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  1. Here's an example from this morning; I started up the sim at 1510z on the 13th with a state that was 16 hours old; oil temp was showing 208ºF.
  2. I’ve noticed on the last few flights that I’ll quit the sim in the afternoon with the airplane cooling down, oil temps around 140°F and ITT around 100°C. I’ll load the sim the following day (tracking real world time) and I can see frost on the wings, but the window surface, oil, and ITT temps will all show the same temperature as when the sim was shut down. Are the states of these temperatures intended to persist overnight?
  3. Maybe the fueler saw a Canadian airplane and assumed, but my guess is they fuel in gallons in Alaska!
  4. Hello - simple issue here; when binding the CCP1(2) Chart ZOOM +(-) keys in XPlane, the actions are reversed. Binding the zoom+ key toggles the zoom- button on the CCP. Not a huge issue, just thought I'd let you know!
  5. rjb4000

    OBS mode

    Can you attach a screenshot perhaps of your PFD? If you’re seeing the SUSP label, I expect you’ve engaged OBS mode. Are you navigating to a GPS waypoint or do you have an approach loaded in?
  6. rjb4000

    OBS mode

    With an active GPS waypoint and the CDI in GPS mode (magenta color) you should see a soft key labeled “OBS” which you can press to engage the mode.
  7. Check your pitot static port covers in the payload manager (click to remove them).
  8. What exactly are you trying to do with the electric trim with autopilot engaged? Activating the electric trim is supposed to disengage the autopilot, though I can't find a documented reference for this behavior. Oh, I think this is what you're asking about: The autopilot in the TBM is either engaged or not; when engaged, it controls both pitch and roll. If you have a lateral mode enabled like HDG or NAV but don't engage altitude hold or vertical speed, for example, the pitch axis will stay in PIT mode. PIT mode holds the nose at the pitch attitude the airplane was at when you en
  9. This is a strange argument, no? There are plenty of study-level airliners out there but none of them to my knowledge require you to purchase a separate steering tiller control. If they did have a hardware requirement, I would absolutely expect that to be listed in the marketing materials pre-purchase.
  10. Try turning on the “aviation flashlight” to help you find the switches. The simulated torch will follow your mouse!
  11. It sounds like you’re describing control stiffening at high speed. This is a setting you can turn off in the airframe manager window. You may be able to achieve the feel you’re looking for by disabling this setting.
  12. I’m not sure what you mean by drawing a vacuum. Try holding the brakes with your controller, and while held, twist the parking brake knob to keep the brakes applied after you release the brake command.
  13. I don't know where the LR G1000 stores its flight plan data, but I have also found that on power-up the G1000 retains the last used flight plan. You can delete the flight plan by opening the FPL page and selecting the MENU key, highlighting "Delete Flight Plan" and confirming.
  14. VNAV works fine with the Laminar Research G1000. The map view should show a TOD on your route once you've entered vertical constraints in the flight plan view.
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