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  1. Thanks for the TBM900,the new standard for any sim aircraft in my opinion.

    just a question about fuel in tank vs trip fuel as they do not match,is this an xplane gps 1000 issue or is there a fix around it.


    1. Goran_M


      It's just the different way we're reading the fuel gauge when compared to the Laminar method.  A fix will be coming in either the next update or very soon after.

    2. RXPAHC1
  2. i noticed that the gallons in my fuel tank in the tbm 900 does not match to the the trip remaining fuel,is there a way to adjust fuel quantity in the tanks to match trip fuel,as in the default C172 you can reset fuel and increase or decrease to match the amount you have thanks
  3. In the TBM900 starting engine check list they want the G1000 to be in composite mode,just wondering what does that mean. i was told it’s the display back up button but iam not sure that’s correct thanks
  4. In the TBM900 starting engine check list they want the G1000 to be in composite mode,just wondering what does that mean thanks
  5. G 1000 composite mode on checklist I thought it meant display back up mode,any one can shed light on what it means thanks
  6. RXPAHC1

    gps1000 tbm900

    on the checklist it says gps 1000 should be in composite mode,what does that mean,also gps 1000 ground mode vs weather mode when do use ground mode and what is it used for thankx
  7. on the synthetic vision option on the gps some letters are missing from soft keys also before 1.14b the a/p use to switch from approach mode to localizer/gs mode by itself now i have to manually switch gps to localizer mode from gps mode and manually input crs ,is this the realistic or glitch thanks,and great product.
  8. So hud AoA fixed ,levers fixed,please before reporting issues make sure to do your DD ,thanks and keep up the good work
  9. every thing is fine here except for HUD AoA and the throttle issue issue that has been mentioned
  10. thanks,just wanted to know if iam doing something wrong
  11. the fuel remaining on the g1000 shows the wrong amount ,way lower than fuel in tanks,it seems like its reading one tanl in the tbm 900 is this default xplane g1000 issue or tbm900 thanks for reply
  12. how do you change time from local to Zulu in the tbm 900 g1000 thanks
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