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  1. Well, it's the right place to post when it comes to the Challenger. It would help us to help you if you outlined the steps you did to achieve this. Sometimes, a step or 2 can be missed, even when following an instructional video. There's a shutdown checklist. But as a last resort, have you tried creating a new airframe? Why? You can leave it installed, and then come back to it. There's no reason to uninstall. This is a hobby, Stefan. Try to treat it as such. Set aside a block of time where you can try to enjoy it. If help is needed, we're a few keystrokes away. There are many videos that go over many different areas of this add on. Particularly from Reflected Reality Simulations. Very highly recommended. The product page is very clear with regards to the complexity of this add on. It's not a difficult add on to get into, but it is complex and extremely detailed. If it's going to get you this frustrated or annoyed, I suggest you take a small break and come back. There are many people willing to help you overcome any obstacles.
  2. Possibly, something soon. Nothing concrete yet.
  3. Yet to be determined how substantial. But yes to at least some of those.
  4. We refuse to post specifics in public, because many times what we plan to do, never makes it to the final product. Then we have to deal with, "But they said they were going to do it! What happened?". And the reason can be 1 of many. If you really want to know what we're currently up to, I can give you that. Due to the changes made in XP12's engine model, Saso continues to work on "libturbine". He's also adding a few "extras". And me, I'm juggling 650, TBM and DC3 update work. The TBM is getting some polish on the 3D, textures and animations.
  5. I've saved this one, and once I have some time, and if no one else does it, I'll give it a go.
  6. No one's patience is being taken advantage of. We're doing the best we can, and working as fast as we can, so we can get started on the next project. But things need to be done properly.
  7. You have quite a few plugins that are cause for concern. Instead of removing them, I suggest you download a separate copy of X-Plane, with no scenery, then install the TBM in that and check for crashes. If there is no crash, it's then a safe bet that one or more of your plugins in your full install of X-Plane is causing the problem.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains 3 UDIMS for the 3 different sections of the CL650 FBO. Default materials are already applied, but those of you familiar with Substance Painter will have no problem navigating the file.
  9. Hot Start CL650 FBO Substance Painter File View File This file contains 3 UDIMS for the 3 different sections of the CL650 FBO. Default materials are already applied, but those of you familiar with Substance Painter will have no problem navigating the file. Submitter Goran_M Submitted 10/13/2023 Category Hot Start Challenger 650 Livery For https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-challenger-650-p-212?osCsid=3s771ioj1g7c3vdsh78u9ft174  
  10. Known and should be addressed for the next update.
  11. This looks like an activation problem. Make sure the DC3 is activated. Also, make sure you add an exception for the entire X-Plane folder in any anti virus or firewall you have running.
  12. Many people want some kind of damage, grunge or dirt. They don't want something too "clean". So yes, I did add some imperfections to give it "character".
  13. Some of the reflections posted are unusual, because I'm simply not seeing them. I've made a few adjustments, but the reflections on the floor, and the side panels, are not there.
  14. Without coming across as egotistical, I seriously doubt that. So far, there are 30 beta updates that are addressing other issues. Also, the people have been asking for the TBM to be XP12 compatible. Although I can appreciate the fact you would like VR in the 650, we've been getting far more requests for the TBM to be updated to XP12.
  15. I beg to differ. Your very first post was all about how it's too late for Laminar. X-Plane 12 is falling behind. MSFS has taken centre stage. We've seen it all before from many others. This forum is one of the places we can all discuss X-Plane without someone coming in repeating, ad nauseam, "RIP X-Plane" and the like. Did you not expect a reaction when you insult Laminar employees...and people I consider my friends? As well as, Are you deliberately looking for an argument?? We don't lock threads in here at the drop of 1 or 2 insults. When it gets well and truly out of hand, that's when we step in. A locked thread usually gets locked when it gets to the point that a ban is also in place. Excellent. Locking threads is censoring people. You are free to say what you want. But we are also free to take steps to de-escalate the situation using appropriate measures if things take a bad turn.
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