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  1. Users of Xcamera can do this themselves if you allow the exterior objects to be manipulated (eg. pitot tube cover, inlet covers, chocks)
  2. I have a 87% keyboard :'(. Lol, it's all good. I'm sure you'll fix it later.
  3. Oh, and one more issue that as a Canadian is unacceptable : Making a Canadian registry in the registry editor appears to be impossible as it will not accept a "-". You can make American registries "N123NA" but you cannot make Other nations "C-XXXX" <- impossible. "D-XXXX" <- impossible.
  4. Cool stuff man. You guys really made your mark in XP11 for sure with this project.
  5. Yea I could see that. The Thranda PC6 has animated air vents.
  6. Hey TorqueSim, Followed you guys for quite some time. This is my first product from you guys and overall it's quite impressive, though I do have some constructive criticism for you guys and hopefully you'll be able to address some of it for 1.01, or 1.02. Over-all, I think it's a lovely plane. It flies beautifully. Visually it's also stunning and getting 2 models in 1 package is of course amazing. However, I've noticed some issues: The key-chain levitates. Small animation bug. None of the knobs are animated. On an GA aircraft at this price point, it's absolutely necessary that the 3D cockpit is animated. Some of the knobs on the G1000 you can get away with because they're indistinct, but the CRS and ALT SEL knob should be animated. The sounds are really good but have some quirks. For eg. the baro knob sounds like's a weathervane from a 1920 farmhouse. Has a weird rickity creek to it. Some of the sound samples cut off when they should trail off...for example if I close the door, the sound of the engine immediately changes as if the door is closed before the door physically is closed. If possible, this should gradually get softer. And the sound of the flaps actuating immediately ends when the flap is done actuating; there is no trail off. Even if the flaps do sound like this in real life, a small trail-off would help it not *sound* wrong, even if it isn't wrong. The fuel pump(s) also appear to have no sound at all? Not sure if this is realistic or not. The Glass reflection option appears not to be remembered between aircraft reloads
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