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  1. After reviewing the CL605 FMS manual (along with my own personal CRJ-200 experience), I have noticed that we are unable to manually change the ENG BLEED configuration on the PERF > THRUST LIMIT page on the ground, even with an OAT inserted. We did this frequently on the CRJ-200 to get an accurate MCT TGT number based on anticipated bleed configuration for takeoff. When doing so, the bleed configuration will show in yellow text to show that the aircraft isn't currently in that bleed configuration, but it will allow you to select it to get that MCT number. I assume that this would apply in the 650 as well.
  2. When departing PAPG on runway 5 via the Petersburg One departure, it did not intercept the course outbound to JERDU as is charted. I had pre-armed NAV mode prior to departure and confirmed it was active prior to the turn. One thing I noted was the turn to 300 degrees came before the plotted INTC point on the MFD. Instead of intercepting the 344 course outbound to JERDU, it continued on past the intercept point in the turn to 300 degrees, which puts you right into the path of terrain. I had to force the aircraft to go direct to in order to continue on to JERDU. I was able to replicate this a second time.
  3. I did. You should try reading your question back to yourself and see how it sounds. I’m fully aware of the search function. I’m doing what the moderators on discord requested as I stated above.
  4. No need to be snarky, Cam. That’s not good customer service on any level. We were told in the discord to individually post issues including performance issues, so that’s what I did.
  5. I am encountering performance drops. My current hardware is relatively old; 8700k and a 1080 8GB running at 1440p. The simulator, airplane and Gizmo will spike, but not the other plugins. It seems to more frequently do this when on descent or when arriving, but also sometimes randomly. As you can see in the screenshots, the CPU time jumps up above 0.1 and the GPU is barely sweating. I have also included a screenshot of the baseline.
  6. The failures for the engine driven (1A and 2A) hydraulic pumps are producing "HYD 1(2) LO PRESS" caution message instantly with pressure still in the normal range and is not producing a "HYD EDP 1(2)A" caution message until 2B is turned on. The HYD EDP 1(2)A message should come on at the time of failure and the HYD 1(2) LO PRESS message should only come up when the pressure falls below normal (green) levels.
  7. It appears as though the failure for AC BUS 1 (2) short circuit is not working since it should generate a bus fault. I believe I should be receiving an AC 1(2) AUTOXFER caution EICAS message, a fail light in the associated AUTOXFER light, and the isolated bus outlined in yellow on the synoptic page with no flow. That currently does not happen. Another way this could happen would be with a generator over-current, but I could not find an implemented failure for that (the voltage failure reduces the voltage). When testing this I confirmed all generators and busses were powered.
  8. Also having this issue. I'm 6.8 miles from the TOD and it shows 6 minutes left to get there.
  9. Might want to think about replacing or re-charging the cockpit fire extinguisher. No-go item
  10. I have attached some screenshots showing that regardless of the EFC time that is input into the hold, the fuel calculation at subsequent fixes and at the destination is not changing. I assume (like the CRJ) that the system should update the fuel calculations factoring in the EFC time. It also is not changing the time en-route or the arrival time as evidenced by the MFD display data that's above the map.
  11. I also had this issue after a transatlantic when entering the UK. Gizmo was spiking performance and resulted in around a 10-20fps loss each time it occurred.
  12. You can put on the pitot cover on the captain's side by clicking near the lower part of the air vent in the cockpit which can cause issues once in the air. Found this out by accident.
  13. I'm still getting an AUX TANK HEAVY caution even when carefully following the posted procedure. Very little fuel is pumped into the tail tank with the correct valves open.
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