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  1. OK will check on that. Any ETA on fixing the main door to open, etc. Thanks.
  2. Hello guys, im happy with my ixeg but when we getting an update? Is been a while. Also im having sound issues, even playing with the sound xplane settings my cockpit is super loud inside and outside, anyway to reduce the cock ambiance, avionics fans and engines outside? Thanks for any help. Also I have everything default, any mods you guys recommend? Thanks.
  3. thanks guys will try the recommendations
  4. Hello guys, all good with the saab and the updates but for some reason even selecting the tiller option the aircraft will not yaw during taxi, just go straight, I have a joystick and a yoke, for all my aircrafts the yaw axis on the yoke I use it as tiller but for some reason is not working on the saab, I have all the updates, assigned a profile, etc etc and nothing, any ideas what can I do? also choose use tiller yes and no and same thing in the options menu, please help, thanks. Havent been able to do any flights because of that.
  5. Oh nice!! cool thanks for the confirmation, lets fly the TBM using foreflight for sure!!
  6. Hello guys, I got my TBM 900 and also a basic foreflight subscription, anyway to add the TBM profile to fore flight to get accurate data for my flights? I see that foreflight has a profile for the TBM9 but not sure if this will match our TBM 100% on xplane, thanks for any help. Also any foreflight tips to use on xplane I will take it! I dont fly in real life anymore so my foreflight is just for the sim for now. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @litjan When you say custom ixeg command, how I do that please? I can do the xp menu setup no problem but not sure about the custom command.
  8. Hello guys, I have a CH product yoke, also a throttle quadrant and I would like to setup a auto throttle button in my yoke for take off also an autopilot on/off button, whats the proper setting to use in the xplane menu for this please? i tried a few but looks like is not working how is supposed to. Thanks for any help!
  9. Hello guys, loving the IXEG 737! one of my best addons, anyone knows where I can get maybe some dirty wings or dirty liveries, you know the -300 is now an old bird, maybe I ask for to much lol, I work in the airline industry and any -300 you see around they have that dirty look haha, will be cool to see that on the IXEG outsiide, inside looks very realistic no doubt, thanks!
  10. Hello guys, anyone has a simbrief profile for the 737? or maybe the numbers in lbs since I mostly fly around the US, thanks in advance.
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