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  1. what about the Pocket Rocket, how do I change that?
  2. Hello, I have Active Sky, SkyMax V5 and RWC software for Xplane 11. Do I need the free librain plugin? Also my settings on Active Sky are: Options, Simulator Depiction Options and then 'use SkyMax Pro depiction mode' is ticked. On SkyMaxx Pro, under Real-World Weather Connector my options are 'FSGRW/ASXP/External Injector' is ticked, and 'Never change visible weather' is ticked. Are these the best settings?
  3. Hello, I have the AFM G5 Instruments software package. I use it on the BN-2T Islander also bought from XAviation. I cannot change from inHG to MilliBars. How do I do this?
  4. Just a quick question. I like to categorize my aircraft. Am I right in saying that the:- SR22 NA is General Aviation SR22 TN is Turbo Prop
  5. Thought so but thought I would comment anyway. Thank you for your reply.
  6. I have bought the Pocket Rocket and seem to have problems with XOrganiser writing permissions to it. In the aircraft profiles within Xorganiser I can enable it 'green' but I cannot disable it 'red'. I have been in touch with the developers at Xorganiser and we both together were able to identify that there was a problem with this particular aircraft. I have bought aircraft from Xaviation before and these work fine with Xorganiser, and so do all my other aircraft. My question is: does the Pocket Rocket have any permissions locked? The aircraft works
  7. Thank you. What are the NA and TN versions. Is that the same as the Turbo Version (as in SR22T) ?
  8. I noticed you do the Cirrus SR22 with G1000 avionics. Are you going to do the Cirrus SR22T aircraft soon? Also are there any plans for the Jet version (Vision Jet)?
  9. Does the SAAB have GTN 750 integration?
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