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  1. Not really sure why it's doing this. Nothing has been done to the throttle movement, or the code driving it, since initial release. But feel free to ask in the discord server. Maybe someone else has some tips on this. https://discord.gg/bveNvm
  2. Can you try again in Windowed mode. I know it's a pain, but it helps us determine what the cause could be. If it crashes again, can you post your log.txt file immediately after.
  3. This is the section that has me concerned. To eliminate 1 possibility, can you try updating your GPU drivers and retest? Failing that, can you confirm if you are running the sim in full screen mode (non windowed mode)
  4. Something is definitely wrong with your install. Let me know what happens when you finish the reinstall.
  5. Are you running a multi monitor set up?
  6. Ok, first of all, the 3 identical screens is due to you, at some time, pressing the red PFD backup button on the audio panel. That gives you your instruments on the MFD should your PFD's fail. No need to create a new airframe next time. Try uninstalling simtoolkit pro and see what happens. Also, make sure the TBM is properly activated and your license is updated. An easy way to see if it's not activated is if you try to push the crash bar up, it snaps back down again. If it's activated properly, the crash bar should stay up. Make sure Gizmo is installed correctly, as this is what we use for activation.
  7. Goran_M

    ILS Issues

    Sure. It's made by the same person who coded the TBM.
  8. If you get the version thats out now, you get V2 at a substantial discount. If you don't get the one that's available now, you'll pay full price for V2. Either way, it'll work out to be about the same price.
  9. Please check this post and check if this is the problem you are describing. If so, an update is getting prepared to fix this. In the meantime, to avoid a crash, wait until you are established on the localizer before switching to NAV mode.
  10. Correct. The crash bar powers the ESS Bus, in turn powering up 1 G1000 PFD, the AHRS and the backup artificial horizon. The other TBM that is available is more of a "lite" product.
  11. Which means he almost definitely broke the trim linkages, resulting in an even more exaggerated climb. @Kestrel35 You need to fly this add on like it's the real aircraft. It is highly complex and highly realistic. Time to create a new airframe, because once you rupture the pressure vessel, it cannot be repaired.
  12. Post a log.txt file. I'll take a look at what's going on.
  13. There is more going on in the systems of the TBM, than many other add ons. That's why we don't, and never have encouraged comparisons. No 2 add ons are created equally. I've actually had this brought to my attention earlier this year, with the same plug in to check fps, and, sure, the fps varies, but when I tested this, to the naked eye, I couldn't even remotely distinguish the visual differences in fps, because they were so fast and unnoticeable. Just enjoy the aircraft. If you're getting obvious "pauses", then we can take a closer look. But if the fps "stuttering" is not noticeable, then you can safely disregard it.
  14. The maintenance manager is a different tab. It allows you to make repairs to individual components of the aircraft. You're also adding way too much power on the take off roll. You will almost definitely damage something in the engine if you continue doing this.
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