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  1. Seems you are the only one with this issue, problem solved.
  2. One day. People do need there sleep. Some places 15 days is the norm
  3. Its missing vrconfig copy from passenger ver. Thats all it is
  4. Copying files fixed it, sent an email.
  5. Are you sure its not the install file, having installed it twice and getting same results would say the installer is missing a file. I have not seeing any one mention the AEW version there is a chance no one has flown it, If all it is those missing files ill just copy them, Thanks
  6. I would if I could but its empty, are the scrrpts same as other models
  7. Please note its only AEW ver of this plane and this is a fresh install. LES_Saab_340A_AEW_VRconfig.txt
  8. Remove 124atc (speeds up load time anyway) and Data ref still same issue with Mil ver only, than deleted folders and new install still same bug, only with the Mil ver Latest logs after loading from scratch one after the other. Log Cargo.txt Log Mil.txt
  9. Will do, id be surprised it fixes anything, as I said the passenger and Cargo load fine, See log from loading one of them. Log.txt
  10. Attached. I guess no one has flown that ver, first time I have Log.txt
  11. The Mil Ver comes up with a VR config error, and the menus dont show up. The other two work fine. Tried loading others first same issue, if i load the mil first it gives a vr config error on the other 2 have to restart xplane
  12. Just make sure you set your flaps before enzbling gust lock8
  13. There was a world wide weather server crash and it still seems to be catching up. So for a while we had none than it was a little corrupted it seems but may be ok now.
  14. You can, you probaly have manyal latch seleced in options
  15. mjrhealth

    Thank you

    For making a good plane even better, we sit and wait for Ver 2. Did quick take off seems to be behaving.
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