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  1. @CoopCan you say anything about the expected delivery of a next round of bugfixes?
  2. Well, I tried, but this didn't work either, The frequency displays in the standby nav1 field, but does not transfer. I seems like the ENT button is not accepted...
  3. Ah of course, so stupid of me. I‘ll give that a try...
  4. The frequency I tried to enter was 111.80. Are yo saying I should enter 0111.80?
  5. Similar to the topic "COM from GCU frequencies" I'm having a similar issue entering the NAV frequencies. After selecting NAV, entering the frequencies using the keypad AND pressing enter, the frequency changes on the MFD, but will not switch.
  6. +1 Can't fly over 12000ft in the SR22TN due to missing oxygen. Tried the non-turbo version yesterday. Here the oxygen function worked... There seems to be a difference between the SR22 and the SR22TN
  7. Btw, in 11.50b17 LR announced they fixed a bug which caused poor performance with clouds. You may want to give beta 17 a try...
  8. On what Mac are you running this. On my iMac I normally get quit good performance.
  9. Thanks for the feedback...
  10. CTD during approach See log:Log.txt
  11. Hi Cameron, how do I find out about beta programs? I‘d be willing to test new versions as well...
  12. Actually, how many people actually tested on the mac platform? I believe there were some issues on mac frequently after a new release...
  13. Thanks for the update. I‘m not on Catalina, but experiencing various problems on Mojave and x-plane 11.40
  14. Why not give a brief update here? I don‘t like to subscribe to another data collection platform if I don‘t really have to...
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