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  1. This will work with our TBM. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tbm-performance/id641403446
  2. Not sure about your hardware, but I have the X52 Saitek hardware, and I just checked it and works fine with assigning the controls to "Yaw". There's nothing special about the yaw, and it should work.
  3. When running the installer, you need to point the installer to the root X-Plane folder. It will create its own folder under Aircraft/X-Aviation.
  4. Indeed they are. And Laminar have sent numerous emails to AMD to get this issue fixed.
  5. Try running X-Plane in Windowed mode and see if the crashes still happen. If you want to try disabling AI, go into your Flight/Flight Configuration menu. Click the AI Aircraft button in the top right, and get rid of any aircraft listed there.
  6. That log file doesn't show a crash, but I think I see the problem. Are you running X-Plane with AI traffic turned on and are you running it in full screen mode?
  7. I need the log.txt file found in the root folder of X-Plane that gets created when the crash happens.
  8. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Unfortunately, no. Try full screen with a window open in the background. No guarantees this will work reliably, though.
  10. Ah damn. Windowed mode. I should have asked you that earlier. AMD drivers have a problem with X-Plane, some add ons, Metal and full screen mode. Either change to windowed mode or if you insist on running full screen mode, have a window open in the background. Either Safari or Finder. The latter doesn't always work.
  11. The SCEL scenery has a very long airport name in it that's hitting a bug in the TBM's navdata parser. You can temporarily work around this issue by going into the scenery, there should be a subfolder named "Earth nav data", inside which you'll find "apt.dat". Open it up in Notepad and near the top should be a line that looks like this: 1 1555 1 0 SCEL Arturo Merino Benítez International__de X-plane octubre-2016 Just trim down the name at the end by deleting the "__de X-Plane..." stuff and save it. Then it should load fine.
  12. Do you have the add on SCEL scenery?
  13. The only thing I can suggest, if you really want to find out what the cause is, is to remove all 3rd party plugins, and then test while putting 1 plugin back at a time, until the crash happens again. As far as debugging, to find out quicker, unfortunately, no. There are too many 3rd party variables. The best course of action would be to install a clean copy of X-Plane, and then test. But seeing as you're on Steam, this isn't possible without removing your entire X-Plane installation, and then reinstalling a clean copy.
  14. There are a few issues I can see that are likely causing your CTD's in order of what I think is the cause. Marginals Ground Traffic Scenery location Mem Errors as reported by the log file Try either removing the Marginal Ground Traffic plug in. This is very old, and, AFAIK, hasn't been updated in quite a while. Alternatively, try a default airport. Many developers use SCIP for testing. Try those first, then post back and we can take it from there.
  15. This will be added in V2.
  16. Very bizarre. I'll look deeper into this and try to replicate. If I find anything, I'll post back.
  17. This could be either a Laminar bug (due to the TBM using default Laminar G1000 code for the navigation) or a P2ATC bug. My suggestion would be to email each with a thorough description of the issue, and see what they come back with. There is some customization in the G1000, but all navigation is being done by the default G1000.
  18. I do not know how to address this issue. This isn't something I can reproduce, as shown in the image above. I just checked again, and I see nothing around the aircraft that looks like windows. The only thing I can think of, to see if the problem is legitimate, is to install a 2nd copy of X-Plane, and the TBM. Nothing else. No scenery or plugins. And then see if the problems are still there.
  19. There's nothing special done to the views. Hitting W should bring you to the default pilot view. What happens if you hit W a 2nd time?
  20. Hmmm, it SHOULDN'T matter. It's on a timer, and with the sim shut down, it should take it into consideration. I would have to check with Saso. Regardless, it's definitely a good idea to let it count down for this test. Might be a bug.
  21. Remove all the contents of the X-Plane 11/Output/TBM900/state folder, and put them seomewhere on your drive, outside of X-Plane. Make sure X-Plane is shut down when you do this. Re-start X-Plane and load the TBM, then do whatever you do that shows battery wear. Does the problem persist?
  22. I can see some failures getting tripped in the default X-Plane menu. There are also 2 cases of the generators going online. So SOMETHING is drawing power, but the log doesn't say what. Do you have any lua scripts controlling anything? Can you post a screenshot of the Main panel and overhead panel after you shut everything down?
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