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  1. Triggering TAWS 4B - flaps not in landing config, but that doesn't sound like its modelled correctly. Try again with flaps 20
  2. Dunno if the link changed, but yes. Those weights for the A are accurate
  3. Only fix i know of right now is to install previous version, assuming you kept the installer for it...
  4. Shouldn’t need to, GPS drives the CDI on the nav display. If you want to change the course in prep for an ILS then you need to go into heading, deselect GPS mode and then go back into LRN1 when you’re done
  5. N1K

    Few basic questions

    Autopilot double tap the disconnect button on the yoke. Most aircraft autopilots are like that, first disconnects it, second shuts it up. Go Around buttons are the same, second press will silence any warnings from it. VOR it should track if you engage NAV, as long as its selected - bottom left of nav display should say VOR1 or LOC1 not LRN1 (aka GPS). Page 52 is the absolute service ceiling, what its saying is at 27,000 lb, 31,001 ft with a temperature 20 degrees below standard atmosphere (which equates to around -70*C / -94*F) the aircraft will no longer be capable of maintaining controlled flight. For a turboprop the engines have nothing left it can't go any faster, the angle of attack required to generate sufficient lift is equal to the stalling angle. For a jet its the point that you go any slower it stalls, you go any faster and the airflow over the wings suffers a supersonic flow separation, and it stalls. Typically the saab is happiest in the 15,000-20,000 ft bracket. On a cold day she will go to F250 and technically that's as high as she is certified to go courtesy of emergency oxygen supply certification standards. A few pages down you have the OEI service ceiling. that one it should theoretically get there.... eventually. Even then it's only guaranteeing a climb rate of 50ft / min. Personally i suspect you will run out of fuel first, that last 500ft will take 10 minutes to climb. If you have a look at page 118, climb data with the grear down. But the point is, climbing above F250 the performance goes off a cliff, starts taking 20 mins to climb 2,000ft under some circumstances.
  6. N1K

    Few basic questions

    Hi, Welcome to saab land.. Can help answer a couple of those questions. 3 - Not implemented, you can set hPa on the FO side and then copy the resulting in setting to the others 4 - Max is the equivalent of pushing the prop control fully in on a Cessna prop. Gives you 1396 RPM which is the red line for the propeller rpm. Pushing a condition lever fully forward beyond max is a position called torque motor lockout, also referred to as T/M. Its effectively a microswitch at the top of the range that will trigger the digital engine controls to be disconnected, it will also vent fuel so you don't leave it there. If power was fluctuating you would reduce power on the engine, push the condition lever up to the top then reset it back to max. If it stops fluctuating then you can restore power and continue, but will no longer have ctot or autocoarsen available. I don't actually know if its modeled or not. 5 - Normally the condition lever will be max for takeoff and landing. Setting climb power the RPM gets reduced to 1200-1300 and left there until on final. Realistically power is adjusted through the flight with just the thrust.
  7. Ohhh, i thought they where ground markings This has been a fun spot the difference game...
  8. Hard to see, id go with a taxi light, assuming thats what we are looking at? Otherwise there are some yellow lines aft the cockpit that look like a reflection from the beacon illuminating the fuselage.
  9. Any chance of a video of this porpoising? Nvidia drivers and youtube are both free, slightly easier than random guesses.
  10. Sven thought of that when he designed it, and chucked these two switches in here
  11. N1K

    Auto pilot problems

    Video? Images speak far more than words
  12. N1K

    Auto pilot problems

    Are you saying you're at 4,000 ft with 4,000 ft selected and wondering why it won't engage VS?
  13. Duno, those white gloves probably have more to do with Japanese cultural customs than for the ground crew.
  14. Yea, it will do that Thought you meant on the ground after loading. How'd your double engine failure emergency procedures go then?
  15. You don't have to fully quit x-plane, there is a reload aircraft option in the XP menu bar, also a reboot button on the Saab side menu thing. Normally clears that problem when it pops up.
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