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  1. Does the MU2 have localizer and glidscope capture ability?
  2. It is exellent work by X-Aviation, nobody is suggesting it is not.
  3. I am sorry but have to agree with some of the customers. It also confused me, by making a comment 'X-Plane 12 update will be free', it is very easy to assume it is for everyone. If you wanted to make exceptions, exclusions or restrictions you should of included this in the above heading. For example you could of had X-Plane 12 Update will be free for new customers or those who purchased it after a certain date. Where is can EASILY BE SEEN! Instead you left the meaning unclear and easily open to misinterpretation. That said, I know you guys have put i a lot of hard work in upgrading the product (I know it is not a 5min job), and I along with many other people respect that. I know fifteen dollars is an affordable and reasoable price and I myself will be paying it, but I will do it with the view of supporting you guys and a thank you for your time and effort.
  4. Thanks for your comment and sympathy!
  5. Aerobask is a good example. They have already bought out 4 aircraft. Have a look at X-Plane org store for others.
  6. I understand that X-Plane 12 is in early access so it’s too early to bring out X-Plane 12 compatible aircraft but why have some developers already done this and your team has not? just wondered……
  7. I am finding it very difficult to take this plane off from a runway because I keep getting the CONFIG red warning in the Crew Alert Window. I have ggoogle the problem and learnt that:- I already have flaps set to 15 ready for takeoff The trim must be in the green band set on both sides. This has always been the case. The MAIN and STBY sides both have arrows pointing to the middle of the green band. The condition lever as before set to Maximum inside the detent. Please tell me what else I need to do?
  8. what about the Pocket Rocket, how do I change that?
  9. Hello, I have Active Sky, SkyMax V5 and RWC software for Xplane 11. Do I need the free librain plugin? Also my settings on Active Sky are: Options, Simulator Depiction Options and then 'use SkyMax Pro depiction mode' is ticked. On SkyMaxx Pro, under Real-World Weather Connector my options are 'FSGRW/ASXP/External Injector' is ticked, and 'Never change visible weather' is ticked. Are these the best settings?
  10. Hello, I have the AFM G5 Instruments software package. I use it on the BN-2T Islander also bought from XAviation. I cannot change from inHG to MilliBars. How do I do this?
  11. Just a quick question. I like to categorize my aircraft. Am I right in saying that the:- SR22 NA is General Aviation SR22 TN is Turbo Prop
  12. Thought so but thought I would comment anyway. Thank you for your reply.
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