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  1. Upgarded to the H470 Motherboard, Gigabyte Aorus Pro Ax really nice board, Better power apparently has 4 more pcie lanes than the B460, The biggest issues on boards these days seems to be the Power regulation (VRM) it is where they cut costs
  2. This now runs the purchased win10 home, so clean OS install, last was WIN7 upgrade. Still impressed, Turned off 2 cores, only running 6 cores 12 threads as its a cheap MOBO but still hitting 5.1 GHZ no overclock, ITS a B460 mobo going to get a H470 with better power, the B460 not that good. Seems even some of the Z490 motherboards which are the top are not much better, some corners seem to get cut. Nice flying around at 50 FPS even no more ATC glitches. Hopefully i will get that all by friday, better CPU fan as well. Than ill be done/ Be interesting to see how the new AMD Zen 4 chips go, seems
  3. Just moved drive to new machine. Quick test at YSSY, on 4790K i was getting about 20 on OLG 30 on Vulcan, on 10700K I get 35 on OGL and 50 in Vulcan. Thst base it goes up into the 70s, Still more to do tomorrow before reactivating stuff
  4. Just A heads up, im upgrading my PC tomorrow, may be few changes to it in next few weeks. I assume if i remove Gizmo temporarily I wont get any checks untill i reinsert it, I know I will at least be replacing the motherboard in new machine next few weeks, I dont think teh one it has is up to scratch, but will do for basic testing. Was built to budget, but has a Intel 10700K. Wonder what improvement it will do over 4790K which still stands pretty well against most of the new processes.
  5. Hi Any news on the new version??
  6. I dont believe you can set the pitch untill you have taken off, if that is what you are trying to do. I believe. of much messing around, if you pitch the plane to the vspeed you want, than once you activate AP hit vspeed and it should hold that pitch and you can adjust it from there
  7. Are we anywhere near a release???
  8. Be patient they will answer.
  9. I know I can read. But it could be that a simple check like, has hardware id changed, no, has MS$ stamp changed yes. Is ok. Thank goodness last update didnt break anything
  10. Well I never raised a ticket first time, ticket was raised because it happened a few times, and I already figured out it had to be win ten doing something stupid. shouldnt need to raise a ticket every time, and this is a discussion about what is happening. No more.
  11. Did 3 times and never changed a single item on my machine which is now i think going on 10 years old, only being and issue since win10
  12. Your not the only one. Same issue.
  13. Cool teh more teh better
  14. Are you running 11.5 beta which version
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