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  1. Hello, i have mentioned a small problem with ShadeX on Vulkan and TBM900. When start the xplane on vulkan with TBM900 everything is black (black screen). The solution to that is that you may go to plugin admin menu and uncheck the shadeX plugin and then check it again. If the developers can fix that It would be very good.
  2. OH! silly me, now i have seen that is not compatible with vulkan. !! sorry for the disturb!
  3. Hello to all, I can't change anything on SkyMaxx Precipitation menu. I am running on X-Plane 11.50r2. Any help is much appreciated thanks!
  4. Same here... and i don't have v4.7 of skymaxx any more. .
  5. YEAP! thanks! the problem was the XPUIPC v. that I have download from this site. . https://german-xflight.de/forum/index.php?resources/xpuipc.4/history . I have reinstall the version 2.0.0 from this site . http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html . And the problem sorved for good this time. Thanks to @djvagelis80
  6. On the other hand (just before the pc format) with same plugin in same machine + OS and with x-palne 11.11 version i had no problem. Also i need xpuic plugin in order to communicate with my VRinsight panel that i have. In FlywithLua i have only 3 basic scripts mainly for for visual reasons...... All other plugins is from scenery developers such Autogate and ground traffic. I Have also The Saab 340A that uses also Gizmo and works perfect! the only aircraft that have this problem is the IXEG. :-(
  7. I have already thought of it and i have tried to remove all the Plugins but nothing happened. I have spoken and with some guys in Facebook who have the same problem ...we do not find a solution.
  8. @Litjan ... I rushed to say that the problem was solved. Unfortunately after the Gizmo update (or reset) the throttle works for a couple of seconds and then stops. I have the latest x-plane 11.20r3 version.
  9. SOLVED!! i Have update my x-aviation licence via Gizmo and everything looks good now...
  10. After PC format that i have made, i have install everything. including Windows 8.1 C++ librarys, x-plane 11, and of course IXEG. Every button and axes from my setup working except the throttle axes. I have calibrate my joystick with x-plane 11 and the actual throttle axes work with all my other aircraft ecxept zibo. I have trying to uninstall and reinstall the Aircraft with the same issue. In the log.txt there is an error that says W/ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733_config.txt is not valid! i don't know if that the problem... i have also trying to re assign the throttle axes to other axes in other joystick but nothing happens. Again every other axes and button works except the throttles. I have also trying to move the throttles with F2 - F1 buttons .... nothing!! PLEASE help me!!!... . Log.txt
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