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  1. The brightness is an overall X-Plane 12 issue. It's the same with other aircraft.
  2. Upload log.txt file so they can check.
  3. I would try creating/checking an exception in your anti-virus software for your X-Plane folder location. It might be blocking Gizmo.
  4. Same issue with renamed plugins file. Log.txt debug.log Gizmo64_ImGui.ini
  5. Most sounds working, but no sound from autopilot if joystick is moved to disable autopilot, but when Disengage is pressed it does sound as expected.
  6. 1) Looks beautiful 2) Windscreen wipers switch cannot be turned.
  7. Enjoy your well-deserved break. if you happen to bump into 74-Gear, say "Hi" from Ireland
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