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  1. I don't know if this was always an issue as it's been a long time I didn't fly the 733. But today I made a short flight and I noticed the "Fire warn bell cutout" and "Master caution" didn't make any sound when pressed. Everything else seemed to work perfectly. I'm on X-Plane 11.32 final, using IXEG 733 Classic 1.21 on Windows 7 x64. Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure if these comments are done with authentic malice or is it just plain ignorance of the 13 preceeding pages of explaination of the IXEG team. I sincerely hope that for each of these people there are at least ten more like us who understand what's going on here. I admire your patience, IXEG folks. I would've closed the thread long ago.
  3. Silly me. I used the installer this time, and it works! I'll see to what extents but at least she's up with the engines running this time thanks!
  4. Strange. I wasn't working for me on 11.00b6 and it's still not working on 11.00pb1. I get the exterior model with all ground services attached and a static cockpit with the crew models Wonder if you have a different Gizmo version or something it's making it work for you. I just copied the X-Aviation directory over XP11. Maybe there is something else I have to copy. As for @Morten status report, I think it's perfectly reasonable and is the course of action any professional developer should follow according to this circumstances.
  5. Hi! I'm a beta tester of X-Plane 11 and today the restrictions imposed by the NDA were lifted for us so I can now ask this: Is IXEG working on updating the aircraft to work on X-Plane 11? Because on the latest beta 6 it wasn't working.
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