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  1. Sorry, I found nothing on this. Does this effect work in the current version v1.33 ??? I didn't notice any difference when the effects is turned on. I only checked in VR.
  2. Thank you very much for looking into this problem. It's not a big deal, but I know the fix would please Bravo users a lot. Lots of health and a good day ;-)
  3. Well, that's not exactly true. In Zibo, when I use the lever to activate the reverses, the Throttle levers (i.e. axes) take over the smooth control of the power of the reverses. Lowering the Reversing lever (button off) returns to normal power control. It is also not completely in line with reality, but it gives you the ability to smoothly control the power of the Revers and uses the reverse levers in Bravo. So, in short, it is done like this (in ZIBO + a small improvement in the lua skype): 1) Throttle at minimum -> idle position 2) Activation of the Reversers by lifting the s
  4. Yes of course. I am currently using this mode for lack of a better solution. The disadvantage of this solution is the lack of control over the power of the reverses. They always reach max. The second thing, less important, is the issue of the animation itself - the rever lever "jumps" to the maximum, and when turned off, it "jumps" to the minimum without smooth animation. ;-)
  5. The problem with Revers in the case of Bravo is that pulling the Revers lever works like a normal button (not an axis) - so you can use it to run the LR command: "Toggle Thrust Reversers # 1" (or # 2), but lower the lever I'm not changing the state. So the engines are still in reverse. You have to pull the reverse lever again to deactivate this function - which is very unreal and strange. If there was a dataref function (as in the case of ZIBO) assigned to the Revers, a simple "trick" made in the lua script, allows you to turn on the Revers when the button on Bravo is pressed, and in the
  6. Would there be a chance to implement the (dataref values) command for Throttle Reverse in the next update, so that you do not have to use the LR command. This would allow to control the reverses (e.g. in Honeycomb Bravo) on the principle - when the reverse lever is in the upper position, then the reverses turn on; when we release the reverse button, the throttle returns to normal operation, I did it in ZIBO and it worked perfectly (there was a commands called: "laminar / B738 / flt_ctrls / reverse_lever1" and "laminar / B738 / flt_ctrls / reverse_lever2") ???
  7. The switch works, but does not connect the power ;-) There has to be some other variable (which I can't locate) that provides the current. Thank you very much for your help and I am counting on an update taking this into account. Have a nice day ;-)
  8. ;-) well. Is there a chance to solve this problem on your own with the help of dataref and lua script ??? I use VR and would prefer to do this without taking my VR helmet off ;-) I managed to get the external power animation to appear (or disappear) and the "GRD POWER AVAILABLE" light in the cockpit to appear, but the switch (PWR ON/OFF) does not activate the power :-(
  9. Has anything changed in this topic after v1.33 update ???
  10. Does this sounds package work with ver. 1.9 ??? http://www.truscenery.com/index.php/9-x-plane-articles/60-x-aviation-mitsubishi-mu-2-real-sounds
  11. Thank you for the quick reply. I think I will decide :-)
  12. I feel a great need to buy this plane. :-) But I'm afraid that I will buy in the current version 1.9, and soon there will be v2.0 and I will have to spend money again. Is it worth to buy MU2 now, is it better to be patient and wait for v2.0 ???
  13. For IXEG 737 and X-Plane 11 there is now WebFMC (free version for 738 ZIBO and 739 Ultimate). It looks promising (adroid, iOS, windows, etc.). Unfortunately, I do not use because I have X-Plane 10 :-(. Is there a product for IXEG and X-Plane 10 (not iOS) .... ???
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