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  1. Hi, I was trying to replicating a bug, so I loaded up the approach state. Info: Airport: EKCH Approach: ILS04L STAR: MONAK2E I executed the go-around. Climbed first to 3000ft, then selected heading and climbed to FL80. Selected FMS1 and FMS2 as the NAV SOURCE. When I was on the new heading I was going to set up the approach again. MONAK2E and ILS04L, when pushing EXEC the x-plane crashed to desktop. attaching log and state. I tried to load the state and replicat it, but was unable to get a new CTD. Log.txt state.zip
  2. Hi, When setting the default avg pax weight to 73kg (like in the example in the video). The value is rounded to the nearest 10kg. In this case 70kg. But in the perf init menu the value i entered as default value, 73kg, is used for the avg pax weight. So I presume there is a bug with displaying the default value in the defaults menu?
  3. Hi, Im sorry but i have no plans for that at the moment.
  4. v0.103 is now available. - Minor tweak to the "positive rate, gear up" callout. Its now based on altitude and vertical speed. It was previous only based on altitude.
  5. you need to have commands.txt and datarefs.txt in your CL650 folder, so SpadNext can see the commands and datarefs for the CL650. datarefs.txt commands.txt
  6. Hi.. Using v1.3 Looks like the FPLN RECALL is not working if the aircraft registration and the FIN is the same. I was not able to download the flight plan from simbrief. I had the FIN set to the same as aircraft registration so it was easier to remember. It have been working flawless pre v1.3. I changed the FIN to "C650" for testing. And now MSN, FIN and Aircraft registration is working to recall the flightplan.
  7. Just to add some more information. I loaded the flight again, but now i changed the destination to EDDL, then selected DEP / ARR, and selected arrival for the destination airport. No CTD now when I did it like this.
  8. Hi, Using v1.3. I bit embarrassing, but I forgot to remove the gear pins. So when retracting the gears I got a "Gear Disagree" warning. Anyway.. I departed EDDL 23L KUMIK 6T departure.. Since I forgot the gear pins I had to return to EDDL. I selected the DEP ARR page. And since I just took off, it automatically displaying arrivals for EDDL. I selected 23L and selected EXEC. But that resulted in a CTD. I reloaded the flight and did the same thing again. But the result was the same. CTD. Log.txt
  9. Hi, Im reporting this after I told about this behaviour on the discord channel. I belive this have happend twice for me. I havent had time to investigate or reproduce it. In some cases when using direct-to, you are loosing a waypoint. I think the issue is if the direct-to waypoint is just before the start of a star/transition. But I cant confirm that. I had a route that was VESIX LANDU (LANDU 26 tranistion for 26R at EDDM). When I did direct-to VESIX I lost the waypoint LANDU. So my new flightplan was VESIX DM411. I should have been VESIX LANDU DM411.
  10. v0.102 is now available. totoritko has kindly provided me with wav files of his voice for my callout script.
  11. I belive the second database is X-Planes default database. and can only be updated by Laminar. Im not a pilot but I belive the secondary database can be used in situations when the primary database is having bad or corrupted data, or having bugs etc (I belive that can happend IRL also).. So the pilots at least have some procedures available with the secondary database even if it is one cycle old.
  12. Can you DM me your log.txt in your x-plane folder so I can take a look at it ? you also @softreset if you can.
  13. It should not impact if you are using the headset or not in the CL650. You should only need to change the settings if you want to enable V2 callout. So you dont get the "80 knots" callout either? Have you installed Challenger 650 1.2.2 or newer? If Flywithlua has a bad script it will stop every scripts you have. can you check if you see a red message in the top right corner of your screen that says "LUA has stopped" or something. I dont know what volume sliders that controlls the sounds from lua scripts, but can you test with setting all the volume sliders to max?
  14. Hi. What settings did you try to change ? you don't need to change anything to get the callouts to work. The default settings should work for everyone.. (This is the settings I use) The only default setting that are false is local Enable_V2 = false If you want to have V2 callout you need to change it to local Enable_V2 = true important here is that you write it true with small letters. not True, TRUE etc...
  15. Your welcome / bare hyggelig And I just update to v0.101 with some minor tweaks.
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