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  1. Some of the graphical elements don't work in the TBM under Vulkan. It's something that is being worked on. An update shouldn't be too far off to fix these issues.
  2. Am I correct in assuming you're using 11.50? If so, can you confirm this is only happening in Vulkan? Can you also check to see if it's happening in 11.50 under OpenGL? (uncheck the Vulkan option in your graphics settings.)
  3. It definitely needs to be there. Reason is, due to the unique shape of the throttle pattern, (the "h" pattern), if someone was in low idle, and didn't know it, and then tried to go into reverse, they would inadvertently move the throttle from low idle to fuel cut off. And vice versa (if they were in high idle and thought they were in low idle, and wanted to go to fuel cut off, they would instead go to reverse thrust.) Even if we made it an option to toggle it on or off, there would be people who would simply forget to toggle it back on when needed. All things considered, it's best to have it intermittently appear (only when using the throttle.)
  4. Goran_M

    TBM 900 CTD

    Anything to do with air traffic. I think World Traffic from Just Flight works with the TBM without crashing. They reached out to me about 1-2 months ago and asked for a copy of the TBM to somehow code their AI so it doesn't crash when run with the TBM. I haven't heard any problems with their version of traffic. X-Life WILL crash with the TBM, as will the default AI traffic.
  5. It's not supposed to be there constantly. Only when using the throttle. Are you saying it's there 100% of the time while in VR?
  6. "I did a little research and found that version 2 will be required to run with Vulkan and this will be treated as a new product rather than an upgrade from X-Aviation." V2 will be an upgrade. Not a new product.
  7. You're telling me. Something must have changed that caused this to happen. The only other thing I can think of, which will reset everything, is to delete your preferences folder contents. You'll lose all your calibrations, but it's an opportunity to really narrow it down.
  8. Ok, so if you can use the throttle through other inputs, that all but verifies the problem lies with something other than the TBM, ie. either with your hardware calibration, some kind of plug in that overrides your controls, or the hardware itself. The only thing I can suggest is to go through everything again, and make sure there isn't something else overriding your throttle inputs.
  9. I'd love to know where you got your information. Version 2 of the Saab will be ready either late this year or some time next year. If you already have the current version, the upgrade will be heavily discounted.
  10. Wait until X-Plane comes out of beta, then we can take another look. For now, it could be anything.
  11. Try deleting the contents of your state folder. Output/TBM900/state That will reset the airframe.
  12. Can't be removed. Because of the unique design of the throttle, it's there to provide reference.
  13. Can you try disconnecting all hardware and using the manipulator to move the throttle? Want to make sure that at least THAT is working correctly for you. The next step is to make a second install of vanilla X-Plane and the TBM (no scenery) and testing on that. If it works in your second install, and not your primary one, then it's definitely something gone awry in your primary install.
  14. Need to take more drastic steps. Can you temporarily remove skunkcrafts updater (this is known to cause problems with the TBM), FlywithLUA and JarDesign Ground Handling. Also, I would like to ask that you double check any throttle assignments in your hardware, and make sure nothing is doubled up. My hunch is that FlywithLUA may be doing something, but I'm not 100% sure.
  15. I'm seeing a few of these in your TBM log. Are you 100% certain there are no maintenance issues, because the log is suggesting otherwise.
  16. Can you post your log.txt file. Also, your TBM900_log.txt file.
  17. Check your calibration and any other assignments you might have. The TBM won’t spontaneously mess up your calibration. Something must have changed. Also, just as a precaution, check your maintenance manager for any possible repairs that may need to be done.
  18. Goran_M

    Used TBM

    I think the issue has more to do with the scenery developer. I can understand your annoyance at this situation, but what you're asking isn't available at this time. And to be honest, I don't think it ever will. But I can bring it up with Saso.
  19. If you load the TBM and you don't get a notification of an update, you have the latest version.
  20. Goran_M

    TBM 900 CTD

    Turn off any AI you have running. We're trying to figure out why this is happening with co-operation from Laminar.
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