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  1. Press the right side knob to get the cursor to show, then rotate the outer knob to highlight the Pressure section. Once there, use the inner knob to change the value. When HPA is selected, click "ENT" to set it.
  2. In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file?
  3. The libacfutils fix shows promise as a stable workaround. We'll be deploying updates for our products with that implemented soon, targeting early June.
  4. I'm guessing X-Plane isn't set to Rosetta mode so as Pils mentioned, Gizmo wouldn't be running to activate the aircraft.
  5. We can't replicate this on our side, but if you can load a default airplane first, then switch to the SR22, that is a fix that seems to work for some other airplanes that have seen this issue.
  6. I believe the difference here is the wing generation. The G3 had the "G5" wing for the latter part of the production which has the increased fuel capacity. We've modeled the newer wing.
  7. Engine sounds are improved in the coming 2.0.1 update. Are the audio panel lights not working on the 3D cockpit and/or the RSG hardware?
  8. Regarding the crash in X-Plane 12, it appears it's the bug with SVS we are seeing with some platforms with X-Plane 12 and Mac drivers. Disabling SVS will fix the issue, we have instructions in the v2.0.0 release notes here: Regarding the installation errors, the path seems to be an abnormal location for the X-Plane install. X-Plane typically works best when installed in a non-protected folder, such as Desktop or Documents.
  9. The cover should be in the copilot pocket. Clicking on it should return the cover. The aircraft is persistent, so make sure to place the covers and tiedowns at the end of your previous flight, while also make sure to not select the option in X-Plane to start with the engine running.
  10. Something appears to be conflicting when we spool up a second thread to handle the configuration file asynchronously. I'm guessing that something else on the machine is preventing this from happening. Given that this is an isolated issue, I'd recommend checking: Make sure there isn't some overly active antivirus on your machine killing the process upon writing to disk Temporarily remove all of your 3rd party plugins in Global Plugins (of course, keep Gizmo to activate the aircraft) to see if one of those is causing a conflict.
  11. There are two main potential sources of the issue and it depends on the symptom. Is the propeller turning over, it just doesn't seem to ignite, or is the propeller not spinning when running the starter? If the propeller is turning: Verify the fuel selector is to L or R, and that the tanks have fuel Prime the engine for max. 2-3 seconds before starting (full throttle, full mixture, then prime for 2 seconds or so. Too long can flood the engine. Pull back throttle, Set the fuel pump to boost Set throttle to 1/4 inch, in the virtual model. If you have a hardware throttle, this is going to be much less than 1/4", as nearly all sim throttles have significantly less throw than the real SR throttles. Engage the starter. If it doesn't turn over within a few seconds, slowly oscillate the throttle up and down a bit. If the propeller is not turning: In the SR20 -> Aircraft window, charge the batteries Perform maintenance via the maintenance tab of the same window. You can also via the same menu change the starter type. You may have more luck with one over the other.
  12. Hi G. From the log file, it appears that the main systems file does not exist on the system. I'm guessing some overactive antivirus on the machine flagged it false-positive and deleted it.
  13. In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file?
  14. Odd, I'm glad it is working now. Not sure what happened previously from the prior logs.
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