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  1. IS this still happening, or should we just forget it. Thanks
  2. A couple of things, the original gets really mush around 115Kts on landing pretty much on TO I assume this is part of the roll issue, which should hopefully be fixed in 2, second thing is, my fuel mixture lever,s affect engine performance, I assume they shouldnt. Most planes I simply make sure they are not in fuel cutoff, even planes that dont need them, turboprops, wont start otherwise, but with MU2 I have to have to full rich otherwise left engine glitches. Maybe there is a way to ensure that plane is not affected by the fuel/mixture levers. Otherwise you may have to note that in the documentation. Thanks
  3. No you cant. Gizmo updates it self from what I understand unless they are doing Beta testing.
  4. Just took your old ver up for a spin short flight, so much fun, but that roll can get you. Didndt even bounce on landing. Cant wait for new ver.
  5. I have being waiting on this for a long time like most of you. Have the other one too.
  6. depends on what ver xuipc you use , one does cause issues.
  7. Simply put. some Are copy write and therefore cannot be provided. Even if they did purchase on for themselves to do the build it would be illegal to provide one. Which is why some dont have them
  8. There is a lot more going on in this add on than any other plane you have, also Reflections have always being known to be an issue which is why few use them.
  9. Turn your reflections off, you simply cannot afford to have them on. On that card AA may have to go down a notch. You may also be suffering from Thermal throttling heat is bit of issue on laptops.
  10. Need your log.txt from xplane folder please after loading the plane and shutting down.
  11. I think in the end that is pretty much what I did, once I turned to Final set decent rate than just flew it manually made it easier for me.
  12. Dont have you tube acct so ill have to watch someone elses videos.
  13. Dont have you tube acct so ill have to watch someone elses videos.
  14. After all the years of owning this plane I have finally done my first successful flight from YPDN to YBRM, I think flying all the Embraers set me up for this. I think I was a bit on the heavy side as I was running out of throttle, but manged a heavy landing, was an RNAV approach which I had to hand fly from 2500 ft as I wasnt sure how to do the VNAV, also a short runway. But next is to YPPH which is a longer runway. Love this plane
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