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  1. Ah, yes the ground spoilers will deploy if you extend the flight spoilers beyond 1/4 and you’re on the ground!
  2. Ground spoilers should only deploy on the ground.
  3. During the descent checklist - set N1 to TO below 15,000 feet.
  4. Are you pressing the TO/GA button at some point after you’ve departed? It sounds like the FO is convinced you’re trying to perform a go around. Normally, when transitioning from the in-range checklist to the before landing checklist, go around actions are not performed.
  5. Here's the location of the center lighting panel (the black rectangle in the figure) which controls the instrument integral lighting, along with the circuit breaker panel lights.
  6. Time to run that after-takeoff checklist, too!
  7. I’ve found that in overcast clouds having the nose light on will cause xplane to generate a super bright reflection back into the flight deck. You can try cycling that switch to see if it’s the culprit.
  8. Have you modified the default seating position (I think shift+9), or what you get when you click on the seat? The default position puts you at the correct eye reference location to see the full HUD projection.
  9. Click and hold for about a half-second and they will pull out. The change was implemented to make it harder to accidentally click a breaker while moving around the flight deck.
  10. If you’re descending for landing why not select TO thrust per the checklist?
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