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  1. I would not be surprised if its another AMD driver bug. Might need to try a later driver.
  2. No you can get it from Aerosoft as well, I get 3 updates a year. Navdata pro. Purchase as you need no subscription
  3. Move that window, it need to uninstall the existing and that is being hidden by that window. Alloying buts thats all it is. Youll need to click ok.
  4. Engines are not running gens are not on line. Read the docs provided. You switch them on bus once engines started.
  5. Doubt its personal, but people do like there weekends off. i do.
  6. I had to resart xplane, after activation, reload was not enough, gave me my battery v indication and my sounds.
  7. I dont think you understand how the skunkcraft updater works, it looks for altersd, missing and updated files, and only replaces deletes as necessary. Means you may only need to download 300 meg for an update than the full 1.5gb. Its far more efficient especially for those on low bandwidths. But it means your tied to another developer and another cost. No reason why Gizmo couldnt do the same thing.
  8. Someone when they find the reason, rest of it is staring in crystal balls. Be patient.
  9. Funny thing other 737 pilot didnt draw all the same conclusions, as for q8 pilot, he didnt bother to read anything if he had, he would have given better review knowing where it was at. I like his videos but he is consistent in his lack of research.
  10. The installer not that simple, it uninstalls the previous ver than installs the newer one, i assume that is to ensure a clean update.
  11. This has just being released, I wouldnt be expecting patches day 2. You should get email when update comes which will provide you a link for the update.
  12. Must ask the question. since nothing has being said for a while. But what is happening with the test ver. There has being to mention since February. I havnt had any issues with it since install. Did ask if current new 737 is compatible. Thanks
  13. must ask the question. is this compatible with the Beta Gizmo which I currently use. I assume it will install the standard one whcih breaks the beta one.
  14. Wondering if its good to start a known issues topic locked and updated by developer with comments, that way people "might" read it and not repeat the same issue over and over.
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