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  1. Hello Devs, Any chance for a fix, please?
  2. At not the same intensity but I saw the same oscillation during climb too.
  3. Sorry, I had a family thingy this weekend ENVA ILS RWY 27 CAVOK, no wind (set manually) Weight is 30k lbs One thing; it was OK until I flew the GS 160kts Flaps 30, as soon as I slowed down to Vref+5 (around 125kts) and added the 45 flaps the oscillation began. @Pils
  4. I'm as the bouncing is gone as soon as I disconnect the AP and IU can easily follow the GS manually without these relatively big corrections.
  5. I should've been more precise. Yes I know there is no full autopilot, but it happens on the approach even at 2000 feet. As soon as I disconnect at around 1000 feet it stops (while I fly it manually). So it happens as soon as the GS is captured.
  6. Hello, GS on autoland used to be rock solid, but since the last update it is a constant up and down (at zero wind) as the AP overcorrects each time up and down. Did anyone else noticed it?
  7. Obviously I did if I'm asking about a specific function. I just wanted to know if you are asking about this specific page.
  8. Thank you. Are you asking me about IDX -> STATUS or something else?
  9. Which database the FMS use? I updated the default Xplane database but the FMS is still out of date.
  10. sztrova


    I read it somewhere it is simulated. How can it be activated?
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