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  1. Yes, I checked my lua script. I had a problem with too datatref and using "writable ". Only with regard to this: "xscenery/mu2b60/manips/ap_pitch_trim_wheel" But the symptoms are similar. I gave up on "writable " and replaced it with "set" in lua as well.
  2. Sorry to butt in and probably not help, but I remember having this type of problem some time ago as well. I don't remember the details anymore, but if I remember correctly, the problem was the incorrect assignment of commands to the hardware used - I use honeycomb alpha and bravo. This caused conflicts and resulted in similar "abnormal" AP behavior. Maybe this problem also applies to your situation ? [edit] ... it seems to me that the problem was with the: AP PITCH TRIM WHEEL and the commands assigned: xscenery/mu2b60/ap_pitch_wheel_nose_down xscenery/mu2b60/ap_pitch_wheel_nose_up (???)
  3. I think (but I may be wrong) that it performs a similar function as well as a similar lever on the right. This one on the right blocks the PROP levers. So by analogy, I'm assuming that the one on the left is blocking the Throlle levers. ;-)
  4. ... please don't forget about VR support (ground menu support, loading etc)
  5. Oh thank you very much. I haven't seen the ready command "Control wheel steering mode" before - I'm an idiot. I've been struggling with this for 2 hours - I tried with CWS A and CWS B, but they are completely different commands. I was already starting to sculpt with lua scripts. And also without success. Thanks again
  6. Question as in the title. I would like to assign the TCS button to my button on the yoke.
  7. The situation seems to be under control The lua script works and worked fine with the knobster encoder. My stupid mistake was with incorrectly assigning a command to the AP disconnect button - "Disco servos, yaw damp, and trim any side". This meant that once the trimmer was turned off, it would never be activated in AP mode again. Even after the flight is reset. Only restarting XP helped. Now I assigned the command "Disco servos, fit dir" and everything is probably OK.
  8. And this is a fragment of the lua script that I tried to activate these commands with (for knobster encoder): The script works fine up to a point. Ie, I can start the ap pitch wheel nose down or up mode (in knobster encoder), but the autopilot then "is stupid" - does not align hight selected ALT SEL (AP mode switches from V/S to ALT, but the plane continues to ascend). I am sure you can execute these commands using a Knobster encoder, but I don't know how to do it ...
  9. Thx. Of course, if I use predefined assignment in Yoke settings everything works fine: My problem is that I need to assign these commands to Knobster. When I assign the commands: "xscenery / mu2b60 / ap_pitch_wheel_nose_down" and "xscenery / mu2b60 / ap_pitch_wheel_nose_up" to a Knobster rotary encoder, it does not work.
  10. Próbuję bezskutecznie używać tych dwóch poleceń, aby przypisać je do przycisków na moim własnym kontrolerze: ---- AP PITCH TRIM KOŁO ---- xscenery / mu2b60 / ap_pitch_wheel_nose_down xscenery / mu2b60 / ap_pitch_wheel_nose_up Próbowałem skryptu lua, ale też bez skutku. Co ja robię źle ???
  11. Bulva


    Thank you. Is it possible to switch SAT to TAT in hardware, as it is in the "steam gauge" engine instrument version ???
  12. Bulva


    I'm ashamed to admit, but I don't know where to find information about the OAT temperature ??? Of course there is TAT. I searched on FMC sites (like in 737-800) but can't see OAT ...
  13. Exactly. IXEG733 has a problem (bug) with resetting the parameter: "sim / flightmodel2 / controls / speedbrake_ratio" even with the Speedbrake lever fully retracted. It is also very annoying when using the XPRealistic add-on - if onces you use the speedbrake, the cockpit will never stop shaking again ;-) My simple and tiny lua script eliminates this inconvenience: TB_IXEG_Speedbrake_off.zip I think it will also solve HeliMaf's problem
  14. Everything I am writing is about the XP11 version. PS I checked several more times. Sometimes the Horn Cutoff button works correctly (usually on the ground), but more often its operation is ineffective (especially in flight)
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