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  1. Using xEnviro, and if raining or snowing, or fog,it does and seen inside the FBO too.
  2. I am using real time and weather. So after two real days should be working. But not.
  3. Guys, as I write the state tracking works fine, but after 2 days of not flying the ITT was 180 Celsius. So the cool down is definitely not working. Please check.
  4. Where to find FD SYNC button or switch?
  5. I did some testing and I found out that things are not cooling down with this Restore feature. So I think it is s bug, that some parameters should be excluded about this state save. Icing on wings also. So how to do proper state tracking including ITT cool down, de-icing during night, etc. Thanks.
  6. Hi @Graeme_77, I am flying CL650 like it is my private jet, so when I land at an airport, the next day I am flying from there. Two days ago happened that landed in LOWI and the following day I wanted to start from there. The "Restore position and trajectory" was ticked. The following day I found the airplane at the exact same position where I left it, which is great, but I heard that the engines are still have this cooling down noises. I opened the aircraft and saw that still the ITT was like 150 Celsius, what meant for me is that the program did not noticed that 24 hours spent already. W
  7. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Tcas on display, trfc button pressed and signed on mfd. But no airplane on mfd on vatsim. What to do?
  8. This happens when accidentally you put the covers for sensors outside. Problems with clicking spots, you can do this accidentally by mistake from inside the cockpit. Will be sorted out, happend with me also.
  9. Ok, thanks, will check tomorrow... On Alpha it was in ON position. So yeah, you might be right.
  10. As you can see the ETA for TOD and NANIT the same. But actually I reached TOD 10 mins earlier.
  11. Right. You have to setup in fms to show route data and you will see this:
  12. Can I rely on the FL suggestion by Simbrief? Usually is always around FL370
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