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  1. Cannot wait, my Honeycomb Bravo quadrant bought yesterday for that upcoming challengering experience.... All set, your turn...
  2. But Goran, I am much more interested if a greater CHALLENGE would come soon... If you know what I mean I have spare money to spend...
  3. I checked it after landing. There was no failure in maintenance manager.... There is just 15 hours flight time in this airframe...
  4. Please find attached the log.txt Log.txt
  5. Of course, I tried a couple of times. I have 100 hours flight time with this bird, I know it very well. This was definitely a problem, I never experienced this before.
  6. Captains, After dozens of flight today experienced a weird issue. The autopilot suddenly did not follow the flight director. The flight director moved properly but the the aircraft just flew straight. From the half of the flight I had to fly it manually following the flight director. What caused this? No failures, nothing. No clue. Thanks for help. G.
  7. I thought the taxing, which is usually more than 2 minutes, is enough to cool down the turbine... Maybe I am wrong. Do you believe that this wrong methodology what I used caused this engine malfunction by the time? Thanks.
  8. Captains, what are the engine maintenance periods for PT6 engine? I tell you a story. In my airframe I had a turbine with 67 hours of lifetime. After my route when I finished I put the engine to low idle before shut down. I realised that my ITT went to red section around 880 Celsius. I shut down the engine. I felt something is not good, I wanted to check. I did motoring to cool ITT below 150, and after added fuel into starting sequence, ITT was rocketing into hell and even flames came out from engine. I aborted the start up straight away. Unfortunately my chamber was destroyed.
  9. @Goran_M I just uploaded for u the requested file after this "deleted flight plan issue after direct to a waypoint". Thank you for the investigation.
  10. Hi Goran, Please find attached. It happened again during approach to LIMC. when I was told by ATC to go direct a WP. Again, the whole FP deleted. log_210317_161130_EPKK.csv
  11. During a VATSIM flight you get many times direct to a route waypoint. I choose the WP in the flight plan and I press the direct to button, then enter. Many times this working fine, but randomly sometimes weird thing is happening. The autopilot does not follow the GPS track as does not respond to it even I fly exactly on the purple line. Please investigate as this is not happening all the time. Thanks
  12. Captains, Yesterday during a VATSIM flight I was instructed to direct a specific waypoint. I chose the point in flightplan and I pressed the direct button and entered it. The whole flightplan was deleted, just the direct remained in it. It is weird, because this methodology was used before and nothing happened with the flight plan. This specific route was quite long and it consisted airways. Before not. Could this be the reason? So how to enter direct properly without deleting the flight plan? Thank you.
  13. Captains, Is it possible to mirror weather radar images to the default map view? I could not find the way to do so, but I know that in real TBM it is possible. Thanks.
  14. Actually at my arrival the Garmin predicted 30 galls remaining, after landing I had 150 gallons remaining. Quite big difference. With this I cannot plan my speed profile with high safety. Thank you for your help in advance!
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