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  1. I've sent Saso your log file. He's still investigating. For more direct contact, consider joining our discord.
  2. Mojave is too old of an OS to run the TBM on. Please consider updating to, at least, Catalina.
  3. After looking at the screenshot more closely, the time to TOD is 1 minute 18 seconds. Not 1 hour and 18 minutes. Apart from that, there really is nothing more we can do with the default G1000 code. We did what the SDK allowed.
  4. Goran_M


    You're running MacOS 14. This is very likely your problem. macOS: Version 10.14.6 (Build 18G7016) Please consider upgrading to, at least, Catalina.
  5. This looks like a problem between Littlenavmap and X-Plane. In any case, post a log.txt file and I'll take a look. Make sure you post a log file from a crashed session.
  6. I was corresponding with him through DM, here on the forums, and he confirmed on a clean install, with no plugins, there were no crashes. Following this, I instructed him to add the plugins and scenery back, 1 at a time, until it crashes, then to post results to determine if it's something we can fix or the author of the offending add on needs to fix.
  7. If the engines are running when you load it, it means the TBM is almost definitely not activated. The aircraft should be C+D.
  8. Not something we've seen reported. If anyone else can jump in, we'll be happy to look into it.
  9. This is not something we can duplicate on our end, so we're still investigating. Something to try would be to use OpenGL instead of Metal, just for testing purposes, because of the Vega GPU.
  10. It's not something we can check, since neither of us have anything from RSG. Perhaps someone else can chime in and offer suggestions. Alternatively, I can send you an invite to our discord server where we have a hardware dedicated group. Perhaps someone in there could help you.
  11. Just curious, if no switches work, how did you get it started and flying? If nothing works, but cursors change to what they're supposed to be, it means it's an activation issue.
  12. I see 3 potential problems. AMD GPU. X-Plane has an issue working with AMD. Are you running in windowed mode? Corrupted scenery (Australia Pro 2.03). xswiftbus (Overriding the TCAS) Can you try a different area, and make sure you removeall 3rd party plugins, and then test again. Perhaps get in touch with the Australia Pro author and ask him to fix the scenery. Here's a section of the missing files for that scenery. (It could very easily be the cause of the crashes, due to the TBM trying to read scenery that isn't there or corrupted.) 0:31:42.85
  13. That would be something for the RSG guys to look into or, perhaps someone in here, who has the equipment, could help you out.
  14. If you're happy with that work-a-round, then by all means, continue with it. Try to avoid comparing the TBM with other add ons. A lot of stuff in the TBM, you won't find in other add ons. A perfect example of this is the ice and rain effects. When other drawing plugins are introduced, like reshade or shadex, unpredictable things may happen. However, as I mentioned, if it works, then by all means continue using it how you wish. Glad you got it working.
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