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  1. Yes i have posted pic showing frame rates further back be interesting to compare. Actually do cause minor stutters when panning outside with wall to wall clouds but ok inside, really puts a load on GPU. Hopefully these will be more fps friendly.
  2. I just went from 1070 to 2070 there helped me run AA at higher setting maybe a 5 fps gain, 1070 should be fine but more like 50 FPS. but than anything above 30 is fine as far as I can see.
  3. If its more efficient than what I use at present it will be good, it very GPU intensive, not RAM but performance wise.
  4. This is SkyMaxx v4 with 10700K RTX 2070, plane MCDU gives me only a 7 FPS hit and I have horizon to horizon freeware volumetric clouds. 38FPS
  5. Thanks for this, looking forward, Ive being using this with the freeware volumetric clouds but there is a FPS hit when you have clouds as far as teh eye can see, but it does look good, and thats on a RTX 2070 and 10700K not overclocked better than 30 fps but thats with a plane already giving me a 10 fps hit. Be interesting to compare results. Hope there will be a reminder email go around. Cheers
  6. Its probably not s simple, sounds liek someone has to find a new way to draw rain. Vulcan is good but had introduced some texture issues than need to ne sorted.not just rain.
  7. Its free so be happy and it has come a long way, And FPS hit isnt that big, new thing will take time to optimize.
  8. There is a freeware one that works quiet fine with this, only real issue they having is AA when in the clouds, its come a long way
  9. Another MS update another reactivation. FYI
  10. bugger ye many seem to have run over to teh dark side.
  11. Thanks for taking the time looking detailed.
  12. Any word on any future updates. Would love to see the Jetstream 32, without the wacky joystick config, only thing that stopped me flying it.
  13. Ye gets like that. looking forward to it, being pretty quiet for a while amongst most developers.
  14. I think its a bit like the aviation industry all the developers seem to be grounded.
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