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  1. I don't think I have ever had Simbrief suggest a VOR + a distance as a waypoint. Isn't this primarily only used for SIDs and approaches?
  2. You've already done this by allowing the user to go to the Challenger menu and skip ahead or go back a checklist. My suggestion is simply to allow the user to expedite this process so they don't inadvertently break the FO. If the FO can go ahead or behind a checklist either by the challenger menu, or by completing the checklist, it makes sense (and doesn't break immersion of reality) to simply have, perhaps an option in the challenger menu to allow the user to pick the checklist and have the FO navigate to that checklist versus having the user have to go back and forth one by one themselves to
  3. Posting this at the request of Pilsner So, I noticed in my test flight that it is possible to screw up/confuse the FO in regards to the current or desired checklist by skipping some stuff, or ignoring his callouts. For example, I just wanted to get into the air and test a few things out, so I ignored some stuff, and just went. When I went to start a new checklist, I realized the FO was now somehow stuck reading 2 checklists at once, but also that there seems to be no intuitive way for the user to change checklists on the fly other than going up to the challenger menu and going through th
  4. I believe this is because on this model the parachute system is very heavy (the pilot said it's like 276lb) and the operators are required to account for this, therefore...3400lbs MTOW approximate on this model to equal the naturally aspirated model.
  5. To be fair, I looked into this also and was confused because the way Cirrus sets this up is quite confusing. There are versions of the SR22 that has a MTOW of 3600 but a real pilot confirmed the exact model Torquesim chose does correctly have a 3400 MTOW.
  6. If you use the new Xaviation plugin when the installer asks you which you want, it lags like crazy. Use the old one and it works perfectly fine.
  7. Users of Xcamera can do this themselves if you allow the exterior objects to be manipulated (eg. pitot tube cover, inlet covers, chocks)
  8. I have a 87% keyboard :'(. Lol, it's all good. I'm sure you'll fix it later.
  9. Oh, and one more issue that as a Canadian is unacceptable : Making a Canadian registry in the registry editor appears to be impossible as it will not accept a "-". You can make American registries "N123NA" but you cannot make Other nations "C-XXXX" <- impossible. "D-XXXX" <- impossible.
  10. Cool stuff man. You guys really made your mark in XP11 for sure with this project.
  11. Yea I could see that. The Thranda PC6 has animated air vents.
  12. Hey TorqueSim, Followed you guys for quite some time. This is my first product from you guys and overall it's quite impressive, though I do have some constructive criticism for you guys and hopefully you'll be able to address some of it for 1.01, or 1.02. Over-all, I think it's a lovely plane. It flies beautifully. Visually it's also stunning and getting 2 models in 1 package is of course amazing. However, I've noticed some issues: The key-chain levitates. Small animation bug. None of the knobs are animated. On an GA aircraft at this price point, it's absolutely
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