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  1. Thanks, looking forward to it.
  2. Is this still planned? Any updates?
  3. AIR-DRIVEN GENERATOR (ADG) (CONT'D) PWR TXFR OVERRIDE With the ADG deployed, it may be possible to restore normal AC electrical power by resetting an engine-driven generator, or by using the APU generator. If AC electrical power is restored, the PWR TXFR OVERRIDE switch should be selected to reset the three transfer contactors and regain normal AC distribution. This returns the AC ESS BUS to AC BUS 1, and the 3B hydraulic pump to normal operation
  4. There was an elaborate discussion on ETOPS in the following Video. Link should put you near the ETOPS discussion, otherwise the discussion starts near 2:08:20 :
  5. All that brainware in action to make the flags move on pitot covers, but a simple thing as to have reversers work is not a priority? I don‘t get it…
  6. I found this discussion interesting: https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=727787
  7. Same for me, reverse is not working with TCA thrust levers… It‘s a pity, since it works on most aircraft I own.
  8. I replaced the released Gizmo plugin with the Beta Plugin again and had the same error message. After a new start of -Plane I first loaded the standard LR C172 and opened and saved the Gizmo preferences. After that I started a new flight with the SR22 and behold, no error message and the plane seemed to load correctly. After a new start of X-Plane now the SR22 seems to load correctly. I don't understand why, but the problem seems to be solved!
  9. @Cameron Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try a re-install of the beta version again and see what happens.
  10. Any ideas why beta is not working and non-beta does? I tried multiple times with uninstall and re-install...
  11. Could not start the SR22 with the Beta Gizmo Plugin. Reload of plane & art caused CTD. See pop-up message & log-file attached. After complete re-install with the non-Beta version I could start the airplane.. Log-CTD Cirrus22.txt
  12. @CoopCan you say anything about the expected delivery of a next round of bugfixes?
  13. Well, I tried, but this didn't work either, The frequency displays in the standby nav1 field, but does not transfer. I seems like the ENT button is not accepted...
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