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  1. I only ask for the loading menu (weight, GPU support etc) from the VR level. Only and so much ;-)
  2. I fully agree with you. The FPS and smooth simulation in VR are the best of the IXEG733 compared to other similar aircraft models in this class of advanced systems. There is no simulated toilet seat, no openable hatch for hand luggage, open tables etc - personally I do not miss it (only door opening is missing (!!!)) But the interior of the cockpit and sounds - it is a world championship. The only thing I miss in IXEG is the lack of in VR mode, the ground handling menu (GPU), refueling, weight settings etc - this should be available from the tablet (+ better pushback option). Besides, it's my "Number One" in my hangar (recently next to Q4XP - but in stability and FPS, IXEG remains the best)
  3. I am surprised that still many new released great model aircraft do not support VR technology to a satisfactory degree (at least at the time of product release). VR is no longer a niche technology for a handful of enthusiasts - it's a large group of users, I think much wider than the numbers of statistics indicate. Personally, I lose interest in the product (even when it's as perfect as the C650) when it doesn't provide reasonably flawless VR support. I do not understand the developers' justification (I am not pointing a finger at anyone here ) that no one in the team has VR goggles. This is a funny translation, because used VR equipment can now be purchased for a very affordable price.
  4. Bulva


    The IXEG sound menu is one thing. The second - the main sound menu in XP. Sometimes it happens to me that some volume sliders (especially engine volume) are pushed to the left (without my intervention). I have never discovered the cause of this phenomenon
  5. I suggest that you do the following (if you have Honeycomb Bravo): 1) from the folder: "...: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ joystick configs\ " delete two files (for safety, it is best move it a safe place (e.g. to the desktop)): - "HoneycombBravoThrottle_Mac.Joy" - "HoneycombBravoThrottle_Win.Joy" 2) then delete from the folder "...: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ plugins\ " "AFC_Bridge" plug (as above - put, for example, on the desktop) 2a) if you had any other Honeycomb Bravo configuration profiles, copy the whole folder to a safe place: "honeycomb_profiles" (it's inside folder "AFC_Bridge"). 3) download the last version of Honeycomb Yoke & Throttle Software for XP from here: https://flyhoneycomb.com/pages/drivers 4) Start XP, do a calibration and it's best to create a new profile in Joystick settings in the XP menu.
  6. Of course, that's what I meant. If you already have a new copy of XP - do not copy the old "preferences" folder. My point was to delete the contents of this folder while you are still struggling with stata (your original) XP version.
  7. Have you tried (before you do a fresh clean XP installation) to remove the contents of the 'preferences' folder: ....: \ X-Plane 11 \ Output \ preferences \ ??? (i.e. move it a safe place or copy and rename - so as not to lose the joystick settings etc)
  8. Maybe it's worth publishing though. Even small tweaks are better than nothing. ;-)
  9. In general, I don't like popups either. However, in the case of an FMC, this would facilitate data entry. Now, I keep hitting the desk or throttle (Honeycom Bravo) when handling FMC in VR. And setting up the FMC with a laser beam is a torment ;-) .
  10. 1) why are there such strange "pawls" in the Flap "1" and "15" positions? And what are they for ? 2) is there no "voice" in 733 saying: "V1", "Vr" etc during take off ??? 3) or is it just me, but in VR it is not possible to use checklists (pulled from the top of the cockpit), even though the controller's action field is active (green)? Thanks for explanation
  11. ... I didn't even dare to dream about it
  12. I know that the topic has already been discussed, but I will ask ... Does creating a dataref function so that a GPU Car can be assigned to any key (without having to open a window) require a lot of work on the part of the developers before a major update (if any) comes out ??? In VR, it spoils the immersion.
  13. I can see that the object of my interest even has smooth animation ;-)
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