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  1. Btw, in 11.50b17 LR announced they fixed a bug which caused poor performance with clouds. You may want to give beta 17 a try...
  2. On what Mac are you running this. On my iMac I normally get quit good performance.
  3. Thanks for the feedback...
  4. CTD during approach See log:Log.txt
  5. Hi Cameron, how do I find out about beta programs? I‘d be willing to test new versions as well...
  6. Actually, how many people actually tested on the mac platform? I believe there were some issues on mac frequently after a new release...
  7. Thanks for the update. I‘m not on Catalina, but experiencing various problems on Mojave and x-plane 11.40
  8. Why not give a brief update here? I don‘t like to subscribe to another data collection platform if I don‘t really have to...
  9. Same issue here after completely deleting previous version and fresh install: No CAS messages and no sliders... Log.txt Update: Removed all "foreign" plugins. Same result...
  10. robder


    Perfect, glad to see the installers got updated.
  11. robder


    Any updates on this issue?
  12. This still seems to be an issue. Any news?
  13. Similar issue: during flight only, i.e. Not on ground: go to outside view (shift 8) and zoom out. Frame rate drops to 1-2. Go back to inside view (shift 9) and recovery is instantly back to 40+ frames/sec. I also had one CTD when in TBM900 plugin tried to switch rain effects off. CTD was immediately after moving the switch. Using Radeon Pro 580 with 8 GB VRAM
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