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  1. I have created a xchecklist on the other forum. Still improving.
  2. Rain effects have nothing to do with Librain. I believe its laminars ver. I stand to be corrected.
  3. I assume you havnt watched all the interviews, The biggest thing is lighting and every plane addon will need that upgraded, Not so simple, than there is the N1 N2 on jets, thats changes an engine rewrite. Would you upgrade someone 20 year old car for free. Happy at any price.
  4. Just checking. Ill keep playing.
  5. I do get this when loading. See attached screen shot. Ill get log next time I load.
  6. After around 30 min of flying. Still needs some testing as i havnt flown in a while,. Has the XP12 lighting bug. Internal view got really dark over time, while outside view was nice and bright. Loosing oxygen happens fairly quici, but its one I must check as it went for l;ke 10 min before i jumped out.Might have to see what laminar do next on this one. Otherwise after a reinstall it works quiet well. Will need to do a few more to make sense of it all.
  7. Ignore post reinstall fixed things, Will do a test flight
  8. Cant see anything wrong with Taxi speed. Its slower than it was, but thats because originally it was too fast. Sure was mentioned in notes. Still have to use Beta to slow it down.
  9. There are plenty of xplane aircraft whos aps, works exactly the same. I have a few. Just means the pilot, thats you actually has to fly the plane, After all isnt that what pilots train to do. Still remember a few years ago, Boeing retraining pilots because tech has caused them to forget how to fly, Its getting worse,
  10. YEs I found the xplane fuel system can do some random stuff with this plane, sometimes end out of balance, so I do hope the fueling panel system gets a quick look into, and i dont believe the question about xplane fueling was answered.
  11. Thats the way its supposed to work, doesnt behave like the Laminar reverse command. You hold the button till you pass the gate. Realisitc.
  12. Just completed my first flight, it all worked as it should, and now that I have worked the throttle out, can only get better.
  13. Works fine, just did ILS into YMEN and I didnt crash, As stated must have valid ILS.
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