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  1. The Saab was released in 2013, and was getting very good fps numbers back then on the hardware of that age. With your specs, you will have no performance issues.
  2. First of all, try to avoid making more than 1 post on the same topic. We see every post. This is definitely isolated to your machine. Either your drivers need updating, your GPU is dying or your monitor is about to die. There's nothing anyone can do from this end. What I suggest is, if you have a spare monitor, plug that in and see if the problem persists. If it works properly, then your monitor is faulty. If you have another computer in your house, install X-Plane on that and see if the problem persists. If it works correctly, then it's something in your hardware. Other tha
  3. Unusual activity. The log doesn't show X-Plane crashing. It's actually a clean shut down. (See the bottom of the attached screenshot taken from your log.) The other thing it is showing is xPilot is still being loaded (See the top line of the log file I posted). Did you disable it or remove it?
  4. When you say it's been a recent thing, do you mean the TBM was fine for a while, now all of a sudden it's crashing?
  5. Did you add the GTN to the TBM?? Your log shows it is being loaded.
  6. Interesting. I'll file this under "weird issues with the SVS and specific GPU's".
  7. Just tried it, and no issues. Although, on my end, KOPF is not marked as FBO East Signature. So to clarify, it's only happening at 1 location? Do you have custom/3rd party scenery installed? Because if it only happens there, then that's a sure sign of corrupted scenery. The tablet is reading the scenery, and displaying it on the screen. If it's corrupted, it can cause problems..like the sim "hanging".
  8. The best place to put X-Plane is on something like [Drive Letter]:\X-Plane or the desktop (in that order), but as long as the desktop is not in a OneDrive folder. If it HAS to be in the OneDrive folder, then definitely put X-Plane somewhere on it's own.
  9. The first thing that screamed at me. X-System folder:'C:\Users/jackm/OneDrive/Desktop/X-Plane 11/', case sensitive=0 Your X-Plane folder is in your OneDrive folder??? I would bet money that this is causing your problem. I may be wrong, but since OneDrive is a cloud service, it could be syncing while running X-Plane and it's various plugins, leading to load time problems with some plugins. Definitely try removing the entire folder out of OneDrive and onto your desktop or another partition. Post back results.
  10. Do you have visual effects (in your settings tab) set to, at least, "High"? The lights use X-Plane's HDR settings.
  11. That is, indeed, very unusual. I just tried it on my end, and I don't get what you are getting (the freeze and load icon). Can you do this again, force quit X-Plane, and then send a new log.txt.
  12. If you have AI enabled, can you try disabling it and testing again? Also, try it with xPilot removed. This is just a test. Not a solution. It helps us determine what may be the cause.
  13. Thank you. And round and round we go. Ok, let's answer these...once more. I hope you also read my responses. To be honest with you, I don't see this as a deal breaker at all. Actually, I hardly ever use the ILS. But to each his own. Relatively cheap compared to some MSFS add ons in the same category. And also, when compared to most other GA's out there, the value for money (what you get out of it for the money invested) is there. Absolutely, which is why I would direct my anger at Navigraph, for making a change so drastic in their AIRAC, that it brok
  14. Goran_M


    We're setting things up in 1.52 to make an easy transition to V2, for US and our current and future customers. V2 art assets are mostly done. They have been for quite a while. It's the code that can test a persons patience.
  15. Going to need you to do a little bit of work here. I see some plugins that could be causing issues. I know you said you did it before, but I'll need you to remove all 3rd party plugins, except Gizmo, and reload the sim, press the red button...twice, then close the sim. After that, post the new log file.
  16. Also need the log.txt file found in your root folder. I just tested this on my end, to make sure something didn't go wrong during an X-Plane update, and all is working normally.
  17. There is literally nothing to remove to make this work. The function is a toggle, meaning if you can go from map mode to backup mode, it MUST be able to toggle back. It's literally going from 0-1 and from 1-0 with each press of the button, which, in turn, is switching the displays from 1 to the other. Post your log files (log.txt and TBM900log.txt) and I'll take a look. One other thing to check, just in case, is your X-Plane failures and the maintenance manager.
  18. Do you have any scripts or external hardware controlling the X-Plane avionics? This button should switch the MFD between moving map and glass instruments without issue.
  19. Goran_M


    I'm going to address your comments 1 at a time. Agreed. Which is why it has been fixed and a release is coming shortly. (There are other things to fix besides the ILS). If you were asked the same question, over and over and over again, as well as answering it, as recently as this very post, about the ILS, responses will become shorter and more to the point. It is NOTHING like purchasing a car. However, I will address your analogy. I've had several things on my car fixed. Sometimes having to wait for parts to come from Japan. These are things such as the heater hos
  20. This is usually caused by some customized avionics hardware configuration. Do you have anything like this connected?
  21. You have quite the collection plugins there, and any one of them could be contributing to the crash. I would start with removing xPilot. We've had reports that it is not compatible with 11.51, and it looks like this is the problem plugin going by your log file. After removing it, try x-plane again. If it crashes, post another log.
  22. Your TBM is not activated. Make sure you installed it correctly and make sure it's activated by clicking on the key icon in the Gizmo toolbar, located in the upper right of the screen. (Hover your mouse over the right side of the screen and the toolbar will slide out.) Once you click the key icon, enter your X-Aviation email and password.
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