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  1. Goran_M


    Just INOP for now. I know another sim that uses "INOP" very liberally.
  2. Are you running any other kind of plugin that can conflict with the viewpoints? You can set this to auto renew in the Gizmo settings.
  3. Apologies for being late again. Hard to keep up sometimes. We're looking at some kind of maintenance addition. No promises yet, but it's on the table.
  4. @DomWin No ETA yet. Here's how it looked about a week ago.
  5. We never give out time frames until we're literally 100% certain we can get it out on the date. It is getting worked on at the moment, with one of the big additions being libturbine. libturbine is a completely custom engine model. We'll post more information as time goes on.
  6. Little bit late on this one, but this warning is because you rotated at too high a speed. IIRC, once you pass 190kts on the ground, this warning will come up if you have not started closing the gear doors.
  7. We would appreciate it if you did what Pils asked, and then we can investigate further. Going back and forth with daemotron is, pretty much, an exercise in futility. We need hard figures to dig in to.
  8. Hello Goran,

    Today was my free day and i tried everything during this day. I can't connect the two throttles in the SAAB 340A with my X52 PROFESSIONAL
    H.O.T.A.S. joystick. But the throttles is assign to the throttles axis Nr. 2. 
    And all the throttles in my other 23 planes that i fly more or less regularly both throttles work very well !!!

    I've temporarily put throttle controls on F1 and F2. But that's really not the solution!
    Very interesting is the fact when I start xplane the two throttles are in reverse mode. 
    When i go  with F1 or the mouse over the "iddle line", then I never can't go again back into reverse mode with the F keys or the mouse. 

    I still hope you can help me again  :-) 

    Stefan from Switzerland

    1. Goran_M


      If you're assigning a single hardware throttle to an indexed throttle within X-Plane, it simply won't work.  The X52 has a single throttle, so that needs to be assigned to "Throttle"...with no indexing.  

      If it isn't working, then I'm as stumped as you are.  The only other thing I can think of is you have something else assigned to Throttle that is conflicting.

      The other option is using your mouse and clicking in the middle of the throttles.  This will grab them both and you can control them with a mouse.

      Regarding going over the idle line, I mentioned in the forum post, you need to assign a keystroke to PL Lock.  Pressing that key will release the lock, and then you will be able to bring the Power Levers back to reverse.  But you have to keep holding the button or key.  Do not let it go.  Letting it go will lock the PL Lock again.

  9. You need to assign BOTH throttle levers to the "Throttle" axis. You have to assign a key press or button press to the Flight Idle Latch manipulators located under the actual hand grips on the Power Levers. You can assign 1 key/button for both, or a separate key/button for each one. To find them, go into the key assignment tab in the settings, and just do a search for Flight Idle Latch.
  10. It will get looked at, but at this time, it's a little lower on the priority list. What's the 2nd issue?
  11. I'll discuss with Saso on this. If you mean the gloss is excessive, I can reduce it, but then it would take on a more matte finish during daylight hours. I've experimented previously with finding a good balance, with not much being achieved in the way of looks. I'll note it down for future reference. Possibly. But I don't want to go finger pointing just yet.
  12. Correct. Reflections from the surroundings. I'm considering reducing the reflectiveness in an update.
  13. Check in your CL650 user settings. Under User Interface. Make sure you have a check mark next to "Simulate walking around aircraft and FBO"
  14. This is done deliberately, and is meant to simulate blown out screens, that are on full brightness, at night. To fix this, you need to dim the lights (BRT/DIM switch on the overhead) This is an XP12 lighting issue. I can certainly lower the reflections down, but the glass will look very dull during daylight hours. I'll mess around with it some more and see what I can come up with. We're not really sure. But it's possible.
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