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  1. Yes you can - at 8 FPS. Probably better to ask on their forum.
  2. Can we expect an update anytime soon to correct the V/S limitation of 1600 FPS?
  3. Any news about an update tom fix the VS issue? Jon
  4. Thanks, that worked. (below using Carenado B1900) 1) Is the G500 automatically connected to the GTN 750? 2) Can the resolution on the map be higher? its quite "blocky" 3) When I open the PFD, the top is under the menu bar so I can't move it. Menu bar is in the way. EDIT solved - bring the bezelled version down and they all open down Thanks Jon
  5. Good Afternoon, I'm guessing I'm the first to download and install the G500? It works in the Cessna but there is no way to bring it up in other aircraft? What am I missing? Thanks Jon
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