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  1. I am kinda intrigued, a few weeks ago it asked me to delete one Id I have had the same machine for about 9 years, might of being the win10 update but even windows had issues with even changing things in the Bios, but so far Im good.
  2. not sure its Gizmo seeing a few planes do it, that dont use Gizmo, and I dont use reshade or anything like that.
  3. Win 10 did major update, today I had to re register machine and remove and older one. But went ok so far.
  4. Laminar have made it clear not to play with shaders, they will cause crashes.
  5. I will put it here. As stated, and just to confirm, I downloaded an installer from your store. 250 Kb, running installer gives me same down load speed, lucky to top 275 kb. Down loaded from another store 3Mb. Tired 4g phone tethered to bypass all my network, same thing. So it is not my provider because 4g bypasses all of that and other store I believe in US worked fine. Now if it is true that you have servers in different countries, is it possible in your installer to allow us to select which country to down load from, it may solve this issue since I have no idea where your servers are. And if we have a known bad one than we can pick another. Australia in Sydney NSW dont know how other sates are doing not sure if VPN will fix. DOnt use VPNs Thanks
  6. I have done everything, reset IP, flushed DNS internet reset modem, it is only the installer thats dying. Im am in Australia, tried 10 times to run an installer and never completes. Starts at 333kb ends up around 270 and times out when it reaches teh end, Never completes. Thats 44min to download file should do in like 5.
  7. Yes killing me cant get higher than 270 KB and never completely lately, times out right at the end. All i have being doing is wasting bandwidth.
  8. Skymax seems to cause a huge pause in xplane at start up, a few times xplane hasnt started. like this 0:05:57.847 I/ATC: Heading 0 6 0, vectors for the visual runway 30R, down to 4 thousand, 228 134. 0:06:00.174 G64: debug: MAXX: METAR dl complete: https://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observations/metar/cycles/08Z.TXT 0:06:00.174 G64: debug: MAXX: Writing METAR to: (G:/X-Plane 11 Beta/MAXX_METAR.rwx) 0:06:09.987 D/ATC: p=4 (N816NN): Fly Heading: 157 0:06:09.987 D/ATC: p=4 (N816NN): Maintain 3999ft 0:06:09.987 I/ATC: 737-800 6NN, Fly heading 1 5 0, vectors for the visual approach runway 30R, descend and maintain 4 thousand. SkyMaxx Pro: Found new MAXX_METAR.rwx file of size 2889150 SkyMaxx Pro: Parsing METAR data SkyMaxx Pro: METAR parsing took 130 ms. Think thats with Skymax on always
  9. Ye im enjoying this too, especially in QLD where clouds ten to sit low on the hills, its a huge improvement
  10. Another minor issue. When fist loading XPLANE it seems to grab the sim to download weather and thats fine, Better to have it done at beginning of flight, but I lost my internet, and if left in auto it simply pauses the sim every couple of minutes had to force it to use XPLANE weather, than it stopped. Thanks again.
  11. On the ORG in the h11.5b9 topics its being discussed by multiple people.
  12. @Gildahl this appears to be an xplane issue as it seems others have same issue using default and other clouds.
  13. Saw teh previews looking good.
  14. Wouldnt it just be easier to assign a slider or knob on your joystick to the breaks for when landing
  15. mjrhealth

    Saab 340a

    IAS is for controlling vertical speed, the plane will change pitch to maintain the speed you set, this is common on a lot of planes
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