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  1. I took some more pics the other day, these levers are not as worn as in the Hotstart!
  2. Another one for today
  3. Hi Pils, additionally there is light switch to the right of the above panel
  4. Hey, why not another one, starting no 2
  5. Thanks Pils, not a biggie of course, was just wondering whether I had (again) overlooked something, flying almost always at night If you need a better picture, let me know
  6. Looking as new on the BBA tarmac in EGKB !
  7. And another one, before start on the ground at EGKB
  8. Side view of the main door/steps
  9. Not sure if that was ever mentioned, but our CL650 has the main door panel opposite the galley, used to open and close the main door (left worn button). Appears to be missing in the Hotstart CL650?
  10. And here is another one, approaching SE Italy, sorry Rich but the chevrons are back!
  11. Here is another one, on the ground at LFPB
  12. I thought it would be fun to add some RL pictures from time to time. . Here our Chaly is on the way in the Belgrade FIR.
  13. Something similar this evening, but from HDG to APPR ILS 28 LSZH. Correct APP selectied, ILS frequency checked, withing range (16NM) but no switch. Landed visually
  14. Can't see anything wrong either, ARR DATA shows the correct frequency for the ILS at EHRD, correct APP is selected, you have APPR armed. Should work
  15. Stall Protection System Altitude Compensation Failure Indication: ALT COMP FAIL caution message on.
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