently loaded):
  14. @DiBarkis Got it working, coming in the next update!
  15. Coop

    Engine fire

    I haven't seen that before, not sure what could have caused this. Were you in the air when it happened?
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