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  1. Hi Minor thing, but when selecting LOC on the clock the local time just freeze. Have tried to look at the FCOM, but dident find any that I missed. Did i miss anything ?
  2. I dont remember what the defaults are. You can change it in the FMS under IDX->Defaults. Im using .78/290 at the moment for the descend phase.
  3. When I make a flightplan with a alternate airport, I enter CONT + FINAL RES on the reserves. Since the FMS is calculating the fuel needed for the alternate. But be aware that the fuel FMS calculate can be different from what simbreif says you need. If I dont enter a alternate airport in the flightplan, I enter CONT + FINAL RES + ALTN. That is what im doing.
  4. This is based on location on your aircraft. So when i.e. you are in Europe, the fueler will ask you how many liters you want. And when in US he asks for gallons.
  5. Enjoying this aircraft alot. And this is a minor wish I have. The first flights I had I often messed up my calculation for refueling. So when he asked me if I want more fuel, it would be very usefull to have the fuel density in this dialogbox also.
  6. Im not missing LIMC with AIRAC 2113.
  7. Thanks @Graeme_77 This was usefull. Ill guess I have 3 options then. Fly faster Fly lower Or fly in locations with warmer weather.
  8. I also had this. i was enroute to ENSB at FL350 from ENGM. After about 45 min or so i stepclimb to FL370. it was very cold, below -70 SAT. I noticed i was loosing N1 power over time. So had to descent to FL350 again. At FL350 i regained my N1 power. Cruisespeed mach .82. fueltemp was around -15c. not sure if it is a bug or just a limitation of the aircraft.
  9. Hi, I have the same issue as you have. No traffic is shown when im on VATSIM. Im using the same setting as you are on with TFC on MFD. Have tested with "normal", "above" , "under". But no traffic. I also tested on EGLL to see arriving and departing traffic. But was not able to see any traffic. Log.txt
  10. I can confirm that its not crashing with latest version of DataRefTool
  11. Having issue with this version of DataRefTool. When enabled the X-Plane crash when trying to load the aircraft. Just wanted to share my findings.
  12. The TBM dont have any tiller. You have to use your rudder(pedals).
  13. Maybe not the same issue. But when I did a direct-to it seems that some of the flightplan is missing. Try to enter the flightplan and scroll back on the waypoints. They are still there in my case.
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