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  1. ACF Mesh tools

    ACF Mesh Tools
    for Linux and Windows

    ACF Mesh Tools allows you to edit and modify the plane's meshes from the ACF file.
    Be aware: those tools are not made to edit the OBJ8 files as they work only with the ACF file format.


    Let's take as example the default Laminar's Cessna 172, a great model very well done (aestetically and internally).
    We know that in Plane Maker the fuselage is made out of cross-sections:

    ...and those cross-sections creates a mesh:

    Those meshes, made out of cross-sections, are the ones that PlaneMaker uses as model for the plane and X-Plane uses for its physics calculations.
    Before v.8 that meshes were used as visual and physics model. Now, in most cases, this meshes are hidded from view and X-Planes uses a dedicated file, in OBJ8 proprietary format, for the visual rendering.

    Using the tool 'acf_mesh_extract', the meshes inside the ACF are saved in a standard Wavefront OBJ file, that can be edited with Blender or with any other software that supports the format.

    Once converted, the mesh can be modified:

    Then the edited mesh is converted back in ACF format, using 'acf_mesh_insert', and the resulting ACF file can be loaded in Plane Maker:

    Everything shown here was entirely done automatically with a conversion script. Except moving the points to alter the shape, no additional task has been done in Blender.
    I'm using Blender, but this method can be used with any 3D software.

    This is a quick reshaping that I've done on the fuselage of B-377 Stratoscruser made by Kauffmann.
    I've found that the hidden fuselage doesn't match the shape of the plane model, the visual one, as we can see in Plane Maker and in the version imported in Blender:

    (the wireframe in black, the unselected one, is the OBJ8 mesh for this plane; the selected object is the fuselage mesh from the ACF file)

    After a quick reshaping, I've managed to make che ACF mesh match the shape of the OBJ8; then and I've reimported it back in the ACF file:

    Loading the resulting ACF file in PlaneMaker we see that the cross-sections have changed from this:

    to this:

    In the zip file you'll get:
    acf_mesh_extract acf_mesh_insert Launch those commands without options to get an help page.
    acf_mesh_extract extracts all the meshes from the ACF file and converts them in a single (wavefront) OBJ file with multiple objects. You can import this file in any 3D software that supports the format, and alter the meshes as you wish.
    You can not delete or add points nor change in any way the topology; you are just limited to move points. You'll find that some objects, like the engine's nacelles,  are not in their final position; that is because PM positions them with a translation value. You can not move those objects to their final positions, otherwise when you'll reimport them back in the ACF file, it won't work; You are allowed to delete objects that you don't need. Some objects, although they can be modified and reimported in the ACF file, once this one is opened in Plane Maker are reset to their original shape; this applies to those parts, such the wings, that are made out of airfoils. You can not alter the UV informations of the vertices, as they are used to store the ACF's topology informations and they are needed later to reinsert the meshes back in the original file. Make sure that your 3D sofware exports the UV informations, without altering them. acf_mesh_insert allows to reinsert the modified meshes back in the original ACF file. It can be used only with meshes converted with 'acf_mesh_extract'.
    You can not overwrite the original ACF file; this command will save the output in a different file. Your original ACF file is always preserved. Inserting the meshes does not alter in any way the informations of other parts present in the file. You don't need to reinsert all the meshes; you can insert only the ones you have modified.  

    This tools are under active development and their functionalities may change in the future.
    The primary development platform is Linux.

    Mac OsX version is missing due to the lack of cross-compilers and the lack of my knowledge about the issue related to Apple's machines.
    If someone has the skills and the tools to compile them for Mac, please contact me.

    Feedbacks, reports, suggestions or ideas are strongly welcomed: feel free to send me a message with your thoughts.

    X-Pilot's forum is the primary and sole forum for support, announcements and new releases.




  2. Checklist for Laminar's MD-82

    Here is the complete checklist for Laminar's MD-82, to be used with Xchecklist.
    Special thanks to Kev (unrealaviation) for the help and contribution.



    ...and so on.

    1 download


  3. ITX-D Lights Controls

    ITX-D Lights Controls, gives you the control of X-Plane night lighting in a very intuitive way. By dragging the sliders you will be able to achieve the result you want, live. Also includes a custom lights.txt file with bigger light coverage. FPS impact in most cases will be one, or very minor.
    INSTALLATION: Unzip the downloaded file into X-Plane 11 folder. Will request to overwrite the default lights.txt file.
    Note: In case of an update, the updater would like to overwrite the file with the default one. Don't allow to do it, or after update, re-install this utility.
    USAGE: Go to Plugins -> FlyWithLua -> FlywithLua Macros and click on the ITX-D Lights Controls. A window will pop up (as seen in the images) to set the values you like. Once you are happy with the results, click the Save Settings button to save the settings. From now on X-Plane will load with those settings, automatically.
    Note: Using extreme values, will drop fps significantly and make the output unrealistic. Use with care!
    Strongly recommended to use with Extended Night Lighting, as seen in the images below.



  4. AVITAB for FF A350-900

    Avitab integration for FlightFactor's A350-900.
    Uses OIS charts page to display the Avitab screen. 
    ATTENTION: If you already have the previous version, please delete the file in the FlyWithLua/Scripts folder (FFA350_Avitab.lua).
    Avitab plugin (version 0.4.1 or higher)
    Unzip the file into FF A350 folder.
    Now uses xLua plugin for easier installation. With the new Avitab version, you can now use Avitab in both side and center displays. Set automatically the proper cursor type. USAGE
    Go to OIS charts page to access Avitab. 




  5. Speedy copilot series

    Speedy Copilot makes for you the steps normally done by the first officer and pilot monitoring, when you are pilot flying and captain.
    This plugin is intended for :
    - the IXEG 737 Classic (version 1.21)
    - The FJS 737-200
    - The Rotate MD-88
    - The Toliss Airbusses
    -  The FF A320U
    - The FF 757
    - The FF 767
    - The freeware Let-410
    - The Zibo B737-800



  6. BN-2B More Commands

    This flywithlua script adds nine commands which can be found under FlyWithLua/BN2P
    Installation: Drop the lua into your script folder.
    Four for the cockpit lights (Off, Full, decrease, increase), the speed to increase and decrease can be adjusted in the file.
    Five for the Ammeter knob (Left Gen, Bat, Right Gen, rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise).



  7. TBM900 Start-UP procedure PDF file ENG FR

    Just two PDF file to add to your AVITAB for the START-UP procedure of the the TBM900 . This have been translate from the "START-UP PROCEDURE TUTORIAL" available with plane in a tutorial section.
    To be use has a quick reminder.
    All the tutorial follow word by word the vocal tutorial.
    Enjoy !!



  8. Default Cessna 172SP Librain with xLua

    Librain implementation for Laminar's Cessna 172SP. 
    This implementation is based on an improved version of Laminar's xLua plugin (included) by "aeroplane" and a small part, by me. This way,  you avoid to use an extra plugin to get rain effects.
    C-172SP G1000 Walkaround
    Do the following to make it work  (credits Todir):
    Open the file Cessna_172SP_G1000_cockpit.obj with a text editor. Find the last line starting with IDX (should be IDX5455 - Line 7428) Add just below and above the line that says ANIM_begin the line:
    ATTR_cockpit. Save the file and enjoy flying in the rain! In the future will be included in the download.
    You can use this release as an example of how to use the librain plugin with xLua.
    ABOUT xLua Plugin :
    The xLua plugin here is an improved version of Laminar's xLua plugin, which already exists in the aircraft.
    The new version adds the ability to:
    Print log info to Log.txt file for debugging. Returns a global variable "acfFolder", a string with the full path of aircraft's folder.  



  9. Thai Airways: FlightFactor A350 Announcement Sound Pack

    Thai Airways: cabin announcements.
    This sound pack has safety demonstration audio with & without an audio filter.

    These files are made for the Airbus A350 of FlightFactor.
    i can not confirm if the sound package also can be used for other aircraft.
    In case that one of the download links are a death end, try these alternative links:

    - Please share ur experience,I would love to improve! - 



  10. Finnair: FlightFactor A350 Announcement sound pack

    Finnair: announcement V1.0.0
    1.Unzip the .7z / .zip file  
    2. Remove the (1),(2),(1A),(B)... from the filename.  
    3. Go to the X-plane root  
    4. Replace the audio files in the Costumer Avionics folder: (/Xplane/airplanes/(name of ff350 folder)/sounds/PA)
    These files are tested on the FF A350 airbus aircraft.
    i can not confirm if the sound package also can be used for other aircraft.
    I hope i could help you for a wonderful flying experience with Finnair on Xplane!

    - Please share ur experience. I would love to improve! - 



  11. Cabin mounted video camera (CMVC) for the IXEG 737

    This is the  cockpit display of the "IXEG 737 Video System".
    How it works
    This cockpit display is powered by DC BUS 1. The screen will be on at all times when this electrical bus is energized.
    1) drop files into X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\objects. There are 3 files.
    2) Open Plane Maker -> Misc 3D objects -> Add 3D object -> Browse to add TV-737.obj. Save the Plane. Exit Plane Maker.
    Done !



  12. Window CDU for IXEG 737-300

    This script duplicates the Captains CDU in a Window.
    To activate the Window CDU, move your mouse to the far right on your monitor, and press the button.
    Al normal functions should be available, except the CDU keyboard.
    If you check "<Use Keyboard for CDU Input" on the Window CDU however, you can use your computer keyboard to enter data. The backspace key functions as a CLR key.
    PLEASE NOTE: if "<Use Keyboard for CDU Input" is checked, ALL keyboard input is directed to the CDU, and you can't give normal key commands to the simulator. So, you can't change views, lower the gear by pressing g, etc. The ESC key releases CDU keyboard capture as well as unchecking the option.

    Current limitations; Inverse colored data from the CDU is displayed normally, MSG, FAIL and OFST are not duplicated, but only shown on the normal CDU.
    In theory the Window CDU should work in VR. You can drag the Window CDU to another monitor.
    PLEASE LET ME KNOW, if there is anything going wrong.
    Plugin needed:
    FlywithLua NG: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/







  13. QNaid for IXEG 737, sets or helps with altimeter settings at transition altitude

    This little script helps setting your (captains) altimeter for the IXEG 737 Classic.
    Please note, the transition altitude is read from the actual value you have set on the CDU/FMC
    First, it can sync your altimeter with the current weather info from the simulator.
    To use this feature (or not) set "SyncQNH_WithWeather" to true or false in IXEG_QNaid.lua
    Second, it can note you of passsing the transition altitude during climb, or set the standard altimeter setting for you.
    Set "SetStandardOnClimb" to true if you want it done for you or false if you just want a notification.
    Third, it can note you of passing the transition altitude during descent, or set the QNH altimeter setting for you.
    Set "SetQNH_OnDescent" to true if you want it done for you or false if you just want a notification.



  14. Automated BUGS for vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    This lua script reads the V speeds from the CDU and sets the speed bugs automatically, for this script:



  15. Web FMC projector




  16. XTouchDownRecorder (Win/Mac/Lin)

    X-Plane 10/11 aircraft landing touch down flight recorder
    it is used for aircraft landing data analysis
    it supports Windows, Mac, Linux x64 only
    landing fpm, pitch, G force touch ground times max fpm,pitch, G force around landing landing log will be automatically written to log file TouchDownRecorderLog.txt automatically pop up after landing button/key assignment XTouchDownRecorder Community XTouchDownRecorder Community
    click here open a new world

    Unzip and move folder XTouchDownRecorder to X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\ Start X-Plane Check X-Plane Plugin menu, there will be a XTouchDownRecorder Joystick button/key assignment
    assign button/key to cpuwolf/XTouchDownRecorder/Toggle TouchDownRecorder Chart
    X-Plane 11 user

    X-Plane 10 user

    X-Plane 11

    X-Plane 10

    Data Analysis

    Contact Me 



  17. TBM-900 Xchecklist configuration

    This is my Xchecklist configuration file for the Hot Start TBM-900. It follows the quick start guide pretty closely with a couple of additions, such as a reminder to start and stop ACARS software.



  18. Xsaitekpanels Configuration for HotStart TBM900

    *** XSaitekPanels map for HotStart TBM900 for:
    - Multipanel
    - Radiopanel
    - Switchpanel
    *** Requirements:
    - XSaitekPanels - v2.75+
    - FlyWithLUA for XP11
    *** Installation:
    Remove any existing TBM900 XSaitekPanels mappings.
    Copy "xsaitekpanels.ini" into TBM900 root folder. (ex. "[X-Plane]\Aircraft\X-Aviation\TBM-900\")
    Copy "acexsp_TBM900.lua" into FlyWithLUA Scripts folder. (ex. "[X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\")
    *** Tested with TBM900 v1.08
    *** Mapping:
        - ALT    - Altitude dial
        - VS    - Vertical speed
        - IAS    - Speed dial
        - HDG    - Heading dial
        - CRS    - Captain's course dial
        - AT    - Nothing
        - TRIM    - MCP wheel
        - FLAPS    - Flaps
        - AP    - AP (YD)
        - HDG    - HDG
        - NAV    - NAV
        - IAS    - FLC (SPD)
        - ALT    - ALT
        - VS    - VS
        - APR    - APR
        - REV    - VNAV
        - All standard default mapping.
        - STARTER    - AUX BP
        - BAT        - Battery
        - ALT        - Generator
        - AVIONICS    - AP Trims
        - FUEL        - Fuel Sel
        - DE-ICE        - Airframe de-ice
        - PITOT        - Pitot & Static
        - COWL        - Inertial separator
        - PANEL        - Dimmer
        - BEACON    - Pulse
        - NAV        - Nav
        - STROBE    - Strobe
        - TAXI        - Taxi
        - LANDING    - Landing
    *** Known issues & limitations:
    - None. All should work fine.



  19. Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 Classic

    Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 makes for you the steps normally done by the first officer and pilot monitoring, when you are pilot flying and captain of a Boeing 737.
    This plugin is intended for the IXEG 737 (version 1.21). It was tested and works with X-plane 11.26. Please install at least FLW 2.7.11 NG.
    The Flight Crew Operating Manual makes a clear separation between actions from left and right seats. So we'd like to have the right hand actions (first officer and pilot monitoring) done for us in reaction to the phase of flight and to left seat actions (captain and pilot flying).
    Remember that the Copilot is not calling the checklist. The copilot is doing the procedure. We suggest that you run on your own the checklist at the end of each procedure.

    Additional features
    You can listen to the cabin PA and boarding music if PA receiver is activated on the left hand side Radio Management Panel. Cabin crew is handled by Speedy Copilot without pilot intervention according to phase of flight. In addition, the first officer pressure altimeter setting is linked to the captain's one. If you change the barometric settings, the F/O will synchronize his one. Context
    Several virtual copilot options might have existed previously but they seamed challenging to install and maintain, or required payware software. The intent in this Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 project was to provide a very simple solution yet realistic and efficient. We made a transcript from the FCOM into a Lua script for the IXEG 737. The first version of Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 was released in June 2018. In August 2018, we published Speedy Copilot 320 for FF/STS A320 Ultimate. Based on the success of  Speedy Copilot 320, many users reports and five months of updates and evolution, we transferred-back some exciting features to Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737, which led to version 4.
    See PDF manual.
    You can discuss this file in the IXEG forum if you wish : http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14433-speedy-copilot/


    Speedy Copilot series
    Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 Classic
    Speedy Copilot 320
    Speedy Copilot Twinjet



  20. LES Saab 340A VR Touch Controllers Mod

    This is a mod to fix a lot of manipulators that are otherwise unusable in VR with the touch controllers in the Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340A Version 1.5 for XP11.  Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are:
    Tweak Log:
    Rudimentary Pilot and Copilot teleport hotspots! (WIP) 
    GPS Knobs, inner/outer
    Sun Shades, slide on rail and lower/raise
    All Light Intensity Rheostats
    Autopilot Altitude Selector Dial
    Com 1 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
    Nav 1 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
    ADF 2 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
    Transponder Function Selector and Frequency knobs
    CRS 1 dial
    CRS 2 dial
    HDG dial
    OBS Knobs
    IAS Bug knobs
    Altimeter baro pressure knobs
    Overhead DC Selector knob
    Flight Number Digit Wheels have been tuned for functionality
    Parking Brake orientation corrected (was previously reversed, now a push toward the floor pushes the knob down)
    Steering Tiller orientation corrected (was previously reversed, now a push toward the floor pushes the knob down)
    DCP Select knob tweaked
    Decision Height Knob rotation and push in/out tweaked (was previously reversed)
    And many, many other dials, knobs, and switches...
    These changes make the aircraft fully flyable using touch controllers in VR!  With the exception the yoke.
    Known bugs or issues:
    - Some manipulators are a bit fiddly/touchy/sensitive, but at least they work correctly. **most fixed in 1.1
    - CRS 1 knob seems to have two grab points, and one doesn't work.  If you grab the CRS 1 and it doesn't turn, aim more for the base of the knob instead of the top of the knob.  You can also grab the obs knob next to the CRT screen, it works beautifully.
    - Switches that should "snap" back to center, such as starter switch, bleeds, trims, V/S wheel, etc...they do not snap back to center using the VR controllers.  I believe there is some custom "onmouserelease" gizmo code going on there, and the VR controllers aren't seen by gizmo as a "mouse".  Fortunately the VR mouse works just fine, so I map the vr mouse to a button on my yoke and turn it on when I need to adjust trims.  Everything else is still usable with the VR controllers.  When you reset the bleeds it will stay in the reset position, but I've found that it's fine to leave it there.  Same thing with the starter switch, it will just stay in the position of the engine you just started, but doesn't make a difference.  If you want to snap it back to center, just use the VR mouse for now.  I also map the vvi up and vvi down to buttons on my yoke so i don't have to use the V/S wheel when climbing/ascending using V/S mode.
    - Some custom mouse wheel code in 2d gets broken while using the VR mod, so if you are going to fly her in 2d you may want to revert back to the old .obj files.
    - gust lock only works using VR mouse.  Again, I believe it's dependent on some custom gizmo mouse code.
    Disclaimer:  This is not an officially supported LES update, so don't expect support from them on it.  If you need help you can always ask me or just put your old .obj files back in your folders.  If you lose the old files and just want to reset everything just reinstall the aircraft.  
    Installation Instructions:
    Download the SaabVR-obj-v22.zip file (this is the latest version)
    Back up your LES_Saab_340_cockpit.obj from your Passenger Variant folder, your LES_Saab_340a_Cargo_cockpit.obj from your Cargo Variant folder, and your LES_Saab_340a_AEW_cockpit.obj from your Airborne Variant folder. 
    Unzip the file, you'll find 3 folders, one for each Saab variant (passenger, cargo, airborne).  Inside each folder you'll find a ***variant.txt file and a ***vrconfig file. 
    Step 1:  The ***vrconfig files just go in your Saab's corresponding  aircraft variant folders.  Easy.
    Step 2.   You will need a text editor for this next part, I recommend notepad++ (free).  The text inside these ***variant.txt files are intended to replace the current corresponding text in the obj files.  Open the ***variant.txt file and copy all the text.  Open the matching .obj file from you Saab's variant folder in your text editor.  Search/find (or edit/find) for the world "TRIS".  Highlight that line and all remaining text in the obj (shift click at the bottom of the file to do this quickly) and paste.  Save the obj.  (Not save-as, don't give it another name).
    **What's New in Version 2**
    This is a fairly major update.  Along with the obj text modifications you'll now get vr_config.txt files to put in your aircraft variant folders as well.
    Changed a lot of axis manipulated knobs to their correct manipulation, getting rid of the "sliding up and down the colored line" effect.  Also changed the sensitivity of countless dials and switches for a much better experience.  Also added teleport hotspots to the pilot and copilot seat (sort of...it's a work in progress, but it works.  The blue hotspot indicator that you're probably used to is currently a hoop about where the head of the pilot would be, but it works).
    All the manipulators that are still bound to color-line axis's can not be fixed because they are custom-code dependent (I think), and I've not found a way to fix them.  They work as is, just have to deal with the axis slide.



  21. Thai Airways: JAR-Design Announcement sound pack

    Thai Airways: cabin announcement.
    V1.0.0:  Safety demonstration video
    These files are made for the Airbus of JAR Design.
    i can not confirm if the sound package also can be used for other aircraft.
    To open .7z file: go to 7-zip.org and download the lasttest version
    - Please share ur experience,I would love to improve! - 




  22. Finnair: JAR-Design Announcement sound pack

    Finnair: announcement V1.4.0
    V1.0.0:  Safety demonstration video for the A320 of Finnair. (2016 version)
    V1.1.0:  Safety demonstration video for A320  (2016 version + 2018 update)
    V1.2.0:  On-Board service information video announcement (2018 version) English with & without Finish language versions. in High/low audio quality.
    V1.2.5:  Safety demonstration video shorter version for other fleet of finnair. + Information & instructions are updated
    V1.3.0:  Before Landing arrival information announcement + Information & instructions are updated
    V1.3.1: Added extra information
    V1.4.0: Added the new safety video & added old safety video in original audio quality.
    These files are tested on the JAR Design A320 airbus aircraft.
    i can not confirm if the sound package also can be used for other aircraft.
    I hope i could help you for a wonderful flying experience with Finnair on Xplane!
    V1.4.0:   Download
    V1.4.0:   Download
    To open .7z file: go to 7-zip.org and download the lasttest version

    - Please share ur experience. I would love to improve! - 



  23. mini-EHSI popup for IXEG 737

    This script adds command that toggles IXEG 737 mini-EHSI display:
    FlyWithLua/ixeg/mini_ehsi_toggle and menu entry to do the same:
    Plugins > FlyWithLua > FlyWithLua Macros > [IXEG] mini-EHSI toggle Requirements:
    IXEG 737 FlyWithLua plugin Installation:
    copy the script to X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts folder Here is how it works: 
    https://youtu.be/WN9ytrRANj4 https://youtu.be/gSq_X6q3L70  



  24. Environment+

    Hello, and welcome to Environment+, or Enviro+ for short! The new and improved mod for your sim environment! The Enviro is what we've done to make the sim so much more immersive, and the + is your contribution to it! We love seeing what people will add on top of it! From skycolours, to cloud textures, to tweaks of the .lua itself!
    This mod primarily came about when I noticed that most other .luas had their clouds placed as much as 7,000+ feet above where they were supposed to be! To bring the weather back down to its proper layer and keep it looking nice was a difficult, time consuming task, but with the help of MagikarpDrowned (Creator of the famous Project Better X-Plane), we've crafted an amazing new environment. 
    This of course isn't simply a .lua tweak, which is why it's not called any old .lua tweak. It's an environment tweak, and that means it comes with cloud textures! Courtesy of FSEnhancer's amazing work laying out the clouds, and Magikarp's tweaks to their already fantastic puffs, we've got some perfect fits for the new environment! I greatly encourage using the skycolours from the aforementioned mod, or Soft Cloud Art's similarly stunning skycolours!
    But, you may be wondering, "What if the textures tank my FPS? What if it doesn't perform as well? What if I just don't have the VRAM for it?" Well, I had thought about that a lot, and that's why the .lua was primarily built to focus on making the DEFAULT cloud textures as magnificent as possible. If you have performance issues, or just prefer the look, I greatly encourage you try out the default X-Plane 11 cloud textures with this .lua! 
    Which leads me to tell you to MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DEFAULT CLOUDS. They can be found in Resources/bitmaps/world/clouds.
    Now, the .lua was designed to be the tweaking man's .lua, so if you encounter issues, performance or visual, dive into the .lua! I've written down some notes and suggestions within it for you to be mindful of, and I highly encourage you toy around with the various settings to see what sticks with you!
    To install Enviro+, dive into the Enviro+ folder and place Resources in your X-Plane installation folder, right where the .exe is! It'll ask you to overwrite some cloud textures. If you use vanilla or other cloud textures that you don't wish to replace right now, simply choose not to overwrite, and everything else will install as planned!
    I hope you enjoy Enviro+, and I can't wait to see how it might evolve in the future! Take care, and have at 'er!
    Requires FlyWithLua

    Clouds courtesy of FSEnhancer, without it I wouldn't have such fitting clouds to go with the .lua! Do please check out their Skycolours too! Ooh and ESPECIALLY their sun textures! Their sun textures in particular are stupidly amazing!

    Shoutout to Soft Cloud Art for inspiring me to finish up the finer details of this .lua, and also having some amazing Skycolours of its own!




  25. TCAS CleanUp for the IXEG 733

    TCAS CleanUp for the IXEG 733.
    This script is ment for version 1.2.
    IF you have problems with TCAS targets not disappearing while using IVAO, VATSIM or PILOTEDGE, then this script may help you.
    If you dont have any issues, dont use this script.
    This script will only run when you are connected to IVAO, VATSIM or PILOTEDGE.
    - You will need FlyWithLua installed - 
    XP10: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/17468-flywithlua-for-xp9-and-xp10/
    XP11: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35579-flywithlua-for-x-plane-11-and-10-windows-linux-mac-os-x-version/
    - copy IXEG_TCAS_CleanUp.lua to [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts



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