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  1. We need a log file. That will tell us everything about your X-Plane install, and a possible cause for the stutters. It could be anything from excessive use of plugins to scenery loading.
  2. Can you remove the X-Life Traffic plugin and re-test.
  3. All previous versions are scrubbed. You're more than welcome to post a description of your issues and we can try to address them. But I would ask you to make a separate thread.
  4. We may put pop ups for the circuit breaker panels in a future update.
  5. We'll look into it for a future update. Shift 9 takes you straight to the cockpit. To get the full features of getting the passengers, you need to go through the FBO procedure. The shortcut is to use X-Planes weight and balances drop down menu. Unfortunately, you can't mix and match the way you want passengers to be loaded. An update is coming that may address your crash. If it still crashes after the update, then make another thread and please post a log.txt file so we can take a look. I'm not really sure how you're managing to do this. Can you post ima
  6. You're loading at a corrupted terrain location, and the TBM is getting "dropped". Try loading on the runway and see if it happens again.
  7. The catastrophic failure can happen from incorrect terrain data. This is not something we can control, and I strongly suspect this is what happened in your case. Perhaps flag the spot as one to avoid, and load up at another gate. The AP/control issue is the Autopilot trying to correct it's heading with a broken linkage. Another thing to check for is "accelerated wear". Make sure this is turned off.
  8. That's it. You need to create a new airframe. Without seeing the damage in the maintenance manager, it's a sure bet the control linkages were broken, and very likely, the pressure vessel was broken.
  9. For more voices, we'll need more people to do them. Perhaps after all the current bugs are dealt with, we can take a look at this option. You can absolutely skip the whole FBO process, and simply press the W key to transport you to the cockpit. Doing this will "kill" the FBO, and will restore performance and vram. Everything the FBO does can be accessed from the drop down menu's. I suppose I can lighten the color of the refuel panel. However, it will be an unrealistic color. Ummm, ok? You're welcome? (Taking into account English is not your nati
  10. I'll put this one in the "I'll consider it" tray. Only reason being is because it is a 604/605 variant. I do like it, though.
  11. We're going to research the amount of wing flex before adding it, if there is any.
  12. The extent of the update is yet to be determined, but the TBM will be made fully compatible with XP12. Whether or not we re-work the code, mesh and textures is something we'll decide later.
  13. Once things die down for the 650, we'll take a look at the TBM again. We'll likely roll the update into XP12 only. Not 100% certain on that yet, but if that does happen, we'll look at implementing navigraph into it then.
  14. Have you checked the maintenance manager for damage to the airframe. It looks as though you have broken control linkage. I know you say everything checked out prior tot he flight, but it's a good idea to check post flight also. A broken linkage can happen with faulty terrain, with the aircraft "dropping"
  15. Obviously, I'm quite busy with the update. If you all want to get together and pool your efforts to make it easier on me to implement any changes to the blend file, I'm happy to do that. If any or all of you are in the discord group, can you choose a "spokesperson" to DM me to implement any changes, and after I make them, I'll hand out a cockpit object file for testing.
  16. After some consideration, and after reading your post, I’ve decided to allow it. Feel free to edit your post and re-attach the file. But please add a disclaimer that we don’t officially support it for now. For more permanent changes, please get in touch with me so we can collaborate.
  17. Please do not redistribute our cockpit object file, or any other files in the CL650. The obj files undergo constant changes through updates. Please, just post the self made vrconfig file, with instructions on how to implement it. I don't have any issues about vrconfig files being created, as long as there is a disclaimer stating that the file is not officially supported by X-Aviation, Hot Start or LES. If you want to modify the cockpit object file, please contact me directly, either though these forums or on discord, and I'm happy to work with you to help create one. If I ha
  18. The way we have the FBO modelled, and the transition into it, is by way of a "wall" surrounding the aircraft. If we expand it, then I'm afraid people would get completely lost and wonder when they would enter the FBO. There may be ways around that, and we could consider it, but it would have to wait until after a few urgent updates are prepared and shipped.
  19. Goran_M


    Very early to tell. Perhaps for the X-Plane 12 update, but no promises.
  20. Can you remove ShadeX from your plugins menu and try again?
  21. It's difficult to know what caused the crash, or how hard your landing was, without seeing a replay. I've seen streamers land it quite hard, and there was little to no damage. We have no control over the damage/crash limits of the add on. This is all handled by X-Plane itself. If you can provide accurate data, feel free to contact Laminar and they can perhaps look into it and include it in X-Plane 12.
  22. This is a definite trait of the aircraft. Maybe reduce your curves slightly.
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