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  1. These are not implemented, due to limitations in the default G1000.
  2. Known bug with the new navdata and it has been around since 11.50 B2. The workaround is to first switch to HDG, change CDI to NAV and then re-arm NAV. An update is coming.
  3. Sorry for the late response. As far as the MFD configuration, can you confirm that it looks like this? (Note the aircraft southwest of my location.)
  4. Goran_M

    Aleatory CTD

    Looks like a missing scenery file.
  5. The next update will have a fix. In the meantime, the workaround is what we suggest you use.
  6. You'll need to map your hardware to the specific TBM commands. There is very little default functions going on under the hood, and you, very likely, mapped your hardware to some kind of command that cuts fuel.
  7. Hell of an introduction for your very first post.
  8. That's definitely something for the developers of xswiftbus to look into. The backtrace points to xswiftbus, and this is indicating it is not compatible with X-Plane.
  9. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/18326-tbm-900-ils-localizer-has-dissapeared/ https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/18158-issues-with-1150b10/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-152687
  10. With those specs, you won't have a problem. We made the TBM before the 20xx series of GPU's were even out.
  11. We've seen people make comparisons in performance between the TBM and the Zibo, and stating "If you can run the Zibo, you can run the TBM".
  12. It's been a while since I fired up the TBM, and I very rarely, if ever, fly for "fun", but I could take another look. But even if it shows what it shows in these images, it remains a problem on Laminar's end, as we use the default G1000 moving map. Edit: Just took another look. I stand corrected, but the reason I could see the aircraft in the first place was because I wasn't zoomed in as much. I can see the wings protruding from the sides of the taxiway.
  13. Anything to do with the moving map is Laminar's area. You'll need to report this to them. I haven't seen this happen on my install. Do you have some kind of plugin like reshade that could change the saturation?
  14. Goran_M


    We use the X-Plane AIRAC. To taxi, you need to go into BETA, which is to the left side, between flight idle and reverse.
  15. The 580 isn't that old. mid 2017 if memory serves. Have you tried removing all 3rd party plugins and trying again?
  16. Make sure "Start with engines running" is unchecked when you load the TBM Also, the TBM uses the X-Plane 11.50 AIRAC. But There is a bug with that navdata, so to avoid issues, use the X-Plane 11 AIRAC.
  17. And this would happen if you tried to calibrate your hardware with the TBM loaded and the engine off. The maintenance manager will reveal what, if anything, is wrong.
  18. Check failures and the maintenance manager. Make sure all X-Plane default failures are set to "always working"
  19. You can assign trim up and down to any part of the hardware you like in the TBM commands list.
  20. Try removing all 3PD plugins and test again.
  21. This is almost definitely a GPU problem. Are you perhaps running an AMD GPU?
  22. Do you have any plugins that could be interfering with the state folder? Any kind of hardware that could be controlling switch positions? This is not a bug we're aware of, so it's safe to say this is isolated to your system.
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