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  1. We have tested this NAV to NAV on our CL650. What counts is that CM1 is in FMS 1, but it does not matter what CM2 is in. But in the Hotstart CM 2 needs to be in FMS 2 to have the NAV-to-NAV transfer. In our opinion this is not correctly modelled.
  2. Have been talking to our pilots and we are not entirely sure this is correctly modelled. Checked the Collins FMS guide and it is not mentioned. We will try it out in the aircraft one of the coming days. Any RW feedback?
  3. One of THE most important posts on this forum! Thanks Graeme
  4. Love it VictoryAJ, sooo recognizable ;-)
  5. Interesting one, we see in reality that a whole list of items determines passenger satisfaction, things you would not think of at first sight maybe: catering (and we are not talking of your average airline catering, but really very specialized on demand catering which should be EAXCTLY as requested, as exotic as you can dream it), the flight schedule (flying on the dates, times, destinations and routes the passenger wants, and they accept no NO), very importantly the service offered by the Flight Attendant (and we are also here not talking about the average airline service offered), the welcome by the Captain at the FBO, the swiftness of going through the FBO, the quality of the lounge in the FBO, the connecting helicopter or limo trip etc. etc. . We rarely if ever get comments on the how the flight was flown itself, but much more on the above-mentioned items! Wonder how Pils will measure those? ;-)
  6. Well what I mean is that on the audio panel with ADF 1 pressed out (white light) nothing is heard through the headset, unless you push out (white light) speaker as well. This is different than eg. COM 1
  7. Played around yesterday with the ADF radios, and found them very well modelled. When listening in via the audio panel, You hear static when far away, and when getting nearer to the NDB the station's code is first very faint, and then clearer and clearer as you approach the facility. With the needle first wobbling about, but then steadying. Very well modelled Hotstart! One small remark, sound can only be heard over the SPKR pushed out, on not headset.
  8. Hi birdy.dma, I redid the flight yesterday with the CL650, exactly the same route, but with the Justsim ELLX scenery deactivated with Xorganizer, and an ELLX by the Scenery Gateway active. And there were no issues. Just a one off? I'll leave the scenery setup as such and do some more testing. Thanks for your help!
  9. Played a bit around with the HF radios this evening. You need to put in the dot for entering a frequency, contrary to VHF frequencies. So 8.906 iso 8906. Then obviously HF is not simulated in Xplane, so turning down the SQuelch does not bring up any sound. Maybe an idea to put on a static, crackling sound file?
  10. I will give it another try, deactivating the JustSim ELLX V2.1 and using the Scenery Gateway ELLX. I have had many more CTD's in the vicinity of ELLX, possibly linked?
  11. I did all of the above actions, but the sim kept crashing. Always near the same location (GIVOR area) on a route from LSGG to either ELLX or EBBR. After two more CTD's on that route, restarted in LEPA, to LFMN, on to EBBR, on to ESGG, so several hours of flying avoiding the 'CTD area' of GIVOR without any glitch. Does that make any sense?
  12. Another couple of nice ones of the HUD, two with EFVS
  13. Interesting picture of our Challenger working its way westbound to 45N050W battling against an unusual strong westerly, although not any longer visible here
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