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  1. Looking at some of the cockpit data output stuff, it looks like there is a value for "engine feather, beta, reverse thrust" that it can display. Loaded into the zibo to test it out. if thrust is forward this value is one, if I move the throttle to reverse it changes to 3. when I then move the axis all the way to max reverse, the throttle (actual) command increases. so all toto should need to do is watch for this engine feather beta reverse dataref to be set to 3, and then when this is the case, command reverse thrust as the throttle axis increases.
  2. I doubt that the addons all have custom support. I'm guessing that when thrust is idle and x-plane starts sending reverse thrust axis inputs, the addons are able to interpret that as enabling reverse thrust and matching that value.
  3. the TOC is from the go around phase, after the runway
  4. and this should behave the same way for any throttle axis that you check the "has beta/reverse" checkbox. if you compare how the plane's throttle responds when going from idle to reverse in this plane vs the toliss/ini/zibo planes you'll see the issue
  5. Currently reverse thrust is no responding to my throttle inputs when moving the throttles past the idle gate. I don't believe this is an issue with how I have the plane set up at all, because using the default x-plane toggle reverse binding works correctly and the throttles lift the reverse levers. The TCA throttle uses an axis to control both throttle and reverse, the bottom 0-25% of the range is dedicated to the reverse range, and the top 25%-100% is the regular throttle range. I haven't had an issue like this in any other plane with this exact throttle curve, so I believe the issue is how the challenger is not looking for the hardware throttle axis to register a reverse range, and is only looking for a button press. I'm willing to sit down in voice chat if there is still some confusion of how I'm trying to do this, because it's kind of difficult to put this all into words. The airbus throttle style is meant to register full reverse when the axis is at 0%, unlike the boeing style where you pull the lever and push forward.
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