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CrewPackXP - Crew Callouts v1.4

About This File

**Updated 01/04/2022**

CrewPackXP is a FlyWithLUA utility designed to add some crew communications for aircraft in X-Plane 11. 
This includes basic callouts, and in some cases assistance from the PNF in high workload phases of flight. 
Settings can be adjusted to enable or disable the whole plugin, or just certain features of each aircraft.  

Flight Factor 757 / 767:  
- Virtual FO to pre-flight aircraft  
- Take-off and Landing calls by both crew members  
- Flight Attendant PA's  
- Ground Crew positioning of equipment  
- Virtual FO assistance with go-around procedure  

Hot Start Challenger 650:  
- Virtual FO to pre-flight aircraft  
- Take-off and Landing calls by both crew members  

Source Code  


New features and bug fixes are listed in the change log.

Copy the Scripts and Modules folders into the main folder of FlyWithLUA:  
> X-Plane 11 > Resources > plugins > FlyWithLua

Once enabled, the First Officer should announce his entry to the cockpit roughly 15 seconds after loading in.

CrewPackXP settings can be accessed via the X-Plane menu bar:  
> Plugins > FlyWithLua > FlyWithLua Macros > Crew Pack Settings

This plugin uses the FlyWithLUA plugin to interface with X-Plane.
It is available freely from [X-Plane.org](https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/)

Luna INI Parser (LIP) is included as an additional plugin module for use with FlyWithLua. This module allows for the saving and reading of settings data within LUA. It has been included in this package under the MIT Licence offered by creator Carreras Nicholas.

This is a common plugin; it may already exist in your modules folder causing a prompt to overwrite.

The CrewPackXP functions run autonomously based on in sim events, provided the aircraft is enabled within the CrewPackXP settings. Refer to each aircraft's entry in the manual for details on settings and features available.

Disclaimer / Feedback
This package is to be distributed as Freeware only under the GPL v3 license.

This is the first time I have coded a plugin, any feedback is welcome.
Bug reports, please include the x-plane log.txt file in the main x-plane folder for the flight in question. 

Carreras Nicholas - Luna INI Parser (LIP)
'Togfox' - FSE HUD
'X-Friese' - FlyWithLUA Plugin 
'mkultra44' - Documentation proofing  

Current Script Versions
- Flight Factor 767 - 1.4  
- Hot Start CL650 - 1.4





Edited by N1K

What's New in Version v1.4   See changelog


v1.4 - 01/04/2022

Bug Fixes
  • FF767 757-200 not loading CrewPackXP aircraft module.
  • FF767 FO Preflight: HSI modes corrected; Addition of - EEC Switches, Engine Limiter Switches, Radar Tilt Full Up, Left ACP COM 1 & 2 on for Vatsim (767 only). #31
  • HS650 Wouldn't engage climb thrust on subsequent departures. #19
  • ALL Status HUD been added to the left side of the screen for ease of access to settings and FO commands. #18
  • ALL CrewPackXP Sounds will be muted in external view. #21
  • ALL First officer termination checks have been added to bring aircraft to 'cold and dark' state. #22
  • FF767 PA volume increases when the cockpit door is open. #21
  • FF767 FO after landing flow expanded to include FO items on the after landing checklist. #46
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