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  1. Ha! I can believe that Jan. Thanks again. Yes I'm enjoying the aircraft very much. Just installed XPRealistic and XVision and that's improved things very nicely.
  2. Ok - after letting this rest for a while I came back to look at this once again - and I figured it out. Pretty simple, as we all knew it would be. The ILS frequency for the runway has changed since the tutorial was published, so of course it wouldn't acquire LOC or G/S. Works like a charm with the right stuff. Several other things had been changed as well and I had caught those, but not this one. Aaarrrggg. So much time down the drain. Oh well.....I got to know the aircraft pretty darn well after all those attempts. And learned about the XP Map relocate function which is invaluable.
  3. I totally agree that it's operator error. Frustrating that I can't understand or figure out what's going on - especially given I have a lot of experience with other aircraft. My original issue was ILS Autoland not working as described, then a mess trying to solve that. Maybe I'll come back to it after giving it a rest. I can also fly it manually and use autopilot for flight phases other than landing. Thanks.
  4. Ok - thanks for your help. I have a new XP install, a new AC install, fresh preference file and keyboard/joystick configs and - still have a variety of problems. One thing that was going on is that I wasn't familiar with the XP map functionality, and the window with speed, elevation, heading etc was only showing the elevation, so that was the only thing I was adjusting. I thought the other parameters you mentioned must have been in the AC, but puzzling since I didn't know how one could set pitch. At any rate I still have issues, and they are inconsistent. One strange thing is that th
  5. Actually I think I'll start by copying over the existing AC folder to see what happens. If there's no problem, I'll leave it like it is. If there still is the issue the next step would be to download a clean copy of that. If all that doesn't work I'm going to need a parachute to bail out....
  6. Jan I'm assuming I download a fresh copy of the 737-300 right? Or do I not need to do that.
  7. Yes Bulva. I'm installing to a different directory structure - then I'll copy my preference file to the new install.
  8. Thanks - and I see that the installer lets you pick a different location so that can work too.
  9. So do you rename the existing XP root directory and then download the clean version?
  10. Yep - sounds about right....thanks. It's a little puzzling that the sim works fine with other aircraft.
  11. It's late here - so signing off. I'll check in tomorrow morning PST US. Thanks for working with me on this. Looks like I may be headed towards a clean re-install of the AC.
  12. Ok - got it. I'm pretty sure it's done that no matter what the order, and it didn't matter with other AC. But I'm trying it again. It does the same thing no matter what the order.
  13. Isn't that what you told me to do? I thought I was following your instructions. And I've tested this with other aircraft and they don't do that.
  14. OMG - such erratic behavior with moving the AC with the map. I was able to position it as you suggested, but as soon as I unpaused the aircraft started shaking and pitched straight up and rolled. The video I'm sending you is what is happening now. I've rebooted, restarted XP multiple times, reloaded the aircraft, did repair failures - anything I could think of. Probably tried this 15 times, with differing results. The AC looks normal when circling around and inspecting. Also sometimes the generators are not on when it spawns, sometimes they are. Sometimes the IAS changes. Most things s
  15. I will try this - and many times I've come into the glideslope at level flight 4000 ft and just pass through to the other side without capturing the glideslope. But perhaps there was something else going on....
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