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  1. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/20494-tbm-900-v1113-update-released/?do=findComment&comment=166835
  2. Sorry, little bit late. https://discord.gg/hz65fUPX
  3. Please post a log.txt file after the crash (without reloading X-Plane).
  4. Apologies...just saw this. Well, perfect timing. 1.6 is release with a full changelog. Enjoy.
  5. @robderthere are a few things that will change on the exterior for the next art update. I want to get those finalized before getting the REGA variant under way. But as Pils said, still planned.
  6. The levers on our 650 are definitely metal. If they appear black in X-Plane, it is indeed a lighting quirk within the sim at certain angles of the sun and certain times of day
  7. Apologies for the late reply. Re any Windows 11 issues. There does appear to be a problem with a small percentage of users, but atm, we can't nail this down. It's likely some kind of hardware driver problem or other X-Plane problem. I have Windows 11, and am not having any issues. Re the doors not being able to close. This is a weird one. Are you sure you're not in external view? The doors won't close in external view. You have to be in internal/cockpit view and walk out to close the doors. Closing the doors from exterior view has never been possible in X-Plane.
  8. An uninstaller is written into your X-Plane directory under X-Plane 11/X-Aviation. Run that and it will delete all files that were initially written to the X-Plane folder. It won't delete downloaded repaints. If you really want to scrub everything manually, do it after running the uninstaller. The files and folders you will need to look for are: TBM900_Log.txt (Root X-Plane folder) Output/TBM900 (Only delete the TBM900 folder) And anything left in the Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM900 folder
  9. I'll have to check to see if it made it in the update. It is definitely fixed, and I'm looking at it right now in my blend file.
  10. Goran_M


    Can't say for sure at this time. Once XP12 comes out, we'll take a look at tablet integration.
  11. Do you really want to argue the point? Because the DRM is very effective and provides enough evidence. We don't point fingers and blame random people. When will you pirates learn you can't get around DRM that's been refined and worked on for 15 years?
  12. I'm assuming all your questions have been answered in the discord.
  13. Feel free to join us in the discord.
  14. Keep in mind, I couldn't get any "official" RGB code for the panel, as no one had it in any kind of documentation, so I did the best matching color sample I could from various photos, with the most neutral lighting I could find, and came up with an RGB value of 100, 104, 113.
  15. You need to press the red button on the audio panel. Not the red button below the PFD.
  16. Understood. However, this is not something we can fix. This is entirely an AMD problem. Laminar Research have confirmed this bug originates with AMD, and they have hounded them about it for years. It does appear as though this problem is fixed for XP12.
  17. Just to clarify. With no plugins, and running in OpenGL in Windowed mode, you are still getting crashes. Is this correct? I can confirm I am not getting crashes using OpenGL in windowed mode.
  18. Fuel imbalance? Too much fuel in the left wing?
  19. How do you even see that in day to day operations???? Ok, noted.
  20. It's difficult (I won't say impossible) to find the right balance of color and lighting for anything that is "black" or "Dark". If I lightened this color to make it more visible at night, it would appear grey in daylight hours. I'm in the middle of a major update at the moment (adding the ADG, equipment area in the nose and aft cargo area), and XP12 MIGHT be out by the time I finish all that, so I'll re-evaluate some of the minor fixes when that happens. I think someone posted some kind of color adjustment somewhere in these forums or at x-plane.org, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll try to address this particular problem sometime in the middle of the update I'm working on.
  21. Can you try running it in Windowed mode and post back results? This should stop the crashes. I know it's not ideal, but this is an AMD issue that AMD need to address. We've been told the crashes should stop in X-Plane 12.
  22. Are you running in full screen or windowed mode? You're a very brave person. I have a Macbook Air, and I get mid 20's fps with the default C172. The TBM will definitely test the MBA abilities.
  23. To add to what Cameron said, this is what I meant by "We'll keep an eye out for any further cases." So far, no one has reported any issues with it when using the 650.
  24. Do you have any external hardware that is assigned to the AP, that you are unaware of?
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