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  1. Download a fresh copy of X-Plane. No scenery. Choose your desktop as the location (not just C:\X-Plane) Update it if it's needed. Once it's installed, reinstall the TBM to this new copy of X-Plane. (Don't worry about DRM. The install will go ahead without issue). Do not install any other plugins or scenery. This is purely a test install. Once this test is done, and we can confirm it works, we'll move forward. Test again, and post back.
  2. Goran_M

    TBM Crashes

    Try ONE of these... Remove reshade and test. Run X-Plane in OpenGL and test If it still crashes after trying either of those, post back.
  3. Also, just to add, this problem doesn't happen with Nvidia GPU's. It is isolated to AMD.
  4. Thought so. This is one of those issues with AMD/Radeon GPU's and drivers. Can you test in Windowed mode and see if that fixes it? (I know it's not an ideal solution, but LR are aware of this issue and have contacted AMD several times about it.) If it still hangs, let me know, and I'll look deeper.
  5. Are you running in full screen or Windowed mode?
  6. Please post back when you're back. There's a few things we can try. This is definitely unusual.
  7. Try reinstalling the TBM. We don't know why this is happening, but it's happened to a very small handful of people. It could be some kind of update to another add on making a clean install of the output folder, completely deleting the TBM folder.
  8. Can you confirm that you have this folder in your X-Plane directory? C:\X-Plane 11\Output\TBM900\state
  9. My first question is, do you have the inertial separator in the closed position?
  10. Looks like Gizmo possibly wasn't properly installed. Reinstalling the TBM also reinstalled Gizmo. Glad to see it all working.
  11. Your Saab checklist window is definitely smaller than it should be. For comparison, this is what I'm seeing on my 5K Retina display when compared to the Gizmo preferences. @JGregory any ideas?
  12. Have you tried turning down your settings? 4GB is a little low, and there are quite a few high resolution textures in the TBM. Can you check how much VRAM your GPU is using with the TBM loaded?
  13. Yes. Here is my Gizmo preferences on a 5K Retina Mac display. It looks the same on my Windows PC/4K monitor. I'm not really sure what could be causing the problem, other than the UI scaling.
  14. Ok, that's certainly weird. I also have a 4K monitor, but everything looks fine for me. @Ben Russell any ideas?
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