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  1. Yes, I always copy this file between my 2 Pcs to keep my custom views on several aircraft without problems. And some of them don't have this when installing for the first time. But I'm not absolutly sure if this file contains only custom views. Perhaps other preferences.....
  2. Mhhh thanks for the info ! Next time I will try to do nothing at the beginning of installation . The filename for custom views is B733_prefs.txt .
  3. Same behaviour than Iain for X-Plane custom selected views, on 1.30 and 1.31 installer. I have confirmation dialog that appears in background too during installation. For example, the confirmation dialog for uninstall old version appears behind main window. I took a long time to understand what happens haha .
  4. Hi, Thanks Jan for your reply ! Custom particles effect can be a good addition. I didn't make the link until now but this behaviour is since XP particles update for both (11.30 I think). For the Vspeeds I have found it randomly, when sometimes I click on the wrong LSK. After that I have tested on the zibo to see if behaviour is the same (only comparison I can do on my side). So I'll have to be more careful and click on the right LSK haha . @Cptburgos I dont' have this problem on my side for information.
  5. Hello, First of all, I just want to thank the IXEG Team for this beautiful 737 and for this recent update ! You are doing a great job, and with future updates, it will be even better ! I noticed some minor things that seem to be bugs to me and that I don't see on this forum, so I report them : - Vortices appear very frequently unlike other similar aircraft I own, even with good weather. - When you start to descend and your thrust goes to idle, contrails start in front of aircraft : X-System 2020-05-29 20-36-22.mp4 - With mousewheel, on FLT ALT, when you decrease value and you go from 000 to 900, thousand value keeps the old value : X-System 2020-05-29 19-40-46.mp4 - On the FMC, after entering V1 / VR / V2, if you're going to Approach page, and then going for a second time to Takeoff page, values are reset. I don't know if this is a normal behaviour, but I don't have that on the Zibo for example. X-System 2020-05-29 19-43-00.mp4X-System 2020-05-29 19-40-46.mp4 That's all for me ! Hoping it will be useful. In any case, right now, I'm enjoying this bird, thank you again!
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