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  1. Even though it shows off in Xplane?
  2. Sorry to ask again, but is there a solution to my question?
  3. I got the yellow caution and my fuel temp is -40. How do I heat it up?
  4. Thank you. Once I figure it out is there a way to force some nav (IRS or GPS) to be the main source and let the others align themselves to it during flight? Or by picking up nearby VORs can I reset the position?
  5. Is it also related to IRS-FMS disagree? Is it possible to fix that in flight?
  6. What is the name of the button assignment for pitch sync?
  7. You are right, but I turned it ON just to see if I got some icing on the wing. When it happened the wing A/ICE was OFF.
  8. Should ice build up on the wing in cold weather even in non career mode?
  9. No, not at all. Thank you for trying to help me Andy.
  10. I went up to FL380 and it's colder but even for M.82 I need less thrust. I'm pretty sure it's simulating something realistically but I just can't figure out what.
  11. You are looking my SAT while the table is TAT. My TAT is -18C and it's more around N2 94.5% according to the table
  12. Thank you Andy, but please note my TAT: it's pretty low so I should've been fine I think.
  13. As you can see at 37630lbs I should be fine at FL380 while it needs almost full CLB thrust to do so. I was maintaining .82 easily then slowly used more more power and I had to slow down to M.80. I even tried to turn wing AI ON (it was off before). Any ideas?
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