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  1. The TBM dont have any tiller. You have to use your rudder(pedals).
  2. Maybe not the same issue. But when I did a direct-to it seems that some of the flightplan is missing. Try to enter the flightplan and scroll back on the waypoints. They are still there in my case.
  3. Have you tilted the wx radar up? Try +4 when on ground.
  4. Hmm.. I dont get the fail with Gizmo v18, but with Gizmo v20 ill get the error/fail. So maybe you are running Gizmo v18 @tkyler ?
  5. For me the GPU is powering both buses the first time, but same bus fail as above when using the GPU for the second time
  6. Hello I have made a custom version for you. Check your inbox here on the forum. I have not tested it, but it should work
  7. Try this How to use: This is how I use the bugs. It may not be correct compared to real procedures. The required bugs you need to set for the call out to work is Bug_2 to V1 speed, Bug_3 to Vr speed, and set the MCP speed to V2 (if you use V2 callout). You can set the other bugs to whatever you prefere.
  8. Hi Jota Are you sure you are setting the speedbugs correct according to the instruction?
  9. I have also done the ferry flight from France to USA - California. It was a great experience in the TBM900. I really recommend this ferry flight. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2018-04-05/long-trip-tbm-910 Here is all of my picture from the trip: https://imgur.com/a/FewVTJX A selection of the pictures. Departure France. Landing Iceland Departing Iceland. Somewhere over Greenland heading to Canada Somewhere over USA Finally at my destination Camar
  10. Just glad to contribut to this wonderful bird.
  11. You could change this setting in the lua file -- Set the level of failures you want. -- 1 = Minor failures, 2 = Minor and Major failures, 3 Minor, Major and Critical failures. FailureSeverity = 3 Set this to 1 and you will only get minor failures. Its a good way to get started. I recommend you to read the QRH so you know where you can find the different procedures. So just to get an overview how the QRH is build up. Good luck
  12. Update is available 0.113 - Added failures for landing gear.
  13. @Vespa @Jorge Uvo 0.113 is available now.. Only different is failures for the landing gear as shown in the video above.
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