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  1. Captains, Is it possible to mirror weather radar images to the default map view? I could not find the way to do so, but I know that in real TBM it is possible. Thanks.
  2. Actually at my arrival the Garmin predicted 30 galls remaining, after landing I had 150 gallons remaining. Quite big difference. With this I cannot plan my speed profile with high safety. Thank you for your help in advance!
  3. Captains, I am on a long range cruise at FL310 with torque 46%. I had full tanks. Weirdly Garmin predicted at destination 40 gallons. By my calculations ( actual fuel consumption and ETA) I should have 120 gallons. And this was always, I had a destination much more fuel then Garmin predicted. What is the reason behind it? What I do wrong? Thanks.
  4. Captains, I am afraid that my default setting for Honeycomb Alfa Yoke A/P disengage is not good. What is the right command what I should choose? My actual settings disconnect AP and Yaw damper, plus disengage Aproach and FD goes off, after that simply I cannot fly with FD the ILS approach as the FD frozen. Thanks
  5. Captains, How the enter into FMC a default holding pattern? I am not speaking of the already existing holding patterns what come with missed approaches automatically, as I know this. Thank you.
  6. Captains, I read that this airplane uses an automatic torque limiter function which helps the pilot during take off usually. To be honest since the beginning I was moving the thrust lever to have the proper torque. Where can I setup the automatic torque setting? Thank you.
  7. Wow, I never ever would have thought about it. Even I did not know that I can do that. Thanks mate, I will try.
  8. Dears, one more thing. Somehow my Tbm900 is consuming fuel like crazy. I tell you an example. I flew yesterday from LHBP to LOWI. It is not very far. I had both fuel tanks full. My cruise altitude was FL310. The torque was 44%. When I arrived to LOWI it was almost empty, around 30 gallons left. According to the specs sheet this plane should fly minimum 2200 km at FL310 with much higher speed then I was traveling with 44% torque. If I am not mistaken my speed with this was .42 Mach. For example when I flew from LHBP to LGIR I had to refuel 2 times along my trip. Ok, I w
  9. You were right, that was the problem.:) Thank you.
  10. Well, I have to check it, but the volume was 100%. But on the other hand I believe the texting should have been working though....
  11. Dears, As unfortunately the tbm900 cannotbe used with VATSIM, as the radio setting for a specific frequency does notgo through. I use the same methodology like with other airplanes where itworks just fine.Simply even if I'm on the right radio frequency nobody can hear more and Icannot hear also communication even verbally or in text.Please fix this asap as I would like to fly with this beautiful bird onVATSIM.
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